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  1. Faded Decal remeadies

    My truck is metallic blue. Used metallic blue, light blue and metallic silver. Probably would have looked fine with just the blues.
  2. Faded Decal remeadies

    I used a cheap spray gun from HF. Sanded lightly after it was masked and sprayed an epoxy primer. Then a couple of coats of automotive paint (one color matched to the HDT) and finally a clear coat over all of the paint. Masking and removing the decals took some time but the actual painting just took a couple of hours. I have seen a quick job with rattle cans and it turned out surpisingly well. Certainly an improvement over cracked and faded decals.
  3. Faded Decal remeadies

    I just tarped my garage and opened the doors. The small areas needing paint make it a little more forgiving.
  4. Faded Decal remeadies

    I removed the faded and cracked decals from our Teton and painted new ones on. I used off times one winter removing the decals with a cheap decal remover from Harbor Freight. Found it on sale for about $10. Actually used 2 of them. These are cheap but worked pretty well. The razor blade will dig into the fiberglass if you are not careful. Lacquer thinner seemed to work the best to remove the residue left behind. I used the shadows from the old decals to mask for the new paint. I am happy with it and it wasn't expensive doing myself but a friend had new decals put over the old ones. That looked pretty good to. He found a sign company that cut new decals and placed these over the existing ones. I don't remember the cost but I remember at the time it seemed reasonable.
  5. RV heating concept

    Although it is inefficient, I put in an electric 240 volt base board heater behind our recliners to quietly take the chill off. It has a wall thermostat and it works pretty well. It has an off switch for those times we don't have 240 volts.
  6. Leave double or single

  7. Leave double or single

    Sent an email. Let me know if you got it.
  8. Leave double or single

    I just changed phones and do not have a pic. I can try to take a pic tomorrow but the car and RZR are not loaded. I don't know how to post pictures (tech novice) so maybe someone can help with that.
  9. Leave double or single

    In Colorado we can be recreational without adding the MH requirements. As I posted we are tandem to carry a car but we have a small, 42" sleeper. The length of the truck is less than 30'. It would be difficult to add MH requirements in a small sleeper. We also carry the nose of the car over the short sleeper to further reduce length. We have substantial storage due to the longer bed. We have 5 large toolboxes, a 100 gallon fresh water tank and a 100 gallon waste tank. We also carry 6 -5 gallon fuel cans, spare 40lb propane and a RZR under the car.
  10. Do you see anything wrong in these pictures

    Big5er. My truck is registered as a recreational truck. In Colorado you can just declare use and register it as recreational. A MH registration is also possible, with the required items but it costs the same. Neither require more than a regular drivers license. I am looking forward to your opinion.
  11. Leave double or single

    Our HDT IS still tandem and has been that way for over 10 years. Singling is not required in most places but since each state is different your home state rules prevail. We carry a car and some other things so we require both axles. For a time we also occasionally used the commercial hitch, which is legal here.
  12. Do you see anything wrong in these pictures

    I agree with you. I believe it is completely legal but convincing a DOT officer could be a challenge. An out of state ticket can be a hassle if not expensive and if they put me out of service that might be worse.
  13. Do you see anything wrong in these pictures

    I sometimes use my HDT to haul my backhoe for my personal use. I do not contract or do anything commercial with it. It is used on my property only. Lately I have been thinking about getting a little bit newer backhoe but it seems that many of the ones that I like are out of state. So far I have been reluctant to cross state lines pulling a small flatbed trailer. I wonder if one could drive across state lines and reasonably expect to go without a ticket or be put out of service? When we are RVing it is reasonable to assume we are not commercial but a flatbed and a backhoe might be pushing it to far.
  14. Axles that shift to one side?

    As Orvil said "run". The axles are typically held in place with U bolts but there are centering pins to hold the placement. Something is out of alignment and likely bent or built improperly. Either way there may be multiple problems not easily identified. Spring shackles can wear out and cause some problems but your description seems to indicate a more serious problem. In any case I would keep looking.
  15. California CDL

    About 15 years ago when I first decided I wanted a HDT I called the Colorado State Patrol to ask if I needed a CDL. We are Colorado residents. The first officer I talked with added another more experienced officer. I pointed out the truck was to be registered as a recreational vehicle and not used commercially. These guys discussed it and added a 3rd to the conversation. They finally agreed a CDL was definitely required and they would issue a ticket if I didn't have one. I then asked which class CDL is required. They said to ask the drivers license bureau. The drivers license people thought I needed a class B CDL. I learned quickly that the average officer is not the best place to seek advice. Colorado does not require a license upgrade to drive a recreational vehicle.