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  1. Back on the Bayou

    After crossing into Arkansas on Hwy 93 we moved onto Pocahontas, Jonesboro and took Hwy 49 south to avoid Memphis and wound up the night at West Helena Arkansas. It was a long six hour day for us but we have been setting all summer in Missouri and wanted to find warm weather before we slowed down. Read More:
  2. Echo Bluff State Park, MO

    Echo Bluff at first site looks like a resort on the Current River near Round Springs. We have found Wi-Fi and Cell to be great. The camp sites are all concrete pads and brand new. They say there are wild horses roaming here but we have not seen them yet. It is beautiful, lots of trees around the campground, but being new: Read More
  3. Lake Ozark State Park has lots of fun people to work with and it has been a fun time to be here with them this summer. We opted to stay on an extra month here and the “Hitch Itch” is affecting both of us. Looking forward to getting on the road again. Leaves are falling and I have been bragging that I haven’t seen Snow in over four years. I hope I can still say that by the time we get out of Missouri this year. Read More:
  4. Lake of the Ozarks State Park

    Found our way to Lake of the Ozarks State Park and find it to be another nice place to host. And since this area is where we have lived for over thirty years, we have a chance to visit the old haunts. Back in the ’80s when we first came to Lake Ozarks, it was a small town with the small town atmosphere. Read More
  5. Swan Lake NWR

    We are finding out we don’t like Missouri so much in the summer. Not that its not a beautiful place but it is hotter than hell. Don’t mind a little warm weather but day after day keeps us inside and we don’t get as much activity.Read More
  6. Hueco Tanks SP

    We have not been there since last year. Your guess would be as good as mine at this point. I know they tell me this is the rainy season there in August!
  7. Hueco Tanks SP

    They have water now on the sites. I found it to be a wonderful place for an old guy to use up what energy he has left in life.
  8. Graham Cave State Park 2017

    Missouri is our home state! With a 92 year old Mother we find Missouri State Parks to be a handy stay when in Missouri. But do find they expect you to be available too many hours to be what we call a great destination.
  9. Looking for email contact with the Moosehorn NWR! Interested in a couple months there and what duties they have and amenities they offer?



    Thanks in advance

  10. Photobucket blocks all third party pictures

    IMO Photo Bucket is using the same tactic as Ransom Ware! I will personally find another way to add photos to my blog.
  11. 3 Oaks and a Pine RV park, New Orleans

    bayou signet state park
  12. Kickapoo Caverns State Park

    Anyone been to this park? Looking for some incite to what to expect here?
  13. Volunteering in ND State Parks?

    I find State Parks reluctant to sign us up a year in advance!
  14. Anyone full timing on 25000 a year?

    We call full timing in our old motorhome " The Halfway House between conventional living and the Old Folks Home" !