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  1. D&J

    Pathway X2 advantage

    Because I can't see it from where it's sitting. The western arc are completely blocked. When the X2 can't see a satellite it takes forever to to complete it's setting up. Denny
  2. D&J

    Pathway X2 advantage

    Is there anyway to tell the X2 not to look for a satellite namely 77 on the eastern arc. Denny
  3. In the last month I've changed the locals 3 times using Dish app chat, the first two times I ended up calling in but the last time I simplified what I told them and it worked. I just gave them my name, phone number, pin number and new service address. I don't care about billing address because we are paperless billing. Sometime simple is just better. Denny
  4. D&J


    I'm just using my old Samsung 7" tablet and Overdrive Library for most of my books. Denny
  5. D&J

    Pathway X2 advantage

    I use the Sat Finder app to get a general idea set the X2 out and walk away. 😁 Denny
  6. D&J

    Pathway X2 advantage

    This is our first time heading east with our X2 and it woks great, on one stop in the lake of the Ozarks I was even looking through some light tree cover on the eastern arc. I've also noticed the local footprint is bigger on the eastern arc. We are 40 miles east of Nashville and we are still getting the locals out if Springfield MO Denny
  7. We used it twice and both times it was pain, first time it took 1.5 hours to book 3 sites for 3 days, very user unfriendly. You should here what the gate people have to say about it. The site we are in now we took a chance and drove there because we were only a hour away and we figured it would be faster. Denny
  8. I used United Medicare Advisers, they are licensed in multiple states. Denny
  9. I went to a independent supplement policy agent 6 months before I turned 65. They walked me through the whole process and answered all my questions and some I didn't even think of asking. First thing they said was all plans are the same and the only difference is the price and coverage is anywhere Medicare is taken. The next confusing thing is all the different plans, more letters than you can believe. I started out with a N plan and just this year I changed to a G plan mostly because of the excess charges part of the plan. Choose your supplemental carefully because if you start having major problems it may be hard to change to a better plan. You can also change your supplemental anytime during the year not just during open enrollment. For a RX plan I went with a Wall Mart RX, the cheapest one I could find because at this time I take no meds and Wall Mart's are everywhere we travel. Denny
  10. I think I'm going change my locals to the new location before we leave next week, I will also try the chat in the Dish app for the first time. Denny
  11. I was just trying to get around the guide being updated to a new location, most of the time it can be a PITA trying to get it to update after local change without resetting the reciever. Denny
  12. I was wondering if you can have your locals changed before you get to a location without your reciever being on, I know the reciever remembers the last chanel it was on when you set it back up at a new location so it may not work. Denny
  13. I would get some blocks under the tongue jack. I've never used X -Chocks but with that much slope I would chock the tires on both sides along with them. Denny
  14. I'm so glad that some have made such informative post to this thread, it must be awful boring and slow out there today. Denny
  15. My new plan for this is if I call I'm going to use the Outdoor number (800 970-9021) or use the chat that's on the Dish app. I used the Outdoor number to get the package price and you can change locals with a lot fewer steps and talk to someone that knows we are RVers and mobil. Denny