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  1. Just take the screws out of the cover you are showing in the photo and it will be exposed so you can work on it. Denny
  2. Why won't a Tailgator by any good, it's for Dish Network not Direct. Denny
  3. Just how much data can you use before you get throttled, I'm thinking of using my tablet hotspot and a Rotu to stream my TV instead of my Dish Network service. Denny
  4. D&J

    Dually wheel wear

    The more you pull with a lot of pin weight you will get more outside tire wear, if you drive around empty you will see a lot less. Denny
  5. D&J

    Multi Year Escapees Membership Renewal?

    I always renewed for up to 5 years with a disconnect until last year when our last renewal expired and it wasn't offered, we just renewed for one year then and declined this year. Denny
  6. D&J

    Multi Year Escapees Membership Renewal?

    I was never offered any deal just the yearly rate for as many years that I wanted, we decided 0 was a good number for now. We are still travelers and the options like discount parks, trip planning on mobile devices have gone on the back burner it seems and we haven't used a park in years so it was time to step back and go with other options. I'm not going to beg for a discount to something that no longer is of any use to us. Denny
  7. D&J

    Multi Year Escapees Membership Renewal?

    There is no multiyear membership anymore, when I didn't renew our membership this year they sent a survey and I told them that without that option I was not renewing because for the very little use we get out of it it was not worth the cost. IMO Escapees is going one way and we are staying on our path and it's not the in same direction. Denny
  8. Sounds to me like your power is blinking one and off, the 211 will not hold memory even with a power blink so short you can barely see it. Denny
  9. D&J

    Towing configurations

    I've always called it double towing, I think Trailer Life Magazine started calling it triple years ago and many took that rag as being gospel. Denny
  10. Sometime I take them most time I don't, changed locals yesterday and today but I picked a address that will work until March when we move again heading north. I'm sure another one will show up tomorrow. Denny
  11. I don't care about my billing address because we are paperless. Denny
  12. I've changed my locals 4 more times using the chat in the Dish app support and it works flawlessly. I have a memo set up that has my name, phone number, pin number and a place to put my new service address, I change it to the new service address and save it then paste it into the clip board. When you open up the chat it's not a real person so you have to give it your name, phone number and pin and you will be transferred to a real person. When they ask what you want I just past the memo and it's taken care of except for the Thank You at the end. Denny
  13. D&J

    Pathway X2 advantage

    Because I can't see it from where it's sitting. The western arc are completely blocked. When the X2 can't see a satellite it takes forever to to complete it's setting up. Denny
  14. D&J

    Pathway X2 advantage

    Is there anyway to tell the X2 not to look for a satellite namely 77 on the eastern arc. Denny
  15. In the last month I've changed the locals 3 times using Dish app chat, the first two times I ended up calling in but the last time I simplified what I told them and it worked. I just gave them my name, phone number, pin number and new service address. I don't care about billing address because we are paperless billing. Sometime simple is just better. Denny