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  1. We are usually on private land but we leave the grey water open except a couple of times a month I will close it for a couple of days to help keep the tank bottom washed. Where we are at now it is very dry and private land so we just let the grey go onto the ground.
  2. In the small town near where we are few if any are wearing masks. In fact they look at you with suspicion if you are wearing a mask. When I last visited Walmart in Grand Junction, CO most were not wearing masks outside of the employees. There are only a few cases here and 0 deaths but it IS here and it may become a problem.
  3. Since low risk doesn't mean no risk we have decided to obstain from all but the most necessary activities.
  4. I was able to mount the inside support on the face of the cabinets but the screw holes are under where the doors would be if I put them back on. If I removed the unit I would only have to cover the new screw holes for the hinges on the doors I moved. I can still access the cabinet through these doors and by reaching around behind the unit for the center portion. The indoor unit covers the holes where the 2 doors were and the remaining doors cover right up to the unit so it looks pretty good. There is only about 4" between the unit and the ceiling which is less than recommended but it seems to work just fine. Since the cabinets are open behind the unit it may provide a little more breathing room. We use the ceiling fan to assist moving the cooled air when needed. When the sun goes down at this altitude the air cools quickly. It drops about 25 to 30F in about 45 minutes. This let's us shut off the AC and save the batteries whenever the sun goes down so we can watch TV and whatever. It also leaves enough battery to power some heat in the cool morning's. We don't have near the battery power you have but we get by.
  5. I mounted our interior unit on the face of the cabinets across the rear near the ceiling. I removed the 2 center cabinet doors and moved the 2 other doors as far as possible to gain room. The inside unit just fits between the remaining doors. We didn't use these cabinets much. I drilled through the rear cap and ran the line up through the shelf under the rear window. Up the wall and into the cabinet. The unit came with 15" of line which is way more than needed. I looped the excess line around in the cabinet. This puts the inside unit right above our heads as we have 2 recliners across the rear. Still can't hear it run.
  6. We wanted to be able to run AC using solar as we don't have power at our mountain property yet. We have a residential refrigerator and 2,000 watts of solar. Yesterday the afternoon high was 91 and one 12,000 btu mini split easily kept us at 74 our desired setting. All on solar. Our 12,000 btu mini split performs much better than the 15,000 btu RV AC. One RV AC would not keep up with these temps and would require using both. The mini split uses about 400 watts. Here when the sun goes down it cools quickly so we use the mini split to heat a little in the early morning. Mini splits use an inside unit and an outside unit and require copper lines and wires between these units. The outside unit is to big to mount on the roof so we built a support to mount it on the back. I drilled a 2.5" hole to run the lines, wires and drain into the Teton. The installation is not typical and not something the average RV tech is familiar with. It would seem to be more of a DIY task. For us it is worth it but maybe not for many.
  7. That is true Glenn! When I move more than a few feet away from the inside unit I can't tell if it is on it is so quiet. Thanks for your advice as you and others convinced me to install this mini split. The heating function also works well.
  8. I just installed a mini split on our Teton. We are in the Colorado high country but only about 7200'. In this heat spell the afternoon temps are in the middle to upper 80's. We are boondocking. The 12000 btu mini split easily keeps us cool and 2000 watts of solar means the batteries are never challenged. Of course the high country cools off quickly when the sun goes down so we can shut off the AC. Still I am impressed with this mini split and it is very quiet.
  9. There are inexpensive masks that are proven to protect the person wearing it. N95. The masks Kirk and docj are talking about are certainly better maybe much better than some masks but here finding people wearing any masks is rare. Essential workers are confronted with people without masks sometimes frequently. Wouldn't you think that we would prioritize these proven N95 masks? Months after this virus appeared some healthcare workers still struggle to get them. We have shut down the economy and watched trillions of dollars evaporate and people sick and dying and yet we can't get a simple $2 mask proven to help? I will get off my soapbox now.
  10. As some have said makeshift cloth masks still allow infected droplets to fly several feet. A recent study indicated " typical cloth masks" should not be trusted at distances of 4' or less. Essential workers are dying and politicians tell us if EVERYONE wears a makeshift cloth mask it might make things safer. All the while we know that N95 masks WOULD be safer. And yet even months after this virus started we can't get a $2 paper mask and little is being done to correct this. In the rural county we live in only a few are infected by the virus from China so masks are not common. While only a few are infected it is still here and spreading. We just returned from picking up groceries from Walmart and while there were numbers of people coming and going the ONLY masks I saw were on Walmart employees. I would like to protect myself and an N95 mask and maybe a face shield would go a long way towards that goal. All of our children are declared essential and they too can't get N95 masks. You may be okay with this but I know there is a better, safer and affordable way. We just need to do it.
  11. It is outrageous that is has been months since this virus started and still even health care workers and first responders can't get these masks. There are a lot of people that would benefit from these. I don't think $2 is expensive and until this virus that is what these were going for. Instead of making a big fuss over some people not wearing masks those of us that wanted to could do a better job of protecting ourselves and family. N95 masks and face shields would go a long way towards protecting those at risk. The excuse that we need to save those for first responders and so forth was very reasonable at first but here we are months later and those that need masks still are having trouble. So today we just use an old shirt or an old scarf and call it good? Have these been fitted and people taught to wear them?
  12. We also have a couple of N95 masks that we wear when we go out, which is rare. Why there doesn't appear to be an all out effort to make these generally available is something I don't understand. Instead they want us to wear masks of unknown and unproven design. My dad taught me years ago that if something is worth doing then do it right. N95 masks were readily available before this for less than $2.00. If these were available today without causing shortages for critical operations I for one would buy many. The filtering capability of these masks is far superior for both the one wearing the mask and others. For a couple of bucks why not have the best?
  13. After thinking about the heat pump dryer if it is only 800 watts that would seem to be very efficient. If it has a hspf figure in the specs we could verify how efficient it is. Still 30 amps 240 doesn't fit at all.
  14. I am not sure but the 30 amp 240 Glenn is looking at seems to be for a heat pump dryer. I don't have the specs here now but the mini splits need about 10 amps or less for the size like Glenn's. I don't know how the dryers are setup but I don't think those are split like a mini split and I doubt those are variable speed. The 30 amp 240 is standard for regular dryers and it doesn't make sense at all for 800 watts. Even at a surge of 2, 3 or even 4 times it wouldn't need that. Something is amiss here.
  15. The mini splits use an inverter system and start very slow and soft. Then ramp up slowly to what is needed. Unlike other heat pumps these vary the compressor and fans as needed. Virtually no surge current at start. The start up current is less than full cooling.
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