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  1. In an old post somewhere, Henry had done the math. Maybe he'll reply on this.
  2. Considering 90% of all brands are an assembly of Lippert based components, looking at what care has been taken to make sure everything is correctly assembled is what sets the manufactures apart. Thor also owns DRV, which you would think means excellent quality, but we are disappointed in our DRV Mobile Suites due to defects in the assembly process that were not corrected. Do your homework, join an owners Forum or 2 and see what complaints are the most common. A Furrion microwave failure is the microwave's fault, not the guy that screwed it into place. Find what most owners complain about.
  3. Kirk, The Crossroad Cameo is not the same as the Carriage Cameo was before Carriage closed. The parent of Crossroad bought the name at auction.
  4. Hit the "Quote" plus sign and it will post what was written in the comment box. The only thing I would be concerned about with running 2 7k axles is the weight you are carrying isn't enough for the suspension to work. That's assuming that you are going to use the 7k springs.
  5. Is the business set up as a business? LLC sole proprietor or? As a small business, you may be able to deduct some mileage and expenses going from show to show. Putting signs, logo's, etc on your trailer and vehicle technically makes you a commercial vehicle. You are using the vehicles in furtherance of your business (advertising). As others have said, find a competent tax pro.
  6. I have NEVER had free camping at Walmart.... either evening shopping or morning shopping usually costs at least $100....
  7. Just buy a bottle of wine from them, and tell others if it's good!
  8. Unique idea. If you've done the math and the numbers work go for it. It's gotta be safer than the F-150 hauling a 5th wheel hauling a trailer with a jeep on it.... See that all the time in ND.
  9. On our 2103 Smart, when you operate the rear window washer, we get washer fluid pouring out from under the car from near the driver's side tail light. I'm assuming that the tubing is broken, but I cannot find it. I've disassembled the rear interior panels and can't locate the tube. Any suggestions?
  10. We have stayed in county, state, federal, COE, Tribal parks and haven't had issues and used our Volvo as a daily driver for 4 years. So I don't understand the comment here. Also, our 25000lb gross, 5000lb pin weight can be pulled by a dually pickup. But I don't want to replace the pick up every 3-4 years when it's worn out from being used at 85% of its capacity for extended amounts of time.
  11. Please consider buying thru either Rolling Retreats in Oklahoma or RV's4Less in Tennessee. RR only handles DRV and can get some custom mods done.
  12. Not yet. But that is the plan. For right now we will double tow where allowed.
  13. We used our Volvo as our daily driver for 4 years exclusively. What we learned is we parked away from the storefronts and walked. Drive-thrus became walk in's, rainy days weren't good for shopping, and downtown crowded city areas- Downtown Houston, Atlanta, St Louis, etc were unparkable but fun to drive thru... We now have a Smart, but I use the truck weekly as needed for my transportation.
  14. Yes, this was on our DRV. The cost was $8800 including have the roof side radi replaced.
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