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  1. Well the other day I received a notice that Terrarium TV on my Firestick is shutting down at the end of the month. And the messages keeps coming up to the point that you can not watch it any further. Just wondering what you guys/gals are using or going to use. Thanks for your insight.
  2. rynosback

    Terrarium TV

    Thanks, I am trying some different providers, but Terrarium is WAY better.
  3. rynosback

    Hurricane Florence

    People do what they do against the obvious.
  4. rynosback

    Add window to entry door

    I would think you would just replace the whole door with a new one with a window in it. Why do you want a window? I believe they are single paine, so they are not efficient. I ordered mine with out one. Challenger Doors in IN I think make most doors and access doors for most RVs.
  5. rynosback

    ABS - New user test.

    Check : )
  6. rynosback

    Nationwide Health Insurance

    I do get an annual check up. We we get our yearly scrips when we do them.
  7. rynosback

    Nationwide Health Insurance

    We carry our records with us. And bring them in when needed. Do you really think that they remember you? As they see how many people a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year. They can look at your records of previous visits.
  8. rynosback

    Nationwide Health Insurance

    We have Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO. We never see the same doctor or dentist as we are fulltime.
  9. rynosback

    First time blogger...HELP!

    My wife uses the same blog provider.
  10. You want to check other things like voting, insurance (health and auto) and any other things that might effect you. Like stated TX, Fla and SD are the three friendly fulltimer RVer stated to claim as your domicile. I went with SD.
  11. I believe that if you paid 4% or more in another state that you do not owe the 4% excise tax in SD.
  12. rynosback

    The Best Damn Camper Song

  13. rynosback

    How do you travel around once set up at a park?

    I tow my 40’ 5ver with my Ran 3500 DRW and also have a Mazda 3 as a blocker when towing and then we Explore in that also.
  14. rynosback

    Made Domicile Mistake

    SD is your way to go. And if they have been registered and you have paid more them 4% tax on it in another state, it is my understanding that you will not have to pay there 4% to register it. I found it easy to get a mailing address. I was with Teri Lund for years and she made it REALLY easy and walked us through everything. But they closed there doors quickly with no notice. I am now with Escapees. Like said, make a clean break with Wa.
  15. rynosback

    6 michelin 22.5 rv tires used

    She has 2 posts and both are to sell items.
  16. rynosback

    Are You Still In?

    Do the sell it to many company’s for the right to use there new discovery or do they only license one company?
  17. rynosback

    Are You Still In?

    But can you invest in UCLA? Or does someone buy a Patents from them?
  18. rynosback

    Are You Still In?

    You go also go with a marijuana ETF.
  19. rynosback

    Are You Still In?

    From what I understand they bought a percentage of it, not all of it. I think this happened months ago. As they wanted to hedge on infusing TMC oils in the future. Plus I think liquor sales drop when pot is leagal.
  20. rynosback

    Meal plan for RV park guests

    I just stayed in a campground outside Richmond, VA that had free waffles every morning. They cooked them to order and brought them to you.
  21. rynosback

    MyDakotaAddress.com is shutting the doors

    I received an email from the Lake County Treasures office. This is what it said, SUBJECT: My Dakota Address Closure You are receiving this message because our motor vehicle records indicate that you have been using a mail forwarding service based out of Madison, SD called My Dakota Address. As of July 31, 2018 this mail forwarding service has closed. Our office wanted to reach out to you and provide a couple options with this situation. If you have a social security number, a valid state or government issued photo id and a physical address within the United States, our office will still be able to assist you in the future with motor vehicle title and registration. Please contact our office to update your physical address so that you continue to receive your mail in the future. The 110 E Center St address is no longer valid. NOTE: You are not required to have a SD address or a SD driver license in order to title/register motor vehicles in South Dakota. If you truly travel and do not have a physical address, then you will need to utilize a new mail forwarding service. After you have set up an address at a new mail forwarding service, then you will need to use the county where that mail service is located for motor vehicle titles/registrations. Also, please note that if you choose to utilize a mail forwarding service outside of Lake County, you hold a South Dakota driver license and were registered to vote in Lake County, please contact our Auditor’s office at 605-256-7600 to update you voter registry to the correct county. Contact our office if you have additional questions. Thank you Betty Wise Deputy Treasurer Office of Lake County Treasurer 605-256-7618 605-256-7624 Fax Betty.wise@state.sd.us
  22. rynosback

    MyDakotaAddress.com is shutting the doors

    They pay a percentage on each transaction, but they do not have to pay for armored truck service and most importantly will not get robbed. As there is no cash on premise.
  23. rynosback

    Are You Still In?

    I agree and understand. Drop me a PM on who you like or decide to go with.
  24. rynosback

    Are You Still In?

    That is the HUGE piece of Canada leagalizing it, is that there Federal government legalized it.
  25. rynosback

    Rainbow's End price increase

    Good explanation Travis. In over three years of fulltiming I have yet to stay in an Escapees Park. Looking forward to my first stay in one.