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  1. Gas Buddy??

    Get a BlueBird (American Expres) card. They're free (No annual fee nor any monthly fees - they are totally free and don't erode any monthly ballance) The card can be funded from many sources (Walmart, Walgreens etc. where you can fund the card with cash or from another debit card) The best part is they give you an Account /Routing at American Express Centurion Bank you can use for direct deposits.
  2. Search results always have a sort function by "price". Have yet to see a sort function by "customer service". When people stop buying on low price, there will be money available to support customer service.
  3. Forming LLC in Montanna

    I stand corrected - Thanks - Handy to know.
  4. Forming LLC in Montanna

    Careful - I don't believe you can transfer an LLC. It has to be dissolved and a new one formed.
  5. Urgent! Equifax Data Breach

    Spoken by someone that has never been the object of a data breach. Anyone that has PnL responsibility makes thousands of decisions every day based on their evaluation of risk vs reward. After a breach, the vultures swoop in after the fact and place blame with the clarity of 20/20 hindsight. Time to lay the blame where it belongs - on the bad guys that did the breaching.
  6. Urgent! Equifax Data Breach

    Unless you own Equifax Stock. The vultures are circling - $70 Billion Class Action Suit! Way to go - Punish the victim! (Note that 3 Equifax executives were apparently caught selling their stock after the breach but before a public announcement.)
  7. How many people live full-time in an RV?

    I believe Escapees Livingston, TX has ~13,000. I wonder if they have affected any local elections?
  8. How many people live full-time in an RV?

    Probably the same for the majority - but it scares the heck out of local politicians. There have been several threads here talking about restrictive legislation being proposed by local politicians because of RVrs using a local mail service as their residence - politicians admitted they were afraid of a nonresident voting block dictating local laws to the detriment of local residents.
  9. How many people live full-time in an RV?

    A flood of RVrs that use a mail service as their permanent address can play havoc on local elections!
  10. How many people live full-time in an RV?

    already answered.
  11. If you want to avoid Verizon's throttling of Video downloads - set up a VPN. Data funneled to you through a VPN is encrypted and the ISP has no way of determining what the content is. Their only option would be to throttle all VPNs (which they won't do.) "NordVPN confirms that using a VPN will bypass Verizon’s throttling of all video streams" https://flipboard.com/@flipboard/-nordvpn-confirms-that-using-a-vpn-will-/f-edde656417%2F9to5mac.com
  12. Rv haulers

    That's 60 miles all interstate (I-10)
  13. US Patriot Services BOGUS or NOT

    Or a nice $100 Chinese Vase. Anybody wonder what is so special about an urn that makes it worth $1,000.00?
  14. Super C Skirting

    Have you considered a short term rental for the winter and just park the RV alongside. Far more comfortable living during 16 below winters!