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  1. I have a Carryout G2 about four years old. I have been quite pleased with this product. I replaced the wimpy 12 volt connector with a marine type from Amazon, have made my own power cord so I can place the Carryout up to 100 feet from the RV. Was even able to get coverage in the Canadian Maritimes about 60% of the time on our three month stay last summer, after changing locals to Bangor, Maine. I have a old VIP 722k, bought on E-Bay for $50, still going strong. So my problem is, we arrived at the primitive campground in Joshua Tree NP, yesterday put the Carryout out and it started making grinding and growling noises while searching. This started about six weeks ago, I took off the dome switched the stepping motors and tried to blow out the turntable with canned air. Its been working ok until now. Called Winegard they want me to send it in with $90. My questions: are there alternatives to sending the unit in, can I buy a new turntable and stepping motor for the Carryout, (I'm fully capable of changing them out) can local dealers work on the unit and get parts, and finally why won't Winegard sell me the parts? Any help would be appreciated. I'm not opposed to buying a G3 but the 25 foot limitation from source is a real deal breaker. I often need 70 to 80 feet distance to clear trees and rocks.
  2. butchkaren

    Thousand Trails Camping Pass now unlimited?

    We started with a two for one zone pass promotion several years ago, then bought, from a private party, a very inexpensive, ($300+transfer fee) membership. It only gives us 14 days in and 7 out but nationwide. It works for us, because we rarely spend more than 14 days in any one place, plus we don't feel we have to chase down TT parks to stay in. We boondock a fair amount, (I added 500w of solar) and we especially like COE parks. Currently at Tall Chief TT resort in Fall City, WA. not a bad park, and 30 miles from our granddaughter in Seattle. We spent two weeks at Crescent Bar, near Wenatchee, visiting a daughter, nice TT park. I would give the TT parks in Texas mixed reviews, Lake Medina being my favorite, but it's not for everyone. Liked most of the TT parks in Virginia, but some a little run down. Our biggest issue with TT parks has been electrical, especially from Texas to the East coast. If you plan on running your A/C in the older TT parks I would monitor the voltage drop very carefully.
  3. butchkaren

    Black Tank Chemicals - Liquid or Dry?

    As Kirk stated, we also do not use any of the additives for our tanks. We do use septic safe TP, usually Scotts, and once in awhile dump a scoop of Tide down the black water tank, and dump when we arrive. Awhile ago, one of the gray water sensors would not go out, so did the thing with Tide, worked. It's really just any low foaming soap with a surfactant, I was a little surprised at all the sludge that came out of the gray water tank, after the tide treatment.
  4. butchkaren

    Slide Out Topper Roller Support

    3M 5200 Fast Cure Adhesive Bedding Sealant. I used this on my fiberglass roof to attach brackets for 400 watts of solar panels. No screws or any other hold down. Solid for 4 years now. Others have done the same thing, some use (sticky feet) but the fast cure is a lot cheaper. Just don't expect to ever remove bracket.
  5. butchkaren

    Dish TV question

    Hi, we recently bought a used class A motorhome that came with a Winegard Road Trip SD antenna for Dish. The date on the manual is 2006. I also have a Winegard Carryout G2. Here is my problem I set up the receiver for the Carryout G2, using the SW64 switch. When I have to use the the Carryout ,because of trees, It works fine but the road trip will keep searching even though it locks on a single, sometimes it just starts searching again. Sometimes I can get the local channel's but not the higher numbered ones, and sometimes it’s the opposite. If I am standing right at the switch and am fast enough I can turn the switch off when I get a single. Very frustrating. Is the Road Trip not recognizing satellite 129? The set-up for the Road Trips is different in that SW42 is the switch and satellite 129 is not mentioned. Can you help? The RoadTrip SD is no longer compatible for DISH to a recent change they performed to their satellites that was out of our control. Due to those changes our units manufactured before 2013 will not consistently identify the DISH satellites in the sky. Trapping the signal as you have done by powering it off is the only way to get signal with these older systems but it will cause a loss of programming. You would have to replace the antenna with another roof mount model, or continue to just use the Carryout G2. Thank you, Winegard Technical Service 1-800-788-4417
  6. butchkaren

    Big Bend

    And as long as you are there.....a river rafting trip on the Rio Grande is well worth it, too. Enjoy!
  7. butchkaren

