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  1. Amazon Fire 10 Tablet

    Ordered one in 64GB yesterday. Due out 10/11/17.
  2. Florida Hurricane Assistance Needed

    I would have been underway since yesterday. North and west. Florida is in for it, anyway you look at it. Feel the need to get AZ reservations ASAP too. There will be alot of people looking to snowbird there now.
  3. paper plate pop up?

    On amazon. $13.00
  4. Today is Windows update day.

    Take a vacation day to get them done every month.
  5. FED UP With MIcrosoft!

    Don't care for Apple stuff either.
  6. FED UP With MIcrosoft!

    Dump microsoft and enjoy your life. You guys are consumed by them. Haven't you learned yet?
  7. Solar Eclipse 2017---Thinking of Boondocking???

    Boring to me. I'll watch it on my tablet.from a beach in NH. I have friends going to Hilton Head SC to view though.
  8. Solar Eclipse 2017---Thinking of Boondocking???

    Going to rain anyway. it's the NW.
  9. American Legion Going Broke?

    Pretty much the same reasons for me.
  10. portable propane grill

    I also have that one. 2 years so far, so good. Had terrible luck with Colemans. They just rotted out too soon.
  11. Volvo Electric Cars

    Great, I can't wait. As long as I can tow with it.
  12. Volvo Electric Cars

    Good, they'll just need more power plants to provide all that free electricity.
  13. Man, the stuff you guys put up with.
  14. It will be law by the end of the year.
  15. There are much better options than that.