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  1. Packing a minimum of clothing

    Oh dear. Sorry Linda Sand. I guess this forum is way too serious for me. In this current world humor is in sort supply. Seems it's getting shorter. This will be my last post on the SKPs forum. Seems folks are way to sensitive for me. Regards
  2. Packing a minimum of clothing

    You guys obviously don't travel with a wife!!!!! The amount of clothes carried is always proportional to the amount of storage space.
  3. Lassen Volcanic National Park

    In 2016 we drove from Redding on hwy 44. No issues with the road. It's an interesting NP. Some sections of road are steep and windy but nothing that really rings any alarm bells. Can't help with campgrounds. regards
  4. Denver Co.

    We have stayed at Cherry Creek a few times. Just be aware that on two occasions we experienced pretty aggressive enforcement of their 2 vehicle policy. Motorhome and toad was 2 vehicles and the toad had to pay day fees. Where as tow vehicle and tt/5th wheel were one vehicle and the tow vehicle could come and go. We debated the situation with rangers. And lost! BTW the volunteers were great. They sided with us but to no avail. It may have changed but!!! Just be aware. regards
  5. New Vs Used

    Go with your heart. Ask yourself which is more important. Money in the bank or that warm fuzzy feeling you get in a nice RV. Sure money is important but!!!!!!! regards
  6. NPS Max Lengths

    Keep in mind that leveling a 40 ft motorhome is way different to a 40 ft 5th wheel or 40ft tt. 5th wheels and tt's have their wheels in the center but a motorhome has a longer wheel base. Different pivot points. So it's harder to level a motorhome on the same site. regards
  7. NPS Max Lengths

    Length is a bit meaningless. Do they mean length of rig or length of site? We found that a 40ft didn't mean you could put a 40ft motorhome on it. Was it wide enough to also hold our toad? (Tow vehicle if you are towing). Was it a 40ft site suitable for a mountain goat because of excessive slope? Was it wide enough for slides? Were the trees trimmed so you could back into that 60ft long site. Hang on. Back in? Er some folks can't back up. My point being is that use given lengths as a 'general guide' only. Better still go and have a look at the site before committing to it. We loved public parks but most were built before the big rigs were popular. regards
  8. The Mercedes is built basically as a highway/delivery vehicle. Most Americans think of diesels as heavy duty tow vehicles. Not so with these European based diesels. The issue with carrying capacity is not a motor/chassis problem. Rather a problem created by body builders over building. Same happens with all motorhomes regardless of if it's a A,B or C class. I would be more than happy with a Sprinter 'provided' that the coach work/body wasn't over built. They are all over the world doing great work. They simply aren't a 'typical' American heavy iron motor. regards
  9. Electric Toilet Issues

    We had a similar problem. I turned the water off. Emptied it. Then I sprayed a healthy does of silicon spray in to the bowl and let is sit. Worked fine. No more leaks. However the electric mech eventually failed. (Ever tried to open and close one on those things by hand?) So out with the old and in with a simple foot pedal job. Never another issue. regards
  10. We've done similar a couple of times. Roads are generally good. But we have always found Duluth a real challenge. Last time there was plenty of road works. It's an old area so roads aren't that great. Road out to Marquette is fine. Pretty country. Although we almost hit a bear crossing the road!
  11. Sprinters are very popular all around the world. Both as commercial vehicles and RVs. They are 'almost' bullet proof. We owned a long wheel base commercial van and it exceeded all our expectations. And. And it was more than capable of getting the occasional speeding ticket.
  12. Towing a smart car

    Sorry guys. I guess 'humour' is no longer allowed on the forum. I withdraw my comments and go and stand in the corner. Sheez.
  13. Towing a smart car

    Why are they called 'Smart' cars? To my mind they aren't the 'smartest' vehicle to drive on an interstate. An 18 wheeler would make quick work of one. regards
  14. Quality VS Speed

    Will folks pay for quality? Simple answer is no. Where's Teton? Travel Supreme? King of the Road? etc etc etc. You can always find 'cheap' RV's but try looking for a quality unit. It's what I call the WalMart factor. regards
  15. Quality VS Speed

    I'm not so sure about the Chinese even being interested in the US RV market. Some years back they tried the Australian market where RV prices are way higher than the USA. But they never succeeded. Even they couldn't balance quality and price. Australia has seen an influx of 4x4's and pickups from China. While much cheaper they haven't cracked the market. Yet!! The US market won't change until buyers are prepared to pay for quality. And that won't happen while the bulk of the market is for 'weekend' use RVs. That market is very price sensitive. Thus low price = low quality. If the RV industry had a lemon law then maybe something will change. Until then nothing will change. As an aside - many years ago we camped beside an elderly couple in a very cheap 5th wheel. She wanted to RV. He didn't. So he purchased a cheap RV in the hope it would put her off and give him something to do with his tools. So maybe we should see RVing in a new light. As a hobby for handy folks. regards