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  1. homelesshartshorns

    Texas Plains Trail to Tucson, AZ

  2. homelesshartshorns

    Cloudcroft, NM

    Considering traveling east to west over Cloudcroft, NM on Hwy 82! Can anyone offer any experience with the route?
  3. homelesshartshorns

    Red River Valley!

    We have chucked our plans to run OK Hwy 60 across northern Oklahoma and started south. Family meeting in McAlester, OK pulled us far enough south we are now heading for OK Hwy 70 and going to run the Red River Valley across Oklahoma and Texas. Spotted a Camal on the side of Hwy 69! Read More:
  4. homelesshartshorns


    Miami Oklahoma that is!! This year we got to see the fall colors as we left out of Missouri. Retraced our “First Year Out” back to Fort Scott, KS. Back then our first couple days on the road we stayed at a church parking lot on the south side of town. But this year it’s not Sunday and we got tired by Nevada Mo, so we stayed at the City Park. Read More:
  5. homelesshartshorns

    Wisconsin Dells

    What's to see there? Where to park a rig for the day? Where to overnight park?
  6. homelesshartshorns

    Lake Pleasant Regional Park

    Have you ever hosted at this park, is the direction I was aiming.
  7. homelesshartshorns

    Lake Pleasant Regional Park

    Considering Hosting here! Looking for any incite? If you have hosted or stayed here would like to hear your comments?
  8. homelesshartshorns

    Nebraska Sandhills Journey

    From Aurora we traveled the Sandhills Journey Hwy up to Thedford, NE and headed north on the Blue Star Memorial Hwy. Found a nice Road Side Park and thought about staying the night, but with no cell service, we moved on to the Valentine’s City Park. After a night there we moved into town to the Wacky West Travel Park and spent the week end with full hook ups and waited to go to the “Bad Lands NP” during the week. Read More:
  9. homelesshartshorns

    Road advice New Mexico

    We are taking the back roads of America. I am the one present of Full Timers that travels to see America. I want thank you all for your suggestions.
  10. homelesshartshorns

    Road advice New Mexico

    So in a motor home during the months of Nov and Dec a better east west route would be HY 60 to Globe?
  11. homelesshartshorns

    Road advice New Mexico

    So it looks like 12'8 is at the low edges of the braces?
  12. homelesshartshorns

    Road advice New Mexico

    I have a 2000 Itasca, I have basement air witch gives me more clearance and I have not been worried about bridges of the 13' range. But I would have to check for sure the height. \\ Can someone give me incite as to weather on the Mountain in Nov and Dec?
  13. homelesshartshorns

    Road advice New Mexico

    I see it, wow 12'8!!! That could be a deal breaker??
  14. homelesshartshorns

    Road advice New Mexico

    We are slow people, like traveling the two lane life. What about the weather in Nov and Dec????/
  15. homelesshartshorns

    Road advice New Mexico

    Where is the bridge?