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  1. Furthermore to be clear, that info was always there on this page: http://www.rverinsurance.com/fixed-benefit-medical-for-rvers/ from day 1. I added the yellow box notice at the top to make it even more obvious but it was always in the text under the banner like I said at 4:24 Tuesday and 1:04 Wednesday. Except now it's on there twice. It's also in all materials and I point it out in every conversation. On this page http://www.rverinsurance.com/fmca-health-insurance-for-rvers/ I added it later; but when you said it wasnt there Wed it was as you can see from my 3:05 screenshot. So that's when I replied, "Come on Blues check the pages again please" because you either hadn't or your computer cached the previous version.
  2. You are mistaken Blues. I posted that yellow notice before your comment about you not seeing it there. Yes I added it after you all asked me to but before you remarked it wasnt there. Do you have a timestamps for those screenshots? Furthermore keep in mind computers cache webpages so it may not have shown on yours until hours afterwards. Please be more careful before publicly attacking someone's honesty. In this case you are wrong. The proof is right there in my 3:05 post yesterday. It was there before you said it wasnt.
  3. Come on Blues, check the pages again please. It's the same notice at the top of the page in yellow on both pages. And I do in fact include all of the details for both plans with links to the actual plan documents.
  4. I understand you don't think it's complicated but many folks do. Which is why we have a conversation before people enroll. A website or blog does not replace that conversation.
  5. right here under the quoting banner: http://www.rverinsurance.com/fixed-benefit-medical-for-rvers/
  6. What is "major medical insurance"? Ask 10 people that question and you will get 10 different answers. I can't tell you how many emails I get where folks are asking for health insurance like this: 'I don't need coverage for everything, don't want Obamacare, all I am really looking for is major medical'. Many people think 'major medical' means catastrophic coverage. I know what you mean by 'major medical' but the term has evolved over the years, specifically since the implementation of the ACA. 'Major Medical' today is generally synonymous with ACA coverage. Given that definition, I make it clear on my site that these are fixed-benefit plans and are not ACA coverage. I do actually differentiate them from 'major medical' as well on another page where I go into more detail about our fixed-benefit plan. Furthermore, these plans almost always involve a pre-enrollment conversation with us where we go over the plan details and make it very clear that these are not major medical plans. I've yet to speak with anyone about a fixed-benefit plan who is under the impression these are major medical plans.
  7. I think this topic got a little off-course from the the OP's original question. I have created a page on our site that gives all of the details of the FMCA plan and I even compare it to our new (better) fixed-benefit plan from UnitedHealthcare. click here to see the details and compare the FMCA plan vs UnitedHealthcare plan
  8. You can use your Texas address...and I would suggest doing that because rates are much higher in Florida.
  9. If you have read my Medicare for RVers page then you know that I generally do not recommend Medicare Advantage plans for fulltime RVers because of the network restrictions associated with these plans. Instead I usually recommend Medicare Supplement insurance plans, also know as Medigap insurance for fulltime RVers as they provide excellent nationwide coverage with little-to-no out of pocket expenses to the insured other than your monthly plan premium. However, there is one exception to this: Medical Savings Account (MSA) plans for Medicare enrollees. Although this is a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan (Also called Medicare Part C) it does not have the same network restrictions that is typical of MA or MAPD plans. In fact, the one I am recommending allows you to see any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare. Until now these plans have not been available. Starting October 15, 2018 we will have one available for January 1 effective dates! There are NO NETWORKS to worry about with this plan so you are free to receive care wherever you want to nationwide. As long as the provider participates with Medicare then you are always considered in-network! Oh, and it will be a $0 premium plan Details here at RVer Insurance Exchange
  10. I've clarified my chart for you Zulu. Also, we know most fulltime RVers domicile in FL, TX, SD because we have spoken with/assisted thousands of them over the past 5 years. I understand that may be changing but it's a slow change so far. Blues, I don't know of any specific BCBS PPO plans that do not cover nationwide but there are many other PPO plans that don't as you know. But I also don't know of any in areas where there are a large population of RVers domiciling (although Florida Blue EPO works like a PPO out of state).
