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  1. dennisvr

    Macerator Pump

    Anytime the sewer is less then 100' away. Lets say you are visiting someone and parked in there driveway (moochcamping) you can use it and put the hose in one of the clean outs for the sewer.
  2. dennisvr

    California - Fog

    Noteven, you must have been at the same place as I was, because I seen the same thing......
  3. dennisvr

    Nose Low Solutions

    Looking at the pictures, I don't think you would have to raise it as much as you noted, (4to6"). I would measure it at the front to the ground and then raise the trailer with the landing gear to level the trailer and then measure again. My guess would be about 2 to 3" because when you raise the front the rear will lower as you get level.
  4. dennisvr

    Our first 2-month outing out west

    While visiting the Arches area you should check out Dead horse State Park. I was told by a relative to see it and it was worth it. Also north of Arches on a road to the east is some good BLM land to boondock, don't remember the name of the road, but check out boondocking sites and you should be able to find it. We boondocked there last year at this time and there were a lot of rigs there, but a lot of places to park. Also the dirt road leads you to the north side of Arches NP. I couldn't go further then the boundary to the park because I was on a quad and it said for lic. vehicles only. Also just before the boundary there are dinosaur tracks with a plaque talking about them. Have fun, we sure did.
  5. dennisvr


    JRP, I used to catch mine also when I had my boat "not sail". I always thought that if it ever had to return home on its own and I couldn't override it, it would be a goner.
  6. I have to admit that I have been lazy. I haven't connected the battery bank on the truck to the truck system YET. I'm using it now as a addition to the bank in the 5th wheel. It charges off the 1000 watt solar system or generator on the 5th wheel. Maybe after building this house I'll get off my butt and connect it to the truck (the way its suppose to be) to be able to use the charging system off the truck.
  7. dennisvr

    Highway 299 or Highway 36 ? ?

    I ask myself that a lot....
  8. dennisvr

    Highway 299 or Highway 36 ? ?

    Not much I can help you with the roads. The last time I was on 299 back in 1978 I was pulling a 23' trailer. I do remember seeing road signs that looked like question marks "?"
  9. We didn't use isolators on the trucks. We had 4 batteries in the trucks and 2 batteries on the trailers for the liftgates. We would install 150 amp breakers at the truck and the trailers batteries. I used to have the plugs set up on my 1 ton "I think you seen me down at Borago Springs CA" a couple of yrs ago. Since I got my semi I installed an additional 5 batteries on the truck for my house bank and use the charge cord to hook to the trailer.
  10. dennisvr


    I have the DJI Phantom Standard. Bought it a couple yrs ago for $399. I have had numerus RC airplanes and helicopters and crashed them all. The Phantom is easy to fly, at anytime you can let loose of the controls and it will hover in place. (it has GPS) so it will stay right there even in the wind. At anytime it looses radio signal it will automatic return to home and land itself. Cant be any easier then that. I actually get bored with it because its so simple to fly. I catch myself itinually getting close to objects and testing myself. One of these days I will crash it, but it not because its hard to fly.
  11. These are used in the trucking industry to charge liftgate batteries on the trailer. They will handle a lot of amps. I use these with a coiled cord that I had around from my old repair days. Works great.
  12. dennisvr

    ATT Spark

    Anyone know anything about the Spark by Harman that will be available from ATT. I just read about it and its like the Mobley, but also has OBII diagnostic and tracking. Says it will be available on 9/28/18 for $80 plus data plan. HARMAN Spark1 is exclusively offered by AT&T* for $79.99. Rate plans start at just $5 per month for plans without Wi-Fi.2 Plans including Wi-Fi are offered as both standalone or as an addition to eligible Unlimited and Mobile Share plans. And, for a limited time, buy a Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ or Note9 smartphone and get a Spark for just $29.99 Also can be used as an addition to eligible Unlimited and Mobile Share plans. Does this mean that I can use it on my Unlimited plan I have with my Mobley?
  13. Here was the problem. Feel kind of stupid now that I didn't do a more complete check on the wiring, but to my defense getting older its harder to get under vehicles anymore and I was relying and the other guy and he said that all the wires went into a big loom. Finally I got under the coach and followed the wires from the controller forward and low and behold the factory had laid the wires on top of the leaf spring (That's right, laying on top of the spring) and it got between them and smashed it. So cut out the bad spot and reconnected the wires and all works well. Another problem solved. perseverance paid off. Also while I was under the coach I notices that the brackets that hold the 1/2" black pipe for the propane had broke and it to was riding on top of the leaf spring. Will go back and fix that. This is all on a 1 1/2 yr old coach.
  14. My friend called me last night and said he got the new controller, installed it and still doing the same thing. It shows the code for a short in the wiring. I told him he should switch the motors from one side to the other and check it. We plugged the motor into the harness on the other slide and while holding it by hand it spun, but I told him it may have a issue under a load. What the heck, worth a try.
  15. dennisvr

    Schwintec Slide Controller

    I don't understand when you say "balancing/leveling" Do you mean to time them so they both open or close at the same time? If so, then you hold the button for a few second after they close and they adjust themselves. I have been helping a friend with his and we could find one controller, but never could find the other.