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  1. I’m assuming that my current shares will change over as well. Going to call the brokerage firm and ask about it. There reverse split had me worried.
  2. This was back in March with Able bank. They were the highest out there at the time with no exclusions. Now it looks like they are .6% !!
  3. Edited because I saw that he now said that it could several posts later.
  4. I’m still on the sidelines with most of my cash. I put a little into a few stocks about a week after the dip. But I think there is another coming. There is NO reason that the market should be this high. I know the Fed has poured TRILLIONS into it, but that still does not change the fact that is it where is it. The NASDAQ has made a V recovery!! WHAT??
  5. I felt that I needed to post what I posted to help protect the vulnerable people that get duped, so they would not be. My nephew wired $1500 through Western Union because someone called him pretending to be the IRS. So since that I try to very clearly show people that things like this are scams so the are not parted with their hard earned money.
  6. I’m done wasting my time explaining why this is a red flag and even put up the real numbers. So if anyone decides to give there hard earned $65,000, you have been warned and deserve to lose it if you give it. And if you do, please do not post that you got taken by that person. As you were warned. safe travel and keep healthy.
  7. A person with a good/great FICO score can rip people off as much as someone with a crappy FICO score. My FICO score is 820, could you please send me $65,000? attached are some pictures of loan calculators. I did for get that she said that she was going to pay back by-weekly. These are the numbers. She wants $65,000 and will pay you by-weekly (every two weeks) for 5 years. She states that you will make a $30,000 profit. The only factor you do not have is the interest rate. you think she is giving you 6%. That calculates to $10303.91 in interest. That’s $19,696.09 short of what she offered. To get to the $30,000 she advertised it comes in at 16.23%. Am I miss understanding this simple math equation? this is your 6%, This is my 16.23
  8. I just found it weird that lets say a 3 bar signal, which is not that bad in my book. The the booster could degrade the signal instead of boosting it to 4 or 5 bars. At least that is how I logically think.
  9. Compare this to sex with questioning if you should wear a condom. If you want to reduce your chances of contracting a venereal diseases or become a parent, WHERE A CONDOM. If you want to reduce your risk of getting Covid 19, WHERE A MASK. Why over think what makes sense?
  10. To the poster. Why would you pay anyone 16.077% interest? You do realize that you can get a loan for a CRAP LOAD less? The range is.99 to 5.99%. This is 65k x 60 months with bad credit. My Mom taught me, if it is to good to be true then it is. Do you really get people to fall for this? My Mom also said that there is a sucker born everyday. I take it you only deal through Western Union also...
  11. And only has one post. I think their intent is very clear. The market is bad enough, I’m not going to give my money away.
  12. There are TONS of threads on this. Have you tried to search that question? Garmin 770 Dezl (truckers gps).
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