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  1. I would agree. But this is not the world we live in anymore. I sold my house and contents on Craigslist and FB market place. About 50% of the people never get back to you. They ask if you have the item. And the last sentence in my ad is, if this ad is still listed, I still have the item. And they ask questions that are answered in the listing. And now I am selling my Moms house and contents. People crack me up how lazy and how they want to be pampered. Maybe I should start my replies with yes Princess. LOL
  2. I had mine set with no timers. I have had mine plugged in for 24 hours for 10 days so far with no cutoffs or anything.
  3. But it sounds like he does not reliable WiFi, cellular signal.
  4. From what I am reading that you channel surf all the time. I think you should just get satellite tv. This way no internet is needed. You just need a clear view to the sky. Plus you can record shows and have them store them for watching on demand. Plus you can change your feed based on your location by calling them with a new zip code. So it sounds like streaming is not for you based upon what you are saying.
  5. Steaming does replace cable and satellite. But you need WiFi/data to stream. Now if you can capture an OTA signal. You can dvr OTA tv. If you were somewhere where you had OTA you could dvr them and store TB of shows. But If you watch on a regular basis, I would think you would watch your recordings then. How does it not have any infrastructure? I bet AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile would disagree with you that they have no infrastructure. There are thousands of towers across the US.
  6. Do you mean download the CBS app? You will need internet to view CBS all access. Any type of streaming will require internet/WiFi. You could also go with a jail broken Firestick.
  7. Well if you do not have a camper of any sort, why buy a gps? Download Waze, the BEST free gps app out there hands down. But if you are going to get a rig, go Garmin Dezl. It is an awesome gps.
  8. I can tell you that MD does not care what they bought it for. They look up the book value and that is what you pay tax on. I believe transfers in direct family waves the sales tax. And condition of the item can change it when documented. But every state is different.
  9. I contribute regularly. I should report more campgrounds, but lately I have been staying at Elks Lodges.
  10. Can you ever have to many tools? I carry an air compressor for tires and a nail gun also. I left all my air tools in my Snap On box. I have bought some adapters so I can use sockets on my electric drill. If I can fix it, I will and need to have the proper tools to do the job. I had three totes full of tools. Instead of guessing what was in which box, I just bought that 41” tool chest to keep it all in one spot and much better organized. Basic tools are a hammer, bigger hammer screw drivers and some duct tape. 😉
  11. This is my toolbox in my rig.
  12. I would call Progressive also. They might be quoted with the brokers.
  13. Thanks, I noticed that 5 posts under when I posted the above. And even acknowledged how cool that technology is getting better for us right after his post. I was just commenting on information that you provided and did not want to speculate anything.
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