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  1. markandkim

    Lot in Ft Myers Fl for sale

    What's the monthly fee to the "association"?
  2. markandkim

    Pearl Harbor Day +77 years

    Never Forget. The few (6) that are left couldn't make it there this year. Dad flew avengers (TBF's) from Franklin and Randolph a couple of years after Pearl Harbor. He passed away in 2003.
  3. markandkim


    Kirk, I can't believe you said this. I'm surprised at you. At least I'm getting to know you better.
  4. markandkim

    A sad memorial

    Sorry Kirk.
  5. markandkim


  6. markandkim

    Generator Noise

    Me too! I have the same one. The best.
  7. markandkim

    AAFES online?

    Most of those services are not Exchange Services and would not be available to vets. Only active duty and Retired. I believe the OP was talking about exchange services online. Which I believe has become available to vets. The EX used to support most off those MWR services. I'm not so sure anymore.
  8. markandkim

    AAFES online?

    Stopped using the Exchange a couple of year ago. Too expensive. It used to be an advantage when I was active, but has since caught up with the retailers in cost. I don't think its helps MWR much anymore either. A lot of the famcamps around here (NE) are in shambles anyway. It doesn't serve its intended purpose anymore, at least stateside. Good luck, not much saving there.
  9. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-6306305/The-270k-Romotow-trailer-extends-rotates-reveal-party-deck.html
  10. markandkim

    Suggestions for a dash cam

    X2, that's the one I have. 1080p 21 hours looped in 3 minute files with the 128G card. Sound always on with mine. Love it.
  11. markandkim

    Full-timing and Military Memorabilia

    Documents (awards, citations, ect) were removed from frames and photographed and then disposed of. DD214 is with our important papers. Charge book has also been copied and photographed and disposed of. My shadow box was taken by me son. But if he hadn't taken it, It too would of been recorded and then dismantled / disposed of. Uniforms have all been disposed of. I kept my flags with me, without the flag boxes though. This process was a hard decision, but what else are you going to do with it if you have no one to give it to. When you die, your kids are going to show up with a 30yd dumpster and dispose of it anyway. Decided to just do it now. Everything, at least has been documented for my pleasure.
  12. For me, it's how many drive trains do you want to maintain and would you like taking your home to a service station for one of them? That simple for me. Set-up times, not an issue important enough to consider, at least for me. Do let us know what you decide. Thanks
  13. markandkim

    Video TR: Mesa Verde National Park, CO

    Marc, another great video. Well done! Thanks
  14. markandkim

    RGV Cheap RV lots

    I'm not signing up.