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  1. Randyretired

    NYS HDT Registration

    I have National General insurance and they would not insure a toter home. They are fine with a tractor to pull a trailer. Each state and agent may be different but you might want to check if you plan on using National General.
  2. Randyretired

    Frig Igniter

    The most likely cause of flame failure is carbon from the flu falling on the burner and igniter. If that isn't the case I try to light the flame manually. Have someone turn on the refrigerator and when you hear it clicking try lighting it. If it lights then the ignitor or circuit board maybe bad. If it doesn't light then the flu may be blocked.
  3. Randyretired

    Beat cold weather RV with bunks?

    I have not seen an RV that qualifies in my mind as a cold weather home. These RV's are usually designed to be transported as the primary design parameter and this tends to limit wall, ceiling and floor parameters. In other words the insulation and air sealing is not equivalent to standards used in modern construction for cold climates. Where we live in Colorado the climate is mild by Colorado standards and our neighbors tried to live in a TT through the winter. It was not pretty! The heating g bill for propane and electric was very high, yet the TT was not comfortable. Frozen water lines were a common occurrence despite many extra additions such as hay stacked around the perimeter.. There are better RV's than the one they chose but I haven't seen one that I thought would be a good choice for cold weather. Our neighbors probably would have been better off renting a home. The high heating Bill's would have nearly covered the cost of a rental. That spring brought another surprise, divorce.
  4. Randyretired

    5th wheel for a newbe?

    For many people a MH is easier to back into spots. That said you are planning on moving only every few months so I would be more concerned with the floor plan and how it fits you. You likely can learn to back up a 5er if that is best for you. Since you only have to move now and again just take your time maneuvering and get out to check your progress. No need to be in a hurry.
  5. Randyretired

    New to Medicare

    Our Advantage plan ppo covers the additional 15% Mayo doctors charge but I am not sure if Medicare would cover it.
  6. Randyretired

    New to Medicare

    There are some excellent national Medicare Advantage ppo plans but most are through employers.
  7. Randyretired


    The sign company in Grand Junction, C0 specializes in graphics for semi's. Maybe other sign companys do the same. It is all computerized. Just tell them what you want and what colors or choose from some existing styles. A friend had them do his 5er over the old graphics and it looked great. Matched the outline of the existing graphics perfectly. Pretty reasonable to. They measure the vehicle and draw out the pattern on the computer and it cuts the design and spits it out. Ready to apply. Just a thought, you might check with local owner operators to see where they get their graphics.
  8. Randyretired

    Why can't DP owners learn the basics

    My HDT has a turbo exhaust gas temperature gauge and I like to these those temps around 300 before I shut down. My LDT also has a exhaust gas temp guage. Unless these have been run hard and then quickly stopped the temps are down by the time I arrive. A few minutes at slower speed is all it takes. The cooler temps are preferable to keep from burning oil stuck in the turbo but it is rarely a problem for me to see these lower temps after just a few minutes. I like to start out as soon as the air is up but I baby it a little for the first couple of miles. Usually the lower speeds at the start is all it needs. I don't like to idle a cold diesel and I don't like to listen to an idling diesel.
  9. Randyretired

    Why can't DP owners learn the basics

    For some reason idling a diesel is a thing with some people. A friend would start his Duramax 5 to 10 minutes before driving and let it idle for about that long before shutting it off upon arrival. If they were delayed sometimes it would idle a LOT longer. He was convinced it is the best way to care for a diesel. He now does the same with his DP. Trying to educate him would likely bring on anger. Some of us "youngsters" do not easily change.
  10. Randyretired

    Rv Insurance Recommendations???

    We have Good Sam insurance but we are not full timers. We get one bill for our auto, trucks and 5er. Been with them for a long time but never had a claim.
  11. Randyretired

    Sharpening Drill Bits

    I have often bought the cheap gold colored HF bits. When sharpened these cut pretty good, better than new. They don't stay sharp very long but the DD brings the cutting edge right back. I just wish the DD worked for bits larger than 3/4". When using a hand drill I really like sharp bits. When the drill press is doing the work, I am a little more tolerant of less than perfect drill bits.
  12. Randyretired

    Essential pots/pans

    My dear wife used to do most of the cooking but now can't. One of the appliances I found pretty easy to use is an air cooker. Even though it is kind of bulky I wouldn't be without it. We both like the way the food turns out. My daughter just remodelled her kitchen and put in an induction stove. Not considering one for the RV yet but they are pretty impressive!
  13. Randyretired

    How-to Sharpen a Drill Bit

    It has been many years since I built the bed for my truck. We carry a car so the bed is longer than many. I didn't have a mag drill so the many holes on the frame and some other places that couldn't be done on the press, were done by hand. I used the DD after every frame hole. Without it I might still be drilling.
  14. Randyretired

    Private rv not for hire

    I have private rv signs and a truck stop in AZ noticed them and refunded the additional tax charged to commercial trucks. The people at the local port of entry said they don't have a meaning to them but may mean something to local LEO's. These signs have helped at some campgrounds. I am not aware of these causing any trouble so I keep them.
  15. Randyretired


    We have generally found most campgrounds are trouble free. However holiday times in some National Forest and state parks can get a little rowdy. Working people with a few days off letting off a little steam can get pretty wild and occasionally dangerous. These times also bring out crowds and the chances of a few bad apples increase. We generally tried to avoid these holidays, like the 4th of July.