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  1. I think the economy is going to slow sales more then anything. Plus when other manufactures really start coming out with them, they will be cheaper then a Tesla plus will have a tax rebate.
  2. rynosback


    Most of the SKP co-ops are first come first serve in my experience. I would have hoped that he called ahead to ask how the park is looking. Nothing worse then driving somewhere just to find out that they are closed. And I’m sure that is the root of his mis understanding. I never used to call ahead, but I will be doing that for the next 3 months or more.
  3. I should have bought when it went down to $350. I even called it 6 weeks ago. But reading a lot of technical charts and opinions on people who make and read charts, they think this is up way to fast and that we will test the lows again. I think it is great that Uncle Sam is pumping trillions into the US. But when the death tolls start rising, the markets should go down again.
  4. This is why I ordered a 4x2. $3000 less then a 4x4, less maintenance, more GVWR and more then likely slightly better millage, all because 4x2s are not caring around that transfer case, front axle and cv shafts. Has to be at least 350 lighter.
  5. I have a SD License, but use my Rainbow drive address for everything but my license and tags. This is correct yes?
  6. Done, I used the rainbow dr as my address. Did you all do the same?
  7. Joel, thanks for the reply and confirming what I thought. I’m getting more technical but still not up to your level on the Rangers.
  8. I do not like any oil stocks now. Way to unstable. It is a yield trap. You might get the yield of 9.52 but if the stock goes down another 20% your not making money.
  9. Can the Ranger GO AC router use IP vanish? I know that there is “safe surf”, but that puts your IP at the company headquarters. I think it would be more efficient then using it on every device.
  10. Here is the letter I was talking about. https://www.m109riders.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=387202&d=1584844877
  11. Well, one county in TX has mandated the close of ALL campgrounds and Hotels. Effective this Monday.
  12. I get that, but when you close and tell everyone that they have to leave, you are causing movement of people. At that defeats The Whole goal of shelter in place. You leave them open and close up all of the buildings. I say this as I’m a full time RVer and campgrounds are my home. Weekend warriors should not travel and stay in there stick and bricks home.
  13. I personally think any restaurants stock will not be a buy for a while. I think it is going to get worse before it gets better. I mean a lot of business are closing, especially bars and restaurants, I think there is ALOT more paint to come on those.
  14. I agree. I have the hard wired EMS. It has cut off power to my rig several times because of low power. I have read that their customer service is the best and they back there product.
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