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  1. Has a tire sealant ever been used on that tire? That can cause a tire to go out of balance.
  2. Our 2 6v batteries will last 16 hours powering nothing but the residential fridge. As already mentioned, unless your tow vehicle has a 2 alternator option and a dedicated charge cable, you generally loose charge even when towing.
  3. Is it happening after it sits or is it happening even after a day or 2? If their dragging or sticking regularly, I'd start with replacing the brake can, or just have the front brakes replaced. It generally doesn't cost much, and would be the only time you would ever have to rebuild them.
  4. I've installed many sets of Cummins and Volvo marine engines. From the B series 4 bangers to the big boys. We once had a customer that we took on a test cruise, that particular show model had Cummins engines in it and the potential buyer complained about how they sounded so much like a tractor. He put in an order for a nice yacht but wanted the BMW marine diesels for power... could not talk him out of them. So we built the boat... and he complained non-stop about how much soot was acclumating on the transom, about all the injector issues he was having, etc. At the 1 year mark we brought the yacht back and re-powered with.... Cummins engines..... His choice... I wanted to put a new Volvo package in, but he went with the same Cummins he talked crap about...
  5. Don't cut yourself when opening the bottle. 😁 Since we have an old Cummins engine that was once described as a farm tractor engine, the oil additive from Diesel Secret works in taming some of the rattle. Don't know why... it just does.
  6. Hate to say it like this, but it all depends on the type of connectors the manufacture used. There are coax connectors that will allow signal to pass but not power/current. The portable dishes all get their power from the receiver box. On our DRV, I cannot use our Tailgator on the factory cable connection ports... Even the ones that say SAT. What we have done is run the coax thru a slide seal and into the cabinet. This is only when the rooftop mounted dish is blocked.
  7. I use Hot Shot Diesel Secret oil additive in our old Cummins. It really doesn't make the MPG any better, but the engine runs quieter and smoother. https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/hot-shot-s-secret-diesel-oil-additive-hots52387/11826910-p?c3ch=PLA&c3nid=11826910-P&adtype=pla&product_channel=local&store_code=7119&gclid=Cj0KCQjwhdTqBRDNARIsABsOl9_7SCMw6x-8FgAoHdPfzIVw1hZGKmcOKMXn6TRKUuQkiLKIhFfXJBgaAhpSEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  8. That's a daily sighting on I-94 across North Dakota... F250 all jacked up, 3-axle toy hauler with a boat behind it.... 75mph....
  9. Dave, Awesome! Do what the docs and PT folks say. The "Pain" from the actual cutting subsides pretty quick, and if you old knee was really bad, the new might actually be less irritating to get walking on.
  10. We have the same issue in Sioux Falls. The local Minnihaha county sheriffs office is not RV friendly.
  11. Usually helping everybody... 😁
  12. Yea but I'm not a doc and seem to bleed more than others...
  13. Going to bring up a name or 2 here... Carl, Suite Success and Denver and Judy Geity (SP) both have panels that are held on by 1/4-20 button head bolts. Carl has his removable panels along the driveshaft area to make service easy.
  14. According to Alie, ours come on whenever I put the truck in reverse. Remember though that I have an old Volvo....1998 Gen 1
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