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  1. For the new owner.... Put an ET head on it and continue on.... And Steve can do the new hitch head install... He was there for my swap. Or I was at his shop....
  2. In 2015 we lost a driver side steer in Nashville on I-40. It was momentarily exciting.... then expensive for Loves to do a roadside call.
  3. You can move the world if you want. How much damage you do to your motorhome is another issue.
  4. Let me add a twist here... In the boat industry, we always fused at the battery to protect the wiring/cabling as well as the device. Especially with windlass', electric downriggers, etc. Better to blow a fuse than melt something that causes you to have to row or swim.
  5. Your 2000 VNL and my 1998 will have the same harness. Most of the time all the wiring was the same with fuses or solenoid relays installed to power the circuit. If heated seats were an option, there should be a fuse or solenoid in the fuse panel area. What would be safest, would be to run a new wire, fuse, and switch.
  6. Would have loved to go.... But have to work instead. If this was on a Sat or Sun I'm sure we could attend.
  7. The machine looks like an old square baler or thresher of some old forgotten vintage.
  8. Hurry on south! While it is a little cool here in southern AZ this am, 38*, it is sunny, and no clouds! We're not in Quartsite, but are 30 miles south of Phoenix near Casa Grand.
  9. One item to consider, is to put down a layer of plastic and put your insulation board on it as well. Box area in, tape the seams on the inside and outside. We know several people that live in the Bismark ND KOA year round. The use the pink or blue 4" insulation board, line the area with plastic, and most use a small electric heater underneath. Make sure to box in and heat your sewer and water as well. Many folks swear by this heated hose up there as well. https://nofreezewaterhose.com/pages/about-us As long as the furnace exhaust is outside the wall, go for it.
  10. I would try to find an 8k Onan diesel. Mount it on the truck underneath or behind a fairing and tie it into the truck tanks.
  11. That's what I was thinking, while the threaded end is the right size its the wrong type. I've had temporary luck putting a garden hose washer in the brass piece and tightening it until it seats. Find what type thread is on the PVC part and see if McMaster Carr has a fitting that will connect to the /brass/pex side for you.
  12. AWESOME! I love it when a plan works out.
  13. Are you talking about something this size? https://www.amazon.com/Lasko-100-MyHeat-Personal-Heater/dp/B003XDTWN2/ref=sr_1_4?crid=17OTSK5Y6AXAU&keywords=my+heat+heater&qid=1577485807&sprefix=my+heat++heater%2Caps%2C332&sr=8-4 We use one in our wet bay area during freezing temps.
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