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  1. I really want to travel along the coast of the US and stay at parks on the shore but I need to know what I will need to do to keep the salt spray off. I lived a couple of miles inland in south Florida a while back and had to wash the salt off of my car at least once a month. Will I need to do the same on my rig? Will the spray damage the wiring and exposed parts on the underside?
  2. I lived in a 25 ft travel trailer with my white fronted amazon (Phredie)for a year and now she and I have a 40 ft A class motor home. I removed one of the sofas and installed her cage in its place. She has been very healthy the entire time in both units and is very happy. She travels in a Wingabago travel cage,strapped in with the seat belt, when we are moving in a car or the RV to prevent her from getting hurt in case of having to stop suddenly or an accident.
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