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  1. Not sure what kind of torque multiplier that is but i would like more info on it!
  2. Sorry I did not get your email. But YES the lot is still for sale. I Sent a PM.
  3. I just posted a lot for sale. Ours is in Lake Wales Fl. about 1 hour south of Disney. Its in a gated 55+ community that has just about everything. Its located middle of state about 3 hours south of Ga. Our lot is set up as a pull through lot that will accept the largest of RV's. This is a land owners park so there is no land leases. We have the deed to our lot. HOA fee;s are $525 a quarter. Last years property taxes were less then $200. If you would like more info. please feel free to contact me. Chuck
  4. We have a Lot at 20 Beaverkill Lake Wales Fl. For sale. It is located in Saddlebag Lake Resort that is a 55+ gated community. http://www.slresort.net/slresort/ We have HOA Fees every quarter that are $525. Our 2019 taxes were less then $200 for our lot. The lot has been redone with new concrete being put down. The lot has been set up as a RV pull thru lot. But it can also can have a 24’ X48’ double wide mobile home put on it as the main pad is 25’ X 49’. It has a new shed (2015) that was also set on a concrete pad. I have insulated the inside of the shed which keeps it cool in the summer. The shed is a 10’x10’ with double doors so you could put a golf cart in there. We are just off the lake that has great fishing in it. Saddlebag has a boat lunch and dock with slips to rent if needed. We also have a storage area that has available space for residents to rent. There are lots of activities and leagues for residents to participate in. Always something fun going on to do. Gas or Electric golf carts are welcome. Currently we have our lot rented out to the end of February. If your interested or would like to take a look at it I can arrange to have someone there. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me at undrpsi26@gmail.com . We are asking $39,900.00
  5. Undrpsi

    M2-106 Air leak

    Had similar problem losing all air over night. Found my cab air bags were leaking. Changed them out and air stays up for almost 3 days. Easy fix.
  6. Tom We went with a New 2012 M-2 106 that had been sitting around inside the factory under cover. This was a demo that had 6000 miles on it. It has the 8.3 Cummins 350 HP 1050 Torque. New 2 year factory unlimited miles bumper to bumper warranty. All I can say is WOW what a difference!! This Sport Chassis truck is going to work out perfect for us and our plans. Give me a call if you like.
  7. Undrpsi

