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  1. I was up on mine today giving it it's spring cleaning before we put it away for the summer and I was planning on doing it next year but the way it looks it may be this summer. Denny
  2. All supplement plan except a Advantage plan are required to have national coverage, all the plans weather they G, F or any of the lettered plans have the same coverage with the only difference being the price. I just went to a independent agent to find a plan. Just use your domicile for a address. Denny
  3. A few years ago one of the people we RV with had Rino Liner installed on his roof and it was thick and heavy and after two years it cracked and had to be replaced under warranty, then it happened again but this time that installer was out of business so he had a new roof installed. Bed liners aren't designed for the roof flex on a RV. Mine is gettinng close to needing attention but the rubber is still in good shape with no leaks just getting a lot of black spots were the rubber is showing, my plan is to coat with Liquid Roof. Denny
  4. I understand your misgivings of doing it yourself but when had my Electrical, Refrigeration and HVAC buisness we used a lawyer first and then a CPA and had nothing but problems with our taxes, the CPA was the worst. Then we started using TurboTax and after we got all our information inputted including all our buissness depreciation schedules, 1099s, rental depreciation, investment schedules and income it was easy even when we sold the rental property and sold off my business equipment. It checks all math and deductions plus everything will carry over to the next year so the second year is even easier. We no longer use it because our taxes are so simple now we use free fill. Denny
  5. We already did ours online like we have for years, it gets easier every year but we've done our own for years even when I was in business. Denny
  6. We ran into one last fall, Chief Timothy Park campground outside of Clarkston OR. $38 a night no senior pass. Denny
  7. It will work unless the COE leased it out to a concessionaire then it won't work. Denny
  8. Pre Obama Care I could have given some advice but after that was forced on us that were supplying our own insurance that went out the window. The only advice I can give you now is apply for Obama Car and see what happens but be sitting down when you get the price. Denny
  9. One of your batteries has a bad cell, it will appear to be fully charged but as soon as a load is put on them the voltage will drop. Denny
  10. Why would anyone want to watch the back of a tractor trailer for 150 miles
  11. Look at this price https://www.pplmotorhomes.com/parts/rv-appliances/air-conditioner/air-conditioners-coleman-dometic/duo-therm-rv-heat-pump_B59186.XX1C0 I've bought a few units from them with no problems. All you have to do is remove the inside cover and remove 4 bolts and pick it off. A little help from a friend or to to get it on the roof and your ready to go. You already have the wires disconnected. Denny
  12. Like I said in your last post the motor inside the compressor is fine but the compressor it drives is locked up inside the sealed case so you need a new compressor or a new unit. The piece you pointed to and called it a expansion valve is the reversing valve for the hear pump operation and has nothing to do with the compressor starting. Denny
  13. Do not tie it to a residence use a outdoor account. Denny
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