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  1. Well, I bought the plane ticket, next week I'll know if I buy a Truck.

    Dave, Any idea if the past owner hauled grain or livestock across I-94 in North Dakota. I know I've seen a truck, white and purple, in ND, Minn, Or Montana this summer several times.
  2. Fifth Wheel Rebuild

    Carl, you are considering what Alie and I had planned on the Carrilite. Except we already had the dishwasher. Since it was our home, we considered upgrading what was paid, instead of a payment on a new unit. (we ended up with a payment anyway.....)
  3. Full Body Paint

    We baked paint on many a boat.... But you have to have a heated booth to do it. The shops around Goshen may not have the capability too.
  4. Fifth Wheel Rebuild

    We have a 4 legged dishwasher.... usually does a good job if the dinner was good.
  5. That tough decision

    We feel for ya, We lost one of our furry children several months ago.
  6. Utah I-215?

    I can't drive the left lane in 4+ lanes like around Atlanta or Houston.... Truck can't go fast enough to keep up especially when towing. I can barely do the speed limit in Montana.
  7. Meanwhile in Canada

  8. Semi-Trailer RV vs. 5th Wheel

    The flat floor plan of the semi style can be a plus because it opens up room for designing the layout you want. to me, the downside of the semi is the steps to gain entry aren't as convenient if you want to overnight at Wally world or a rest stop. The interior storage is as much if not more than a regular frame 5th wheel. And as someone else stated with the advent of the LG mini-split systems, a true clean roof can be achieved with no openings if you want it. This allows for a taller interior. I believe Marsha has a package option that raises the sidewalls 4". There is more basement storage in a semi. essentially you have storage from end to end, side to side, 36" tall or so. (I don't know the exact height) Subtract room for tanks and systems and it's still a huge area. The downside is the "Look". Being a big rectangular box can be intimidating when arriving at a campground. I already get enough comments about the truck. Having a semi style 45' trailer might become an issue at some parks. Granted they are heavy, but people associate big semi truck/trailer to weigh 80k or more. With the semi-trailer, you can use the regular commercial hitch on your HDT. The frame is beefy enough to withstand the twisting and turning. I don't think there is an air ride hitch that can handle the pin load. (Getting close though) A 5th wheel style is more conventional. You can have the same interior height in the main area, but you do loose bedroom height. And your floor plan is more limited due to the interior steps. It can be towed by other than HDT or MDT and lesser trucks. This will help when reselling occurs, or a roadside breakdown. You can have a hybrid air ride system. Dexter Ridewell uses a combo torsion axle and airbag assembly. It works well. True air brakes I don't know about. With a 19.5" wheel, I know you can source air brakes for trucks, but I haven't sourced them for a trailer axle. You will sacrifice room in the basement though due to a larger wheel well. What I do know, we ended up with a DRV 44 Memphis..... It's 47'+ overall, big, boxy, tall.... I know there are places we will not be able to go back to with this rig. Too long. At the last campground, we were at in Biloxi Ms, when we walked in the office, the lady commented: "I didn't realize your camper was so big". She was holding our reservation slip that stated 45' 5th wheel, pulled by a WalMart style truck... Marsha builds both frames from the ground up in-house based on your needs for slides, layout, tank capacities, etc. You can't go wrong with either style.
  9. Semi-Trailer RV vs. 5th Wheel

    The above is based on commercial trailers, the RV built semi trailers may be far different. Actually, Spacecraft builds all their frames in-house. That is not a "Converted" cargo trailer. Every RV they build has a purpose-built frame.
  10. Well, I bought the plane ticket, next week I'll know if I buy a Truck.

    Awesome! Pics? Safe travels home.
  11. New Horizons 2010 Majestic Info

    The window being fogged on a unit that old isn't unusual. There are companies that can fix this easily. Make it part of the sale.
  12. Insurance

    We ended up with National General after Blue Sky canceled us.
  13. BluDot adjust brake pressure & maintenance

    Rocky- I didn't look over your rig at the rally, do you have any pics of how you ran your airlines and gladhands on the RV? And did you remove the electric actuator and install everything behind the sliding wall, or did you mount the tanks and master cylinder elsewhere?
  14. BluDot adjust brake pressure & maintenance

    X2 on this. I'm ordering my kit beginning of Jan.
  15. Semi-Trailer RV vs. 5th Wheel

    Semi trailer you have to have an HDT truck to move it. RV 5th wheel, a 3500/350 or bigger can move it.