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  1. A few years ago we met a camper next to us that was full time in a tent. He had his tent set up for TV and a recliner. He also had a stove next to his bed so he could start coffee without getting out of bed. Spent summers in Colorado and winters in Arizona. We showed him our 5er and he said it was to big but he was contemplating a small travel trailer.
  2. RV's will depreciate and the value in 5 years will be only a fraction of today's value. Park models also depreciate. Years ago we purchased a used mobile home and fixed it up. Mobile homes also depreciate but by buying used we were able to avoid most of the depreciation. A mobile home for a stationary dwelling is more comfortable than an RV. About the only way to avoid depreciation is a quality built home but that sounds as if it is not possible now.
  3. I extended the frame, changed the lights and built a bumper pull hitch. I am not aware of any hitches that can be purchased for an HDT but custom building one is fairly simple. Having a shop build one would probably be the easiest.
  4. We double towed a fair amount. When I would check with highway patrol offices in various states I received conflicting answers. It seemed it depended on who answered the phone. Some of the answers were not at all correct. Others were or seemed to be based on the law and a few actually said if they enforced the law or not. The best answers seemed to be from DOT enforcement officers such as the previous post. Lots of people get away with over length and illegal double towing because of a number of reasons. Including some officers may not be intimately familiar with EVERY law. Just be prepared when the time comes or you are involved in an accident. Each state has their own laws and these vary a lot. Someone earlier stated that virtually all HDT's that carry a car length wise are WAY over length. We carry a car length wise on an HDT and are we are not over length in the states we typically travel in.
  5. National General used to give an insurance break for CDL holders. It about covered my medical.
  6. X2 I carry high deductible and only call on insurance for major damage. They are often quick to raise the rates when they have to pay. Even if it is a little claim.
  7. We are part time and sometimes long times. We usually stay out for a few months but have stayed as long as 18 months. Occasionally we only stay a week or two. We have a S&B and some properties where we spend most of our time. We also boondock but rarely stay in parks.
  8. I have not found it that hard to find a tax attorney for some of our past business activities. Affording them has been another matter. Unless they can unlock substantial deductions the fees may be more than the deductions. I am only slightly aware of the tax laws but it would seem that the things you are proposing might also require representation to the IRS later. Business deductions are often a target of the IRS and mixing in a RV might (likely) get some attention. I just had a round with the IRS where I probably could have prevailed but the representation would have cost more than the bill.
  9. The way I read your post is the rear axle is rated for 10,000 pounds but I am guessing it might be more? You may have already figured the ramps and support but you might consider mounting the ramp side support rails at least partially above the ramp surface. This saves on height and provides some side to side guides for the tires. I did this and I like how it turned out. As I said I would use ties to the frame to secure it. I tried over the tire straps and the vehicle dancing around at that height was able to create enough force to make the ride uncomfortable. The loading ramps for that heavy of a vehicle will be heavy and long. Storing and easily deploying these will take some thought. If you can it would be nice to see some pics of the build. Good luck.
  10. Randyretired

    Estes Park

    Others will have to help on your best road options. Colorado has had a lot of snow and rain. The weather has been unsettled and a lot of high country that is often open by this time of year is still covered in snow. It snowed yesterday in Denver. If by next month you mean the first part of next month weather could be something to watch. Snow in the high country this time of year is common.
  11. I sometimes pull a couple of my gooseneck trailers for my own use. I have inserted 5th wheel pins in place of the gooseneck coupler. That works just fine. I have a dump trailer and a flat bed. Non of this is commercial.
  12. I also wonder if you could get enough loads with a setup like that?
  13. Some how the vent has clogged. First make sure the vent pipe has not slipped down onto the tank. A quick check on the roof to make sure the pipe is still in the vent should work. If you are sure the tank emptied I would try a hose down the vent. Carefully! You don't want the vent to suddenly fill and shoot stuff all over and pressure water around the vent roof exit. If that fails maybe a sewer snake down the vent?
  14. Once you haul commercial of course the truck would need to be licensed commercial and insured as a commercial vehicle. Commercial insurance is expensive. You will need a lot of commercial trips just to pay the insurance bill. Commercial insurance often costs more each month than many of us pay per year. You may want to check all of the additional costs. Were you planning on using your own trailer? That opens up more things to consider. How is the load insured? This is now a business and the business costs versus profit will need a lot of planning.
  15. The cost for ACA plans vary substantially from state to state and even by location within each state. Shopping around could save a lot but it is still expensive. I know many people who would like to retire but can't work the high cost of health insurance into an affordable plan. This is a wide spread problem and if a reasonable plan is available I'm sure a lot of people would be interested.
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