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  1. Are You Still In?

    I saw a missile silo house on extreme homes several years ago. VERY COOL!!
  2. MaximumSignal Update?

    The first one installed was a dealer by the factory that was recommended by the manufacture. DRV replaced it the 2nd time. I would be glad to call you to see if we can get it working. As I was wanting this option to help give me WiFi. Sending you a PM with my info. Thanks
  3. MaximumSignal Update?

    ????? I am going to call them again. My WiFi Ranger is a piece of sh@t. I ordered the 5ver with it. They never installed it from the factory. 1 year later I had it installed. It was bad. Had it replaced a year later at N/C and still does not work. It turns off and on for no reason. SO GLAD that I got the Mobley as I could not rely on the junk ranger. If I had to do it all over again, I would not have optioned it.
  4. MaximumSignal Update?

    John, if you are not in a hurry, just buy one on EBay. The one I just bought was from there. Brand new with everything that came with it for $89 shipped.
  5. MaximumSignal Update?

    Yes. I did a manual update when I first powered it up also
  6. MaximumSignal Update?

    Yes. I did a manual update when I first powered it up.
  7. MaximumSignal Update?

    John, I just received my Explorer 815s. Attached is a pic of speed test results. The newest two are with the Explorer 815s and the others are with the Mobley. There is a HUGE difference at least here. http://www.m109riders.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=363841&d=1512617412
  8. MaximumSignal Update?

    That is a tough question as there are a ton of things that can effect cell phone signals. But in a nut shell the 850 has 6 more bands and can also broadcast in 2.4 and 5 ghz where the Mobley can not. so in most places I would say you would see an increase in bars and speeds. Below are the specs of the two devices. MOBLEY http://www.m109riders.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=363729&d=1512457678 UNITE EXPLORER 815s http://www.m109riders.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=363737&d=1512457700 I am also glad that your wifi Ranger is working for you as mine SUCKS and was a complete waste of money.
  9. MaximumSignal Update?

    John, just read the page before your past asking. It was just stated. But in a nut shell it can work on several other bands that the Mobley can not. Speeds are about doubled on the average.
  10. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    You should have that one for sure as it will protect your electronics. I think what you get home will depend on his interests. I just bought a nice 41 inch tool box on a GREAT price of $209. So now I can put all my tools and parts in one place. We also picked up 2 gravity chairs as my wife has always wanted them. Only $39 a char. We bought them at Northern Tool 2 days ago.
  11. Well if you shipped it around on the same coverages then that is what it is. There are ALOT of factors that go into a premium cost.
  12. MaximumSignal Update?

    Off topic, but I am thinking of getting getting a Netgear DC112A Smart Cradle. As I just bought an Explore 815s. From what I have read it will boost my cellular signal and give me a stronger internal WiFi signal. Is this true? I have one seller on one saying that the newer ones are better then and older DC112a. Is this true? The only difference I would think is the firm ware it is running. Thanks for the tips and advice.
  13. Looking for Good Fuel App

    That is how I do it. We travel between 3-4 hours at a time, so a tank of fuel works out good.
  14. Looking for Good Fuel App

    The thing about in truck navigation is it is just a basic nav system. You can not program in height,weight, haz materials etc....so it does you no good in a hauling situation. This is why I bought the Garmin. If it saves me from one OH SH@T moment, it will pay for it’s self.
  15. Looking for Good Fuel App

    Gas Buddy x three. As far as clearances, I use my Garmin 770dzl if there is any doubt.
  16. MaximumSignal Update?

    Jack, I just bought an Explorer 815s on eBay. If I understand it correctly all I need to do is transfer the SIM card. Will it update the firmware/software when connected? Or do I need to do something manually if even update at all. I am also going to pick up a Netgear DC112A Smart Cradle in hopes that it will boost the signal as well as broadcast a stronger signal. Thanks for your advice and thoughts. I tried to private meaasage you this but the site states that you do not receive PMs.
  17. My wife and I are trying to figure out where in the US needs the most help. We are willing to spend 3-6 months on the ground helping out, and maybe more. One of my concerns is finding an RV Park that is open, operational and has a space for us. I have sent a message to the Red Cross, Ram Nation and I'm going to contact Habbit for Umanity. I was thinking of also stocking up on an item to hand out. Preferably small in size as I need to store it in my 5th wheel and that has a good shelf life and temperature tolerant. An example would be to carry thousands of Lilly pops to hand out. Something to put a smile on there face. Thanks for you thoughts and ideas.
  18. MaximumSignal Update?

    How much better in getting a stronger signal and better speed is the Explore vs the Mobley? Are you running an external antenna on your Explorer? If so what improvement do you notice and which one do you use?
  19. MaximumSignal Update?

    Dutch, What are you using with your Mobley? I am looking to get a booster to give my Mobley a stronger/better signal. I have thought about putting my sim into an Unite Explore, but I worry that ATT could cancel my deal. As it has been said that ATT sees what device is connecting. But the Explore has more bands and broadcasts with more bands also. People report a significant gain with the Explore. But I would like a booster that can work with ATT and Verizon. This way I could use my Mobley or IPhone 6 for my WiFi needs. Thanks for you thoughts and input.
  20. The link below will take you to the Passport America’s Black Friday sale. http://www.m109riders.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=363225&d=1511510120
  21. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Turkey Day everyone. Have a great day with friends and family.
  22. Glad that mine is hard wired. The only thing that gets weather is my power cord.
  23. Ordering a new truck

    I bought my truck in MD and they registered it in SD. I think my dealer used a service that registers vehicles nationally. I left with a temp tag and then they mailed me my SD tags when they received them.
  24. Looking for campsite membership

    Maybe he bought one off of eBay? I did reply 22 minutes after his post...
  25. Need information on frames, suspensions

    Which is better? I guess it depends on who you ask.... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_f3CAnH7WIM