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  1. Thanks Linda, I thought I read somewhere that the trains were on both sides of the river. I'm thinking on going along the Oregon said, so by what you say the trains should be farther away. I think I could put up with them just going by, but if they blow their horns all night that may be a problem...….
  2. Thanks for the replies. Probably wont stay but a night or two. Don't think we'll like the wind and trains.
  3. After saying all of this. I'm assuming you have enough truck frame rail behind your commercial 5th wheel. I would guess about 30" before the taper. If you need to know how much let me know and I will measure mine.
  4. I would like to have air ride but to cheap to buy another hitch. The good thing about the RV hitch over the commercial hitch is it has side to side movement. I figured mine would do OK seeing we don't fulltime and may put about 5000 miles a year on the rig.
  5. Planning a trip that will take me along the Columbia river east of Portland Or and then heading to Spokane Wa. Checked freecampsites.com and it shows a lot of places to overnight along the river. One distraction was the sounds of trains. So has anyone camped along the river and would be able to give some info of what's available in the area for boondocking? Thanks
  6. You can mount a RV 5th wheel hitch with rails behind your commercial 5th wheel. When not pulling RV just pull the pins and remove the RV hitch, just leaving the rails. I don't have or need a commercial hitch, but that is what I did and it works for me. I don't have a air ride hitch, but I think Trailer Saver sells one that can be mounted on the rails.
  7. What I was told on the TSD facebook page was you will be asked at the pump for your PUC number and if you don't have one then the taxes are added to the price. They are saying $ .36 for taxes will be added. So the app says $1.65 plus $.36 tax will come to $2.01. Still a lot better then CA. Of course every where is better then CA...….
  8. The reason I ask about Oregon is that at one time TSD said they were not accurate prices because something to do with taxes.
  9. Has anyone fueled in Oregon lately using the card. Wondering if the prices they show on the app is correct. I know at one time they were saying don't go by the app prices. It shows $1.65 at a Petro outside of Medford Or.
  10. Dave, is this a place you can boondock for a couple of days. I'm looking for a place to go, I'm going bat-sh!t crazy just sitting around.
  11. First off I will say take the advise you got from Chad on your thread in the HDT section. Take my word for it, its his job to know the DOT rules especially in CA. I don't know the rules in Oregon so I wont comment on them. My knowledge for CA is that you need a lic. with doubles endorsement, first trailer needs to be a 5th wheel and neither trailer can be over 28' long. I've had my CDL since 1975, (back then it was just called a class A). I to have towed double for recreation in CA for over 30 yrs off and on. Only once have I been stopped while towing doubles in CA. (33' 5th wheel and short trailer with a quad on it heading for Pismo Dunes). The officer reminded me that a trailer cant be over 28' long and let me go on my way.
  12. I believe you should be able to last a week with what you posted. Your good on batt power with the genny to recharge. If you conserve your fresh water you should be good there. What limits me is the black water. Wife and I can last 2 weeks before having to dump. We have 140 gal fresh and a 40 gals black and a 40 gal grey tanks.
  13. The last couple days the app on my phone has not worked, it says "problem getting locations from the server". Has anyone else had this problem? Edit; I just seen on face book where the EFS site is down.
  14. Looks like I missed my opportunity to fuel my truck and get the great discount from Loves with TSD. A couple of weeks ago when I got the card I fueled my 1 ton at the Loves in Ripon CA and got a $1.50 off the advertised price (before 10%). Today its only $0.16, cheaper at local stations. Looks like now the best price with TSD is TA and Petro truck stops, which is about $1.00 a gal. off. Which is still a great price, but nearest one to me is 70 miles away.
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