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  1. Ordering a new truck

    I bought my truck in MD and they registered it in SD. I think my dealer used a service that registers vehicles nationally. I left with a temp tag and then they mailed me my SD tags when they received them.
  2. Looking for campsite membership

    Maybe he bought one off of eBay? I did reply 22 minutes after his post...
  3. Need information on frames, suspensions

    Which is better? I guess it depends on who you ask.... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_f3CAnH7WIM
  4. Any advice on wintering in RGV?

    Thanks I found the add you were talking about. http://www.m109riders.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=362225&d=1510560394
  5. Looking for campsite membership

    14 of them listed here. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR11.TRC1.A0.H0.Xthousand+trails.TRS0&_nkw=thousand+trails&_sacat=0
  6. Need information on frames, suspensions

    Not sure what information you are looking at about frames. I believe only 3 of the above you listed have boxed frames and the remaining have I beam frames. I went with a boxed frame as it is stronger. Because of that it will be a heavier unit. I also opted for the Moryde IS suspension. I believe that your money is best spent on the most upgraded foundation possiable. Best of luck on your search. the previous poster has some good points.
  7. 2012 Mobile Suites, DRV

  8. Any advice on wintering in RGV?

    Duplicate post...urggggggg.
  9. Any advice on wintering in RGV?

    We stayed in Palmview for 2 months last winter. We are heading back to the same place in a couple of weeks. We stayed at Green Gate Grove. We loved it there. It is a community of houses, RV lots and mobile homes. There are a TON of options in the RGV to choose from.
  10. Any advice on wintering in RGV?

    Where did you find the $199 special? I would love to check out this place while we are down there. Right now we are slated for a month in Palmview.
  11. Full Timer Insurance

    I agree completely. I shop my rates every 2 years. And I make sure that the coverages are the same if not better then our current policy.
  12. SAFETY RECALL!!! Fire Extinguishers!!

    I guess I need to find a place to land for a month or more, so I can order them. Thanks for the link.
  13. Not sure what you are asking? Besides the answer of saving up for what ever you would want. Our plan is 10 years or more right now. Could even go more. Might even just move a couple times a year after 10 years. No real plans but exploring the US. If something needs to change, we will make a decision when needed.
  14. Water heater won't light/ stay lit

    Also make sure that your ground to the spark rod is good.
  15. Dump valves

    If I were to go electric. Is there any electric valve that is better then another?