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  1. So glad that I bought a back up Mobley as I would hate to lose my $20 unlimited data plan.
  2. The front landing gear I think is about 4’ in length. And then there is the outer tube which extends 2-3” below the bottom of the coach. So the nose of the coach would need to go up about 2-2 1/2”. The few videos I have seen on removing them were over sewer drains.
  3. Most of the local RV repair places do not have pits for the jack to drop into. They jack up the front of the RV I would think by the king pin. No way I would want it done that way to put un needed or wanted stress on my rig. As it was not designed to raise that way or that much.
  4. Thanks for the tip, it they do not remove or install anything.
  5. Hey Jack, is the homebase still available through ATT? I looked and could not find anything. As I have a friend who want to cut the cord from Comcast. What they charge is getting out of hand.
  6. My failure is #2 & #3. #3 was the first to rear its head. I would drop .5 degrees in about an hour. i called Lippert and they emailed me trouble shooting directions and went over the steps over the phone. The rear and center jacks testing fine. When I pulled the orange line off the RF jack fluid was POURING out of it. I pulled the LF one and it was dry coming off. As per there procedures I hit retract and fluid SHOT out of the line. There is not suppose to be any fluid coming out of the lines during this test. It was a little messy. In the process of doing these tests, the RF landing gear is now dropping. Another member with a 2015 just started having them drop. They learned this because they were driving South out of Houston and started hearing some scraping sound when driving down the highway. LUCKILY the pulled over quickly and found that there RF gear was all of the down and SCRAPING the highway!!
  7. Thanks Dan, so do you have the newer style jacks? I had heard that they needed to re-weld new mounting points for the newer styled jacks. I also heard that they are shorter and have less stroke.
  8. See if they will cover, warranty them as this is a very well known problem. It was so well known that DRV switches to a different style jack.
  9. Well, add me to the list of people that have had there front hydraulic jacks fail. Thinking that I might have a couple of options. 1. Lippert covers it and replaces the landing gear with the newer style. If they cover it, still waiting to hear back from them. My concern is that it is a heck of a drive from California. And this time of year, weather could be iffy. For the ones that have gone this route, how are the new ones holding up? I have heard that the newer jacks are shorter. 2. Going to Roberts Quality RV & Service repair in Moore’s Hill, IN. I have heard nothing but great things and that they are top notch with rebuilding the rams. But this has the same drawback, a heck of a drive from California and this time of year can be iffy. Are you happy that you went this way and any advice? 3. Trying to find a local or somewhat local place to get it done. Thanks for you incite and advice.
  10. My front hydraulic landing jacks are internally bad, leaking down. Still waiting to see if Lippert will step up and do something. If they do nothing I have read that Robert’s Quality RV service & repair in Moore’s Hill, IN is the go to place. But since I’m in California by San Francisco that is a hell of a drive. Any recommendations of a quality place closer that can rebuild them? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  11. I would agree completely about a SRW towing a DRV. I have been at one DRV rally and everyone had a 3500, 350 DRW, MDT and even a HDT.
  12. Just Google them and drop by and check it out. This way you can see if they are up to your standards. I think I came across one so so one in 4 1/2 years.
  13. My reply button works. Looks like a nice place. Outdoor Resort is located at 69411 Ramon Rd, Cathedral City, CA 92234 Maybe providing more information instead of just a link might help? Like how much?
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