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  1. Oh I forgot...you have a few years on me. Good Luck With the Sale
  2. Ignore the lie-O-meter. The only way you'll get accurate fuel mileage is by actual fuel consumed. So unless you can accurately determine fuel levels in your tanks, you're only guessing at this point and at worst, getting anxious over a problem that may not even exist. Dip your tanks and determine if there's water and/or sediment. Replace your primary fuel filter. Depending upon what type of filter you have, you can cut open the old one and see what might be trapped in the pleats. If these don't suggest contaminated fuel, manually calculate fuel useage.
  3. spindrift

    First HDT

    Well, you may not be thrilled with the color but it's a great match for your yard.
  4. I just went to Amazon where this unit can be purchased for $250. Sounds too good to be true. What am I missing?
  5. I'm in the market for one as well since we're going to start double towing. Will be watching this thread.
  6. Excellent news, Dave. I'll have to add AR to my library.
  7. Thanks for the kind words. She's a work in progress, but so far I'm extremely impressed. As far as retirement, onee persuasion at a time...one persuasion at a time.
  8. Thanks, Dave. I purchased the truck last October and have spent hours getting it ready for the road. Indeed, those are twin 150s...very nice. She was a Team truck in an earlier life.
  9. My apologies, Dave. I didn't want to muck up your thread. My intent was to start a new thread...I actually thought I had, but everything ended up here. SORRY!
  10. The peer pressure from @rickeieio was too great so here are a few pics of my new ride. It's a 2004 Pete 379 with an ISX and an Eaton 18. There are 400K miles on the rebuild and 1.25M on the chassis. My very first two mods were to change out a rather grimy steering wheel and to ditch that Outlaw shifter. It hurt this old man's shoulder too much to reach that high! In addition, those tall shifters put waaaay too much strain on the shift tower...not to mention the fact that it just looks plain idiotic, imho.
  11. thepetestore.com Deep South Truck Salvage Vanderhaags http://www.russfisher.net/default.htm https://www.dansshopinc.com/store/
  12. spindrift

    Covid Update

    No truer words could be spoken. I just returned from Nashville and it appeared as though things hadn't changed all that much based upon road traffic. And then you have 70 kids from the University of Texas who left for Mexico right in the middle of this pandemic. As of this past weekend, 49 of the 70 tested positive for Covid-19.
  13. spindrift

    Covid Update

    I second the go camping idea. Unfortunately, the Texas gov just closed all state parks. 😞
  14. I sincerely hope it's not more common than you think.
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