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  1. And I can assume E rated tires are a softer ride? This would be closer to the answer I was looking for. I want to thank all of you for your input, I have not joined the weighing of four corners club yet, but I have taken that under advisement. As for the moment I have lowered my air pressure to 70 PSI all around and ride is much better. I will have to wait to trade out my G Rated tires until there a little more used. And at that time I will be exploring the lighter weight tires. Discovering that tires gain air pressures as they get warmer has opened my eyes to my issues. Thanks again Safe Travels
  2. I have been running G rated tires that are set at 80 psi and they have been beating me to death. So I wanted to replace the front tires with something more comfortable?
  3. Im looking for a tire that can carry a 7000 pd load right? And be smooth riding also?
  4. https://i2.wp.com/homeless.byethost17.com/pics/idplate.jpg Does this offer any help to giving me suggestions?
  5. I don't want to build a clock I just want to know what time it is? Can anyone with a larger class A tell me the load rating of there tires? I have 19 " tires and a 20,500 pound rig.
  6. So with individual tire weights, I might wind up with a 2 ply tire on the right and a 4 ply tire on the left???
  7. I have a 20,000 pound 37' rig setting on an F53 Chassis ! What weight tires do I want? My question is not what brand but witch weight side wall? I am currently running 8ply side walls and its betting me to death. And can I lighten up the front tires and not the back?
  8. Anahuac, TX “Alligator Capital of Texas” 29°50’15.01″N 94°39’17.43″W Three days free with a permit. It seems to be the only spot in the park where you can park. But the permit will allows you to camp in several other parks in the area. This spot is nice other than the Hi Way noise. Noise is so high I cant tell if my generator is running. Read More:
  9. Ok here is the Skinny! I now use HDMI, computers, Roku , cell hot spot, I want to eliminate all my devises to one or maybe two so I can save power usage when on batteries. I assume I cant do more than point and click with a TV Browser but I am not sure I need anything more to watch TV. I know the TV wont have storage or maybe it well with a flash drive but was hoping someone might have experience with a small 32" smart TV. I am aware I can watch all the TV I want on my phone, but then I would have to set really close to the Wife!
  10. Van Horn, TX 31° 2’0.23″N 104°51’20.03″W Another Truck parking favorite, if you come in early go to the south most part of the lot next to the desert. By morning you may wonder how you will be able to leave. Read More:
  11. My question is with a smart tv that has a browser and a keyboard and mouse. Do I have computer capabilities?
  12. Thank you Mr. Kirk, I think you hit the nail on the head. I have set back and noticed not only some bad designing of my rig but also bad management of our "Stuff". Maybe I can effect some change with adjusting our load.
  13. Is anyone out there with experience with a smart TV with a browser and a key board?
  14. Can some one give me ideas as to what to look for on my F53 Chassis. The passenger side rear hangs down 1 or 2 inches lower than the right side. I don't see anything obvious, can it be the shocks?
  15. This morning we woke up to 5 hot air balloons flying overhead. Of course we got about a hundred pictures, don’t know why but just kept clicking. They were awesome just riding the breeze. Yesterday we went walking in a dry creek bed and found an awesome canyon area. Read More:
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