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  1. earlvillestu

    Volvo engines

    Same percentage up and down I39
  2. earlvillestu

    HELP! Travel Trailers...which one

    I had a good experience with Holiday Hour RV in Cortland, Illinois (just east of DeKalb). They're a Jayco dealer.
  3. What do you think of Illinois rest areas? State considering fixing up some, maybe closing others
  4. earlvillestu

    safety corridors and school zones

    #2 is state specific. In Illinois, per an attorney general's ruling: "This paragraph limits vehicle speed to 20 miles per hour only during school days while the vehicle is passing a school zone or is traveling on a street on or across which children pass going to or from school, and then only when children are physically present on such street or are outside the school building in a school zone. The 20 mile speed limit is not in effect when the children are inside the school building even though school is in session."
  5. earlvillestu

    The new 2017 VNL

    What appears to be gone is the long mid-roof model, i. e. the old 730.
  6. Brand? Model number? Model year? Location?
  7. earlvillestu

    Hey Big5er!!

    Not to mention the search for the relative bearing grease.
  8. earlvillestu

    RV Peddler in Yuma, AZ. done

  9. earlvillestu

    Solar Kit

    Pricy, but 240w and 31.4" wide. http://webosolar.com/store/en/grid-tie-solar-panels/1188-panasonic-hit-240s-high-efficiency-solar-module.html?gmc_currency=2&gclid=Cj0KEQjwx96-BRDyzY3GqcqZgcgBEiQANHd-nj2GkE3V92nCYl6wVID4N1DDYYp-xKFy7MXqyjnd7dEaAnm-8P8HAQ
  10. earlvillestu

    At Sea about which RV

  11. earlvillestu

    Sold - 2013 Nexus Phantom 28P

    I think that's a very attractive price for a very attractive unit. Wish I was in a position to take advantage.
  12. earlvillestu

    Traveling I 90 W through Chicago

    There's construction on I39 between MPs 96 & 116 (just south of I88 to Rockford). Depending on time of day and traffic, backups can be up to 2 miles.
  13. earlvillestu

    Interstate 39 Alert

    There's an electronic sign message that the northbound I39 ramp at the U.S. 20 junction just south of Rockford will be closed the week of May 2. This will require northbound I39 traffic to take a detour. I'm sure there will be a detour posted, but it's not likely to be pretty.
  14. earlvillestu

    Chicago West on I-80

    http://www.illinoistollway.com/tolls-and-i-pass/toll-information/rates-by-toll-plaza You'll only hit one toll plaza - max rate $4.50, depending on what you're driving and towing and the time of day. Plaza 43 on the above link.
  15. earlvillestu

    Towing with mid-size SUV?

    To repeat one piece of advice from above, to make sure it doesn't get overlooked: make sure you check the rating of your hitch. My V8 Expedition is rated to tow over 7,000 pounds, but my hitch is only rated for 4,000.