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  1. Awesome. I have found several shops that are worth going back to or mentioning.
  2. I remember that stash.... You could start making "Quarantine Kits" and put them on E-bay.
  3. I take it that you have keys for the tank fuel caps?
  4. I have Centramatics on our truck. The did make a difference to us. We have had Hercules brand on the back for 5 years and will age them out before the tread wears out. The front we ran Toyo's for awhile with a good wear pattern until an camber issue cut the inner passenger side- outer driver side of them. We had the alignment fixed and currently have Firestone tire on the front. Both brands have been smooth and performed well in all weather- ... snow- torrential rain- ice- dirt and gravel roads.
  5. My current company supplied work truck is a 2013 F150 with 199xxx miles on it. It gets 12 mpg, rides ok on its worn out bouncy shocks. But I can't see over traffic, the V6 turbo barely gets out of its own way doesn't, and I don't have a fridge next to me...
  6. Henry had another lift in parts that was never installed. The step design that Carl has is awesome. But a temp solution, a little redneck though, was to use our Pet Loader steps. Alie twisted her knee and had a hard time climbing the fairing steps into the truck. We use the Pet Loader 5 step for our arthritic mutt, and its weight rated to 250lb or so. Worked great for a month or 2.
  7. Look at the Marine market for pumps. We had a requirement for a pump that could lift 15+ feet and pump 75' on a 3/4 hose. It moved a good volume at that limit. Many 12v rv water pumps will pull 10' and flow 5-7gal per min. Look up Jabsco water pumps.
  8. We have been using Dougherty & Associates, Inc (605) 361-6318 3704 S Westport Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57106 https://www.doughertyassoc.net/SD-RV-Insurance.html We have used them to secure our ins since 2014. Through them we are currently with National General.
  9. That crap didn't come from NC.... But the closer I get to California the more of it I see...
  10. Asked if I could be impartial... I started laughing..... Took the rest of the day off instead of going to work....
  11. Isn't there a check valve on the D12's that have caused issues like this before? I know others have fought this and a check valve was the culprit. Either between the filters and pump or pump and head.
  12. For the new owner.... Put an ET head on it and continue on.... And Steve can do the new hitch head install... He was there for my swap. Or I was at his shop....
  13. In 2015 we lost a driver side steer in Nashville on I-40. It was momentarily exciting.... then expensive for Loves to do a roadside call.
  14. You can move the world if you want. How much damage you do to your motorhome is another issue.
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