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  1. Teri, yes there would be medical underwriting in this case unless the individual is in his/her 12 month trial period for Medicare Advantage...then he/she could go back to the Medigap plan they left or choose any one they want if they enrolled @ age 65.
  2. For anyone interested in learning more about the $0/mo Medicare Medical Savings Account plan with nationwide coverage I will be conducting a free online presentation on Tuesday Nov. 5th. Registration is required if you want to attend. This plan is an alternative option to Medicare supplement insurance. When: Nov 5, 2019 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada) Register in advance for this meeting by clicking here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
  3. The only way anyone can offer "group health insurance" under current law is if there is an employer-employee relationship. What they are offering is not a group plan at all but rather a fixed benefit indemnity plan from New Era. It's the exact same plan being offered to FMCA members. If you are interested, we have done a comparison of this plan to a similar (but far better) plan from United Healthcare here: https://www.rverinsurance.com/fmca-health-insurance-for-rvers/ Calling these plans "group health insurance" is inaccurate at best. As for "major medical" plans...There are only 2 ways to get major medical comprehensive coverage today: Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage Employer coverage However, RVer Insurance Exchange does offer a worthy nationwide PPO alternative to these 2 options. We have access to self-employed association plans which are very comparable to traditional Major Medical plans; But even these plans require an applicant to be a verifiable self-employed business owner.
  4. I just happened to receive a phone call from a regional VP at AlieraCare today. Here is what has happened in a nutshell. A "disgruntled employee" at AlieraCare left Aliera and allegedly took the member database (along with other items) and launched OneShare and undercut their pricing to attract Aliera members to move to OneShare. There is a legal battle underway right now, the details of which I am not privy to but revolve around this former Aliera employee's actions. AlieraCare has been around for 8 years and has about 200k members and OneShare has about 50k members and is obviously newer. So, it's a judgement call for you really. Both use the same PHCS nationwide network.
  5. Blues is correct. Under the new Special Enrollment Confirmation Process implemented in June 2016 you have to submit documentation to support your SEP eligibility within 30 days of submitting an application. https://www.healthcare.gov/coverage-outside-open-enrollment/confirm-special-enrollment-period/ https://www.healthsherpa.com/blog/documents-special-enrollment-period-verification-sep/ https://www.cms.gov/newsroom/fact-sheets/fact-sheet-special-enrollment-confirmation-process
  6. Respectfully, are “for profit” and helpful, useful, “solid information” mutually exclusive? Not unless you live with a ‘victim or viking’ mentality. There are people in the world who’s primary motivation is not financial profit; but because they create enough value for enough people by solving a problem that they eventually can become profitable (though not always). Ironically, you link to healthsherpa (a for-profit) and tell someone that it’s “FL ACA [also for-profit] or Christian Healthshare [which many are actually for-profit]” only. However, there are other arguably better options in FL such as Short Term Medical, non-religious Healthshare plans, and Fixed Benefit plans that might be more suitable to some RVers. We too promote using healthsherpa in our guide, regardless of the fact that we very rarely profit from enrollments through them (only when someone enrolls in BCBS of TX do we make a small 1% profit—all other companies and in all other states we financially profit nothing. In fact, for 3 years we paid a $5-$10 fee for each of these enrollments). It’s also worth noting that in health insurance the customer’s premium is the same regardless of whether or not an agent is getting paid. Most importantly, there are other forms of profit far more rewarding than financial. Many of our conversations with RVers end with us making a recommendation where we do not make a financial profit and we perfectly okay with that. “Profit” is not a bad word unless you think ‘profit’ necessarily means there is a victim at the other end of it. But that thought does not make it reality but for the thinker.
  7. RVHealth is a telemedicine plan only. A telemedicine plan (which gives you 365/24/7 access to doctors via phone/video) plans are a wise choice for RVers to have but of course can not replace health insurance.
  8. Furthermore to be clear, that info was always there on this page: http://www.rverinsurance.com/fixed-benefit-medical-for-rvers/ from day 1. I added the yellow box notice at the top to make it even more obvious but it was always in the text under the banner like I said at 4:24 Tuesday and 1:04 Wednesday. Except now it's on there twice. It's also in all materials and I point it out in every conversation. On this page http://www.rverinsurance.com/fmca-health-insurance-for-rvers/ I added it later; but when you said it wasnt there Wed it was as you can see from my 3:05 screenshot. So that's when I replied, "Come on Blues check the pages again please" because you either hadn't or your computer cached the previous version.
  9. You are mistaken Blues. I posted that yellow notice before your comment about you not seeing it there. Yes I added it after you all asked me to but before you remarked it wasnt there. Do you have a timestamps for those screenshots? Furthermore keep in mind computers cache webpages so it may not have shown on yours until hours afterwards. Please be more careful before publicly attacking someone's honesty. In this case you are wrong. The proof is right there in my 3:05 post yesterday. It was there before you said it wasnt.
  10. Come on Blues, check the pages again please. It's the same notice at the top of the page in yellow on both pages. And I do in fact include all of the details for both plans with links to the actual plan documents.
  11. I understand you don't think it's complicated but many folks do. Which is why we have a conversation before people enroll. A website or blog does not replace that conversation.
  12. right here under the quoting banner: http://www.rverinsurance.com/fixed-benefit-medical-for-rvers/
  13. What is "major medical insurance"? Ask 10 people that question and you will get 10 different answers. I can't tell you how many emails I get where folks are asking for health insurance like this: 'I don't need coverage for everything, don't want Obamacare, all I am really looking for is major medical'. Many people think 'major medical' means catastrophic coverage. I know what you mean by 'major medical' but the term has evolved over the years, specifically since the implementation of the ACA. 'Major Medical' today is generally synonymous with ACA coverage. Given that definition, I make it clear on my site that these are fixed-benefit plans and are not ACA coverage. I do actually differentiate them from 'major medical' as well on another page where I go into more detail about our fixed-benefit plan. Furthermore, these plans almost always involve a pre-enrollment conversation with us where we go over the plan details and make it very clear that these are not major medical plans. I've yet to speak with anyone about a fixed-benefit plan who is under the impression these are major medical plans.
  14. I think this topic got a little off-course from the the OP's original question. I have created a page on our site that gives all of the details of the FMCA plan and I even compare it to our new (better) fixed-benefit plan from UnitedHealthcare. click here to see the details and compare the FMCA plan vs UnitedHealthcare plan
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