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  1. I received a email from the dish tech today. I apologize for not getting back with you at the beginning of the week. I have escalated this issue up to the Application Team for them to take a look at it. I have included your current MyDish app and Android build on your phone and tablet so they can try to replicate it. This way we can see if it is on our side or if there was a recent Android update that is causing an issue with the functionality of the application. While I do not have a resolution time window on the correct, I would be happy to move your locals for you so you don't have to keep calling in. So it's being worked on. Denny
  2. The update they have won't fix it, so I'm guessing it will have to be a new one. After I sent the tech a screen shot of my service page I haven't heard a word from them, so they either brushed me off or are working on it. I'm guessing they are working on it because they came see by my record I won't let it go, I've been giving them a bad time about changing my locals for a long time. Denny
  3. My guess is when you see a new update for the app it will be fixed. Denny
  4. After sending the tech a screen shot of my app everything went quiet 😴 maybe he figured out that I know how to use my phone and tablet and the problem is in fact on their end not mine. Denny
  5. I have been going back and forth with a tech at dish, he say I'm all setup but it doesn't work even after uninstalling and installing the app. This time I sent him a screen shot of the services page to show him that the app isn't working. I've had a RV account for 6 years and we own all our equipment and are pay as you go. Denny
  6. D&J

    Escapee Discount Parks

    So you say they are trying to change to younger people but they don't make their discount parks listings or maping available on any mobil device's I'm thinking the people in power should get out from behind their desks and see what us our in the real world are up to, we travel with two smart phones and use them all the time from the cab of the truck. Denny
  7. D&J

    Escapee Discount Parks

    I think they need to sit down and take a long look at where they are heading in the future because it appears that catering to the rv base that supports it is the farthest thing from their mind. Denny
  8. D&J

    Escapee Discount Parks

    If you travel with a desk top in your cab you can use their mapping program and it will map discount parks on your route but it doesn't work on anything else. Join Passport America and their mapping app will work on your smart phone and map discounts parks along the route you are taking, every Escappees discount park is also a PA park plus PA was 10 times more parks and it will pay for itself in savings. Denny
  9. D&J

    Escapees mapping

    I guess we should be going down the road with a desktop in the cab of the truck . Like I said the escapees organization has become disconnected from the RVers that pay the fees to support them. This is one long time member that may not be a member this time next year. PA has a petty good mapping function and it works on a smart phone. Denny
  10. Has anyone ever used it because it appears that it only works on a desktop which we don't have or ever plan on having again. We have smart phones, Android tablets and a Chromebook laptop, I'm guessing it needs Windows to work. Has Escapees become that disconnected from RVers that actually travel in their units for extended periods or fulltime? Denny
  11. The last deal we received was for a lifetime membership that we took. Denny
  12. D&J

    Laptop replacement

    I'm using a 8" tablet on 4G LTE for most of my use but on certain things we use the Chromebook tablet running off the tablet hotspot. I'm think that when I replace my 8" tablet I will look at 10", they are making some that have a keyboard that flips to the back. Denny
  13. D&J

    Laptop replacement

    Most of our data usage is on a tablet that has it's own number on our Verizon plan not sure how that would work on a unlimited plan, we aren't on a unlimited plan. If you do go with a tablet look at a Samsung we didn't and wish we did. Denny
  14. D&J

    Laptop replacement

    What we use for a laptop now is a Chromebook and a Android tablet or one of our phones for a hotspot. No more Microsoft updates or program data hogs. Denny
  15. If you want to upgrade the cooling unit look at the Amish new cooling units, I installed one in my Dometic two years ago and could be happier. Start it up and in 4 hours it can be loaded, holds 35' no matter the outside temp. Denny