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  1. It doesn't work that way. Month to month terms can always be changed or cancelled. It doesn't matter if you're on month to month at the start, or at the end of a term. The contract actually just says that at the end of the term, your contract reverts to a month to month. And all carriers can always change the contract with notice. They rarely do, but read the contract, it says they can. No carrier is going to give you a "forever" contract. Even the CenturyLink "forever" offer has a bunch of outs for them. Doing the two year effectively turns this into a $15/mo deal when you remove the cost of the device.
  2. Carlos

    Ant carrying a french fry

    I'm not sure if you're asking me, but I have no idea about any of that. He just bought an RV mattress from me and told me why.
  3. Carlos

    Note to self.

    That sounds like a double win to me. You got that out of your system, and you got rid of two annoying people coming to sell you crap you don't need.
  4. Carlos

    Pets & Trucks

    We have one agile dog who can just jump into our lifted Jeep from standing, and one who is stout and heavy, with zero agility. He's 55 pounds, so we put a vest with a handle on him. My wife has little upper body strength, but the handle makes it easy for her to boost him up with a little help from him.
  5. To make it clear, if you use Technomadia's info above, you do not need to provide a VIN or prove anything to get the deal. They will assume you want the device free, with $45 activation, on a two year contract. You can request no contract, and pay $150 for the device instead as Zulu did (either all at once, or $7.50/mo). The call took six minutes and I already have a shipment notification. According to the rep, you will get full speed, priority data access until you use 22GB. Then you will get de-prioritized, but not rate-limited/throttled service thereafter. This means your device will be slow if the network is congested, but still full speed when it's not. Thank you Technomadia, you're a valuable resource.
  6. No, I was buying the same thing, but saw the new post above literally just before hitting "buy." However by calling instead, I got the device for $0 whereas on the site it was $80.
  7. Interesting. I was just completing my purchase using a fake VIN after finding the URL by scraping the site. But your method seems safer, if they don't ask for an eligible VIN. The site restricts it to only certain vehicles, does calling get around that?
  8. Carlos

    How am I going to fix that whatchamacallit?

    I was hanging out with a neighbor last night and this subject came up. Both of our wives have said, "You're not happy unless you've fixed at least one thing each trip, are you?" Can't deny that I like fixing stuff, and happy to help someone.
  9. Carlos


    REI will never see a dollar from me again. I went in there around a year ago to get a backpack for deer hunting. I asked why they didn't have any camo backpacks (or camo anything). The answer is because they don't want to encourage hunting or even stealth animal watching.
  10. Carlos

    Ant carrying a french fry

    Judging by how many people do it successfully, I guess maybe our police or laws are more reasonable out here? Dunno, not in the business so never paid attention other than just hearing about it.
  11. Carlos

    I'm not sure where to post this

    All of my trucks came stock with hitches and my Jeep came stock with a hitch. That's a lot of vehicles you can't buy.
  12. Carlos

    Mother Nature's Fury

    Is the recommendation to bring in the slide based on having a slide cover? Meaning the awning-like fabric? Ours doesn't have that, so it seems like the slide itself is fine in bad weather.
  13. Carlos

    Mother Nature's Fury

    I forget that camping in the Southwest, the worst weather we face is pretty much nothing. I mean, sure, a very rare 50 MPH wind, but whatever. So this has been educational, as we start to travel farther. I'd like to add that Dark Sky has been great about predicting rain and wind right down to a few minutes for us here.
  14. Neither of those make anything that I was looking for however (small TT). Never bought a new house, but did buy a five year old that had a glaring stucco defect. That was a result of being built in the housing boom.
  15. Yup, so many posts here start off with "how much can I get the price down" instead of talking about details. I'm not sure that I regret buying new, but I was aware that I'd be going in dealing with a bunch of issues out of the box.