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  1. If you have a set of jumper cables you could hook one end to the negative post or stud (not terminal) on the battery and other end to the frame. This will tell you if its a bad ground.
  2. A handheld volt meter is your friend. "If you have one" Put the test leads on the battery posts (not on the terminals) and have someone push the start button. If the voltage drops as before then its a bad battery or needs charged and checked. If voltage stays up at the posts then check the voltage on the battery terminals while someone pushes the start button. If all is good check the voltage at the terminal on the starter. Its a process of elimination starting at the battery post.
  3. I've got one of those torque multipliers and it works great. I did a brake job on a friends truck and after we put it back together he took the truck to a tire shop and had them use their 1" impact to check the torque and they said they were all tight. I believe I paid about $60 for it on Amazon and as was stated before, hope I don't have to use it on the road, but have it if needed.
  4. In my neck of the woods. I'm between Jackson and Valley Springs.
  5. I have the bladder tank and have used it a couple times.
  6. Looks like something that would come in handy. Don't think I would have it full while 5th wheel is hooked up, but would be get to run town and fill and bring back to the rig.
  7. dennisvr

    HDT sighting

    I do love the beach. I used to camp on the beach in Pismo and do a lot of riding there. I now have moved down outside of Parker AZ waiting for the Parker 425 off road race.
  8. dennisvr

    HDT sighting

    When I seen the small KW I thought of you so just checking. Have fun.
  9. dennisvr

    HDT sighting

    Was that you, "noteven" pulling out of the BLM camp area north of Lake Havasu about a half hour ago? A KW T300 pulling a toyhauler was pulling out.
  10. dennisvr


    I run all my small appliances, ceiling fan, TV, microwave and computers off Xantrex Freedom inverter. The only thing that didn't play well with it was a Mister coffee deluxe model coffee maker. I returned one back to Walmart twice before realizing what was causing it to stop working. Got a basic Mister Coffee maker and all is well.
  11. dennisvr


    I have been using the Xanrtex Freedom 1800 in my 5th wheel for the last 7 yrs and it has worked out great for us.
  12. The way I would trouble shoot it is to have someone release the brakes as I was watching the pushrod/slack adjuster at the pot (blocked tires so I don't get ran over). If the rod moves to the release position and the brake is still locked its not a bad brake pot but shoes rusted to the drum. If the rod does not move back into the pot, then it could be a bad pot.
  13. Is the brake sticking after setting for awhile (brake shoe rusted to drum) or is it not releasing fully after the service brakes are released. On mine its dragging after I apply and release the foot brake driving down the road. I came to a stop sign and had a burnt brake smell.
  14. I also have a brake pot on my Volvo hanging up on the right side. I had a wheel seal replaced on that side last trip so I was thinking that maybe the return spring may have been bad on the brake shoes. So I removed the tires and drum, but the return spring looks good. Dummy me if I would have thought before doing that I could have removed the cotter key on the clevis at the slack adjuster and worked the S Cam and the brake pot independently and seen which one was not releasing. When I have time that is what I will try next, before replacing the pot.
  15. It may raise it a little, but not the height of the block until you reach the max throw of the equalizer. Easy way to check the distance is to put a block under "one" tire and measure then put a block under "both" tires and measure.
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