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  1. Speaking of firearms... does anyone know if you can bring one into Canada? If so, is there paperwork? If not, what do you all do if you own one and want to travel up into Canada? Thanks everyone.
  2. Well, the pic is adorable whether it's yours or not. Thanks for all of your advice. I'm sure with 10 years of training experience, you are a wealth of knowledge with GSDs. I think we are on the right track. We've bought several books and of course talked to lots of people. We also looked on the Internet for traits to look for and what to do when we go visit the litter. My DH has big plans for this dog and is reading/researching all that he can. He had several as a child and now is around them with his work (military) and has wanted one for years. We just weren't in the right place in our life to take on the responsibilty. We are now. This will be our first BIG dog. We've had dachshunds (3 of them). We are down to one due to the aging process of the other 2. :-( Thanks again for your input... it's most appreciated.
  3. Thanks so much for the replies! I knew you all would be helpful. James, I hope this does help answer some of your questions too. So, when do you get your lab puppy? Our GSD was just born 2 days ago. We are going to see the litter in a few weeks and then, of course, bring one home at the 8 week mark. We paid for 1st pick. We've been researching what to look for in GSD puppies. Hopefully, that'll pay off when we get there. The breeder is wonderful and we've spoken to him multiple times already. Highway Jack, Max is absolutely gorgeous! I hear ya bout people keeping their pets on leashes. I have the issue in my neigbhorhood with a German Shepard actually. I was running by one day and she actually came after me... growling and nipping at my hip area. Talk about scared! The first time she did it I didn't say anything to the owners. The 2nd time I had to go up to their door. I waited awhile when I knew the dog was back inside. Can you believe I actually still want a GSD? Ha. I know it's not the dog's fault... it's owner. KodiackJack, so you must be a GSD pro too! We have already called and made arrangements for him to go to obedience school (a puppy one to start). This particular place also has agility training, if we decide to do that after a few obedience classes. We plan on getting him used to people (hubby will take him to work several times a week) and we will put him in our Doggy Daycare and go to our local dog park frequently. Is your avatar one of them when they were pups? Your DEATH WISH comment cracked me up. You have two well adjusted and well trained GSDs for them to just sit there and chill while the little dog went nuts around them. Ha Ha. Thanks again everyone for all the good things to know about large breeds and restrictive breeds. Also, your pet peeves and knowledge that we will be taking LOTS of walks.
  4. Hey there... I always see a lot about small to medium sized dogs when researching for my full time RV adventure. :-) However, not too much about GSDs or other large dogs. Anyone here travel with a large dog (full time), especially a German Shepard? DH and I are getting one soon and we'll be getting ready to full time in about 2 years. So, we wanted to get some advice from all of you RV gurus. Pros/Cons/tips... anything! Thanks a ton.
  5. Barb... you cracked me up with your last 2 comments! Love it! Question... so, I don't have unlimited data with my Verizon plan right now. If I keep it the way it is and I want to use Amazon Prime, Netflix what are my options? Do I need to get unlimited or are there other companies or ways to get Internet out there that won't break the bank. I know that free Wifi in some areas may work but what about using my own. What can I do? Or, can someone tell me more about Direct TV so I can watch regular TV? Is it expensive? Reliable? Can you DVR while you on the road? I have Direct TV at my house right now but have no idea how it'll work in an RV. Thanks everyone!
