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  1. How long is too long?

    Most of the trail heads have posts or boulders set at 51" or 52". You are right only the small 50" RZR's and ATV's will fit. In Routt National Forest there are a few 62" trails. There are also wider Jeep type trails but wider than 50" cuts out hundreds of miles of trails. These trails were built by the ATV clubs in cooperation with the Forest Service. It would seem a little wider would not hurt anything and allow the wider UTV's.
  2. How long is too long?

    Colorado has numerous trails for 50 inch or less wide vehicles. In fact there are hundreds of miles of these trails, most in the National Forests. Other than a motorcycle I don't know of any street legal vehicles that are that narrow.
  3. How long is too long?

    Without severely limiting where one travels using a RZR or other types of off road vehicles for everyday travel will run afoul of the law. I live in a county in Colorado that allows ATV's and side x sides but only on county roads. They said state law rules on state roads. Just trying to figure where our RZR is allowed is difficult at best. From our home it is impossible to travel legally to retail stores on our RZR. Many areas of the state do not allow our RZR at all and I don't know of any that allow travel on state roads which provide the best or often only access across the state. I would like to see this changed but so far it hasn't caught on with the powers to be.
  4. Blood testing, PT/INR

    We have used Quest and will again.
  5. Truck frame extention pics

    My truck is tandem and the hitch is 9' from the center of the 2 axles. We built this setup many years ago. It drives fine and stable and I love the weight on the rear axles. With the air lockers it has gotten us out of some serious places, where friends needed a 4x4. I don't think this type of setup would work as well singled. The pin weight is about 4,500.
  6. Bobtail mileage

    BT 12 Towing 7.5 - 8 ISX
  7. Semi / snow - Bob tail

    Without some weight on the rear tires it will be more of a challenge but if you keep the speed in check in wet or icy conditions it is certainly possible. My biggest concern would be mountain passes. Chains may be necessary! What route are you planning?
  8. "Tiny House" vs. Fiver?

    In Colorado and a few more places a properly licensed and outfitted trailer is all that is necessary. While it may be overloaded that is seldom checked. We see trailers here in the fruit growing area with tires nearly flat and distorted due to overloading nearly every day.
  9. Roof Ladder Bike Racks

    The back of many RV's bounce and move a lot. My son purchased a hitch mount bike rack rated for 3 or 4 bikes. They put 2 bikes on and 300 miles later it is lucky they checked. The rack nearly fell apart. Buy a good quality rack and check it. I replaced the ladder on our RV and added extra braces but I wouldn't trust it to carry a bike. JMO
  10. We had an aluminum sided houseboat and we used the windows from Home Depot. We ordered these with tempered glass. These windows were great but required some special nonstandard trim to finish the inside. The narrow walls were somewhat of a challenge. On the outside these windows required different trim than standard RV type windows. We just used stainless screws through the flange and mounted the windows on the outside of the siding and sealed it. The Home Depot, house type windows were significantly cheaper than RV type windows and probably better than aluminum RV windows but these have some challenges. Compared to most RV type windows the house style windows were easier to operate and if the dual pane glass fails much cheaper to replace.
  11. "Tiny House" vs. Fiver?

    I was talking with someone the other day that said they were considering a tiny house. I told them we have one and it even has slide outs to make it slightly bigger. We stay in our tiny house for several months every year. Then I said it is a RV. That's not a tiny house she said. So I asked what is the difference. After a little discussion she agreed a RV is a tiny house. I think she actually didn't agree but couldn't think of reasons other than RV's are not the new in thing.
  12. Pulling single bottom dump trailer with HDT/MH

    To further avoid confusion I also get a receipt made out to me for goods I buy and carry behind my HDT.
  13. Pulling single bottom dump trailer with HDT/MH

    That is a good point. It was my trailer. To avoid confusion I only tow my own trailers but I wonder if a personally rented trailer for my use would pass?
  14. Water Pump runs but doesn't pump water

    The pump on our Teton needs water in the pump before it will start. I have to open the winterizing hose and fill it with water before it will work. It is a well used Shurflow but it has been this way for years.
  15. Pulling single bottom dump trailer with HDT/MH

    I can't speak for your state but in Colorado it is legal. I just brought my backhoe home from our mountain property today. I have been through the weigh station while hauling my hay. As long as it is mine, for my use it is acceptable. My insurance covers noncommercial use.