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  1. Phew! When I read, "Time for a Change", I first thought you were going to go with that Ford Ranger and Pop-up combination you saw at the County Fair.
  2. Oh My Gawd!
  3. Interesting vid. I have the Andersen as well and couldn't be happier. I do see his point about bed space. Fortunately, I don't have his concern as I only store things in the bed that can weather the elements, and that's mostly fire wood and my wood blocking materials. As far as extending jacks to enable coupling, that was a stretch, IMHO. I always have blocks under my front landing gear, and usually the remaining four jacks as well, simply to provide a sturdier platform while camping for extended periods. Finally, he mentioned the challenge of backing onto the Andersen. His point is well taken if you do not have backing skills, or never plan on acquiring them. All in all, a good video, and as LWH stated, it's a different perspective...always a good thing.
  4. How so? I currently use the Jetpack and I could see how the Mobley could boot up faster. Does it do it automatically when the vehicle is started?
  5. I'm interested in hearing the advantages and disadvantages of using one or the other. Or, are these devices accomplishing completely different tasks? Thanks.
  6. Would you mind separating out the asking price for both the truck and the RV? I understand you don't want to sell separately.
  7. Shaffner says. “Everybody does this; we all eat food off the floor.” Not everyone. ?
  8. There are fogging sprays. Most common in the marine industry. Easily purchased at a marine store. Product is designed to cling to cylinder walls. In a diesel motor, the prescribed method for application is through the intake. However, the time, effort and expense is only warranted for extended periods of "sleep".
  9. I'll add that running it, in my mind, is getting the engine up to operating temperature, which will never happen by simply idling in a parking spot. So, run it like you stole it, as they say. Keep the truck in a lower gear if you have to.
  10. Kirk.... if you don't me askin', where in WY did you hang your hat? My older brother lived in Casper for many years and I stayed with him for one of them surveying gas lines. That was back during the late 70s energy boom when they were digging up graves trying to find folks who could work. I also have a sister in Laramie. Personally, I can't get enough of that state. Unfortunately, I've been unable to convince my DW that it's a place we should settle. She's not enthused by the prospect of frigid temps and blowing snow almost 12 months out of the year.
  11. At the very least, I'd fog the cylinders.
  12. We're thinking about the remote possibility of going to a smaller 5er because of the limited access we find at some of the State parks. We're at 55' total length.
  13. I'm trying to get the DW to see the HDT as just a little bigger than our dually and you go ahead and call it a "beast". Not what I want her to be reading. Baaad Paulie.
  14. I have the Sailun's on our fifth. Reviews have been very good. They are a little more narrow than the GYs and that takes some getting used to, aesthetically speaking, but I think it's a good thing as there is less tire scrubbing.