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  1. D&J

    Residential Refridgerator

    I didn't say they would run everything, I check anything I run on it before long term use. And like it's said they all aren't created equal, I found that out when running a laptop and printer in my work truck a few years back some work some don't, the one that didn't went to the trash. Denny
  2. D&J

    Residential Refridgerator

    We are just the opposite we run when traveling to keep the freezer froze because sometimes we drycamp at night. Denny
  3. D&J

    Residential Refridgerator

    A Danfoss 110v compressor is just like any other 110v volt compressor and it can be run on a good modified or pure sine wave inverter. Not all modified inverters are the same, the cheap ones can be just square wave like you may find at discount stores but the more expensive ones use a step wave and will run about anything including electronics. Pure sine wave ones just use more steps so it looks more like a pure sine wave. I have a Xantex 1800 watt modified and it will run anything in our trailer without any problem including our dish receiver. If you have a good one I would use it and replace it with a pure sine wave if or when it fails in the future. I run both our chest freezer and dorm refrigerator on it going down the road with no problems, the truck keeps the batteries charged. If you are thinking about the Danfoss refrigerators that will run on 12vdc they are a 110v compressor that has a dedicated inverter built into it so it won't need a inverter at all just 12vdc. Denny
  4. D&J

    Sewer line slime

    If you are sitting hooked up for a extended period with the grey valve open that will happen, its easy to slush out with a water hose. Denny
  5. Our X2 does the same thing, we have a 211K reciever. I found that when we put in standby we turn to a channel on the 110 satellite and it stops it. I've only been on the esatern arc once so I don't know which sat it will want to go to. We have a friend with a Talgater that will do the same thing, they found that out when they had it on top of the bedroom slide, I'm sure my Tailgater did it to. It's the reciever not the X2, trying to get Dish to admit to anything is like pulling teeth.
  6. We are pay as you go and have been for years, when I bring up my profile it say RV Account and I'm trying to get it to say Outdoor Account to see if that will work.
  7. I have everything but the Outdoor Account, mine is labeled RV Account and I can't get them to change it. Denny
  8. I have the right account and equipment and I was told today that the Dish app I have will not work so I'm thinking it's IPhone only. Denny
  9. I'm wondering if you have to have a Apple phone not a Android like I have. Denny
  10. D&J

    A/C High Amp Draw

    Amp draw and heat go hand and hand in a/c systems. Check your condenser and make sure it's clean, depending on the unit you may have remove the cover to clean the condenser from the inside. Another thing that will cause increased amp draw is a weak compressor run cap NO START CAP. Denny
  11. D&J

    Rooftop AC Discharge Temp

    You should get a 15 to 20 degree drop across the evaporator, put a thermometer at the return and one at the discharge. If you are getting 60' at the discharge and 80' at the return it's working like it should and will just take time to cool the unit down. Denny
  12. If I was going the compressor style refrigerator I would go with a residential with a high efficiency rotory style compressor with a dedicated inverter not the piston compressor Danfoss is using. The rotor style compressor have a softer start and are quieter than the old piston ones. Also remember if you use a modified sine way inverter get a good one that's a step wave not a cheap square wave. Denny
  13. I looked into the Danfoss DC compressor a few years ago when I needed a cooling unit for my Domitic LP frig, from my refrigeration days I used some Danfoss equipment and it worked great. First it is not a DC compressor it's a A/C compressor with a custom built inverter attached to the side of the compressor, the variable speed is something that has become common place in the industry and it works for power saving but not all that noticeable in a small unit like that but they are quiet because of the ramped startup just like the variable speed blower motor I have in my air handler at home. They also have a terminal for running a fan motor, I didn't look that close to see if it was AC or DC. What I came up with is the sizes of refrigerator are very small and you can get about the same efficiency by using a small dedicated quality inverter just to handle a small domestic refrigerator. If I was going to install a domestic refrigerator I would install a dedicated inverter not one that runs other appliances, the inverter can be a modified some wave because a AC motor doesn't really care. I run my standard freezer all the time when going down the road and our dorm refrigerator sometimes off our modified inverter and they are happy and the truck keeps the batteries charged. I installed a new Almish cooling unit in my Domitic frig. Denny
  14. I received a email from the dish tech today. I apologize for not getting back with you at the beginning of the week. I have escalated this issue up to the Application Team for them to take a look at it. I have included your current MyDish app and Android build on your phone and tablet so they can try to replicate it. This way we can see if it is on our side or if there was a recent Android update that is causing an issue with the functionality of the application. While I do not have a resolution time window on the correct, I would be happy to move your locals for you so you don't have to keep calling in. So it's being worked on. Denny
  15. The update they have won't fix it, so I'm guessing it will have to be a new one. After I sent the tech a screen shot of my service page I haven't heard a word from them, so they either brushed me off or are working on it. I'm guessing they are working on it because they came see by my record I won't let it go, I've been giving them a bad time about changing my locals for a long time. Denny