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  1. I once told someone "Getting old sucks". He said getting old was fun, "Being old sucks"
  2. dennisvr

    Wheel torque

    I also lent my torque multiplier to a friend to do a brake job on the front of his truck. After reinstalling the lugs nuts with the multiplier he took the truck to a tire shop to make sure they were tight. He said they couldn't tighten the nuts anymore then they were.
  3. dennisvr

    Wheel torque

    I guess I'm just old school, but I still put them on with a 1" impact. Like I did when I was in the business and what every tire shop that I've seen do also. Our trucks would average 100,000 miles a year and cant recall ever having a issue with loose lug nuts.
  4. dennisvr

    New shoes

    I replaced my recaps with open shoulder Sailun drives. I was concerned that I my get more road noise, but really don't notice any difference.
  5. Yes Rick I agree, you are very lucky.....
  6. Great news, But I still say you need to get a meter, you will use it...……...
  7. A meter is something you should have. They are cheap and very useful. Even if you don't know much about electrical you can get instructions on what to check here on the forum and report back. I know that doesn't help now, but it could in the future. As to your issue now, there isn't much that can be done without a meter to check if your alternator is putting out the correct volts.
  8. Put a volt meter on the batteries before starting truck and then check it after starting the truck. When truck is running it should read between 13.8 to 14.2 volts. Edit.... You should be able to check it right at the alternator also.
  9. We were sitting around yesterday and my cell phone starts squawking. It says TORNADO WARNING in the area and to take shelter. Luckily we finished are house and living in it and not the 5th wheel. The TV said there were funnel clouds spotted around us. We live on the top of a mountain and have a 360 deg view, I looked outside and never seen any. Never been in any tornados, but figured the safest place in the house would be in the hallway in the center of the house. If we were still living in the RV I think I would have got in my car and drove away from the oncoming storm and looked for a public building that could survive a tornado and get in it. Oh did I mention that I live in California. So we don't get Tornados that often so don't have shelter for them.
  10. I'm at Lone Tree now. I've been coming here for the last 6 yrs. Never thought about the car and the phone...…..Hmmmmmmm
  11. So there are other people out there with the same thinking as mine. I do the same as you, leaving things out in the open like your rear view camera so I don't forget to install it some day. I have left things out like that and moved them several times and saying one of these days when I have time I will install it. Then I tell myself what about today, its not like I have a lot of things to do and I go ahead and install it and say Damn I wish I did that sooner...……. I don't use budgets or keep track of expenses. The reason is I don't do good at keeping receipts and without accurate record keeping its like the old saying "garbage in garbage out". I've got a comfortable nest egg set back I think should last me and live month to month on my income. Pretty much a wash out at the end of the year. I hope you are having better luck with the winter weather. I've been in Lake Havasu Az since after Christmas and looks like starting today will be the best weather I've had. I've looked at your blog and enjoy the pictures. It just may inspire me to get the camera out and take a few myself.
  12. I think you are flogging a dead horse if you think you will be able to change everyone to call them tractors instead of Semi's. I to have been in the trucking industry for over 40 yrs and have heard them called Semi's many, many times. I googled up Semi Truck and a lot that came up was from truck dealers like KW, Penske used trucks and Arrow to mention a few. So I think with most in the industry calling them Semi's you should be able to understand why people that's not in the industry to call them Semi's also. But to each there own, if you think its up to you to change it, go for it. I would bet against you. Just this morning while walking around my boondocking site someone asked if that was my Semi and I just answered, why yes, yes it is.
  13. Hopefully someday we can meet up and do some riding. Yea, I remember that work thing and have to say that retirement "IS" all that its cracked up to be. I've been building a house for the last 6 months and figured that I need a break and seeing how I'm the foreman on this job I choose to take a month off and go down south. Don't work to hard and be safe out there.
  14. If anyone will be in the Lake Havasu AZ area in the month of January and would like to meet up and do some off road riding let me know. I will be heading that way on Friday 12/28 and be down there for the month of January. Except for volunteering at the Balloon festival (of course at the beer booth) for a couple of days I will be doing some riding. I will be boondocking as much as I can at Lone Tree BLM north of town until they kick me out and then head south of town. Then at the end of January will be down in Parker for a week and the Parker 425 off road race.
  15. Remove anything from the sleeper. I remember taking out at least one windshield when I didn't check the sleeper and the driver left a coke bottle on the bed "remember the glass ones". The boss wasn't very happy. Then there was the time when a driver came in the shop with a problem. He told me of the problem and then went into the bathroom. He forgot to tell me his codriver was sleeping in the sleeper. Lets just say he came out of the sleeper not quit the normal way. He wasn't very happy ether.
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