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  1. I have a 50 amp hard wired Progressive Industries unit. Would not be with out it. I even carry a Hughs Autoformer for low voltage citations. Between the two, my rigs electronics and anything I plug in is as safe as can be.
  2. rynosback

    GY 114 Tire

    I have made it south. Trying to deal with Goodyear soon, as it has been raining quit a bit and more rain is expected.
  3. rynosback

    GY 114 Tire

    Prorated my tires with a $170 cost to me.
  4. rynosback

    GY 114 Tire

    As long as they cost under $170 to replace a tire, I will stay with Goodyear. If one would separate they will cover the damage that the tire causes. I do not know of any other tire manufacture that will do that.
  5. rynosback

    GY 114 Tire

    Drive safe Clay. I just put my spare on yesterday as I did not like the way the tire was looking. Once I finish traveling South also, I will go to a Goodyear store.
  6. I have been using Channel Masters DVR for almost 5 years now. Works great. https://www.channelmaster.com/OTA_DVR_s/336.htm I use a Firestick now to watch most of my shows. But then you will have a data concern not to mention how the signal is where you are. The more things you have in your arsenal the better you will be.
  7. Who knows if it will keep rising. If I ever knew that I would never have looses on stocks. All of my picks would be winners.
  8. Tell me about it. I should have dumped most of my pot stocks. But it is a long term investment. But as you said my Curaleaf stock has held up the best. I bought some Target about 6 months ago and it has done quite well.
  9. I agree completely. Not to mention that his shower head, faucets, toilet, not just the flap but the water ports and even the drainage system will last longer as it will not get the build up that hard water gives. And your skin will thank you as a bonus.
  10. Wow, 90 views and no one is there? Guess I will try the Escapees Facebook also.
  11. Glad to hear that they stepped up and fixed your rig. I had heard that some people were covered over a year and others paid the full amount to have the newer jacks replaced.
  12. Oh ya they are aware of it. From what I understand Lippert has been retrofitting rigs everyday for the past couple of years. Not to mention another well known place named Roberts that has been rebuilding them one a day for a couple of years. Just naming two places that have been doing it. What you here is , your out of the one year warranty. And I heard that there are some failure rates even on the new styled jacks. This is why it is important to call NHTSA and file a complaint. It will force them to do the right thing.
  13. Even walking with a cell phone is an issue. https://www.rd.com/culture/texting-and-walking-injuries/
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