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  1. Randyretired

    Should I change domicile from OR?

    These laws are interesting in that sometimes state laws seem to be in conflict. Recently the Attorney General of Colorado stated that intent is a major determining factor. Accordingly the Attorney General said that it doesn't matter how much time is spent in Colorado. If the intent is to return as a resident then that is the determining factor. This started as a voting dispute. A local official determined that since people spent the majority of their time in a year away they were not supposed to vote there. He was overturned by the Attorney General because of intent. Even though the local official had evidence, such as utility bills that the homes were unoccupied for more than half of the year these people were eligible to vote there. In small towns even a handful of votes can make a big difference.
  2. Randyretired

    Park pricing on the way up

    Our insurance liability coverage for this vacant land is added at no cost to our home insurance. If we lease the land for an RV and receive payment this use is not covered. At least that's what the insurance agent told us. The cost to insure the land for this type of use required a new policy and $$$.
  3. Randyretired

    Park pricing on the way up

    We have a couple of properties that we visit in our RV. Since one was vacant a neighbor called and asked if a friend could lease it for a few months to park his RV. A quick check with our insurance agent for the liability insurance to cover that was more than the lease payment.
  4. Randyretired

    Toilet paper...

    Any time waste is held in a tank bacteria will grow. I have installed plastic septic tanks that work just fine. The bacteria and water begin to immediately break down the solids. I have seen black tank discharges and many of the solids and paper are dissolved in just a week. Given enough time a RV holding tank would clear solids exactly the same as a septic tank. Since most of us dump the tank in a week or so the action does not have enough time to complete the process but it has a good start.
  5. Randyretired

    Toilet paper...

    We have been RVing for many years and we just use toilet paper that dissolves quickly and is septic safe. We have never had a problem. Use sufficient water and I am sure it will work for you.
  6. Randyretired

    Not An RV Topic But Pertinent To Most Of Us!!

    Some of the Medicare Advantage plans offered by some companies are a little better than described here. We have an Advantage plan that is good anywhere Medicare is accepted. If the provider doesn't accept it the Advantage plan will pay us to cover the bill. This has been a terrific benefit! Sadly these types of benefits are not often available to most people.
  7. Randyretired

    Rear end and lockers question

    Our HDT has 2 lockers and it has been great. We boon dock and have encountered some difficult conditions. We have been able to pull out of some areas our friends needed 4x4 to move with trailers. We also have a fair amount of weight on the rear axles. Turning in difficult conditions when both axles are locked is interesting though.
  8. Randyretired

    New RV tire changeover ?

    We purchased a 1 year old 5er and all seemed good on a couple of short trips. Then we went on a trip through 3 states and back. All 4 tires blew during that trip. These were Goodyear tires. The tire failures caused a few thousand dollars in damage to the 5er all on the way home. I check the tire pressure everyday before driving. Goodyear requested the old tires and then paid for the repairs and new tires. The shop we took the 5er to told us they had repaired a number of campers with Goodyear tire failures like ours. A few years later we bought a new 5er and I tried to run on the tires that came with it. Big mistake. Blew a tire just months after purchase and had damage. Our 5er is older but it has 6 Michelin XPS Ribs and we haven't had a tire failure in years.
  9. Randyretired

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    The company we had bought a lot of components from China. Some were good some not. Depends on the company. Some cheat any way they can others provide a good product. For some of the components the USA equivalent were 2-3 times more expensive. Occasionally we could buy USA componets competitively and we did that when possible.
  10. Randyretired

    Seeking advice on leveling on a sloped RV pad

    Concrete blocks embedded might work but backing over these could be problematic. I would just use wood blocks. A 6x6 might work and you could add to it if needed by gluing and nailing more as needed. Chock the wheels front and back and it will stay. Put the stabilizers down for comfort. We boon dock in the mountains and based on the pictures we would consider that a good spot. Some are much worse.
  11. Randyretired

    First pull and truck weight.

    We have our bed set up to carry a Forester and a RZR together so it is longer than most. The car is carried length wise at an angle. The RZR slides cross wise under the front of the car with the roll bar removed. All loaded we are north of 50,000 lbs. Our dump trailer is 8x16 and has 3 -7,000 lb. Axles. We get about 8 mpg loaded with the 5er, car and RZR. We bought the 2001 Volvo in 2005. It has a Cummins ISX set at 500HP and an auto shift. The newer trucks are interesting but we plan to stick with this one.
  12. Randyretired

    First pull and truck weight.

    We also occasionally pull a dump trailer about the same weight empty. We frequently put 8 tons on it. The bed I put on the truck is a bit heavy as our dump trailer/HDT combination weighs 29,800 lbs empty. The tool boxes are also pretty full. The dump trailer loaded is about the same weight as our 5er and it pulls about the same. Most of our driving is mountain roads and the HDT is so much more comfortable than our LDT. Often, I use the HDT for stuff the pickup could handle.
  13. Randyretired

    Hurricane Florence

    RV, The prices of homes/property here in Western Colorado is considerably less than the front range. We like it here but we prefer more solitude than an acre. We currently have 35 acres but we purchased 140 to build our new place on. There are lots of choices here in Western Colorado from cities and towns to more open areas to choose from. Our kids and grandkids are mostly in the Denver area but it is so different from what we are used to and prefer we hate to travel there.
  14. Randyretired

    Anyone had rear cap off a Teton

    I have looked behind the plugs and phone jack inside the back cap and there is a lot of room there. In fact in ours there was an undersized piece of insulation just thrown in as if that helped. Underneath the floor there is also some room. The upper part of the rear cap looks much tighter but I haven't looked at that.
  15. Randyretired

    Smoke/Fires in the West

    As the winds shift the smoke follows. We have had some days here in Western Colorado that our eyes burn and the smoke is very obvious and then if the winds shift it is gone.