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  1. We have been fighting a code that Tommy P was finally able to help us out on. Its a Bendix/Wabco ABS fault code, usually meaning the ABS needs to be reset. I searched the manuals I have and did the Google search, but can't find the module. Its either a easy reset with a Magnet or needs to be hooked to a computer, but either way I still gotta find it. According to 1 manual and Google, it's supposed to be behind the dash, under or near the fuse panel. Not seeing anything that is remotely close. Anyone have any idea where this module is? Is it on the frame around the transmission somewhere?
  2. I'd do a 4-6" just for air flow between the pieces. If the inverter back can reach 190*, then over time that can cook any plastic parts nearby.
  3. Dave, While I agree that if I could save .41 cents a gallon it would help with the fuel budget, but........... When we started with the big truck we set a budget of $4.00 a gallon for fuel to use as our base...... and this truck was our daily driver....
  4. Dave, That's the discount that Loves is giving. Other stations may have better discounts.
  5. The first Law of Quantum Physics is that there isn't any....😁
  6. Why that would be Mr Carlin...
  7. Thanks all, I'm planning on doing like Darryl and custom fit a die I can't find a drill size.
  8. I have a smaller hydraulic crimping tool, Harbor freight brand, it works... But the die sizes are waaaay off. When I had a shop up, we had a long handle crimper with the rotating head with the different size crimper jaws. I was able to take a measurement of the inside of the jaws for a 4/0 wire crimp, and use that measurement to drill out one of the Harbor Freight dies. Works well that way with no issues. I would like to do this with a #2 wire crimp and a 2/0 wire crimp size. Does anyone have a chart made for correct die sizes for crimps?
  9. The 3.8 is a fun motor... I had a family ride that had one back in the day, the Bonneville SSEI to be exact. It ran well for as big as it was. As far as a little boost, water-methanol is fairly common in the pick up diesel world for adding a little oomph and cooling EGT's on long pulls.
  10. Has it been that long already? It seems like yesterday that we met y'all at a little park outside Hot Springs!
  11. 20k is better. Using 100% of the rated capacity is a guaranteed way to have a 100% failure.
  12. How much did you have to modify the roof/ceiling for the cassette?
  13. If the tank had fluid and froze, it will crack. The WW tank on our Volvo 610 cracked while in Kansas 2 winters ago... temps were in the teens or high single digits and the Walmart brand "Good to -20*" fluid froze.... and cracked the tank.
  14. The 610 had an option for an upper bunk, so I would assume the 730's would. I bought a set of bed hinges to make a custom shelf for ours.
  15. If you haven't experienced IBD or Crohn's disease, then you may not realize ....... let me put this politely..... the clean up required after.... your gut tearing episode. The best way to describe it is to go eat some gas station sushi, chase it with a cold can of Van Camps pork and beans with a chaser of your cheapest rot gut whiskey..... Now have this happen randomly several times a day.....
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