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  1. rynosback


    No problem. We have been going everyday for desert.
  2. rynosback

    Costco vs Sams Club

    I agree. But I just thought I would through that into the mix. As there are only 3 large wholesale clubs out there.
  3. rynosback

    Costco vs Sams Club

    Should I add BJ’s to the mix? :hide:
  4. rynosback


    If you are looking for a good burger and wonderful custard, check out Freddy’s. And between April 15 - 24th to celebrate Freddy’s 94th Birthday. You get a single scoop cone or dish for only $.94. I get mine 1/2 chocolate and vanilla. https://freddysusa.com/birthday/
  5. rynosback

    DRV water intrusion poll

    The poll is public. It records who voted on each line. This is how I figured out on another forum that they were not DRV owners. Click on show results then click on the number of people in that selection. It then pops up with what screen names choose that in there polling. I did this for transparency. My intention was to help Jim gather data and give a tool to look at the some numbers at a glance.
  6. rynosback

    DRV water intrusion poll

    “If you have not had any rot be glad and please DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD. As we want to keep anything posted relevant and not full of chatter.Thanks for your participation and respecting of what we are asking.” I am sorry if anyone feels that this is unreasonable. I even posted a link to the thread that Jim started so you could go there directly. Jim never directed me what to say or anything. In my opinion it is easier to look at each post and collect data vs going through pages of posts weeding out the information that Jim needs. As they say, no good dead goes unpunished.
  7. rynosback

    DRV water intrusion poll

    I had it on another forum and had to start another poll as Ace and other RV owners with other makes where taking the poll. Failing to read anything that was posted in the very first post. Consider yourself lucky that you have not had any issues. We can figure out how many DRVs were built by vin numbers. I just posted this to help Jim out. His original post is linked in this first post. People with issues search out forums for advise and expertise on certain things. I am sorry that you feel left out.
  8. rynosback

    DRV water intrusion poll

    Apple to Apples? It is a simple question to me, do you have rot due to water intrusion. I tried to make this easy for Jim to connect to people with issues with out having to go through pages of chat. I am sorry if this inconveniences you. Do you own a DRV?
  9. rynosback

    Garmin GPS

    I agree that they add in so many inches as a safety measure. Makes sense to me that they do that.
  10. rynosback

    Garmin GPS

    Not sure, I know my rig is and every bridge I go under I can clear. So if I hit one, I will be going to the local government and state to make me whole.
  11. rynosback

    Snowbird Park in Phoenix or RGV with Woodshop

    I would call them as stated. We stayed there through a Thousand Trails zone pass with the add on of the Trails collection. It was $20 a night for us to stay there.
  12. rynosback

    Sales Tax

    I would really think about this and consult a tax attorney. As if you file AZ state taxes, there is a chance they could come after you to register everything with them and force you to change your domicile from TX. I am full time and stay maybe a month or two at most in one spot. My legal domicile is SD. I never file any state taxes as SD does not have any.
  13. rynosback

    Garmin GPS

    I would think that would make the city/town liable for any damage if the actual clearance was less then posted. And your rig was under the posted clearance.
  14. rynosback

    DRV 5th Wheel Water Intrusion

    Jim, I placed the pole in the 5th wheel section. http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/134986-drv-water-intrusion-poll/
  15. rynosback

    DRV water intrusion poll

    This poll is for 2012 and up DRV Mobile Suites, Elite Suites, Fullhouse, Tradition, Estate and Air models ONLY. If you have or had water intrusion that caused rot this poll is for you. You can vote for more then one choice also.If you answer yes to any of the poll, please then reply with your year, model and last 4 of your vin. Also post if it is currently rotting or if you have had it repaired already. If you have had it repaired, please post the date of the repair, what was repaired, and the amount of the repair if you wish to disclose this.We know this is an issue, but we are trying to grasp on how large of an issue.If you have not had any rot be glad and please DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD. As we want to keep anything posted relevant and not full of chatter.Thanks for your participation and respecting of what we are asking.This thread was started for Walker from this thread, http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/134972-drv-5th-wheel-water-intrusion/ If you have voted in the DRV section on the Thor forum there is no need to take the pole again.