    MDT pricing

    Hi Tom If you looking at Sport Chassis the NADA book has all years listed. There the only ones that list the M-2. This also helps when going to the bank and insurances. Other then that you’ll have to have a used M-2 appraised when not a Sport Chassis. This was one of the main reasons I went to them.
  8. You Sound like we did 1 year ago. We too are going to be doing the exact same thing. Only we sold our SXS and have a SlingShot 3 wheeler now, Went back to the road as finding places to ride were harder while traveling and the SxS was sitting a lot. The 3 wheeler is working better for us now. So I need a truck to go to work with as I have a gang box with tools and because sometime I need to move some material from on site storage to the job site. I work at hospitals, construction mostly. Right now we have 2 trucks the 5th wheel and a enclosed trailer. My wife drives the work truck with tools and tows the enclosed trailer with the 3 wheeler in it. I drive or drove a chevy 3500 HD dually towing our Redwood. We are working towards trying to get the new DRV Full House or having a Space Craft made to except the SlingShot. We need 14’ garage. Then we are going to sell the pickup truck and enclosed trailer and go down the road in one vehicle towing the new toy hauler with SLingShot in the back. BUT my dually is very close to it max per smart weight that we had done with what we have now. We tow a 40’ Redwood that is right at 18,000# and my 3500 loaded was right at 13,026#. So I have no room for the bigger toy hauler which I’m guessing at between DRV at 24,000 and possibly SpaceCraft at 28,000#. So I need a bigger truck but it has to work for me to get into tight spots Job sites and parking lots and loading docks along with hauling my tools and pulling the new toy hauler. I don’t have a CDL or air brake endorsement that I would need for the HDT or the big block MDT’s. Neither would be a problem to get as I worked on them for years before changing careers. But any how. I have been looking at the hauler bodies for a couple years. 5 years as that is how long we have been full timing jumping from job to job. Always want a MDT Sport Chassis but couldn’t afford or find the right one. Talked with Greg at the Tampa show this year about his HDT’s with the bodies. For me the HDT wasn’t going to work both financially or how I needed to use it. Was looking at the F450’s with a hauler body. A lot of money and still over powered by the 5th wheel. Meaning, you know when you have that feeling that someone is standing over your shoulder looking at what your doing? Thats how the how the 5th wheel felt when I was towing it with my dually at 18,000# not to mention the 24,000# plus pounds that were looking at. It’s riding back there just waiting for that instant it can say “See I’m bigger then you”. I knew I could do better. I really want my wife riding with me and not driving a truck towing a trailer behind me. Not to mention some of the, lets just say “Spirited” conversations that we have had over the last couple year about it. She does great but its all she wants. So. We just picked up our new left over 2012 Sport Chassis demo with less then 6500 miles on it last friday. Flew to the factory in OK. Picked it up and drove 23 hours back to FL. the next day to pick up our 5th wheel then towed it to GA so I could be to work Monday morning to start the next job. The difference in towing with our MDT is hard to explain, as there is that big of a difference. HUGE!! comfort wise, stability, just everything. It almost feels like Im towing a large enclosed trailer then 18,000# 5th Wheel and I’m relaxed when we get to the next spot. Its just a completely different relaxing, calming feeling. So now when we get the new toy hauler in the next 6 months to a year we will have the truck to tow with it. Another thing to keep in mind is that there is a lot better financing options available for a MDT (Sport Chassis) then most others and easier for us to insure. So keep that in mind also. The little bit smaller MDT truck just works better for us then the HDT would. Sorry for the long post, but I know that 50 mile barrier to the next job very well. Need to figure out how to post a pic.
  9. Undrpsi

    Just joined the club

    We just signed the paperwork for our New left over 2012 Sport Chassis. We fly out to pick it up next week. Cant wait. I have one question. It’s a left over 2012 that was a demo with less then 6000 miles on it. It was stored inside the factory accordingly to salesmen, when it was pulled out of storage and used as a demo. I asked about the tires as it build date was 10- 2011. I was told that there were no cracks and not to worry as its been stored in climate controlled wear house. Thoughts? Any kind of PDI check list that I should take with me when I pick it up? Were taking delivery of the truck at the factory in Oklahoma.
  10. Im also a lurker. Currently have a 2013 Redwood 36FL with disk brakes towing it with a 2012 HD3500 DRW CC 4x4 Chevy. Looking to upgrade to a new M-2 106 or a new 2015 F-450. Both would have the RV hauler bodies installed on them. Currently a Texas resident (Escapee) But may have to go to FL to take over parents place but still would be full timers as I travel for work. I know from what I have read here so far is that probably both trucks will require us to get our non CDL class A license in TX and have not looked into FL yet. Insurance shouldn’t be a problem for either as they both are only single drives. And the GVW of the future per should not exceed 26,000l bs or even 30,000 lbs for the if we ever win megabucks and build a custom 5er coach. So this shouldn’t be a problem for the new F-450 or M-2. One of my problems is we need to be able to drive or use the toter as a second vehicle. Sometimes for everyday use. This is one of the reasons that I’m not really looking at a HDT as it would not be practical for us for everyday use. One of my concerns is I have read on the MDT section that most guys are adding a lot of weight to the tails of the M-2’s to get them to ride have way decent while bobtailing. This leaves me to believe that the MDT’s could be a hand full in the rain or on bad roads bobtailing. Right now we are leaning towards the 2015 F-450 but I like the M-2 except for the cost. I have lots more questions but Im still reading posts and hope to be able to answer some of these when digging into the older pages on the forums here. Any comments from experience would be a big help.
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