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  1. Campingworld at least right now only carries the 1/2” RV and Marine hose. The 5/8ths is a different hose made by them. https://www.campingworld.com/apex-zero-g-rvmarine-hybrid-hose-630035.html#q=Zero%2Bg&lang=default&start=1
  2. Spend a couple of hours making lots off calls to places you can stay.
  3. Send them a copy of your bill and a bill for an hours worth of work from an attorney to high light where in the contract it states that the TV is covered. Not just covered when towing the 5th wheel.
  4. I agree with most that it all depends on where and when. I always try to book, 4th of July, Labor and Memorial Day anywhere ahead of time Thanksgiving and Christmas can be tough down south in warm weather destinations. If you want to guarantee a spot everywhere you go, then book ahead or be able to boondock during those days.
  5. I have read where they seem to be hit or miss. Meaning it seams that quite a few of them spring a leak with in the first 30 days.
  6. Have you bled the brakes? Assuming you are electric over hydraulic.
  7. I have a 3’ one of those that I use from the rig to the water softener.
  8. Thanks, I was replying at the same time that you posted it. LOL you have the 5/8ths version vs the RV, Marine 1/2 one? In reading they are made of the same materials.
  9. That just takes me to the website, not a specific hose. Been doing some surfing and the Zero-G hose came up. Seems to be really mixed reviews.
  10. I started out with the white water hose that everyone starts off with. I now have the blue Camco 35’ water hose and have had it for almost two years. It is getting stiffer and harder to coil up for travel. Not to mention if it is cold out, it is like wrestling and alligator to coil for transit. I am now thinking of getting a SS type of hose. They seem to be more durable and pliable. But I want one that is food grade safe, lead and BPA free, and at least a 1/2 inside diameter. Larger would be better as my volume coming in would be better. Is anyone using something like this?
  11. I have USAA, but I would call Progressive Insurance. Just make sure that you get a full timers package.
  12. Flooring-tile, carpet, shower, cabinets, slide wood trim, granite counters-kitchen & bath, the couch, theater seats, dining room seats, the fabrics used just to name a few. Some can be optioned with a Mobile and some you have to get a Elite to get that option. We went with a Mobile, some Elite options and custom options.
  13. I am about 13’ 5-6” with two inch risers. This includes the AC units. You have to include them or you could be in trouble. The skylight and fans are lower then the AC units. So high spot is the AC unit. I tow level so both measure the same. But if you tow nose high the front AC should be the highest point. I follow my Garmin DEZL as I have programmed my height, weight and hazards.
  14. I would think so also. Maybe they only have liability insurance and it not covered?
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