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  1. homelesshartshorns

    Wickenburg Arizona

    This morning we woke up to 5 hot air balloons flying overhead. Of course we got about a hundred pictures, don’t know why but just kept clicking. They were awesome just riding the breeze. Yesterday we went walking in a dry creek bed and found an awesome canyon area. Read More:
  2. homelesshartshorns

    Quartzite Arizona

    Well after spending the month of December looking for those warm BLM spots in Arizona, we have decided there are none to be had. We have decided to land in Quartzite Read More:
  3. homelesshartshorns

    Fort Mohave, AZ

    Woke up Christmas morning to three Burros complaining to each other out side our bed room window. We figure we had their spot or they where having a domestic dispute. Read More:
  4. homelesshartshorns

    Lake Havasu City, AZ

    The Steps State Land Trust 34°20’4.56″N 114° 8’9.93″W Simply a gravel parking lot next to Hwy 95 under power lines and appears to be a quarry. Looks like you could hike or ride up the canyon farther but we didn’t take the time. Just spent one night. Read More:
  5. homelesshartshorns

    Palm Canyon Road, AZ 95 BLM

    Found a spot quickly on Palm Canyon BLM, 33°22’33.82″N 114°11’7.35″W, Not many campers here but flat and not rough, small gravel beds to park on. Went up to the Canyon right off and walked in the half mile to experience the Palms and the Canyon. Read More:
  6. homelesshartshorns

    Arizona Hwy 95 BLM

    We started moving north. Crossed the Gila River and the Butterfield Stage Trail, and out into the Yuma Proving Grounds. Following the Castle Dome Mountains north on Hwy 95. Found the King Road BLM. 33°15’4.28″N 114°13’17.84″ Read More:
  7. homelesshartshorns

    Yuma, AZ

    Found the BLM property next to the VFW Post 8242 north of Yuma. Similar to Snyder Hill in Tucson. Just five miles to what ever you need. Just east of the campground is a gravel road that you can hike or ride bike up to the Fortuna Foothills, where we found a wonderful canyon back into the hills. Very rough but amazing for Midwesterners to see. Read More:
  8. homelesshartshorns

    Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness Area

    Winkelman is a Copper Prossing town. Lots of closed down and abandoned shops. Has a very interesting Grave Yard, very colorful and interesting, seems most of the residence are Spanish. Read More:
  9. homelesshartshorns

    E 96 Ranch Road, AZ BLM

  10. homelesshartshorns

    Road advice New Mexico

    Ok will do
  11. homelesshartshorns

    Snyder Hill BLM

  12. homelesshartshorns

    Texas Plains Trail to Tucson, AZ

  13. homelesshartshorns

    Cloudcroft, NM

    Considering traveling east to west over Cloudcroft, NM on Hwy 82! Can anyone offer any experience with the route?
  14. homelesshartshorns

    Red River Valley!

    We have chucked our plans to run OK Hwy 60 across northern Oklahoma and started south. Family meeting in McAlester, OK pulled us far enough south we are now heading for OK Hwy 70 and going to run the Red River Valley across Oklahoma and Texas. Spotted a Camal on the side of Hwy 69! Read More:
  15. homelesshartshorns


    Miami Oklahoma that is!! This year we got to see the fall colors as we left out of Missouri. Retraced our “First Year Out” back to Fort Scott, KS. Back then our first couple days on the road we stayed at a church parking lot on the south side of town. But this year it’s not Sunday and we got tired by Nevada Mo, so we stayed at the City Park. Read More: