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  1. Very cool! I just installed it on my Firestick. Thanks Dutch
  2. I would not. Mainly because of the salty air. It can wreak havoc on any RV. Salt air is very hard on any metal.
  3. But if people just want to use the mailing service, I would think that they are keeping there state issued drivers license. There was a form that I had to fill out stating that my intent was to come back when applying for a SD drivers license.
  4. I would think that you have to look at the disclosers at each park. As you know with PPA they all very from the amount of days and times of year. If you make reservations, why not ask the CG?
  5. All of our financial companies took the Rainbow Drive address. How did you mark you box number? As just the number, apt#, unit#, PMD or just the number? But if you have a real address, stick and bricks. I see no problem with using that. Are you signed up for all electronic communications? Hope this helps
  6. I should send that into Confucius to be made into a fortune cookie.
  7. I guess I would be considered one of the newer 11000 members, as I joined when I was 49. But not anymore....
  8. When Teri Lund shut her doors, they were all be referred to one of the other mailing services, and it was not Escapees. As far as the Sensis, I believed we are qualified as Simi Affluent Street People, as we do not own or rent a home. I even named my WiFi networks SASP for that very reason.
  9. I would think the question about being trained and rules might be best coming from the home Escapees office, as they would know best. I have stayed in 3 parks so far. Everyone has been very friendly, no dogs running around or tied up. It honestly felt more like a community then a regular RV park.
  10. I would not do it as the older equipment might not fly. From Verizons website, Note: After March 1, 2014, all consumer boosters sold in the United States will be required to meet new network protection standards intended to reduce the likelihood that consumer boosters will interfere with wireless networks and devices.
  11. I do not blame people for not wanting to rent there rig to complete strangers. I posted this because I did not even know that this even existed. And it kinda shocked me as you can rent RV’s through Cruise America or El Monte. But there are thousands of hotels and true bed and breakfasts out there yet air B&B is growing and making cash.
  12. And the other option or options would be? If you have a booster you either have or have not registered it.
  13. It all depends on where and when. I make them to insure that I have a place to park. There are some places that you need to book a year in advance. Again it goes back to where and when.
  14. For the people that have them. Have you registered your booster? Have you ever been notified to turn it off? How would they know that you booster is on? The vote can be seen by the public, but does not say who voted.
  15. No, the Auto former will not reduce voltage. When plugged in it boost 2% all the time. When the voltage drops to lower levels the Auto former can boot up to 10%. Yae I have and are using both at the same time now. I have not had any issues using both at the same time so far. I really started using it more as when in the 80-100 degree weather, I would think would be the times it would happen much.
  16. It was a guesstimate statement. Is the Escapees number just people that use Escapees mailing service? If so, there are several other SD mailing services.
  17. I also have a hardwired Progressive Industries EMS.
  18. There back....and all graduating to full timers.
  19. Not sure where you got the 1,000 new residents a day. But OK, so you are saying 365,000 for the year. Are you aware that 203,353 died in Florida last year? http://www.flpublichealth.com/VSBOOK/pdf/2017/Deaths.pdf So now you re at 161,547 for the year. I would think there are at least 500,000 full timers or more in the state. By those numbers it would take you over 3 years to get back to were you are now. I personally think there are more the. 500,000 registered there. I also bet that more then half of the full timers that are registered there only go into that state once every 5 years. So let’s not be fooled. Florida is making good money on us full timers. Maybe they think pot is there new cash cow and want stoners instead of full timers? But they will require some $$$$ in services from the state. But we are free money. It is a no brained to me. Do you vote? Why bother as you are only one vote. It all matters. We ALL matter. Sorry for the rant but that comment was INSANE!
  20. But if every full timer left the state, I would think that Florida would feel it. Kind of like Spring Break. The big spot used to be Ft. Lauderdale, I think. That city basically did not want them and did what ever to make it not happen there. They moved to another Florida city. Then Fort Lauderdale wanted them back as they did not realize how much $$$$$$$ they were making, or I should say lost the following years. But as long as there are other options, it is OK. It is Florida’s loss of possibly Millions of dollars every year. I tried to Google to see about how many full timers are registered in Florida, and got nothing. I think us full timers out number the residents of SD. It supplies a lot of cash for a not very populated state. They are just worried about the voting issue. As if full timers all voted in local decisions we could shape things there. I have planned many motorcycle meets, and each town have wanted and loves our business. I have gotten police escorts from the towns also. Between the hotel, restaurants, gas stations, liquor stores they made good money on our short visit. Heck there are people who work for small towns that travel the country to get motorcycle groups to come out there.
  21. A 5th wheel tows better and with the sizes you are looking at, it should park easier to as the 5th wheel and your truck should be about 8’ shorter in overall length.
  22. We have a 50 amp Hugh’s Auto-former. I was just wondering how many people carry them? Do you just plug them in when the voltage is low or do you have it plugged in every time? My rig also has a Progressive Industries EMS system.
  23. I have done it this way for big ticket items that I have sold. Had a teller at there bank hand me the cashiers check. That way you know it is ledgit.
  24. Sounds like you had it priced right and he knew it. Good rigs do not last long.
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