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  1. Does anyone know why I cannot connect two laptops to the mobley at the same time. I used to be able to, but now the second one will not connect. I thought you should be able to connect up to 5 devices. I made sure there were no other devices connected at the time.
  2. It is differently the brake shoes rusted to the drums. In my area it would only do it in the winter after rains. When I was working and we would get a fleet of trucks back in and sat for a period of time, we always would have to beat on the drums to get them to release. We had a sliding bar hammer about 6' long that was for breaking tire beads that worked pretty good. My HDT will do it after setting in the winter. Most of the time I can get them to brake loose by going forward and reverse. Be ready for a loud bang when the release.
  3. I will be passing thru Montana in a couple of days. Traveling 94 from Fargo ND to Billings then heading south to pick up 80 at Wells Nv. Don't know if I hit any passes on that route, but hope the weather gets better by then. I don't do WHITE stuff.
  4. Had no problem. Stayed in site #12 for one night the site #63 became available and we moved to it and spent a week there. Have to make sure you swing it wide and had to put the front wheel off the asphalt on a few turns.
  5. Thanks for the link. So its a Mor-ride suspension. Wonder if the right springs were installed or if one of the axles were severely unloaded by going thru a dip and didn't come back into place. Should be a easy fix by jacking it up and letting it settle in place and watch to see if it happens again.
  6. It doesn't look to me like the shackles have flipped. It looks to me like the equalizer assy was put together wrong. The bolt that goes thru the equalizer should be were I draw the line in the picture. Im not sure what that triangle looking piece is for unless it is some kind of extension, but it shouldn't pivot like it did.
  7. Fantastic Bob. After looking at the picture it got me thinking that I should take a walk and take a picture of our rig in the site.
  8. Yea, first thing Monday morning they jumped on it and I was out of there by 10am. Now sitting here in West Yellowstone.
  9. Thanks for everyone's advise on Bakers Hole CG. Got here yesterday about 3pm. Found site #12 I could get into. Took it and then scouted the other ones out. Found Site # 63 on the river and talked to the couple that was in it and they were leaving the next morning at 8:30am. I told them I would be there waiting to get it. We got it this morning and I think its the best site in the entire camp ground, right across the street from the river and in full sun so my solar is doing great. Now only if they could do something about those darn buffaloes. On our way to Old Faithful we had to wait 2 hrs to go 3 miles because they think they own the road and walk right down the middle.😁 The bad part was after 2 hrs we got to within 100 yds of them and then they walked off the road into the trees and didn't get any good pictures of them. But we did see many more for pictures.
  10. My bets or still it being the drum. I went down to Harbor freight and bought a 12 ton jack I think it was around $30 and leave it in the truck. One suggestion if you do buy from HF, when you get finished using the jack compress the cylinder all the way back into the jack or the cylinder will rust. As they say "ask me how I know"
  11. Are you sure there is a spacer? What I see in the picture should be the brake drum. I also noticed it looks like the studs are a little short. I like to see at less a couple of threads showing.
  12. Been awhile since I've heard that one. Good stuff.
  13. What's the old saying, "when you get lemons you make lemonade" Sounds like you found a nice place by accident. We took a ride thru town here, but didn't see much. There were a few casinos. I'm not superstitious but with my luck lately I didn't even go in. I'm also looking forward to those low diesel prices the further we go east.
  14. I just seen your post Chad or I would have looked you up and said Hello. Maybe next time. Hope you have a great trip and rally.
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