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  1. rynosback

    Tom Sawyer Campground

    Located in West Memphis. Just a heads up for people heading this way. Do not go there. There voltage is WAY to low. My Progressive industries EMS would cut the power. As one of the legs would fluctuate from 100-114 volts. Not good for your electronics and electric motors. The maintenance guy replaced the breaker with no change. The maintenance guy was kind and said that he would make it right. He then had us move to another site and the same problem was there also. The office stated that they are booked and they even gave us another site and if I wanted to leave that they would refund us. All of this took 3 hours in 95 degree tempitures. I later found out that there 400amp transformer was trying to put out 500amps.
  2. rynosback

    Full Timing in a Toy Hauler

    I would check with a DRV forum and ask people who have them on there. This is the best and most active DRV forum on the web. http://www.thorforums.com/forums/f29/ There is also a big group on Facebook. hope this helps, best of luck with your research.
  3. rynosback

    Redwood trailer

    I agree. I’m pretty sure that Lippert makes the frame for DRV. But like you said, it is built to DRV’s specs as a fully boxed frame.
  4. rynosback

    Redwood trailer

    Here is another forum that you can look at. http://www.thorforums.com/forums/f16/
  5. rynosback

    Tom Sawyer Campground

    I was in site 11 in the first section at first, not the two river sections. Then was moved to there reserve lot, I think there are three sites there. It is across from the first section toward the office.
  6. rynosback

    Tom Sawyer Campground

    This was not our first time there either. Never had an issue before. But I thought that I would pass this along. The great thing about the place is FREE laundry.
  7. rynosback

    Free eBooks

    Thanks Linda. We find connecting with our home state library and down loading books for free has worked for us.
  8. congratulations on your new adventure fulltime.
  9. rynosback

    Mobley Sim

    Keep us updated. The concern was that ATT can see what device it is installed in. I also have an Explorer 815 and moved the sim back on these rumors. I just do not want to lose my 20 plan.
  10. rynosback

    2010 New Horizons Majestic 37 RLTSS

    Bad link found it, https://www.ebay.com/itm/2010-New-Horizons-Majestic-37-RLTSS/273258332647?hash=item3f9f7741e7:g:iu0AAOSwKwBbFJPX
  11. rynosback

    Jack Pads

    I ran them as singles for about 2 years and now have most of them nailed in blocks of two for the last year.
  12. rynosback

    Jack Pads

    Thanks for the tip. I like the idea. We currently use wood 2x10x10 blocks under the jacks to reduce the ram of the jacks. Been working great for three years. But when I place then under the wheels they tend to crack. But like you said, I could have between 2 -7 blocks under any given jack to solve any leveling problem. Plus it distributes the load even better.
  13. rynosback

    ATT cracking down on Mobley?

    I called them also and was told the same thing. I kept the transcript. But I also put it back in to the Mobley.
  14. rynosback

    ATT cracking down on Mobley?

    I would watch Ebay and keep calling AT&T to see if they get one. In the meantime let us know if AT&T takes any action.
  15. rynosback

    Hard Wired Internet

    I use a ZTE Mobley (hot spot) and run it through my WiFi Ranger Go AC. There are several gigabite ports so you can hard wire if you need to.
  16. rynosback

    Closing account

    But if you hard delete them, all of there posts and threads go. And that can screw some things up. Plus I think when singing up you give the ownership of your posts to the forum owners.
  17. rynosback

    Closing account

    I believe that the admin can hard delete it. But that is not to say that it has not been mirrored on several servers. Like you said, once you put it on the web, it is always out there.
  18. rynosback

    Closing account

    I agree, don’t sign back in and post and you should be good to go.
  19. rynosback

    Glass cabinets in RVs

    I ordered my 5th wheel with all of the glass door panels deleted and went with all wood doors. I did not hear one issue with the glass inserts, I just did not like the look. Either way you should be fine.
  20. Truck with USAA and they refer to Progressive for the 5th wheel.
  21. rynosback

    New 5th wheel, what would you do?

    Just tell them that you want it fixed before you pick the unit up. There is not ONE manufacture that produces a perfect 5th wheel. PDI should find and correct items before you even see the unit. The dealer should have PDIedit before you even saw the unit. Did you put a deposit on it because you said that you made some changes?
  22. rynosback

    Nose high?

    I agree. Plus being that nose high puts more weight on the rear axles. More then likely being to much weight for them.
  23. rynosback

    Garmin vs Rand McNally RV GPS

    Will it route you? It will. But it will not let you input your height, weight, width and hazards. That is the BIG reason to go with the Garmin Dezl. It gives the same warnings as well as steep grade warnings. I bet these people did not have a Garmin Dezl in there truck. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xzkWTcDZFH0
  24. rynosback

    Garmin vs Rand McNally RV GPS

    I went with a Garmin DEZL 770 and LOVE it. It has not gotten me stuck once in 3 years. And mine is loaded with campgrounds.
  25. rynosback

    Big Bend

    Looking for suggestions on campgrounds to stay at or avoid in the Big Bend, TX area. Just need full hookups, nothing over the top. Thanks for the advise.