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  1. Mississippi Sandhill Crane Volunteers

    I don't think there are only 135 left. If that's the case, I saw all of them in a field in TN, while hunting them last year. (2016) They are know in TN as "Ribeye in the sky" cause their meat is like beef. Is there a Specific breed know as the "MS sandhill crane"?
  2. Does anyone know open campgrounds on east coast

    Winterize before you head up. It's cold.
  3. Video: Finding and Refilling Boondocking Water

    Great video. Gave it thumbs up. Subscriber too.
  4. Can I really full time on $2,000 a month

    At least you'll only have one drivetrain to maintain. I highly suggest this route.
  5. Video TR: Lake Powell & Antelope Canyon

    Subscriber. Thumbs up.
  6. Hey, this is what you can expect with a MH and a toad. 2 drive trains. I don't think this even includes the toad maintenance.
  7. Windows 10 Updating again! GRRR!

    Long gone! Cause they are junk now. Sort of like the post office, old timers won't let go and are being left behind because of it.
  8. Water heater won't light/ stay lit

    Get the board!
  9. Tesla Semi live reveal in 11 minutes (8PM PST 11/16)

    Yea, 90%. I hope we soon cut them off. Such a waste of tax payers money. They make people believe that charging is free, when efficiency is <15%. Power has to be produced, stored and then transferred. Coal is still the cheapest source. So I've heard them referred to as coal fired vehicles. Not so far fetched, huh? Here in RI, they put free charging stations around the state. Who's paying for that?
  10. Walmart

    Awesome newspaper.
  11. Best RV Generator?

    Champion service is unmatched in the industry. They will jump through hoops for you even years later. I've had several of their units. I now use the dual fuel unit. most of the time I use the propane. Don't always want to carry gasoline. I take 2 20lb bottles with me if I plan on using it. Trailer has 2 30lb bottles on it. Love the dual fuel option. I would also suggest watching their videos.
  12. Best RV Generator?

    Champion 3400w inverter dual fuel. Awesome unit.
  13. 2002 Ford F-450 Super Duty For Sale

    If you were closer, I might jump on this. Great deal. Love to have a 7.3. This will sell easy.