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  1. Now a Class A owner again

    I think I was. Did a lot of research on both the dealer and the RV. Shore I am now satisfied and will stay that way.
  2. Now a Class A owner again

    Well, finally did it. Traded in my 13 year old Jayco Greyhawk and am now the owner of a 2017 Jayco Precept 36T. They made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Now the fun begins. Not that I didn't have fun in my Greyhawk but this is BIG< BIG<BIG. My Dear Bride looked at it and said "Don't expect me to drive that monster". She will, I will make sure of that. But did I say it is Big? From 30 foot to 38 foot. It will interesting.
  3. TPMS

    I had a TMPS for five years. Got tired of the False alarms or no reading and switched to TST. I got the 507 and removed the anti-theft covers. Never had any stolen or even heard of one taking a walk so I thought it would be safe. I do remove it to replace air and have no problems with that. The only trouble I have is seeing the screen as we are going down the road. Got the new colored one and it is a little better.
  4. Level-Mate Pro

    I bought the LevelMatePro last April. It is such a great idea. You get to your new site, go to the app on your cell phone and see within inches how level your rig is, MH or trailer. Beautiful, right? The first time I tried it I was so impressed and I loved it. I knew exactly how much to raise each axle. Now I showed it to at least four other guys and I know they got one too. The second time I tried it, the battery was dead. Well, no problem, take out the four screws and replace the dead flat battery. Then I was on concrete pads I knew were flat so I didn't use it. The third time the battery was dead, so was the next, and the next, and it was losing the beauty fast. Saw on one of the RV articles on a guy that installed a switch, and wiped out his warranty. Figuried it was time to contact the dealer. I found out from them that the item was defective and if I had notified them before Oct of last year I could have gotten an "Upgrade" for only $95 more. He was not happy that I called it defective. The defect was the unit was the battery was on all the time the rig was moving. The only time it went off was an hour (or whatever amount of time you set) after you stopped. The "upgrade" was to fix the defect, if you wanted to pay the additional $95 for a new unit. I will try something different. There is a hook on the top of the unit in th RV so having one screw on the bottom wil hold it together. I will take out the battery until I get to my next stop, then replace it when i get to my next site and try it that way. I can't find the show or whatever they call them on youtube or I would try the switch.. Thought I would pass this on..
  5. Best Leveling Jacks to Buy

    Well, it is 2,272 miles to White Pigeon, MI so I better start soon to beat the snow and winter driving. Maybe I should make a reservation first. Then to Mesa for the winter..
  6. Best Leveling Jacks to Buy

    I have been thinking of do it for years, until I see the price, I hear that hydraulic are better and will last longer than Electric, but that is not from experience . My Dear Bride says I can still put the levelers under the wheels. So I do. I did get the nice drive on kind that make it easier. BTW, welcome to the Forum.
  7. Looks that way Al, so that is the reason My Dear Bride and I are not signed up. I would rather see the Islands rather than the Ocean. Maybe someday they will have a HOP that flys over there to see Hawaii. For those who are going Have a good trip.
  8. GPS When is it time to replace?

    Things like that I hear (and experence myself) about and that is the reason the map is alway near. But then, how old is the Map? Just a thought!
  9. GPS When is it time to replace?

    The "poor decisions" is another reason I am thinking of leaving garmin. Not many but it don't take many in this circurmunstanes . One can ruin a day. And I keep up with the updates. Still looking good at the Ran McNalleys. Thanks for all the replies.
  10. GPS When is it time to replace?

    I didn't know wherether to add to this topic or start a new one, but the info started in this one so here goes. I did not get a new GPS yet. Still looking. I just found out that Rand Mcnally has just come out with three new GPS rangeing from a base model to a tablet with everthing and the prices, as far as I can see. are better. The info I got on them was here http://www.technorv.com/Rand_McNally_RV_GPS_s/189.htm. I don't know how to make the word "here" to address. Whatever, this site has the info on all three, and I have done business with them and they are good folks.. I am looking into these GPS also. Anyhone have good words (or perhaps bad) to say about Rand McNally?
  11. See Level

    In my case it would be exactly as I said. I don't know what is behind the walls of the compartments the tanks are in. And I could not run the lines from there. Bis5er, that is something I won't do and I said so. Sorry you didn't agree.
  12. See Level

    In other words cut holes in a compartment wall that you are not sure of what is behind it then some how run the connections to the monitor. Think I will pass on that idea. Thanks anyway.
  13. GPS When is it time to replace?

    I have found that with any new construction that the GPS won't have it yet,so, as always, you gots to keep your eyes open. Many times Betty (the name of our GPS) has said" recalulating" on a new road. After a while, she will stop. I spent three hours last night with Basecamp and found it to be overcomplicated. There are better ways. Like John said, often wonder how I ever got along without her.
  14. 2 Question? GPS and smart car??

    Pete, I am getting some interesting replies to the same question at Technical Tips and Tricks GPS When is it time to replace? Hope this helps and I will also be checking your answers.
  15. GPS When is it time to replace?

    I have looked at Basecamp. In fact several times and it always has me scratching my head and reaching for a map. I have several different route planners. In fact Escapes has one too. But as always with any planner is complete, out comes the good old paper map, just to make sure and several times I wondered "What were they thinking?" Does anyone know of a tutorial that teaches Basecamp? Brian, I keep my Garmin updated with every map update that comes out and even then I find roads they have not. If you send the new road into Garmin, they will include the road in their routes, in about five years, If I plan to come over the road again, I make a note of it. Also I have not gotten a new GPS yet. With reviews almost evenly split with "It is great" to "don't buy, it is Junk" I am not sure I want too. Some of you mentioned Co-Pilot. I also have it but many times I am where there is no wifi or even phone signal so I can't depend on that. The GPS does have the maps installed.