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  1. rynosback

    Loco Weed!

    Sweet!! I have been watching Nbev. But I hate chasing. We will look for a pull back.
  2. rynosback

    Are You Still In?

    I am changing companies with my 403s. The picture below is my “managed” account. I told them years ago that I wanted to invest aggressively. So the really FUNNY, f@#ked up really thing is that investing in a fixed income dropped 31%. I would think that a fixed income would be more bonds or low yielding funds. What a joke of this management. I, a novice invester make better investments choices. I should have pulled these funds decades ago. https://www.m109riders.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=380320&d=1539380403
  3. rynosback

    Are You Still In?

    This is government for you.
  4. rynosback

    Loco Weed!

    Did you buy the same stock that you were in? Why not pick another company as one might not make it, but the other would.
  5. rynosback

    Mobley power options change

    I keep mine on for 12-16 hours a day with no issues.
  6. rynosback

    Toilet paper...

    We have been using Angle Soft for YEARS. Just make sure that it is septic safe.
  7. rynosback

    RGV Cheap RV lots

    We checked out tons of places to stay when we first got there. Green Gate Grove was hands down the best one for us. Renting for a season is a great choice.
  8. rynosback

    RGV Cheap RV lots

    3G, meaning cellular? Talking on the phone was good, but data was not that great. We were always close to the clubhouse so we could capture the clubhouses WiFi. I did not notice the wind blowing all of the time. I did not feel unsafe there at all. If you walk or bike inside of the community it is 2 miles. There is a bike bath close by. Temps can vary. Some years are warmer. Last year was much cooler compared to other years. We just set to 72 and it does what is needed. I think the sales go in cycles. But there are a TON of RV spots in that area. Which lot are you looking at? I would rent there to see if you like it. We played a lot of cards, used the pool and hot tub all the time. And there are quite a few clubs to cover a wide range of interests.
  9. rynosback

    RGV Cheap RV lots

    I stayed in Green Gate Grove for the past 3 winters for a couple of months. We really liked the place and the people. What did you want to know about it?
  10. rynosback

    Saws - Chain and Pole

    I carry a hand saw and an 8 foot ladder. I stay 99% of the time in commercial campgrounds. They have all said that they are big rig friendly. I even inform them I am really tall as I have risers added to my 5ver. If there is a limb in my way I just cut it. I do not want to damage my rig on there lack of maintenance. So consider it a public service for tree maintenance. If they ever confronted me, I would ask them if they would have rather me send them a bill for the damage? As they stated that they were Big rig friendly and I even informed them about me being really tall. I have never hacked at a tree. I give it a clean cut. Better for the tree that way instead of my rig breaking something off. I thin in almost 4 years now of full timing I have only had to trim a hand full of trees.
  11. rynosback

    Are You Still In?

    Counting the days.
  12. rynosback

    Are You Still In?

    It is a roller coaster ride. It has been since I have been in them for 6 months. But like you, I am long.
  13. rynosback

    A good GPS unit?

    Garmin Dezl 770
  14. If you look at your account details it will show up as an Explore Elite when your sim is in it and if it was in your Mobley it shows up as your Mobley. It is good to hear that you have not been shut down or gotten any notice from them.
  15. Nice, congratulations! http://www.thorforums.com/forums/f29/ It is the best DRV forum out there.