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  1. 8'6 is legal everywhere. No issues going anywhere you want. You don't need to put the freshwater tanks over the pin. With 315 gallons x 8lbs a gallon your at 2520 before any trailer weight. I don't think your truck will handle the pin weight. Also, think about the axle placement.... On horse trailers, the axles are at the back end of the trailer meaning the truck carries more of the trailer weight.
  2. disc brake conversion

    SpaceCraft RV...Bring your checkbook because Master card ain't gonna cover it!
  3. disc brake conversion

    Both E-trailer and these guys sell https://www.performancetrailerbraking.com/ kits to do the conversion. Just tell them what axles you currently have and they match the caliper bracket.
  4. Windshield

    Anyone know if Blue Sky insurance will replace for free? We have 3 rock chips, 1 that is deep.
  5. M2-106 Air leak

    I put a valve on my seat. Works great when I remember to use it.
  6. Binkley Hitch Head

    An advantage of having my hitch forward is that you cannot reach the handle or safety pin without either climbing onto the deck and crawling-reaching under the overhang or have access to the long hook and handle extension. I still check after every stop though.

    Either NAPA or I have chased down a Tool Truck... Mac.... Snap on to buy a tool that was needed.
  8. Sumter Oaks reports?

    Yup.... A lot of threads are getting like this lately. I would expect that the OP may not have received a phone call because the phone number was in a work computer that needed electricity to run.... Some areas are on limited power that is still being interrupted....
  9. Jalopnik article about HDT replacing a pickup

    I too read that article when it first came out. That article "Converted" many of the weekend racers into believing they were not under the commercial guidelines. Big 5'er- Phil has reconverted many back to the pick-up life!
  10. Montana travels. Snow

    Yup- Last year Billings had 5" of wet snow in late September. Snow melted but the temps never came back up to "Nice" fall weather.
  11. "Tiny House" vs. Fiver?

    I haven't seen one that I think would hold up to 10000 miles a year of moving.
  12. Testosterone, J.C. Whitney and income levels

    Best thing I got from Uncle JC was a set of cast iron Y valves that bolted onto exhaust manifolds to dump the exhaust right under your feet.... Sounded ok with a cammed 350, sounded great with a 396 in a 1967 Firebird that I bought for $300... the car interior had burned but my step dad was a Marine Corps aviation mechanic, and wiring and such was available from uncle Sam on occasion. I quickly left the JC catalog and moved to Jegs and Summit..... But the Y's were great on the drag strip and at a light when you wanted to drown out the entire block.... Probably why I still have a headache.... from the noise or the leaded gas fumes....
  13. How many tools to keep?

    And I have sat in a Mexican restaurant and seen the amount of beans he can eat.....
  14. Testosterone, J.C. Whitney and income levels

    This may help....
  15. Best insulated slide-outs

    Most RV slide out floors are NOT insulated. They may be 1 1/2 inch thick, but the insulation value is low. Nobody in the production RV uses the bubble foil correctly. As soon as you sandwich it or compress it, it looses all value. It has to have airspace on both sides. Find the owners forums of the brands you are considering and read all the cold weather posts. Last winter Grand Design had an issue with the kitchen island sinks and faucets freezing up. Montana's might be a little better, but their sinks in slide outs were freezing...