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  1. I spend a lot of time around dogs, dog people, and dog rescues/advocates. I'm 54. I've never once heard anyone mention a yellow thing as any kind of sign for a dog. People put all sorts of colors on their dogs in all sorts of ways. I don't think anyone has ever considered it a signal.
  2. Carlos

    junk mail

    I'm 54, joined early this month just to save just over $200 on glasses. I haven't used them for anything else, and have turned off all the physical and junk mail options in my account. We don't eat at any of the junky restaurants they have discounts for, we already have RX discounting through health plans, etc.
  3. To be sure it's understood correctly, that story is not MINE, it is one I found today on an RV subreddit. Mine wasn't as bad. It took many months and lots of wasted time/trips, but at least my rig was mostly usable when not in the shop.
  4. If a filter is attached to the output of a tank, it seems like it would catch more moisture since the air is already cooled, and the RH is therefore high. Attaching it to a compressor directly seems like it would do little, because the RH of the hot air is much lower. This is just my view of it thinking through the physics, and not something I know for sure.
  5. Another multi-month, multi-problem Keystone nightmare:
  6. Here's how my Viair 400 is mounted in my Jeep. It has survived tens of thousands of miles in that environment, in the heat of AZ summer, no filter, no special care given. And I bought it used, the guy before me had it for many years too. Every time I go off road, I air down, and then refill afterward using a T hose arrangement I made myself so I can air up all four tires at the same time, to the same pressure.
  7. No, they are too big to have just sitting around unused. We plan for the trips when we need it, and for the ones we don't. It's always possible to recharge from the tow vehicle, or even find an outdoor outlet somewhere for a while. The only time I've wished I had it but didn't was when a battery developed a shorted cell. That's once in decades. If I didn't use the generator in a year, it would be gone, which is exactly what I did during the years where we always had shore power. Now we're in the boonies a lot more, bought another since we use it.
  8. I don't know one single Apple user who isn't totally aware of that, and doesn't know what the benefits are. My desktop is a Hackintosh, typing on it now. Apple seems to have given up on the desktop market, it's all overpriced and not great. While they rule on laptops by far and obviously on mobile devices, the desktops are a ridiculous mess.
  9. I've never heard a positive opinion on Keystone. I guess you're the first. With those resources, YOU should make a list too. And why so salty and aggressive, it's just a trailer.
  10. Every manufacturer can accidentally make a unit with no defects once in a while. I've talked to one person with no issues on a Keystone (and only one).
  11. Tank compressors are a different thing from tankless. I'm not aware of any filter that will remove humidity from a portable tankless compressor without being as big as the compressor and double the cost. The drier for my plasma torch is big and expensive.
  12. I've never used a filter on the portable and have never noticed any change between its air and the very filtered air I have in my home shop. I refill the Jeep tires pretty regularly since it's off road a lot.
  13. Lately I've been dumping the non-Apple stuff for the most part. I'm really tired of dealing with stuff that takes way too much effort to set up (Google Home) and on occasion, stops working because the companies had a fight (Alexa and Chamberlain). Meanwhile the Homekit stuff just works instantly, and keeps working. I did recently build a Hackintosh. MacOS is still far less problematic than Windows, and although I use Linux on all of our company's servers, it's not really a great seamless desktop experience for heavy usage. The way MacOS seamlessly works with all devices (desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone) is unmatched. There simply are no options for the extreme integration they offer. Some people may not need and use it, but I do, all day. But Apple has really lost their way on desktops. They are an easy and clear winner on laptops, but the desktops are just stupid. So I use generic PC hardware to build a Mac Pro equivalent at 1/3 the price, put MacOS on it, and have the best of both worlds. I've worked in technology my whole adult life, since 1983-ish. I still enjoy just screwing around with things that don't work quite right, and making them work, or dealing with issues. But during my workday I'm no longer interested in battling with tech. And when I'm out and about doing my personal errands I have no room for things that aren't working 100% with ALL of my data on all devices all of the time. This is what's driven me away from Androids, Windows, and Linux, after years trying to use them all.
  14. Glenn, I missed your post before and it deserves a thoughtful reply. You're an RVer, active on multiple forums, and participating in general discussions of all types. Do you not see how that's different from a guy with no RV, and no participation, who only shows up just to post a link where he gets paid, and which offers nothing you can't just go find on your own directly on eBay? The link he posted doesn't go to eBay, it goes to saleturbo . com, which just has affiliate links to the same searches you can do yourself on eBay. I'm an admin on a couple of forums, and a mod on two Reddit subs. We depend on users calling out spammers like this so we can deal with them, and it's a daily task.
  15. I have no reason to go find a better deal, I’m not in the market for one. Now do you or do you not get paid if someone buys a generator through the link you posted?
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