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  1. My removable panels are held on with 1/4" 20 bolts. The nuts are welded on underneath. These are just part of the bed and do not have anything tied to them. One of the panels is fairly big and somewhat heavy so I drilled 2 holes and welded nuts so I can bolt on a handle to pick it up with. I have removed these panels to work on a some things and I am sure glad they are there. These are quiet.
  2. The Outback we have has a fan and some complaints can be found on the internet. I put ours in the front storage compartment and the only time I hear it is when I am retrieving things from that cabinet. It is a not an issue for us but our system is only 1260 watts. We have been boondocking most of the summer in the mountains of Colorado. Rarely do we need air conditioning so our generator usage is minimal. Maybe a few minutes up to an hour a week.
  3. I was in a similar situation when I upgraded my solar a few months ago. I found an Outback controller for $300 less than Victron. I went with the Outback and I am happy with it. Many recommended the Victron and it has some nice features but not worth the extra $$ for me.
  4. It is amazing how many will never cross a yellow line even if someone is walking or riding a bike along the edge of a road. One of the places I walk along to get to open land has a solid yellow line and no sidewalk. Some people would rather run you over than cross the yellow line, even when there is no other traffic. I kinda wish the handbook would use words other than never.
  5. I hate to say HF tools are good tools as some of their stuff is cheap, but a hammer is a hammer. Most of their hand tools are actually pretty good. I even put my Craftsman ratchets away in favor of HF ratchets and sockets. I have a lot of their tools and most are just fine for a DIY guy like me. HF is also starting to carry some better quality tools at a higher price.
  6. These were the OEM tires on the Alpenlite 5er. Despite my Goodyear problems, I have had much better luck with LT tires. To add to the story the local dealer that repaired the damage said they had a high number of these 5ers with identical damage, caused by Goodyear tires. I usually use XPS Ribs now (an LT Tire) and have never had a failure but the price has me looking.
  7. Some years back our 5er blew all 4 Goodyear Wrangler tires on one trip. The tires caused significant damage to the 5er. These tires were 2 years old. I check the tire pressure every morning before heading out and we weighed the trailer immediately. The 4, E rated LT tires were supporting about 9700 pounds. Well below the capacity. We took the tires to Discount Tire and they told us there were problems with these Good Year tires and our experience was not out of the ordinary. The tires were sent back to Good Year and they paid for new tires and the trailer damage. I appreciate that they took care of us but Good Year put us in danger. I don't buy Good Year tires!
  8. It has been a few years since we traveled to Alaska and the suggestions given here worked well for us. However, the best information we received came from other campers. Each time we came to a new place we would talk with fellow campers and share experiences. It completely changed our itinerary. As others talked about their experiences it wasn't difficult to find things we wanted to do. I think we were also able to help others with what we had done. We struck up a conversation with the people next to us one evening and they said their trip was kinda boring. We began talking about things we had done and suggestions from others. The next morning they packed and headed out. They originally planned to stay the week but the things we talked about changed their minds. Alaska is an exciting experience for most everyone and getting people talking about what they had seen and done was easy. Listening to others and having a flexible schedule made our trip!
  9. We like to get away from the hustle and bustle. We prefer dispersed camping in the National Forest or our summer property. Currently we are at our summer property which is 140 acres surrounded by large ranches and BLM. If you don't like solitude this isn't for you.
  10. Glad I was able to say something that led YOU to figure it out. Great analytical work runaway parents. Happy travels.
  11. When the batteries get low many Volvos systematically remove power from some things. Usually these restore when the batteries are charged. If the batteries are charged there might be a problem with that circuit not allowing it to restore power.
  12. For the roof eternabond tape and for the fiberglass either little bondo or gel coat. When I put a new ladder on our Teton I went to a fiberglass repair shop and had them mix a little jar of gel coat to match the color. Filled the old holes then sanded it down even and buffed it out. Bondo and a some touch up paint might also work.
  13. California has some history enforcing length laws and recently significantly raised violation fines. If one were to be cited I'm pretty sure $100 wouldn't begin to cover it. Over length and over weight fines can be very expensive. Arizona on the other hand must not prioritize over length as I see many long setups. There are more than one of us posting here that are over length or over width at times so I guess it is not a priority in a lot of states. If one were to be involved in an accident priorities might change.
  14. If the soil is soft and if drainage is a problem it would be wise to build a base before you pour. As Kirk said if gravel roads in your area fail then road base may not be enough but if you think it might work, road base makes a good base. If it isn't enough then pour concrete over it. In our area we can buy road base with 3/4" rock, 1 1/2" rock or 3" rock. I have used the 3" to firm up soft areas but it usually needs some smaller road base over it as it is rough. I think it would be wise to talk with some contractors in your area to see what they suggest. Someone who knows what is available and has experience in your area. Pouring concrete onto soft poorly drained soil can lead to a number of problems.
  15. I am not on Facebook or any other internet sites but when I read that you need a wheelbase of 265" I know that isn't right. We have a wheelbase of about 200". While CAD and other programs are nice, simple math is all that is required. It is a simple fulcrum.
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