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  1. Thank you for the information.


  2. If you google how to cook with a microwave convection oven there is information available. Google has information on RV ovens also.
  3. Some people need ongoing medical treatment and have a need to see doctors regularly. We are not full timers but we are some of those people. We move between 3 areas and have doctors in each area. When my DW needed medical care and a hospital stay she chose to use the Mayo Clinic. That is in an area we seldom visited. We have seen Bill's for our medical needs in places outside of our where our domicile is greater than in. We have chosen not to quit RVing but to find ways to continue.
  4. A 10,000 pound winch will easily require 5,000 t0 6,000 watts or more.
  5. The generator should be able to run the AC along with lights, water pump and maybe a TV but not much more. The refrigerator and water heater will likely need to be on propane and it may be necessary to shut off the AC to run things like the microwave. 1 AC will likely struggle to cool the RV in the desert heat during the summer but if you go up in elevation it may meet your needs.
  6. I have 2 gooseneck equipment trailers and a gooseneck dump trailer. Each has a removable hitch that slides up a tube. I insert a 5th wheel pin when pulling with a 5th wheel hitch and easily change back to a gooseneck when needed. When I purchased these trailers I made sure these could be changed to 5th wheel pins with only minor or no modification. On the HDT I had some years ago I built up a flat area behind the 5th wheel hitch and installed a gooseneck ball. I prefer the air ride hitch so the gooseneck wasn't part of this build.
  7. I found that some on the internet recommend a winch rated at a minimum of 1.5 times GVW. Finding wire big enough to run that will be a challenge and finding batteries capable of supplying that kind of power will also be a challenge. A few years ago I was asked if I could use our HDT to pull out a MH that was stuck. We eventually got him out but not without a lot of digging. Moving a stuck vehicle takes aot of power. We also boon dock a lot and our HDT is equipped with lockers on both rear axles but if weather strikes we prefer to wait it out if we can. We have a side x side UTV to go into the more remote areas. It has a winch.
  8. We are on Medicare and our plan doesn't require a referral but many specialists won't see you without a referral. Even with a referral it takes time to get an appointment. We are not fulltime but we have had to stay at home or in other areas due to the wait. Then if you need to address a problem we have had to stay for an extended time to deal with it.
  9. The electric wire necessary to run a large winch is substantial. The longer the wire the larger the wire needs to be. I had considered a receiver hitch front and rear with a winch setup to plug into the receiver. The electrical wire needed to the back of the truck was pretty big as I remember. 12,000 to 15,000 winches are readily available but for a MH I think bigger would be required. I had a 12,000 lb winch on a pickup with a small camper and at least once it didn't have enough to get us out without a lot of digging. Another time we didn't have anything to tie the winch to. After that I decided it was safer to not rely on the winch. The fact it was there made me to brave.
  10. Putting 4000 watts on the roof is going to cover nearly everything. There are some 400 watt panels that are about the same size as 330 watt panels but still that many panels will cover the vents and most anything else on the roof. Not much room for anymore up there.
  11. Glenn, Just a quick glance it seems 4,000 watts will generate less than 100 amps at 48 volts. I did it my head so check it. 4000 watts divided by 48 volts. One 100 amp will easily handle all the panels can generate.
  12. Before I had Medicare I had an employer based plan from UHC based in Colorado. I routinely saw doctors in AZ and CA. UHC always paid and never questioned it. Frequent travel is not just an RV thing. There are a number of people who frequently travel. It seems like a person could explain they travel a lot and ask will the insurance pay in states beyond where the plan is based. A direct answer from the insurance provider would be more reliable than a forum discussion based on?
  13. Many thanks Glenn! As far as looks, anything that is different turns some people off. I think it looks fine. The RV AC is so noisy and inefficient I can't wait to not have to use it.
  14. Thanks again Glenn. What is the seer rating of the units and how far back from the rear of your 5er is the unit mounted?
  15. Thanks Glenn. I have been leaning towards the Pioneer 12k and I think you convinced me. I put a hitch on our Teton and planned on tapping off of that. I have gauges and a pump from fixing auto AC's so it should be fairly straight forward. How much power do the units draw on average?
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