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  1. Amazon has them for both the new and old style, old is $104 and new style is $116. They state that they aren't the same brittle material the Dometics are, I've looked everywhere and they are the cheapest new ones I could find and will be ordering one soon. They are made by ICON not Dometic. Denny ,
  2. I still have a Dometic RV refrigerator that I replaced the cooling unit with new Amish and it cools way better than the original unit. With that being said we also have a chest freezer and sometimes a dorm refrigerator running that we travel with and power it off a 1800 watt inverter and when going down the road the truck keeps the trailer batteries charged. If we are going to be dry camping for long periods we don't have the chest freezer or dorm refrigerator running. And normally if we are traveling and think we will be dry camping we don't use the dorm refrigerator because they won't hold the cold like a chest freezer for overnight stops. It all depends on how you want to travel. Denny
  3. We are using 3 strips of carpet left over from the slides for in front of each roller. When not in use for a short period of time we store them in the trailer but when setup for a long period they go into the basement. Denny
  4. We did ours last summer and we used EZ Click vinyl plank flooring that we found at Menards. It's not paded and it lays directly over the subfloor. One thing you have to think about is the thickness because you don't want the slides to come in contact with it when they are in. Denny
  5. With the area they were in I'm not surprised all that much. We spent part of last winter in that area and we will never go back. Denny
  6. That is the run cap for the compessor and fan, go back into the box and look for a single smaller cap that only has leads and that will be the start cap and check it. Denny
  7. Sounds like you tested the run cap, does it have a start cap and relay. It sounds like the start cap isn't kicking in. Denny
  8. When you get it set up watch it scanning for satellites it's pretty wild and useful. When it stops and looks for a satellite you will be able to see if there are any obstructions blocking the signal by the way it's pointed, I do it all the time. Denny
  9. pplmotorhomes.com. great place to find affordable rv parts and accessories and there free shipping is the day you order it not a week later li,e Amazon. Denny
  10. You can get a X2 with a Wally from PPL for $478 with free frieght, thats where I got my X2 only from. Yes it's plug and play and because of the large dish it brings in a strong signal compared to the other automatics out there. Plus you can get both east and west coast feeds. Denny
  11. We spend 7 months + on the road and we are tv junkies and we haven't used our batwing antenna in years. We have a Pathway X2 automatic dish with dish network, we get our HD locals off it that my wife likes and I get my sports and Nascar with the other channels thst I want. We also have a Roku streaming device that we get other free streaming moves and other programing when the cell data signal are strong enough. We have a pay as you go outdoor account so it can be shut off when not in use but that hasn't happened since we started using it because we use the same reciever at our home base. No matter where we are at we have tv and because the dish is portable it can be moved to get around obstructions, there's a lot of places out west that don't have free over the air chanels and cell service can be problematic. Denny
  12. Not everyone is one Facebook Denny
  13. I've never seen or talked to anyone that has been pulled over for overweight but I will have to admit that there's been a few times that I wished some were just to make it safer for everyone else. The only time I thought maybe I was going to get pulled over for over length not over weight because I was double hitching my boat on the interstate and a HP car pulled up along side of the boat and I could see one of the officers taking a close look at my setup, after looking at it he keep on going around me and gave me the now not politically correct OK sign. So if your going down the road and things like your cord is not connected and your tow vehicle is squatting more than normal you deseved to get pulled over and be checked for everything, the old saying You Can't Fix Stupid applies here. Denny
  14. I've changed my locals 4 times in the last 6 days and because like I said the chat was to busy I had to call in and I've been surprised that it worked reallly good for once except for one guy who said I could use the app because I have a outdoor account and after telling him that I can't because of the way my account was setup years ago and of coarse he wanted to fix it and I had to tell him it's not fixable and leave it alone. In the past I was able to use the Satellite Guys site to view spot beam's and adjust were I got my locals from by using a address further down the road if they overlapped so I didn't have to change as often but that's not available anymore so is there anything else out there that will work. Denny
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