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  1. Yes, of course. Same as a TV van is a commercial vehicle. There will be a day, probably soon, that the Youtubers will have to comply with all the stuff that a TV van has to.
  2. There are 120v and 5v USB adapters. I have a 5v version, since that means it can also work from 120v using a generic USB power adapters. Maximum flexibility. $10 on Amazon.
  3. Now my Mobley stays powered up at all times, and is draining the car battery. What fun.
  4. "Would you convict someone who broke the law even if you believed the law is wrong." NOPE! "Excused." "What groups and associations do you belong to?" I list them all. "Excused." Etc. Not possible for me to be on a jury.
  5. This is another great reason to use a PMB for all of your information. Come find me if I don't show up, good luck!
  6. Wife got one a couple years ago. We were considering traveling at the time and they basically told her "too bad." Now, we know they wouldn't just issue a warrant for failing to appear once, so we were ready to ignore it anyway. As it happened, they settled just before the trial and she was released. I've always been kicked out of the pool very early on. There's no way I'd get selected with my views on politics, the police, and most laws. Sometimes I also pass out FIJA brochures which has resulted in being removed from the premises physically.
  7. Got a new rep today, who instantly gave me the correct codes without further questions or issues. I have no idea why the first was so incompetent. I unlocked the SIM with the PUK, in the Mobley, and it let me set my own PIN. Moved the SIM to the Netgear router, but it said the SIM was PIN locked, which is correct. In its settings, I entered the new PIN and then told it to leave the SIM unprotected (disable SIM PIN). This is critical. When the device boots with a lock, it will not connect to the network, even if you enter the PIN later. Weird, but I tested it three times. The speed difference is INCREDIBLE. I was getting around 6-8 Mbps on the Mobley. Check out the Netgear... And then ten minutes later, it all stopped working. Now the Mobley is not working either. Back to AT&T support I suppose.
  8. Do you want them all to have different channels, or the same channels on at least two? What you're being told is probably that it only supports two channels viewed at once. You can connect as many TVs as you want with appropriate connections and splitters.
  9. I bought a Nighthawk. Got on chat with AT&T support almost 45 minutes ago. Not only do I not have the PUKs yet, they broke my account and are telling me I need a new SIM. Made the mistake of answering honestly when he asked if I was moving it to another device. Then they wanted to change the plan. I'm still waiting for them to figure something out. Ten minutes of "hold" time so far... Blaise: Thank you. Blaise: Working on it now. Me: Ok Blaise: I appreciate your patience. Blaise: Please give me a few minutes while I look into this. Blaise: Thank you for your patience. Please give me another couple of moments to look into this further.
  10. My Mobley has never had a great connection. Or more accurately, has never been stable with a good connection. As we drive around, it goes from great to awful, in the same areas where we previously used AT&T phones with very good speeds. It's simply a low performance device with limited bands. I think I will get the Netgear everyone seems to love, and move the SIM. I think that requires obtaining a PUK code?
  11. I spend a lot of time around dogs, dog people, and dog rescues/advocates. I'm 54. I've never once heard anyone mention a yellow thing as any kind of sign for a dog. People put all sorts of colors on their dogs in all sorts of ways. I don't think anyone has ever considered it a signal.
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