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  1. Randyretired

    Rear air springs(bags)

    It has been awhile but the local Volvo dealer had the best price I could find. The air bags they had were not OEM.
  2. Randyretired

    South Carolina State Transport Police encounter

    A couple of years ago when I contacted the driver license bureau I was told a K restriction still requires a medical unless the State Patrol issues a variance. They said the State Patrol would not so I relinquished my CDL.
  3. Randyretired

    South Carolina State Transport Police encounter

    Colorado requires a medical, no exceptions. Without the medical they said all of my driving privileges would be denied.
  4. Randyretired

    Teton Landing Gear Inquiry

    X2 Factory electric on our Teton
  5. Randyretired

    Over the Hump to Tecopa Part 2

    There are times a CDL will make things easier. I have had LEO's tell me that if I didn't have a CDL they would write me up and let the judge decide. If it looks like a duck and...For this reason I was going to keep my CDL but the hassles of a CDL finally convinced me to give in. DOT officers know but others may not. Printing on the Colorado drivers licenses says a vehicle with a GVWR less than 26,001 pounds.... No other noncommercial license is available. Buried in the regulations is the RV exemptions. Trying to explain the specific language printed right on the license is difficult to say the least. There are times CDL can be helpful and maybe times not. I certainly wouldn't say it is wrong to have a CDL.
  6. Randyretired


    A friend who was a retired swat commander recommended a cane as it can easily be used like a baton. Depending on where I am I sometimes use a cane. However, I spend a lot of time in the back country and I often carry a gun. This friend told of an encounter of a man recklessly driving an ATV on his property. When he approached the guy he started to jump off his ATV as if he wanted to escalate the encounter. My friend suddenly pulled the cane back and told the ATV rider he would break both of his arms which were tightly holding the the handle bars. The ATV rider must have reconsidered as he left. I am pretty sure my friend was carrying as he usually did but he told me he only draws if he intends to shoot.
  7. Randyretired

    5th wheel hitch vs gooseneck

    A gooseneck hitch allows side to side movement that some 5th wheel hitches do not. I have a couple of gooseneck trailers that I changed the neck to a 5th wheel pin so these can be pulled with my HDT. My PU has a gooseneck so I end up changing back and forth occasionally. The hitch on the HDT has side to side movement and the hitch type doesn't seem to make any difference whether it is a gooseneck or 5th wheel for driving. If the arm length of a gooseneck adapter setup doesn't lengthen causing increased leverage I don't think it matters but if that leverage is increased beyond what the trailer is designed for that could be a problem. I understand the desire for an open bed and a number of years ago I converted our 5th wheel to a gooseneck and put a lot of miles on it including a trip to Alaska. For what it is worth we never had a problem.
  8. Randyretired

    Frame Rail Extension Price

    As I said the weight added in front of the rear axles can offset the weight added behind the axles. Our setups to often leave the rear axles without enough weight. I am a firm believer in adding weight to the rear axle as long as it doesn't overly lighten the steer axle. From your numbers you should be fine from a weight point of view. Our numbers are much more aggressive than yours and it has proven to be fine. In fact it has been very beneficial as the added weight on the rear axles provides the traction we need in rough areas. One thing to watch is to keep the height of the overhang such that it isn't dragging on uneven surfaces. We go offroad at times and that was important to us. Also the front jacks on our 5er need to be all the way up as the overhang will accentuate the movement when crossing uneven ground. Finally keep an eye on the swing out of the rear overhang in tight quarters. Backing will be incredibly responsive and the 5er will track close to the HDT on turns. We have enjoyed our setup for years and I expect you will enjoy your new rig. Good luck and happy travels.
  9. Randyretired

    Permanent RVing in Washington State

    Used mobile homes are cheap and many put these on acreage until they can afford to build. Some just keep the mobiles. Something you might think about sometime in the future. Many more areas accept mobiles than RV's but there are requirements that need to be researched. Good luck.
  10. Randyretired

    Permanent RVing in Washington State

    Sorry to point out the problems but better to hear about them now. In a few years the plans that you have may be easier to do and I think there are some positive things about your plans. Our building on acreage has been positive not only financially but a great place to live. Our next adventure if we continue on is a home in the mountains on 140 acres adjoining public land. We already own it. One problem we have is we know how much is involved and we are not sure our energy at this age will meet the effort required. It would be a great place for us but...
  11. Randyretired

    Permanent RVing in Washington State

    The travel trailer you mentioned is probably one of the better insulated units available but RV insulation doesn't begin to measure up to home insulation. Saving money is something that I understand and the draw to RV's is a thought that comes to some. My Grandson is in the military and we had a like conversation. He is stationed in California where the weather is warmer so the cold was not as big of a problem as the heat. However both are a problem for RV's. These units aren't built for it. While staying in a RV for a short vacation a little cold or heat is easily tolerated but it can get pretty old and expensive after awhile in cold or very hot climates. The insulation in a RV doesn't compare to a house. Many RV's have wall insulation of R1 to R8 whereas a house or most mobile homes built today are R19 or more. The roof and floor numbers are similarly less in a RV. Double pane windows and 87% or more efficient furnaces are pretty standard in a home but not RV's. The furnace in most RV's are not very good and are maybe 50% efficient. Condensation on single pane windows and walls is also a problem. We stayed in our RV's while building 2 homes on acreage and we are considering doing it again. Many areas have very strict rules regarding this. The last home we built a few years ago would only allow it for 6 months. We were far enough out on 35 acres we kinda just did it for the 2 years it took us to build it. We were not challenged but in a more populated area I doubt it would have worked. In the county we live in now they will not even issue a permit to plug in a RV and staying in an RV even up in the mountains of Colorado in this county is limited to 2 weeks. I don't like it and we have cheated some but if caught we have options. There are some counties here in Colorado that allow it but not many and the closer to a big city one gets the less likely it is allowed.
  12. Randyretired

    Permanent RVing in Washington State

    Finding a travel trailer that is sufficiently insulated to comfortably stand the cold will be a challenge. A decent mobile home will be less expensive to heat a likely more comfortable. There are more choices for better insulated 5th wheels but none that I know of have the insulation of a home or mobile home. The furnaces in RV's are not very good and terribly inefficient. Many use electric heaters but these are not cheap to run and the lack of insulation makes it worse. Drafts in RV's are common and moisture buildup is usually troublesome. Often times due to problems during cold weather an apartment or rental doesn't cost anymore than a RV and is significantly more comfortable.
  13. Randyretired

    Electric Baseboard in our 5th wheel

    We have 50 amp connections and I wired a 6' baseboard heater to take the chill off next to our chairs. It works okay but it is not very efficient. It ups the electric bill noticeably. This one is a 240 volt model.
  14. Randyretired

    T-mobile or Sprint cell/data services?

    I don't think they have merged yet. I think there are still some regulatory hurdles to cross but many believe it will happen in 2019. Maybe even early 2019.
  15. Randyretired

    Frame Rail Extension Price

    A pin weight of 1400 pounds is not much. I don't think this will unload the front axle much. How much weight will be carried on the bed ahead of the rear axles and even how much the bed ahead of the rear axles weighs can negate the unloading. Staying tandem will definitely help with the stability. Our pin is nearly 9' from the center of the tandem axles after adding 5' of frame and the pin is around 6,000 pounds but the bed is heavy and the toolboxes are heavy and when the RZR is loaded behind the cab the unloading seems minimal. Then add the car. We have driven this rig for 12 years through some really rough and sometimes muddy terrain and never has the HDT been unstable. Your distance is long but 1400 pounds is not very heavy and the additional load carried in front of the rear axles can negate much of that.