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  1. By the way. The picture in my avatar is of me feeding the burros in the town of Oatman AZ about 30 miles north of Havasu on old route 66. I always say its one ass feeding another.
  2. Dave, You should spend some time around Lake Havasu this winter. There is a lot of stuff going on. Balloon festival, fire works extravaganza and a lot of other things to do. I usually boondock north of town at Lone Tree BLM Jan-Feb. From where I camp I can ride in any direction. Hope to be there this year if the house build doesn't hold me up.
  3. dennisvr

    Volvo running warm

    Has the Thermostats been replaced? If the fan is coming on and the radiator is not clogged on the outside, I would look into the Tstat, water pump or clogged radiator. I don't know about the D12s, but I had a fleet with Cat C15s and had a few water pump shafts snap and 1 or 2 on Cummins C series engines. I would look at the Tstat first.
  4. dennisvr

    IRT canceled? a little off topic

    Thanks Jeff, I checked and I get that channel, but didn't have it in my favorites. I used to like to watch Modern Marvels and its on this channel. Now I have to see if it has Myth Busters. I used to like to watch that also.
  5. dennisvr

    Trouble shooting toy hauler gas tank fuel nozzle.

    Glad to see its working for you.
  6. dennisvr

    Trouble shooting toy hauler gas tank fuel nozzle.

    No I didn't replace the pump. I just loosened the screws on the flat plate,(3 I believe) really loose and the pump didn't leak and started working after replacing the fuse. I have read that some people would remove the impeller rub it on sand paper trying to reduce the size of the swollen impeller.
  7. dennisvr

    Trouble shooting toy hauler gas tank fuel nozzle.

    Does the pump make noise when you turn it on. If no, then its the fuse or breaker. If it hums but doesn't pump then its the pump. The pump impellers swell and wont let it turn. I've had to loosen the screws on the plate it get it to pump. This will also blow the fuse if left on for a few seconds and not turning.
  8. dennisvr

    Changing batteries

    I second what Randy said. I've replaced many batteries and have missed a few wires now and then. Count the wires to each terminal from the pictures you took. Good luck.
  9. dennisvr

    Private rv not for hire

    Motorhomes are not required to stop at scales in Calif. I'm reg. as a motorhome, so I don't stop.
  10. dennisvr

    Pacific Coast Highway

    ?????? Monterey is between SF and LA and so is Big Sur.
  11. dennisvr

    Hitch - Rock and Roll side to side

    I pulled the same 40' trailer with my HDT as I did with my 1 ton with the same hitch. I did notice more movement with the HDT. I'm wondering if its because of the larger mirrors and I see more of the trailer with the HDT. Or is it from the air ride suspension?????
  12. dennisvr

    Need tires thoughts?

    I went with Sailun's with open shoulders. Don't notice any more road noise then the old ones.
  13. dennisvr

    Genny Size

    Choices, Choices, and more Choices. One thing I would strongly advise, as others did is go with the invertor generator. You and especially your neighbors will appreciate it. When I was shopping for one I narrowed it down to these choices, Honda or Yamaha 3000 Around $2000 Champion 3000 with remote start Around $1200 Predator 3000 Around $650 As being cheap "I mean thrifty" I went with the Predator and heres why. I have a 5500 Onan built in the 5th wheel, but hate to run it for hrs just to charge batteries, but wanted at least a 3000 to run other appliances when needed. We sold our house last Aug. and bought a piece of property to build another. WE would be without Elec. power for 6 months. So I thought I would give the Predator a shot. I have put over 500 hrs on it and to my delight it runs our 15,000 BTU AC. I have used a Honda 3000 and if they were side by side I think the Honda would be quitter, but not by much. So to finish this up, I will say I'm glad I bought the Predator and now that I have power on the property I can put it away for the next time I need it.
  14. dennisvr

    Tire age

    I have 3 axles 6 tires so that helps. Cant remember the load rating on the tires, but when I weighed it fully loaded I was well under.
  15. dennisvr

    Tire age

    I'm going to start to worry about my 16" tires on the trailer after the 4 yr mark. I had one blow and it did $5000 damage to the trailer. Now the LP 22.5 tires on my HDT I will let them go 10 yrs and see what happens. When I bought the truck it had 10yr old recaps on the rear. In my past life, I had a fleet with a few thousand tires on the road and Bandag would recap any tire up to 6 yrs old. So that meant they could run up to 8yrs in my fleet, with weights around 80,000 lbs. As they say YMMV