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  1. Randyretired

    Got a favorite photograph?

    If I understand correctly you feel an RV club whose primary goal is RV's should be primarily interested in artistic expression. I would rather just see fun RV pics and I don't care how it is done.
  2. Randyretired

    Got a favorite photograph?

    I guess I didn't Express myself clearly enough. It seems that the technical expertise needed to produce a product is just that and for the majority of us we don't care. We care about the end product. When I go to a restaurant I don't judge the food by the type of stove or utensils used. I may be going out on a limb here but since this is an RV club the winning picture will have an RV theme. The method used to obtain that pic (even a cell phone) will not carry the day. And I agree with that.
  3. Randyretired

    Got a favorite photograph?

    I think there are more ways to appreciate art than just technical correctness. I am not a photographer, but I like some photographs more than others. Maybe it is the story it tells or it reminds me of a past experience. To suggest art can only be judged by trained people just doesn't seem right. I am not up on the latest gadgets but I still bought a phone because I liked it. I am not an expert on women but when my dear wife agreed to marry me I jumped at the chance.
  4. I built my 3rd airbag by cutting a flat plate that covered the bottom of the airbag. Then I added supports to angle it approximately the same as the top plate. It has been this way for a number of years and hasn't blown up yet.
  5. Randyretired

    Facebook man pulled and fined for length

    As Moresmoke indicated oversize permits are very specific to area and even certain roads in an area. A state permit is often only good for state roads but a separate permit is necessary for local county roads and yet another permit is required for city roads. Just figuring which permits are required is difficult. Some cities have state, county and city roads within their boundries and each may require a permit.
  6. Randyretired

    generator in truck bed

    Harbor Freight advertises generators that are about as quiet as the Hondas and others. They also claim a higher quality than their others but I don't know anyone that has tried one. The cheap contractor generators HF sells are very noisy and haven't worked out well. A friend had one and the voltage was all over the place, when it ran. We made him park away from us due to the deafening noise. We have a Yamaha 3000 SEB and it will start one of our AC's even at altitude. The SEB provides a battery boost at start. We had a Yamaha 2800 that ran our 13.5 AC on our houseboat at 3500 feet.
  7. Randyretired

    Debit card compromised

    I received an alert from cc about charges in Nevada and Arizona then 30 minutes later a gas charge in Iowa. The Iowa charge was not ours. They made a copy of our card and charged $200 of gas with a card reader. We use cc for most everything and have to get a reissued card every year or 2 due to fraud. The rewards do add up over time.
  8. Randyretired


    When a little of the border came loose in our RV we used wall paper glue. Dabbed a little on a paint brush and used a damp rag to wipe off the excess.
  9. Randyretired

    Boondocking for HDT with 40' plus RV

    While staying in the boonies we had our RV damaged. The culprit was a bovine bull. That's the only problem we have had. Often I park the truck across the front to make it a little more difficult to steal the RV. The electric slides on our Teton are incredibly slow so they will need a lot of time and patience. I guess I should be more concerned about the truck but we haven't a problem.
  10. We spend a lot of time in the mountains and nearly always carry. The time it takes for some animals to attack is at most seconds. Help is maybe an hour away. Last fall we came across some nonwelcome hunters that had just killed 2 elk on our land. Time to tread lightly as everyone is armed and not happy.
  11. Randyretired

    Creating hookups on acreage for travel trailer

    $10,000 for power seems pretty reasonable. Of course I am not paying the bill. The price to tap the electric which is only a few feet from our 5er is $7,200 if I do the digging. Then the meter, breaker box and plug are more. A generator can run an AC but can use a lot of fuel. For just weekend use it might be an acceptable alternative. $10,000 will buy a lot of fuel and $2,000 should more than cover the cost of a good generator. Maybe start off with a generator and see how it works for you. If you don't like it, sell it and bring in the electric.
  12. Randyretired

    Creating hookups on acreage for travel trailer

    When we built our last home we used a small generator to fill our water tank in our RV. A deeper well may have required a big generator. Sometimes a spring can be used or water can be hauled. It is best to consider the options.
  13. Randyretired

    Creating hookups on acreage for travel trailer

    I have done what you want to do. Depending on local regulations and conditions a septic system can vary a lot on price. Best to talk with local septic installers. A few years ago we had a septic installed for $2200. Just this past year it cost a lot more and I did the install. Local conditions and regulations vary alot. If you do not need AC a solar system may not be be more than electric. In fact if your demand is low it may be a lot less. If you need AC electric may be cheaper. While a concrete pad is nice we have always been satisfied with a gravel pad. Once again local conditions determine the final cost. Talk with a local contractor. Conditions vary a lot even in the same county and the best way to deal with these conditions vary just as much. In some areas a well may not need to be very deep. In other areas a well may be well over 500 feet. Deep wells are expensive. While this forum has been very helpful I think you will need more local help to determine the costs of your project. Currently we are setting up a 140 acre mountain spot for our 5er.
  14. Randyretired

    Failure to start

    I had a problem very similar to this. It was a bad battery cable. The ends looked good and I cleaned them to be sure. Still nothing. Probably internal corrosion caused my problem. We used a jumper cable to bypass the cable to be sure it was the battery cable. It was not heavy enough to start but the starter motor did rotate slowly with the jumper cable. Replaced the cables and it has been good.
  15. Randyretired

    Diesel to Gas? Yes/No??

    For mountain and other high altitude driving the diesel will perform much better than gas. A naturally aspirated gas engine will lose about 3% of power for every 1000 feet in elevation. The turbo and way diesel fuel burns in the diesel virtually eliminates this loss.