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  1. We can't change in the app either because our account is still tied to a non existing residential account someone made a mistake years ago when we went to a RV account but the chat works great. Denny
  2. There comes a time that they shouldn't be able to get flood insurance, in extreme SE Nebraska the last time this happened the farmers were told they would get paided to rebuild but they will no longer have flood insurance. They can still farm the ground but no buildings or structures will be insured. Most moved off the farm but still farmed the ground because it's the best around because of the flooding. Denny
  3. Everyone is looking at the water in eastern Nebraska but I'm looking at the temps out west in South Dakota and Nebraska, until the frost is out the water will keep on coming because it can't soak in just run off. It happens in that part of the country often but this year is a little more than in the past but nothing new. The COE lake our home base in NE is next to is in flood pool so I'm sure they will have to start releasing water soon to make room for spring rains and snow melt out west just a nasty cycle of to much water and not enough. Denny
  4. I used Rustolieum after a good cleaning, if we wouldn't have spent much time on the coasts we would have had that much of a problem. We've had AGMs in the trailer from the time it was new so it's easy to forget about them. Denny
  5. We had the same problem after our first set was in there about 8 years. I would try some JB Blaster over a period of a couple of days. After I got ours out I removed it to clean and paint it, now I make sure I move it in and out once a year to keep it moving. Denny
  6. We bought our first 5th wheel (new) in 1987, it was a Hitchhiker II. We had it for 11 years before we traded for a 1998 HH II that we had until we bought a new 2001 HH Premier in 02, we didn't like the 02 floor plan after spending some time staying in it so we ordered our present 03 HH Premier. We've owned this trailer for 16 years and plan on it being our last so 20 years and past is our plan. We've upgraded a few things like disk brakes and repaired and replaced many more but it's way cheaper to fix than replace than buy a new one every few years. The first thing you have to do is buy I high quality trailer to begin with and in todays world I think that's easyer said than done. I also do all the work myself so that also makes ownership for a long period cheaper. We don't fulltime but for the last 13 years we have spent 7 to 11 months in the trailer traveling. Denny
  7. Dual purpose is for marine starting mostly for outboards so the cranking amps are low. They are used a lot in marine for trolling motors because when they discharge they hold voltage longer and have a faster recharge time when compared to flooded cells. Denny
  8. I have two Optima blue tops that replaced two smaller ones we had for 13 years, this set has been in use for 3 years, we don't have solar but I use a old 650 watt Honda to keep them charged when dry camping. You have to buy them from a dealer to get warranty, the cheap ones online are seconds and Optima won't warranty them it's called you get what you pay for. We bought ours at a boat shop close to our home base for less than what Optima's site list them for, I think they were $259 each. https://www.optimabatteries.com/en-us/bluetop-dual-purpose-deep-cycle-and-starting/d31m Denny
  9. It is what it is, it's the price we pay to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer and spending time with our RV friends. 😁 Denny
  10. We call ourselves extended travelers, we've been rving since 1978 but after retiring early in 2006 we keep our paid for house that we liked and started using it as a home base with the mind set of giving it 5 years before deciding on fulltime. We never went fulltime but spend 7 to 11 months on the road and have traveled 49 states 6 provinces and two one month stays in Mexico and are glad we keep our house because we haven't found any other place we would want to settle yet but we always have a open mind, I know we have found a few places we will never settle in and probable never go back to. I guess we all have to through life in our own way and do what makes us happy, we have no regrets on our choice. Denny
  11. I don't think you will find anyplace in southern Ca along or close to the beach unless it's in a campground and that won't be cheap. On the Sea of Cortez we spent one month two years in a row in Puerto Penasco at Playa Bonita RV, there are a lot of US citizens that spend the winter there, it's on the beach with tons of sea food. Denny
  12. The buzzing isn't a problem, as soon as the magnets wear into the drums it will go away or get less noticeable. Denny
  13. Just take the screws out of the cover you are showing in the photo and it will be exposed so you can work on it. Denny
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