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  1. The absorption refrigerators only have one coil, the freezer section cold plate is attached to most of the coil and the lower part uses only the last section and the control to shut down the coiling is on the end of the lower section cold plate. If the unit is cooling at all the controls are working whether it's on electric or gas. After the unit is started and left overnight and it's not cooling properly and everything is clean the unit either has a leak that can be confirmed by the smell of ammonia or the yellow death powder or the heat exchanger has failed both are fatal when it comes to the cooling unit and not repairable in the field. If your cooling unit has failed you have 3 choices the first is a new refrigerator, second is having a rebuilt cooling unit installed or the way I went is a Amish new cooling unit. Remeber if you have a flame or electric heater running the cooling unit either works or it doesn't , its off or on and nothing in between. Don't try and access the system because it's under about 300 psi of pressure. I replaced my own cooling unit but I'm a retired refrigeration guy. Denny
  2. Looks like some sort of a lift kit that was either put on wrong or should be on there to begin with. I agree the shacks aren't flipped and if you look close the shackle hanger is behind all that extension stuff, I would remove all that stuff snd put the equalizer where it belongs. Denny
  3. They use a pulse system, if it cranks for a few seconds with no start it pulls it closed for a short period but if the battery voltage is low or the cables from your house batteries are to long or small it won't pull in because the starter is pulling down the voltage. I have a stand alone battery for mine and if it's not fully charged the choke will not pull in, I'm looking at putting a pushbutton switch next to my start panel in the rig to just manually choke it. Denny
  4. I've had the same Generac 50G in 3 different 5th wheels since 1998 with a lot of hours, the only problem I've had with it is the auto choke besides some junk in the carb from old gas. Denny
  5. One thing that's being overlooked when comparing the automatic dish is the size of the reflector (dish), the X2 is 21" compared to 8 to 10 that the rest of them have. I can tell from experience that the X2 hands down has a stronger signal and anyone that has traveled many years from one end of the country to the other will know that this is important. Mine even has a stronger signal than my stationary dish at our homebase because it points directly at the satellite and uses the whole dish where a stationary dish picks the signal up coming into the dish at a angle reflecting into the LNB from a small point on the dish. Denny
  6. The coax My rig is fine I was talking about other rigs that I have helped people with. Denny
  7. Been a lot of information on what system to use and how easy it is to point a dish but the ones that are giving advice have been doing it for years and are biased to that system and it works great for them. Now because you have never done it before it can be a very long hard learning experience, we started out with a single LNB Direct TV dish and it had a short learning experience and it worked out great but when we went to a two LNB Dish Network dish it became harder but it was still manageable. When we decided to go HD on Dish Network I didn't want to deal with setting up a 3 LNB dish so we went simple and went with a Tailgater and after after 6 years we we changed to a Wingard X2 and never looked back. If you want to be able to setup a dish easley for one nigh stops or all winter stops with no long leaning curve go with a automatic system, I prefer the X2 because of the ability for both east and west sats, also the large reflector on the X2 gives me a stronger signal. I've helped newbies with setting up a standard dish and it can be very frustrating to them and me at times, most of them have been told how easy it is and they find out that it's not and some just give up and most end up with a automatic. The biggest problem I have found with automatic dishes is the coax in the rigs themselves. Denny
  8. Threads like this are a good thing if someone is thinking of traveling with a aggresive breads and doesn't know about park rules concerning some them, it's normally the parks insurance carrier that's the deciding factor not the park owners. Denny
  9. The way I read it it's for cities and municipalities not privately owned property like most CG are so it dosen't apply. Denny
  10. In my opinion yes it is, been using ours for two years after having a Tailgater. Denny
  11. We can't change in the app either because our account is still tied to a non existing residential account someone made a mistake years ago when we went to a RV account but the chat works great. Denny
  12. There comes a time that they shouldn't be able to get flood insurance, in extreme SE Nebraska the last time this happened the farmers were told they would get paided to rebuild but they will no longer have flood insurance. They can still farm the ground but no buildings or structures will be insured. Most moved off the farm but still farmed the ground because it's the best around because of the flooding. Denny
  13. Everyone is looking at the water in eastern Nebraska but I'm looking at the temps out west in South Dakota and Nebraska, until the frost is out the water will keep on coming because it can't soak in just run off. It happens in that part of the country often but this year is a little more than in the past but nothing new. The COE lake our home base in NE is next to is in flood pool so I'm sure they will have to start releasing water soon to make room for spring rains and snow melt out west just a nasty cycle of to much water and not enough. Denny
  14. I used Rustolieum after a good cleaning, if we wouldn't have spent much time on the coasts we would have had that much of a problem. We've had AGMs in the trailer from the time it was new so it's easy to forget about them. Denny
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