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  1. Check http://halberstadt.macmate.me/Walmart I think this is updated about once a year (in the fall?). It also provides phone numbers.
  2. Do a search (on Google or other search engine) for "firefox couldn't load XPCOM" -- found several responses with solutions.
  3. 1. your examples of a heater or frying pan are definitely high current draw devices. 2. from the expanded "details" of the link: " 110V AC Inverter (ouput, pure non sine wave " -- ! ? non sine wave ? ! 3. also from link: " Pack capacity: 1045WH (10.8V, 96.8Ah) " -- seems a lot smaller than the "package" in which it lives. Personally, I would not be too excited about this.
  4. To add to Linda's list: Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum at 2021 N. Kinney Rd., Tucson AZ (on the way to the western section of Saguaro National Park) http://desertmuseum.org/ This can take up most of a day -- get there early to see one of the Raptor Flights (hawks etc in free flight outdoors).
  5. A bit far from your question, but the title made me think of the following: As a side-line to the entertainment industry, have you considered "wound moulage" ? Many local fire and ambulance districts are mostly volunteers -- perhaps being mobile would let you assist in "making it look real" training sessions (especially in rural areas).
  6. We might also consider the 'default' wiring standard being used for the design of an RV park electrical system. I think it compares to how a house is wired -- for a house example: Input = . . Main breaker pair provides 200 amps total. Consumers = . . one or more pairs of 50 amp breakers (220 volt electric stove/oven, electric heat system, etc) . . some 30 amp breakers (220 volt electric clothes dryers, water heater, etc) . . a large pile of 20 amp breakers for room outlets and lighting. And then you see that the Input is often "over-subscribed" if all the Consumers use their full permitted -by-the-breakers current. In a house, usually not everything is running up against its permitted limit at the same time. Sort of depending upon random usage through the house. This is reflected in the "utilization percentage factor" for each circuit - - that factor used in the design spec for a house. RVs consolidate the usage - producing a higher utilization percentage than an individual room of a house.
  7. Mentioned by others: http://www.nroa2003.com/forum/ You can join as a guest, long-term there is a cost because the forum is owned and operated -- NOT by Northwood corporate -- but rather by the owners of RVs made by Northwood. I bought used -- it is a matter of: 1. waiting long enough (like 2 or 3 years) to find a model that you like become available, 2. doing your own walk-through / inspection for condition.
  8. Consider plugging something like this into your trailer's 12-volt outlet. I use one to charge my laptop etc. You can also add a 12-volt outlet to the trailer that has 20-Amp capacity (on #12 wire from it's own fuse in your 12-volt panel). If that is "greek" to you, you can have this done. While I was typing, mptjelgin gave another example of this approach.
  9. Perhaps via http://candcrvinsurance.com/ (Found with a search that included http://gypsyjournalrv.com/2016/03/my-powers-are-greater/ in the results.)
  10. a couple NGOs that provide medical equipment to clinics, etc. https://fameworld.org/ http://www.hospitalsofhope.org/ a couple places that do post disaster assistance http://hopeforce.org/ http://www.salvationarmy.org/ Look at their affiliates / partners / etc.
  11. The official make-a-reservation link indicates types and number of each -- http://ohiostateparks.reserveamerica.com/camping/pymatuning-state-park/r/campgroundDetails.do?contractCode=OH&parkId=960067 CABIN (53) CAMPSITE ELECTRIC (290) CAMPSITE FULL HOOKUP (18) CAMPSITE NON-ELECTRIC (21) CAMPSITE PREMIUM ELECTRIC (29) DAY USE-SHELTER (3) At the following you will find http://www.pymatuning-state-park.org/ And at the next link you will find http://www.pymatuning-state-park.org/ And here is a review: http://www.rvparkreviews.com/regions/ohio/andover/pymatuning-state-park Since there are multiple campgrounds (and possibly multiple kinds of campsite in a campground) -- -- some descriptions will be over-generalized, -- some descriptions may be limited to only what the poster used.
  12. Regarding your specific trailer ". . . AF 29-5T . . . " you may want to also ask over on the Northwood RV Owners Association forum: http://www.nroa2003.com/forum/
  13. Tow trucks use a "snatch pulley" (I think that is the term) to change the angle/direction-of-pull. That pulley connects to the tow-truck in various places to allow redirecting the tow cable (long sand line) over the side or offset from the normal center-of-tow-truck location. So, along those lines, perhaps your initial winch location can serve for you new vehicle (without extra pulley), and then the cable is redirected "sideways" to pull at the center of the other vehicles.
  14. Hmmm ... reminds me of a book (fiction, circa 2013) with a medical 'miracle' substance in an under-ice lake/deep-pool: Frozen Solid by Tabor, James M. link on Amazon = https://www.amazon.com/Frozen-Solid-Novel-Hallie-Leland/dp/0345530632#reader_B009Y4I992
  15. "Get Chrome for Windows" from https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/index.html Looks like the Google folks think it is possible.
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