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  1. Get a new board. Its not the gas valve. Classic issue for that model.
  2. 1 hit wonder. Shes not coming back.
  3. You can get really nice ones for a lot less. About $750.00 each. These are the ones I'm getting. https://lectricebikes.com/collections/xp-accessories/products/lectric-xp
  4. You need a new card. Don't waste anymore time. Get one.
  5. My Blink XT2 camera system arrives on June 5th. Quite an upgrade from the XT.
  6. Spray backed up by .40 S&W. I only carry the spray when I walk my dogs. I have used both on dogs in the past. Spray is very effective though and at least you can show you have it if you need to use option 2. So I always have dog repellant on me.
  7. Where is the full hook up site located?
  8. RV, See what I was talking about. I believe this was your intention all along.
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