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  1. tinstartrvlr

    Nice No Heads Up on change

    In a word, Yuck. I doubt I will be back. I really liked the old format as well. Much more user friendly.
  2. tinstartrvlr

    Floridian buying a car in TX, CatMax says no

    Do you already have a Fl tag that can be transferred? Even old unused tags that are inactive in the DMV system can be used/reactivated. Can't speak for Tx but I am domiciled in Fl and bought both a truck and TT in Az. The truck dealer used a third party vendor to take care of the tag transfer and I had a temp Az tag to use until the registration was updated on the Fl tag that I transferred. The TT dealer didn't have a clue but after I suggested a title company in Fl whose primary business is tag and title work, they were able to make it happen, and I used an Az temp tag for that as well until the TT registration was transferred to the new TT. Tax depends on whether there is a mutual agreement between states. Fl allowed Az to collect the tax and Az does the same for Fl. You might have to check with Tx DMV to see if they participate. All this has to do with tag transfers; if you never had a Fl tag at all then I have no idea how that would work. You could call any Fl DMV office I guess, or the title company (Sunstate Title) and maybe they can give you the answers. Reread your post; I think I read that you will be getting new tags, meaning brand new registration in Fl.
  3. tinstartrvlr

    Help me Im Cold!

    I always leave the furnace set to about 55 to make sure plumbing etc doesn't freeze, and don't worry too much about it anymore. Propane and smoke detectors are working and hopefully will do their job if there is a problem. Recently invested in a heated mattress pad and it isone of the best investments I've made in quite a while! Stay nice and warm, and in the morning, crank up the furnace and crawl back in bed until things warm up a bit.
  4. tinstartrvlr


    Sorry, guess I should have clarified. This is related to my TT, not s&b, which is in a temporary location. I am close to the edge of the woods, so maybe that's where they are coming from. I figure if they are swarming, they are looking for a place to mate and eat, and from what I have read, probably drywood termites. Found it strange that they were swarming around my open door, yet when I closed it, they went away. Maybe they couldn't smell my tasty wood cabinets anymore. As is the case, often the first sign of a problem is damage. Hate to find out the hard way that I am infested. Not sure there is anyway to do a preventative like what is done at a s&b..but if RV infestation is very rare, I won't worry too much.
  5. tinstartrvlr


    Walked outside earlier to find termites swarming about. I had hoped they were flying ants but a quick search of the internet seems to prove otherwise. Anyone here ever had to deal with a termites? Any thoughts on prevention, other than sitting outside with a flyswatter, which is very effective I might add...
  6. I had a similar issue on my previous TT, and was able to "adjust" it back to normal using the various settings on the controller. In my case disabling one side of the slide let the other side return to normal. Once it was squared off again, I reactivated the one side and all was well. I am fairly sure it had jumped a couple gears based on the scuff marks I saw on the rail, but not positive. I was able to find a pile of literature online that told me all kinds of stuff about the controller and how to use it. Hope it helps.
  7. tinstartrvlr

    Antenna, Satellite, or both?

    IMHO, if you don't watch a lot of tv, invest in a good over-the-air antenna. Picture is high def, and it's free. The cost of satellite (equipment, subscription) is expensive. X2 on the Roku, etc. You would definitely need unlimited data.
  8. tinstartrvlr

    Interstate 10

    I forgot that I have the truckers atlas,,,duh,,,too reliant on apps and such! I will check that. Thanks
  9. tinstartrvlr

    Dentists while on the road

    x2 on what gjhunter said. In the larger metro areas, competition is high and many dentists offer the free or very low cost xray/exam to try and get new patients. I have been using that method for several years. And if I happen to return to one of the areas where I took advantage of that deal and need anything other than a cleaning, I am already a patient, making it easier to get an appointment.
  10. tinstartrvlr

    Interstate 10

    That is likely the route I will take as well. Not in a hurry. Do you know of any particular low bridges, or is that just a sensible general suggestion? I am well under 12 ft so I don't worry tooo much about it, but I have seen some 10 foot clearances in small towns...
  11. tinstartrvlr

    Interstate 10

    Thanks everyone. Some varied opinions but overall it seems I-10 really does suck most of the way. I have till the end of March to come up with an alternate, if possible, to avoid I-10 as much as possible. I have had stress related issues in the past (my camper, not me) due to extremely bumpy/bad roads, and don't really want to have those problems again. I have till the end of March to think of an alternate route. Wonder if there is a ferry from Galveston to Tampa.....!
  12. tinstartrvlr

    Interstate 10

    A quick look at online maps, Houston to Baton Rouge, looks like I could do US90 east out of Houston, pick up US 190, then SR 12, ultimately taking me to Baton Rouge. There I would pick up I-12, eventually getting on I-10 on the far east side of La. It is 20 miles longer than using I-10, but the downside is it adds TWO hours. Thinking it might be worth it!
  13. tinstartrvlr

    Interstate 10

    Wow. Thanks everyone. Heading from Tx to Fl and not in any hurry, so think I will try to figure out an alternate, albeit slower, route. I always thought Pa. had the worst interstates but guess it has some competition.
  14. tinstartrvlr

    Interstate 10

    I'm sure this has been asked before and I tried a search without luck (unless I want to dig into every thread that pops up that seems to have nothing to do with the search). I have never traveled the I-10 stretch between Mobile Ala and Houston Tx. I keep hearing about stretches of I-10 that will shake your teeth out on that particular leg. Anyone know exactly where these section(s) are, and any alternative routes to avoid those areas? Not overly concerned about traffic, just the bumps. Thanks.
  15. tinstartrvlr

    Nevada domicile?

    Just an added bit of info..... When I looked (briefly) at NV for a domicile I was pretty shocked by the vehicle fees. They base the fee on a percentage of the year and MSRP of the vehicle, with a 15% (i think) reduction each year for a few years, until it reaches a certain percentage of MSRP. So if you have a new vehicle, the fees are pretty steep.