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  1. I would recommend a Rad E-bike. I would also recommend a Step Through, back in the day we called it a Girls bike. And I was reluctant at first but once I found my voice didn't change riding it! At 72 I have found it was a very good choice. Rad has a very nice site with very economical bikes of all flavors. Good look in your choice.....
  2. I sent mine back, it might give you peace of mine but so does insurance until you need it!
  3. Ok thanks for the heads up on Miami. Next is how to plan to see Key West? I would like drive out there in the rig and park for the day and drive back, but I see no good places to park for the day. Are there such day use places? I also figure I might park at one of the sites at Long Pine Key and drive the toad out there for the day... Again any suggestions are appreciated?
  4. We want to visit down town Miami! Being an avid fan of Google Earth I find that the town seems unsafe to park even my toad town and if not unsafe it will cost me a bundle to park. I am looking for anyone that has experience with the area and have some good suggestions as to were to park the rig an take the car down town or just how to explore the are on our bikes?
  5. East Bank Campground, GA. We arrived here a day before a cold front came through so we are pretty much staying around the fire. Another nice park with good facilities, great view of Lake Seminole. They encourage you not to swim here because of the Alligators. Rode our bikes around the little town of Chattahoochee. Read More:
  6. Goes out just fine but will not come in until I turn valve off at pump! Then it will not go out again until I open this valve? Assume I need a new part? Can any one offer part number or link?
  7. Park Hills and Farmington are interesting small town that where in there hay days during the Lead Mining era. There is a Lead Mines Historical Site just north of the park. Read More:
  8. How late in the year can I travel US 50 through Colorado and make it to Utah before I have to head south? I am considering a time frame of Oct through December? I know there is no way to know for sure but wonder what other late trips you have experience in the two states? My thought is to take off and once I find weather bad head south!!!
  9. Warsing Dam near Sheyenne, ND has huge grassy areas with pavilions, picnic table and fire pits. Nice fishing lake with lots of birds. Road noise on the north end but in the meadow near the beginning its very quiet. We enjoyed the White Pelicans. Read More:
  10. Lake Mitchell offers a very nice park and bike trails around the lake dirt or pavement. And there are several spots around the lake where you can park your rig for the day. Very interesting World War II Cemetery. Read More:
  11. First stop took us to the Memphis, MO reservoir campground only to find that flooding had blocked off half the park. So we moved onto Fairfield, Iowa, nice little town with a new Walmart we found comfortable and there is a fifteen mile bike trail around the town. Read More:
  12. If your looking to host some place for a month or all summer this place has it all. Full Hookups with Concrete Pad, Washing Machine, Shower, a Freezer and Wi-Fi in exchange for tending the office on week ends. And if your interested in cutting grass they have plenty of it and great equipment to do it with. If your curious call the manager Steve Watson at: Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge 16194 Swan Lake Ave. Sumner, MO 64681 Phone: 660-856-3323 E-Mail: SwanLake@fws.gov They have openings this summer starting June 1.
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