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  1. We camped in Prescott this weekend with our CA refugee friends. They live in the forest and about half their neighbors are also CA refugees. Our friend carries 24x7 right now...because he can.
  2. Not so bad...LOL. I don't have sub-10 mags for some guns. I carry in case there's a threat to our lives, so unloaded guns are like fire extinguishers with padlocks on the discharge handle. I carry in a lockable under-seat storage tray, unlocked while driving. Now it has to be locked. And I'm not sure I'd be safe as some cop could equate that with "center console or glove compartment" if he wanted to. None of my handguns are on the CA roster...though that seems to mean they can't be sold as new in CA, but you can possess. I think. I have one rifle that is CA legal, but I'm pretty sure none of the others are.
  3. Visible is fully owned by Verizon themselves, but legally run as an MVNO. Same with Cricket and AT&T. You will absolutely receive the same radio signal coverage with Visible as with Verizon. Part of what "gives" is that Visible and direct prepaid customers get a different support group, which may not be as great, and they get de-prioritized data. I've never had issues with customer service using direct prepaid Verizon. And while it's already cheap, I pick up top-off cards on eBay for around another 30% off retail.
  4. Many people mean different things by "coverage." In the literal sense of how much signal is available over an area, Visible is exactly the same as Verizon. Calls and texts will be identical. Data signal coverage is identical, but the actual data transport is de-prioritized and almost everyone else on the network gets higher priority. This means slow/jittery data during congestion on the particular cell site you're using. We use Verizon's own brand of prepaid, which has higher priority than Visible users, but lower than postpaid customers. We pay $85/mo for two devices with 15GB each.
  5. It depends on how you define "vaping." The problem is with marijuana extracts, not with what most people call vaping. I'm unable to find any confirmation of deaths due to non-weed vaping. Are you? All I can find are things like this: So to me, it remains just another unscientific assumption spread by fear and money motivations.
  6. Am I missing something here? This appears to simply be a Mikrotik $50 router, a $100 marine antenna, and a $110 Mikrotik Metal dual-band AP? What do you get for the extra $400?
  7. This wasn't about DSL, only mobile data. I've never heard any allegations of throttling DSL. What wifi service do they offer?
  8. It's important to know the laws I'll be violating in order to stay protected. When I go to CA I lock the underseat gun storage box, and stash the key. Nobody is going to be searching the vehicle in without probable cause. I was surprised to see that a few Southern states also have laws prohibiting carry in a vehicle. The RV is considered a home and you can freely keep it there in most states, minus any magazines that violate capacity restrictions in some states. I keep a Glock 27 in the tow vehicle and a tiny 38 in the trailer. I like the idea of the muzzleloader, I have a black powder revolver. I need to see if CA still considers that a firearm.
  9. It was a good point that both 5G and vaping have been vilified by the media and people who know nothing about them, and it turns out nobody can show that either causes health issues. The vaping scare turned out to be something else entirely. The 5G stuff is equally BS.
  10. A funny side note...I have a friend who vapes strawberry/raspberry all the time. I recently explained to her how many berry flavors contain castoreum, which is taken from the anal glands of a beaver. (Technically, the castor glands which are anus-adjacent, but I used the other terminology for effect.) In fact there's one company embracing the whole thing and they make Beaver Butt Boogie vape juice. She switched flavors. PG is not able to regulate humidity, it can only ADD humidity to about 70-75%. I don't use PG in my humidors for that reason; I use packs that can both take in and provide humidity, and run at 69% which is much better than the higher humidity of PG. Also, nice Jeep.
  11. I can see the difference. I completely acknowledge all substances are different. "Medically necessary" doesn't make it automatically safe, and untested doesn't automatically make it unsafe. I'm allowing for the idea that absent evidence otherwise, PG could be just fine or end up being beneficial in some unexpected way. You can continue claiming that PG must be unsafe, without evidence, but then that's exactly what the 5G people are doing. Also, cigars are not inhaled.
  12. I'm not equating anything. I'm simply pointing out that we don't KNOW that it's bad. Also, I can't find evidence of deaths from PG/EG vaping, only from various oils used with canabis. My only point is that it's so far unknown, as far as I can find, and in the scientific method we need to allow for the possibility of it being good. Example: Cigar smokers (I am one) have lower incidences of certain cancers. We don't know why.
  13. I don't vape, this was merely a discussion on the merits of various health claims. Your assumptions about vaping seem to have the same scientific foundation as the anti-5G stuff, which is both interesting and terribly sad. PG is very water soluble, being a rather small molecule with two hydroxyls. The primary benefit of the nebulizer for my wife, according to her doctors (two), is the instant delivery of medication to her lungs. She's instructed to FIRST try deep breathing, and then use the actual medicine.
  14. Well, the part where it's simply not true. For example, my wife needs a nebulizer. It's not bad for you. Therefore, there may be other substances that are also not bad for you.
  15. It's interesting that you are one-sided about the vaping health relationship. Do you have evidence that PG/EG are specifically bad, or are you saying you're assuming so because of lack of evidence to the contrary?
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