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  1. I agree. You will be less energy efficient plus it makes another place to be broken in. I would think that the best way would be just to order a new door assembly if you really wanted to go that route. I ordered mine with a solid door. I know some people ordered a solid door with a peephole.
  2. Jurry Summons

    I received one also, I then I called my mailing service and if I remember correctly I had to write in informing them that I am a full time RVer.
  3. That is AWESOME!! But one small problem....... we can not invest into it.
  4. Hughes 50 Amp Autoformer

    How often do you need to have the unit reconditioned?
  5. Help me think through raising my 5th wheel

    This also is a good solution.
  6. Help me think through raising my 5th wheel

    I had riser blocks installed when I ordered my coach. I know of other guys that have gone to Moryde to have risers installed. They looked at the set up and determined what size blocks to weld to the frame to tow level and have good clearance on the bed rails.
  7. Want to buy Thousand Trails

    We full time and have not needed to buy one yet. I thought it would be a good option when we first started off. But Good Sams and Pass Port America have been the best memberships that we have bought. As we try to stay Monthly at places and the Mothly rate is a rate that no membership can discount. I think when we travel the west coast, I might try TT region membership out.
  8. Want to buy Thousand Trails

    Did TT buy the block out for a new campground or is there a business there that sells TT memberships?
  9. Hair Stylist or Barber or Other

    I just go to a local barber when my hair gets long.
  10. SpaceX Falcon Heavy Lifts Off

    I guess if the payload was a camper then you would be good to go.
  11. Does anyone know open campgrounds on east coast

    The campground in College Park, MD is year round. http://cherryhillpark.com
  12. Hughes Autoformer RV 220-50

    Do you need to have these conditioned every so many years?
  13. Free Parking in Texas

    Good point, and this member only has three posts all in this thread. Not saying that they are on the up and up.
  14. Progressive bait and switch.

    No they are not all the same one. In your thinking there is just one insurance company that insures the world.