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  1. You need a new card. Don't waste anymore time. Get one.
  2. My Blink XT2 camera system arrives on June 5th. Quite an upgrade from the XT.
  3. Spray backed up by .40 S&W. I only carry the spray when I walk my dogs. I have used both on dogs in the past. Spray is very effective though and at least you can show you have it if you need to use option 2. So I always have dog repellant on me.
  4. Where is the full hook up site located?
  5. RV, See what I was talking about. I believe this was your intention all along.
  6. I have USAA, but once I go full time, they'll dump me.
  7. They say underlights keep pest like mice and pack rats away too.
  8. Never Forget. The few (6) that are left couldn't make it there this year. Dad flew avengers (TBF's) from Franklin and Randolph a couple of years after Pearl Harbor. He passed away in 2003.
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