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  1. I agree the bottom right is the bomb ! We had our truck done and additional applied on the Redwood. Blends together a lot better. Good Luck with your " project" and please take the time to flood us with plenty of pictures !
  2. I'm looking to replace or trade my Onan 5k propane generator for a 7k or more diesel Could be a Kabota lowboy, as it will set on the truck bed. The current one runs great, just looking to upgrade if possible NW Ohio
  3. For the money, I'd say yes. As for us we use a weed burner with a resonator and a turn down at a 45 +. No cab noise, not loud with the windows down, and it still rumbles a little when you flip the right switch.... Win , Win !!
  4. Honestly, when ours quit I went to walmart bought the right size ( measure twice first ) and it works wonderfully off the inverter.
  5. Exactly. It was in the coach when we bought it. Iā€™m grateful for the constant power when needed.
  6. We have an Onan Propane 5500 for the Redwood. It runs well and does what it's asked, but kinda has a drinking problem. I make sure we are full when we leave. I don't want to wreck the train, but I'd sure like to find a 7500 or + diesel for the bed of the hauler to marriage to the rig
  7. NTPA Announcer

    Front Spoiler

    Al, Did you get a hold of JR. at Stoepfel Repair @ 419-467-3320 / 4198756532 ? That's where I got mine . Give them a call. open Monday thru Friday 8-5
  8. Nick Stamm, from Stryker , Ohio builds the "Frankenstamm " turbos for just about everything that rolls If you Call him, tell him I said Hi This is Not an endorsement of any kind , simply a suggestion. Nick's Diesel & Repair Phone: (419) 572-0674 Address: 22931 Co Rd E-50, Stryker, OH 43557
  9. Al, Unplug it, Move the passengers seat all the way back, and hand it to a friend on the ground out the passengers door, Take the dimensions and go to Walmart ( or wherever ) to get one. I in addition built a wooden framework for it to ride on and get a little more air under it. I plugged the new one into our converter and WALA ! cold Gator aid ! It was a whole lot cheaper ( Less than 200.00 ) and less time involved , and this works just fine. Even Miss Judy's Happy !!
  10. NTPA Announcer

    New to the fold!

    Paul, I'll make sure to bring my " SA " hat. I wear it all the time in the summer..But if it doesn't warm up ( 43* right now here in NW Ohio ) , I'm bringin my rabbit hat !!! jealousy will get you nowhere šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š See you soon bud !
  11. MDT travelers, If you are looking for a nice truck, this is a great one. The guys at NTPA have had this truck taken care of as needed. One thing that cannot happen with this crew is a breakdown. I wouldn't be afraid to take it cross country at any time.
  12. NTPA Announcer

    New to the fold!

    Good Morning Ron and Julie, As Al said, Welcome to the dark side ! We dont have to wear "Darth Vader " hats or have a secret handshake , but if you like the great conversation, dumb questions, laughing at ourselves, and love to eat.... well then you're in the right spot. Hopefully we will see you at the East Coast Rally ( ECR )April 28th - May 5th. We are in site 309 so if you are going please feel free to stop and introduce yourselves. Safe Travels!
  13. Gir R Dun !! Al I think our ECR Light up the night is growing for 2019. It seems there's a lot more interest. I'm just kinda afraid of what David Dixon and Milo have cooked up..... I'm coming in Sunday and have to leave on Saturday this year due to covering events. I'd always love to come in a week early and stay a few days after , but that's for next year. See everyone soon as I'm really looking forward to this !!
  14. OH OH.....Al's going back to the 70's .....All I can see is 47 disco balls in and around the entire rig. Dang it , I got to go.... I need MORE CHICKEN LIGHTS !!!
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