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  1. I tow my DRV Mobile Suites with a Ram 3500 with no problem. I believe insuring a 350 is much easier the a 450 and HDT.
  2. No Dutch said he was using a 770. The Unite 770S I'm using is not unlocked. I got it from "h2o Wireless", an AT&T MVNO. i did nothing to it except install the Mobley SIM and change the APN to match the Mobley's setting. Plus the usual security settings, etc., as you would for any hotspot.
  3. This thread was suppose to be about the Explorer, 815. And you mentioned that you are using the 770 model. I travel full time, so I am not in the same spot for any long period of time. My thought of going this route is that I can make a weak signal a useable one. From what I have read the 770, 781 and 815s can get a better signal and have the option of a plug in antenna ports to even get a better signal. And that the models always keep improving with the latest chip, increasing speeds. Plus some of them you can run in 2.4 and 5g which also increase speeds. I get and agree that this is an AWESOME plan. It seems to be the forum that has the most information on this topic. This is why I quoted it. Not sure if it is 100% fact, but this is the first step into researching this.
  4. Post 914, Since AT&T does not endorse putting the Mobley SIM into any other device, I can not imagine they would do this. Only time will tell if accounts where SIMs activated on the Connected Car plan and put into other devices will be shut down . . . with or without warning and whether or not under contract.
  5. all of these coming from this thread. http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php/1894167-Stand-alone-AT-amp-amp-T-Unlimited-ZTE-Mobley-Hotspot-now-only-20!!!!!/page59
  6. Post 873, AT&T velocity prepaid shows up as an unknown device and it's more stable than the Unite Explore
  7. Post 779, into my samsung galaxy and it works well! However, when I log into my account now instead of seeing Mobley as a device now it is showing my galaxy phone but the plan is still $20 unlimited...... Will this cause any problem ?
  8. I think I am on page 56 of 276 pages. I think someone said on about 51-56 that they might be able to see that you are using a different device and could cut off your service. I will look for it and post it if if I come across it again.
  9. So we do not know if a Explorer (815) works with the Mobleys SIM card. Being that it is the most up to date model vs the 770 or 781(pro). Would it recognize that this chip is from another device. I do not mean the SIM card itself, but it knowing on what plan and device it was programmed into. I say this because AT&T has the Mobleys info attached to the SIM card in it. Maybe I am thinking that they are more advanced then they are?
  10. We are in Davis,WVA and I think we were about 85%. here are some of the pics that I took using my solar glasses. http://www.m109riders.com/forums/showthread.php?t=285538&page=3&p=3838289#post3838289
  11. I have been getting notices since June 13th, http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/127947-att-email-about-stream-saver/#comment-901965 Looks like the finally did it.
  12. Do you know when they changed to a micro SIM card?
  13. I am not worried about the size. I would rather have one that retrieves the signal the strongest and broadcasts good as well. What do you think my best option would be using my SIM card? Thanks
  14. If I was not concerned about the size, but which one can get a better/stronger signal and broadcast the furthest.
  15. Has anyone tried this hot spot with a Mobley SIM card? https://www.amazon.com/AT-MiFi-Liberate-Mobile-Hotspot/dp/B00A42N9TI it was reviewed really well hear. https://www.cnet.com/products/novatel-mifi-liberate-at-t/review/