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  1. When I retired from the military 20 years ago, I was able to copy my medical records, which showed 3 "significant threshold shifts" over my career in the military. Also showed that I had tinnitus while still on active duty. Now (20 years later) I have lost hearing on higher frequencies. Sometimes my wife sets off the smoke detector while cooking in the house. She would yell to me and the dogs would bark but I don't even hear it. But I have no trouble having normal conversations with anyone. Do I have a chance getting anything from the VA? I have my military medical record. (copy)
  2. BOA and USAA Retired Military guy. But still using both.
  3. I have that one and love it. And I'm a big guy. Just look at the ratings.
  4. Has the truck been bulletproofed? This is a 6.0, right? What are you asking?
  5. Yea, how come mines not on that list. There should be a very short list of those that should not be on the list. Maybe 2 or 3.
  6. This is good to know, since I am also a 35 year member of USAA and will not own a motorhome for fulltiming. Thanks
  7. You want a scam, visit camping world.
  8. Get a new board. Its not the gas valve. Classic issue for that model.
  9. 1 hit wonder. Shes not coming back.
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