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  1. markandkim

    Video TR: Rockport State Park, Utah

    Marc, another great video. I will visit all of these places when we hit the road. I could spend several years just in UT. Thanks
  2. markandkim

    W/10 Still can't get it Right!

    Wow! I'm so surprised.
  3. markandkim

    Catskills or Adirondacks?

    I'm partial to the Adirondacks, since I grew up there.
  4. Still putting up with microsoft issues? Y'all seemed to be consumed by it. You guys will never learn.
  5. markandkim

    Video TR: Utah West Desert - wild horses & Pony Express Trail

    Of course, another great video. Thanks Marc Mark
  6. markandkim

    generator in truck bed

    I own the dual fuel 3400 w Champion. The best add-on I ever purchased. I don't need to carry liquid gasoline anymore, but still have the option. Starts and runs my 15k AC on propane without a hiccup. It is so quiet too. I love this generator. I've always had Champions.
  7. markandkim

    Idaho Falls to Bosie ID on Rt 20

    Bring the fly rods. Especially for the ride along RT 20.
  8. markandkim

    Portable inverter/generators?

    I just purchased the champion dual fuel generator. No need to carry gasoline anymore. Sits in truck bed on a rubber mat. This unit is very quiet. Tractor supply sells a 3/4" rubber mat used in horse stalls. $35.
  9. markandkim

    Opinions/Suggestions needed

    I would go for the trailer. Buy a truck cap for additional storage. With a trailer like those a 1/2 ton would be fine. Truck camper would require a heavy duty truck, mostly due to payload. At least your living space doesn't need oil changes or a trip to the shop. Kinda like the 5'er vs. MH question.
  10. markandkim

    RV Coach House in the Rio Grande Valley

    What's the damage?
  11. markandkim

    Perfect camping coffee

    Sorry, but I have to get that one.
  12. markandkim

    Perfect camping coffee

    Marc, Another great video. Thanks, Mark
  13. markandkim

    Military report

    Finding the resting place of the Sullivan brothers was awesome, especially on St. Patrick's day.