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  1. I just picked up a grocery order at a local Walmart Grocery. They are out of many or most things. Paper for sure but most food items are also unavailable. It appears Safeway and other chains at least have a modest supply of some items but I was hoping to just use the grocery pickup and not have to go in.
  2. Liquid Roof is what I used. Our roof was about 75% black. As I posted above that was 10 years ago and we are happy with it. I think preparation is the key. Hope it also meets your expectations.
  3. I put a rolled on cover on our 5er roof about 10 years ago and recovered it last year with a light coat. I am happy with it. Covered many of the seams and a couple of small tears with eternabond and rolled the roof over that. It has held up well and lots cheaper than a new roof. As with anything like that preparation seems to be the most important step.
  4. We have 140 acres of mountain property. When the snow melts we will be there for the summer.
  5. I went to Walmart yesterday and it was very taxing. The only thing left in the paper isle was 2 boxes of Kleenex and I took one. Many isles were empty and the shoppers were very frenzied. I picked up a couple of things and left without many things I had on the list. Sure hope this doesn't last to long but there are few reasons to believe it will be better soon.
  6. I towed a boat behind a 5er for a few years and to add to Chad's excellent material I would want a camera to see the back trailer. Things can go awry in a hurry.
  7. X2 We have had the Post Office help with filling out the forms for temp forwarding. They have been helpful.
  8. The first problem is the side to side articulation. Unlike a semi trailer the light weight frame under a RV can't stand up to the twisting of uneven roads. The airbags soften the harsh ride for the RV and it's contents. Some have gone ahead and used the trucks hitch and it seems sometimes there aren't any problems and sometimes there are. I use an air hitch and always have. I didn't want to spend the money but after a quick investigation I felt it wasn't worth the risk.
  9. Glass cleaners don't cut some grime such as grease. At times I have cleaned hard to clean windows by using a heavy duty cleaner such as Awesome and then followed up with glass cleaner. We had a 5er with a window behind the stove and that was the only way to get it clean.
  10. Some marine tanks have bubblers installed to help with the smell.
  11. Most of our market investments are in index funds, self directed. Wherever the market goes we are along for the ride. We own a few stocks but these are bought to hold long term chasing dividends.
  12. I have installed a few septic systems and I think Ridex is a waste of money in a black tank and a septic system. Bacteria will be present in sufficient quantity unless something kills it. The outflow from a black tank is nearly all liquid and certainly doesn't look like it began. Some of that is the water dissolving the waste but it certainly looks a lot like septic tank water as bacteria is doing its thing.
  13. Marty, The length question is often misunderstood when people begin looking at an HDT. I am glad to see you have already considered it. 65' isn't the rule in every state as some allow 70' or more and enforcement is not a priority in many states. A well planned HDT makes pulling a large 5er a breeze and is certainly a safer way to travel. Wish you the best on finding YOUR HDT!
  14. I use a 2 amp battery tender and it keeps the batteries on our 2001Cummins/Volvo charged when in the garage. It will even bring the batteries back up if I leave it off for a few days. I use a 35 watt panel when it is outside. If I leave the charger off for even a few days in the garage the starter doesn't sound as robust. The truck only has 3 batteries.
  15. I sure hope this is available soon. We have Hughes Net at our summer property and that is about all that is available. It sucks!
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