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  1. The last deal we received was for a lifetime membership that we took. Denny
  2. Laptop replacement

    I'm using a 8" tablet on 4G LTE for most of my use but on certain things we use the Chromebook tablet running off the tablet hotspot. I'm think that when I replace my 8" tablet I will look at 10", they are making some that have a keyboard that flips to the back. Denny
  3. Laptop replacement

    Most of our data usage is on a tablet that has it's own number on our Verizon plan not sure how that would work on a unlimited plan, we aren't on a unlimited plan. If you do go with a tablet look at a Samsung we didn't and wish we did. Denny
  4. Laptop replacement

    What we use for a laptop now is a Chromebook and a Android tablet or one of our phones for a hotspot. No more Microsoft updates or program data hogs. Denny
  5. If you want to upgrade the cooling unit look at the Amish new cooling units, I installed one in my Dometic two years ago and could be happier. Start it up and in 4 hours it can be loaded, holds 35' no matter the outside temp. Denny
  6. Using Dielectric Grease

    Dielectric grease works great on a closed connection but when you used it on a exposed receptical after you remove your coated cord end it leaves grease exposed to all the dirt and dust that blows in the wind causing future problems for that receptical and future users because of your grease. Denny
  7. Pathway X2

    First are you sure you are using the address for the area you are in, next did you try and use the eastern arc satellites. I your downloaded guide shows the locals then you are subscribed, a few years back I was out east and didn't get the locals to come just like the problem you have now because they were on the eastern arc and our Tailgater would only get western arc. Denny
  8. FMCA votes to include towables

    This is also what we have done over the past few years, we have our own towing and medical transport policy's so that isn't needed. We are actually down to three, Passport America that pays for itself (our lifetime membership has payed for itself already), our small $5.00 per year membership for our HH club and our Escapees membership that if things don't chance will be dropped next year. Denny
  9. Full Body Paint

    All you need is the paint code that the manufacturer used and you can have it mixed at any body shop or automotive paint store. Denny
  10. Full Body Paint

    I've seen the HH trailers that have been full body painted and they look great, because of our HH brand rallies I've seen the before and after. Mine still has standard sidewalls and they still look good after 14.5 years but I painted my decals on two years ago, I also waxed our trailer for the first time when it was one month old and when we are at our home base it is in a building. If I was to buy a new trailer it would be full body painted but that's not going to happen unless something happens to our Hitchhiker. Denny
  11. Pathway X2

    Our receiver is only a year old, a power issue took the old one out. I was even able to get a new 211K from a dealer in Texas. The only thing I've found with the Pathway X2 is the travel time from 110 to 129 is longer than the Tailgater. Denny
  12. Pathway X2

    I was thinking about it for a year or two but after getting to Yuma and this year and only getting 10 signal strength on 129 I knew it was time, now I get 40 on 129 and 110 and 119 are better than I get from my stationary dish at home. Denny
  13. Pathway X2

    Won't be trying out the eastern arc until we get to Texas in the spring, here in Yuma the locals are western arc only plus there's a tree in the way but we will be traveling east next year. Denny
  14. After 6 years and the declining signal from our Tailgater I decided to make the change to the Pathway X2 and I'm glad I did, it's amazing how strong the signal is compared what I remember what the Tailgater was when new. I know it never had a 75 signal strength on 110 before. Denny
  15. Monthly Electric Rates

    One thing you have to understand is there a lot of variables when it comes to what the parks get charged for electric, some don't own there electric system and the power company's set the rates. Other own (most) their system and they are charged for their power at the meter where it comes into the park or meters at different areas of the park. Many power company's lower the rate to the park or any other business by how much they use, the more usage by month the cheaper it gets or like on my electric shop we had a demand meter and my rate would go up if I demanded the meter over a set period of time. So for rv parks it can be a guessing game what to charge per month depending on how they are billed. Also remember that the parks just like everyone else pays a base charge just to have a metered service before paying for any power, many times it goes up with the size of the service. Denny