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  1. Good Luck and you will feel better! I lived on Dilaudid and Prednisone for about 8 weeks before my back surgery in 2009. I too had crushed my Sciatic nerve to my right leg. Couple of screws and other hardware installed, (no bone graft) took it easy for about 6 days and then relearned how to walk with my right leg. Took about 6 weeks to come out of the brace, get my normal walking gait back, and almost return to normal. Do what the docs say or you get scheduled for the discs above or below to get worked on..... It was hard NOT doing..... After 2 weeks at home I went to work and had the crew make a temp desk out in the shop and moved my chair out there. At least that way I could hobble around and tell people how to do their job correctly even if I couldn't demonstrate it. Wife still yells at me for doing that....😒 10 years later and that particular repair has held up well.
  2. It sounds like you have a short in the harness somewhere. Every time someone messes around in the area, it corrects itself. I would trace the wires all the way from end to end. See if there is more corrosion, or a rub thru somewhere that is grounding a wire out. If a pin, terminal end, wire crimp fitting has corrosion in the wire at the connection, chances are there is more corrosion further up the wire.
  3. Tesla hand built a concept vehicle/truck.....
  4. If this was an off the shelf unit from the factory lot, Moryde may not have weighed the unit. Ambition units may not be weighed until they leave the factory finished. So by the time RV Factory (Ambition/Lux) adds their final touches, then the owner adds all their stuff, the RV is probably over weight. One of the main complaints of Ambition/Lux is the lack of cargo capacity.... but most folks take what they want anyway.
  5. Can you tell us what brand of 5th wheel, the weight on the IS suspension, and what is going on?
  6. Looks like they were moving a classroom unit that was still joined....
  7. Just don't post anymore.
  8. We're in north Georgia. Started another company with a friend doing the same type of work in the natural gas industry.
  9. Camshaft Position sensor can present these symptoms. https://www.google.com/search?ei=I9UCXdVv0Jv9Bra6urAB&q=cummins+m11+cam+position+sensor+symptoms&oq=cummins+m11+cam+position+sensor+symp&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.33i299.347.5131..6832...0.0..0.217.642.3j1j1......0....1..gws-wiz.......0i71j0i22i30j33i160.VPaRW82GRho
  10. We are with National General. Make sure to get a breakdown of coverages and what they actually cover.
  11. At a Murphy's (WalMart) you can prepay $3-400 and they will refund what you don't use. If you have time, you can go in Walmart and buy a Wal Mart Gift card (store card) with several hundred on it, and us it at the pump. This usually gives you another 4-5 cents a gallon off. Our bank has their card fraud protection outsourced. We have a number we can call to the fraud company and say that I'm making multiple transactions at X-station and it is me.
  12. Don't forget the Super Glue....
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