    Campgrounds near Seattle

    We have lived on both sides of the cascades in Washington, starting in1968. While some have mentioned the traffic, for medium sized cities, Seattle and Portland are worse than Chicago during rush hour. During this time it can take you 3+ hours to get from Bellevue to Ft Lewis. If you are in the Kent area Lake Sawyer RV Resort is a affordable choice. Over the years we have stayed many times, and it takes non members. It's not fancy, but adequate. While close to shopping, it is still a little remote.
  8. butchkaren

    Thermal Windows

    Our 2006 Winnebago Adventurer had two fogged windows that we had fixed at RV fog pros, in May. They did a great job. I highly recommend them. It turned out that one of the windows had been poorly repaired before, and was very difficult to take apart. They like to have six to eight hours for the windows to set up before driving. As it was later in the day before the window was reinstalled we had to get a hotel room for the night. They offered to pay for the room, but we refused, it was not their fault, and we wanted it done right. It's a family run business that also has a fiberglass repair run by another family member, When they removed the difficult window, a few chips of fiberglass pulled off, the chip spots were repaired, and color matched so you can't even tell. Note that you can stay at a Wallmart nearby, but we opted for the COE park Hickory Creek about 15 miles away, very nice, and half price if you have the geezer pass. It's a little difficult to find, so we stopped by the night before, especially with all the highway construction going on in the area.
  9. We have used RV Fog Pros just north of Dallas/Fort Worth in Grapevine, TX. A+ service. Two windows fixed in our Winnebago, excellent job. We full timed in our Okanagan 33 foot fiver for three years, had high quality double-glazed windows. The Winnebago not so much, but still would not be without double-glazed windows.
  10. butchkaren

    Looking for an RV spot in San Diego CA

    Just saw you post, We grew up in San Diego,( Lakeside, Ramona, Alpine) and while we stay for free at my sisters, there are some great places to stay. I second Santee Lakes, although it may be to late to get a reservation. The YMCA facility is very close, and with the pass option is very reasonable. Wonderful swimming and summer programs for the kids. Another option is to look at RV/ trailer parks in Descanso, Pine Valley, Crest, Alpine, Harbison Canyon, and Ramona. These communities are only minutes away from downtown San Diego and may be easier on the pocket book.
  11. butchkaren

    What Satellite to buy

    For three years we have been using the VIP722K receiver with the Winegard Carryout G2. No problems. You do have to supply a 12 volt cig. outlet to power the G2, I just added one in the same compartment as my sat hookup. Bought the 722 on e-bay used, made sure there were no charges to the receiver first. We change service locations often, sometimes three or four times a month, usually no problems. As others have mentioned we use the dish chat. Cut and paste a blurb from word, fill in local address and zip, and make sure only change service address not billing. The dish rep may tell you that the 722 will not work, but it will. I record shows all the time with the DVR, with only one TV I have to force the DVR to record what I want on #1. It's not hard only a extra step. This has worked everywhere from San Diego to Oroville (in Washington State) to Rockport Texas, up to Chicago, and everywhere in between.
  12. Good Morning, Just a quick post to let everyone know this Membership is still available. It has 60 campgrounds in these states: Virginia 3 Texas 7 California 16 Washington 12 Tennessee 2 Florida 2 Oregon 5 Michigan 1 Arizona 1 Indiana 2 and one each in SC, VA, NJ, NC, PA, NV, and BC There is no charge for the nights you stay in the campgrounds, but you are required to stay out for 7 days after each stay of more than 3 nights. This is a great way to help with your full timing costs. You have a 10 year contract that TT tells me you can opt out in writing after 3 years, or it auto renews for the full 10 years. Jerry is a great person to talk to and to work with. Thanks, again Jerry! :-) Please have a wonderful day!
  13. Good Morning Jerry, We are VERY interested and will call back when Thousand Trails is open, tomorrow. Enjoyed your conversation. Have a great day! Karen :-)
  14. butchkaren

    Seattle area RV friendly

    Wenatchee Hospital, near Leavenworth, maybe it's called Confluence Hospital now, does have RV parking at the edge of their parking lot. I don't know all of the particulars, but it may be worth looking into. We have always been happy w/ the health care providers there. Good luck!