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  1. I wouldn't say that... If you see any streaking of oil on either the back side or front side of the wheel/tire, you know you have an issue. You should be checking for any leakage on your steers and drives during your pre-trip inspection. And Rick, it's not that I type faster than you, it's just that I'm younger than you. 😉
  2. What HWKL said and the assembly is the hub oil seal.
  3. I see the problem here...
  4. I hadn't heard of that situation, I'm sorry to say. And I live in Texas. What time frame?
  5. No. Cloudy as in "murky"? Air entrainment will make diesel appear cloudy.
  6. spindrift

    Anti Algae

    Keeping water out of your fuel is what's necessary. The easiest way to accomplish that is to keep your tanks full. Water in fuel tanks is a greater problem in northern climates where the big daily temperature fluctuations can cause condensation on the inside walks of your tank. Full tanks prevent that from happening.
  7. https://truckpro.com/
  8. Same thing happened in Philly some years back, right by the sports complex on I95. Tire/wheel came off a trailer and bounced into oncoming traffic. Went through the front of a minivan and killed the poor guy while his wife sat next to him. You can't be too alert out there.
  9. Now that I've thought about this project a bit more, I have to ask what kind of power is under that long hood? Flames aren't always appropriate. 😁😉
  10. I'm a kid too. Sounds awesome! Have you tried looking on Pinterest for your flames?
  11. Make sure you use synthetics all around or you'll never see those numbers. 😁
  12. spindrift

    Rough roads

    I agree and I'll stay out of the granny lane all day long in order to take the lane of least resistance; the center lane on a three lane road. Four wheelers and their odd merging habits keep me in the center lane as much as possible. However, safety and courtesy dictate that you stay out of the hammer lane (again, a three lane road) unless you're passing another vehicle.
  13. At this point, it might be best to install a whole new harness, especially if you're finding corrosion at multiple locations.
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