  6. Hi James... I think we went to Imperial Beach when we were visiting them but we went to so many places I can't say for sure. Hubby and I are high school sweethearts as well. I grew up in the same area and he was an Air Force "brat" and then came to my area during our Junior year. We have been together since Senior year. My DIL is so great too... she is like another daughter to me. We love her so much. When we all go out they think that she and I are actually blood related as she looks more like me than my son. Ha Ha. My hubby is 1/2 hispanic and my son is just like him. I'm the total opposite! That is too funny about your grandchildren and the comments about you being their actual parents. I love it! Yeah, it'll be a nice retirement check for us with 75% of his current pay. We are both looking forward to leaving our jobs. I love teaching but it can often be overwhelming...probably cause I really take it seriously and work hard to ensure each child is successful. We have to meet them where they are at and trust me, they are all on different levels and with different needs. I love 'em though! I laugh everyday... you've heard the saying "out of the mouth of babes" and boy is it true. Yes, we may see each other on the road in 2017; you and your DW will have a little bit of a head start but we won't be too far behind. :-) Mimi
  7. Hi again James...I will let hubby and son know you send "thank yous" their way. Tell your son thank you from us as well (Cuba must have been interesting; I bet he has some stories). My son may not be a "lifer" in the Navy either. He's making that decision now but I think the reserves may the way to go for him too. How long were you in? Hubby is coming up on 28 years! Eeek... time sure did fly by. I remember that very young man (hubby) heading off on the bus to the Richmond MEP (sp.) station and me crying my eyes out... Seems like yesterday. Anyway, enough nostalgia! You were VERY young when you became a grandpa for the first time! We will be young too when our son and DIL have our first. We are 45/46 now. :-) We also feel young to be "retiring" and that's why we've stayed in for so long. He is trying to reach 30 years (or really close to that) but his current job/command is going to be the deciding factor. It's not an ordinary billet but I can't really get into on the web. We always talk about taking the grandkids with us when they get a little bigger and we don't even have any yet! Ha Ha! I don't blame ya for taking the bigger ones with you and then the little ones only when parents can come...whew, they are a handful. I teach 1st graders all day and I have 20 of them running around. Your grandkids probably love it too! Do you live near them now? My son and DIL are actually in "San Dog" right now. :-) They LOVE it and they are both East Coast born and bred. They do miss home but they are enjoying that area. My DH actually graduated boot camp there when it was still there. We went to see our son and went back to where it was and we were SO suprised at how it is now. Very different from when DH graduated. How do you like your Chevy? I know, I know... you love it, right? We have always been a Ford family (my side of the family). I am not opposed to a Dodge but I told DH that my grandpa would "turn over in his grave" if we got a Chevy. LOL! Hubby mentioned that the Navy uses Chevys and he knows them really well and they are great. Thanks for the info on your 3500 and that it's SRW. That is also a factor that DH and I are trying to decide on... dually or not. We found an F450 that we really like but it's not a dually. I don't blame your wife for not wanting one. I don't know her reasons but to me they look silly and unneccesarily too big and cumbersome. Just my opinion everyone... please don't take offense. Take care... Mimi
  8. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Dave... you are so right! The time is fast approaching. It seems like just yesterday that we started talking about this and here we are several years later and it is going to be a reality. We are so excited but there is SO much to think about still and do! James... I see you are US Navy retired! Thank you SO much for your service. It is well appreciated. My hubby is currently active duty and we'll be heading out when he retires (most likely 2016/2017). I am a teacher and I want to finish the school year so it'll be in the summer. My son is also active duty too. He and my daughter in law live in CA (other side of the country from us). They will be trying for our first grandchild soon so all the more reason to be FREE and hit the road. I'm so glad that you like your Open Range. We went in one a couple weeks ago and fell in love. I don't think we need the bunk house but we are not opposed to it either. So, your 3500 has no problems... we are still unsure of the size truck we need and that's why I said F450 but if a F350 will pull it that might be better. Russ...sounds like we are thinking alike. I'm thinking that the sooner we sell the house the sooner it'll feel more "real." Ha Ha. Also, our 2nd choice 5er is a Montana. Aren't they great? Our local RV shows will be coming up within the next few months and we can't wait to go look again. We went last year and really liked the Montanas. Also, we are going to do solar too! Are you doing mounted on top or portable? We are still undecided.
  9. Hello everyone... I've been lurking for a bit but haven't written in a long time. I wanted to jump in here because I think that DH and I have got our graduation date... July 2017 (or a little sooner)! We will probably put the house up for sale next year and hope it sells. If it does, we are going to rent an apartment (or stay in RV if we've purchased) until launch time. We've been purging and I agree with previous posters about your "stuff" going for mere pennies. It is tough but afterwards we felt good to get rid of so much. We are going to do it again this spring and get rid of even more. We know that we will rent a storage space to keep the things that we just can't/won't depart with. We've been in contact with a place locally to find out prices and humidity/climate control etc. It is so exciting to prepare! We've been slowly preparing for a couple of years now... mainly with research. Now, it's getting more serious. Ha Ha. We also think that we have FINALLY decided on a type of RV... we are going to go with a 5er! We have a few in mind and it'll depend on what kind of deal we can get at time of purchase. Our first choice is an Open Range. We want a diesel F450 to pull it. So, that's the current plan. Thanks for letting me jump into the class of 2017!!
  10. An imaginary rabbit??? Awww, that's so sad. Also, what is a mantid? Is it a praying mantis? I truly do not know.
  11. Thanks Dutch... can anyone add word tags to their posts or is it reserved for people of a particular forum status?
  12. Thanks everyone... now I understand. I didn't see anything in there that was "out of the ordinary" but... I'm NOT admin so my opinion doesn't count in regard to what is offensive and what is not in this forum.
  13. Just wondering why some threads/topics are locked? I saw that the "letting someone use your bathroom" post has been locked. What does that mean and why is it locked? Also, why do some posts have this little "tag" type thing beside them? Is it something for sale or a business or something? Thanks in advance for enlightening this newbie.
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