  11. Zulu, The guide referenced above was written by me and me alone. Escapees did not write it, review it, nor approve it. Nor does it have anything do with with the products Shawn was referencing through the trucker's group offered through Escapees. The chart you highlighted is one of several on our site created to help RVers in their own research. We have NEVER stated anywhere on our site that it is the end-all encyclopedia of healthcare options in all 50 states. Instead, we focus on those states where the majority of fulltime RVers reside. Florida is one of those states. Just because a plan is BCBS PPO does not mean it offers nationwide coverage. You would have to contact each and every company to ask about their policies. A near impossible task that would require someone with a lot of free time to tackle (perhaps you know someone?) and by the time it was completed would need to be redone. This guide was written primarily for the 2018 Open Enrollment season (thus the OE dates posted) but I do make changes to it as needed. I do point out clearly at the top of the page in the first chart which you did not share about the Special Election Periods (SEP). Again, it is a guide. Use it to guide your research and choose the best plan available for you. Most RVers that have used it have found it very useful for that purpose. All of us have all been doing our best over the years to keep up with the changes and to present healthcare plan options to the RV community. Obviously some plans work better than others and none should be chosen without factoring in your own needs, budget, and risk aversion. p.s. I seriously doubt Greg needed to be educated about SEP. He passed his ACA Cert test (4 times to date) which deals very heavily with SEP.
  12. Here is some clarifying information I just posted at rverinsurance.com/ppo about this new Elite Series 2 plan option we have available now. Here is how the Elite Series 2 plans work: These plans are major medical health insurance plans that are offered to members of Local 713 out of New York. When you enroll in this plan option you are joining and paying dues (they are rolled into the premium already) to Local 713 in order to have access to their health plans. Your membership in the union (which requires the primary applicant to be working 30+ hrs per week) is what allows you as an individual to enroll in their level-funded health insurance plans. Local 713 has over 18,000 of their own members enrolled in these plans. Employer’s Network Association (ENA) is the billing administrator for Local 713 as well as many different organizations including mini-med insurance companies and association plans. If you read about complaints on the internet involving ENA understand that they stem from some of those since-failed organizations and not ENA itself. All of the claims are actually handled by a Third Party Administrator (TPA) called Cook Group Solutions and not ENA. Amalgamated Underwriters is the reinsurer. This means that they are the stop-loss for the union. They share the risk with the union and financially back medical claims. Amalgamated Underwriters is A+ rated by A.M. Best. Cigna Open Access Plus (OAP) is simply the network that the Elite Series plans utilize. As long as you see providers in this network then your benefits are paid in-network (out-of-network benefits are paid at a lower level). The Cigna OAP network is nationwide and should provide RVers ample choices no matter what state you are traveling in. It’s important to understand that you are not enrolling in a Cigna health insurance plan here but are simply utilizing their network per the plan’s allowance. You do not call Cigna at any point because they do not handle the customer service for this plan—Local 713 does. The upside to this plan option is that you are able to get a Major Medical health insurance plan that is both Minimum Essential Coverage and Essential Health Benefits as required by the ACA and you have access to Cigna’s large nationwide OAP network. Since these plans are ACA-compliant you can expect that thiey will provide the same level of benefits as an On-Exchange ACA plan. The plan is stable. The collectively bargained Local 713 would have to stop offering health insurance to all of its members for this to go away so that is not likely to happen. The downsides to these plans are that they are only available if the primary member is employed/self-employed 30+ hrs per week (work from your RV? No problem!), require members to answer health questions to qualify, are Off-Exchange (so not subsidy-eligible), customer service is handled by Local 713 (and some of those employees may be less than enthused about their job), and there are a few exclusions in their Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), namely coverage for non-emergencies outside of the US and no coverage for transplants. You can see the actual SBC by clicking right here: SBC-CIGNA-3000-Plan-2017
  13. Biker56, I'd shop that Part D drug plan. I suspect you can do better. Here is a video on how you can do that yourself: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cb60IXI8q8 I'd also look to changing that AARP Plan F to a G or N...that'll save you a bundle without sacrificing much in benefits.
  14. Nina if you scroll to the bottom of the screen at the provider search link you provided you can search "Doctors & Hospitals Nationally".
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