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  1. That is what we used to do when we had our class C. When we got to a place that we were going to be at for a week or more, we would just rent a car from enterprise.
  2. Mine ATT manager still looks the same. I keep mine plugged in for 12-16 hours a day.
  3. Jim, Why would you not be able to buy another Mobley and just transfer the SIM? They should be able to repair the new Mobleys SIM to the newer unit. This way you are still staying in the spirit of the rules of the “Mobley” $20 a month deal. I would call car connect to confirm that it can be done and if there is any process.
  4. I’m on the sidelines also. There are predictions that it will go up to $800-$900.
  5. Hopefully the autonomous driving for ~ $7,000 is still $7000 when you decide to get it. People on the cyber truck FB say that it will more then likely go up if you decide to get it years down the road.
  6. I have seen several apps for Android but not for Apple. If I could spoof it, I would just do that with Locast.
  7. Well that sucks. I was hoping I could just have it set to Baltimore’s local channels and watch them anywhere we are.
  8. It is stored in the cloud. You tube stores your recording on there server.
  9. You can call TT and ask any questions as there are TONS of different levels of memberships. Just tell them that you are looking to buy the membership. Make sure to give them the membership number so they can look it up. Member Number 290085325.
  10. So If I use YouTube tv I can set the local channels to any city? Specifically Baltimore no matter where I am? If so, would that setting be locked on all my devices? How many devices can be logged on? So glad to hear that you are enjoying it.
  11. You have it right. The more tools you have in your arsenal the better. I have a Ranger and hot spot. So between the two we are always connected. The only new thing that might be coming is Starlink.
  12. I was just thinking. Both address are no issue, as one is your domicile address and the other is your mailing address. There is a difference between the two.
  13. Not sure about Fl, but I use SD through SKPs. The SD address is only for registration purposes. Anything that is sent there is just forwarded to the Livingston address. As this is the main corporate office for SKPs. All of my bills, financials, insurance have the Rainbow Dr address. So I would suspect Fl. is set up the same way.
  14. You could also go to the Facebook DRV sections and try to sell your rig. There are owners and people looking to buy on there all the time. To me it is about trying to reach your targeted buyer. To me it will not get any better then there as that is why they are there. One guy posted that he used to have a DRV, sold it and bought a class A and wants to go back to a DRV. Sounds like a match made in Heaven to me.
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