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  1. Alie&Jim's Carrilite

    8.3 Cummins turbo whine

    Loose clamp or a cracked or pin holed boot is the likely culprit. Look at the intercooler boots as well.
  2. Alie&Jim's Carrilite

    Looking for a hdt.

    That is a great toter! But I am biased....
  3. Alie&Jim's Carrilite

    How long will A/C run on a #20 propane cylinder?

    This depends on the size of the generator you're running.
  4. Alie&Jim's Carrilite

    Sewer pipe cap losses

    You can change your RV end to a camlock type fitting and then buy an adapter to fit your sewer hose. Our old Carrilite 5th wheel had the WasteMaster Sewer hose set up that used the cam lock type fittings. Didn't have to twist anything on. https://www.google.com/search?q=camlock+seer+hose&oq=camlock+seer+hose&aqs=chrome..69i57j0.7315j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  5. Alie&Jim's Carrilite

    For Sale 1998 Volvo

    Great! Edit the title in your post
  6. Alie&Jim's Carrilite

    Ram 5500

    I had a 3500 Ram with a 5.9 in it. I had everything you could do... twin turbo, dual CP3 pumps with Air Dog feeding, 50% over injectors, Hamilton cam, Sun Coast trans with Garmon Input and torque converter, EFI Live tuning, Powerslot front, and rear Rotors with EBC Green Stuff pads all the way around. Horse power was around the 600 mark, and torque was in the 1000ftlb range depending on the tuning. It ran great, pulled great, and was a fast truck. I swapped the rearend to a 4500 setup for the heavier springs and still added AirLift to level the truck. I ran a Pacbrake on the downpipe (5inch exhaust split to duals) off the turbo- All this and the truck still couldn't control our Carriage 5th wheel that lost its brakes during a wreck happening around us. Our 18500lb RV shoved us down the highway about 3/8 of a mile. Truck did exactly what it was supposed to, Pac brake braking, trans downshifting, anti-lock brakes braking but the sheer momentum of the rig shoved us down the road. It bent the rear rail of the Pullright Superglide up from the force. So we moved up to the Volvo. Little less HP, more torque, but the weight ratio of RV and Truck is greatly improved. We have been in several hard braking instances where the RV didn't push the truck at all.
  7. Alie&Jim's Carrilite

    Hendrickson HAS suspension booshings

    I use it on any electrical connections that might be exposed to outside elements. When we were building boats, all of the electrical corrections were coated.
  8. Alie&Jim's Carrilite

    Thank you folks who helped to sell my Freightliner.

    Awesome! Any idea where in ND they were headed?
  9. Alie&Jim's Carrilite

    series 1 steering wheel

    Don't know about this.... Have you tried calling any of the aftermarket companies and asking? The trucks are old enough that I'm sure someone somewhere has done it, but sometimes we have to reinvent the wheel ourselves. 😎
  10. Alie&Jim's Carrilite

    Welding box to rv plug

    https://www.lowes.com/pd/Eaton-50-Amp-Overhead-Temporary-Power-Panel/3027570 This works as well.
  11. Alie&Jim's Carrilite

    Changing tire with Level Up system

    Our Level-Up has raised the tires off the ground in leveling us. I've also raised the whole RV up to do wheel and bearing in inspections
  12. Alie&Jim's Carrilite

    Welding box to rv plug

    I know the difference, but let me see if I can explain it. Your welder is 50amp 220v Your RV is 50 amp 120v. It is how the breakers in the house panel are wired that makes the difference.
  13. Alie&Jim's Carrilite

    Air leak, what is normal

    You do have some leaks. Check the pass-thru under the dash by your left foot. Need to remove the kick panel to get to it. The O-rings are easily replaceable.
  14. Alie&Jim's Carrilite

    Oil change, service

    Glen, from where you are there is a Speedco about 2 hours east. Been there and used their services several times. Since they are open all hours, it might work out for ya. Also, give you a chance to exercise the truck a little. 2205 SW Railroad Ave, Hammond, LA 70403
  15. Alie&Jim's Carrilite

    MCD Shade Stuck

    Broken or stuck. I gave it a hard enough "Tug" to pull it out of the track/clips. Calling them in the AM.