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  1. dennisvr

    Genny Size

    Choices, Choices, and more Choices. One thing I would strongly advise, as others did is go with the invertor generator. You and especially your neighbors will appreciate it. When I was shopping for one I narrowed it down to these choices, Honda or Yamaha 3000 Around $2000 Champion 3000 with remote start Around $1200 Predator 3000 Around $650 As being cheap "I mean thrifty" I went with the Predator and heres why. I have a 5500 Onan built in the 5th wheel, but hate to run it for hrs just to charge batteries, but wanted at least a 3000 to run other appliances when needed. We sold our house last Aug. and bought a piece of property to build another. WE would be without Elec. power for 6 months. So I thought I would give the Predator a shot. I have put over 500 hrs on it and to my delight it runs our 15,000 BTU AC. I have used a Honda 3000 and if they were side by side I think the Honda would be quitter, but not by much. So to finish this up, I will say I'm glad I bought the Predator and now that I have power on the property I can put it away for the next time I need it.
  2. dennisvr

    Tire age

    I have 3 axles 6 tires so that helps. Cant remember the load rating on the tires, but when I weighed it fully loaded I was well under.
  3. dennisvr

    Tire age

    I'm going to start to worry about my 16" tires on the trailer after the 4 yr mark. I had one blow and it did $5000 damage to the trailer. Now the LP 22.5 tires on my HDT I will let them go 10 yrs and see what happens. When I bought the truck it had 10yr old recaps on the rear. In my past life, I had a fleet with a few thousand tires on the road and Bandag would recap any tire up to 6 yrs old. So that meant they could run up to 8yrs in my fleet, with weights around 80,000 lbs. As they say YMMV
  4. dennisvr

    Secondary tank draining fast when stepping on brake pedal?

    Are you sure its not the brake chamber?
  5. dennisvr

    Weigh Stations

    Now that is funny. Phil, you need to find some of them trooper cars and get educated. LOL
  6. dennisvr

    Hdt air filter

    Same thing I was taught by Cummins/Fleetgaurd. The dirtier they are the better they filter.
  7. dennisvr

    Facebook man pulled and fined for length

    I live in California and I got a oversize permit to pull my oversize boat. It cost me $95.00 a year and once a week they would send me a email with all the roads that had restrictions that I would not be able to drive on. Also I would have to put a OVERSIZE load sign on the back. This was for CA only, if I crossed a border I would have to get one for that state.
  8. Now that there is funny.......
  9. dennisvr

    Honda 2000i or Predator Generators?

    I bought the 3000 watt Predator from Harbor freight and have put on over 500 hrs on it. I am very satisfied with it. For $650.00 it was and is worth the money to me. How long it will last is anyone's guess. Whats funny to me is these were the same debates years ago about the Champion gen sets and now they are accepted along with the Hondas.
  10. dennisvr

    Wiring RV plug

    Forgot to mention that I don't have the house built yet. So this way I can have power now, then this main panel will supply power to sub panels in the house. I didn't buy the service pole from the power co. They told me where to buy it locally "for $ 1100.00" . The power co got enough of my money. They charged me $18,000 to install a 40' pole and pull wire from a pole 280' away that was on my property. Did I mention I live in California, everything here is expensive.
  11. dennisvr

    Wiring RV plug

    Darryl I will try to explain the pics and how I got here. I bought a piece of property with no power to it. The power co installed a power pole (after 6 months from the time I applied) and they had me buy and install a service pole. The service pole came fully assembled, "pole, main 200 amp panel and mast". The first picture is of the inside of the main box. It also came with a 20 amp breaker wired to a GFCI receptacle attached to the side. I installed the 50 amp breaker and ran the wires to a 50 amp receptacle for my RV. But they only have 4 terminals in the main box and I have to add circuits for water well, sewer (engineered septic system with pump) ground is mostly rock. So that is why I want to add a sub panel and move my 50 amp breaker that feeds my RV to it.
  12. dennisvr

    Wiring RV plug

    Thanks all for the replies. I thought that was the way it should be done, but was in doubt. So when in doubt ask the experts here. So I"m needing to buy a insulated terminal bar and install it in the sub panel and attach my neutrals to it. Thanks again
  13. dennisvr

    Wiring RV plug

    This is for all you electricians out there. I'm installing a RV plug, but first I'm installing a sub panel. I get confused with "bonding or not bonding" the neutral and the ground. I have attached a picture of the main panel and it shows the neutral and the ground connected to the terminal bar and the terminal bar screwed to the box. The picture of the sub panel it shows the neutral/ground terminal bar insulated from the box. So I assume I attach the neutral and ground wires to the bar and leave it isolated from the box. Is this correct? If I remember correctly in other sub panels I've seen there were two terminal bars, one for the neutrals which was insulated from the box and another one for the grounds connected to the box. Hope you can understand what I'm trying to say. Wanting to get this thing wired correctly. Thanks Dennis
  14. dennisvr

    Smart car width for deck planning

    I believe closes would be at 45 degrees (front corner of trailer to center of truck), then after 90 degrees it would get close to the side of the trailer. I also would think it would have to do with your pin box. One straight down would give you less room.
  15. dennisvr

    Wilson 4g LTE

    Thanks Smitty for a great response. I have the Wilson weboost 4g-x. Also I have seen people being able to see their upload and down speeds on their computer, but not sure how to do that. Is that the app you are talking about and how do I get it on my computer. To let you know I'm not all that good on a computer, so be easy on me. Also I'm setting on a piece of property I bought and in the process of building a house so wont be moving around. I have the Mobley and would like to get a better signal for it. Thanks Dennis