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  1. DuffMan

    Oman 8k quietsiesel error code 38

    Could you be a little more specific? The http://twinslan.net site is the home screen for the TwinsLAN Amateur Packet Radio Club and has nothing obvious as to any ONAN docs.
  2. Ouch! Streaming would be painful at any but the lowest resolution! But surfing should be OK. Thanks
  3. Out of curiosity - what is your u/l & d/l speed with that 3G connection?
  4. DuffMan

    Hard Wired Internet

    Unless you disable the wi-fi function on the Mobley and tether it to the Ranger via a hard wired USB cable, she will have a security violation since one leg in her communication (Between the Ranger and MIfi) is via wireless.
  5. DuffMan

    A/C stopped yesterday

    "but I will expect compensation for their failure to respond to my needs" - Good luck with that.
  6. DuffMan

    Hard Wired Internet

    The requirement is for a wired connection from the modem to her computer. That modem can be a device located within the RV. Get a MiFi type modem with an ethernet port and a Verizon grandfathered unlimited (ie Non-Throttleable)(Avail on Ebay for ~ $100 - $130/month) (Ask the ebay seller for a modem recommendation.) You then meet the hardwiring requirements and are online everywhere and D/L speeds are usually ~28 MPBS
  7. They really can't - It's too easy to get a Celluar bill in any name or address you like - Just go to the mall and buy one of those phones - they never check ID and you fill out the name and address to send future bills to.
  8. DuffMan

    Article in Rapid City, SD. today

    It isn't the question of what I should do or not do - It is allowing the State to dictate that I can't.
  9. Pere Texas website: Acceptable documents: "or noncellular phone bill) dated within 90 days of the date of application"
  10. DuffMan

    Closing account

    Get yourself banned - voila - profile disappears.
  11. As to no hot-spotting: PDANET - Teather phone w/o carriers permission. http://pdanet.co/ https://lifehacker.com/5850476/how-can-i-tether-without-my-carrier-finding-out Various ways explained https://www.wikihow.com/Tether-Cellphone-Internet-to-a-Laptop
  12. How about the new Verizon "Visible" - Unlimited Talk / Text / Data for $40/mo. It's perma throttled to 5Mbps- Which is OK for streaming up to 1080P. http://bgr.com/2018/05/11/verizon-unlimited-data-visible-vs-metropcs-boost/ Currently only available for IPhone - Android to come later. Also, you need an invite code to sign up but if you Googleit, there are several that come up from others that have signed up. (They're not a unique code. ) They send you a new SIM card once you sign up. You can port your existing phone number or they will issue you a different one.
  13. DuffMan

    Directed Electronics

    Directed Electronics DSM350 Smart GPS with Verizon CDMA/3G Technology https://www.amazon.com/Directed-Electronics-DSM350-Verizon-Technology/dp/B00ZJBE9O8 $119.94 Start, control, and locate your vehicle from virtually anywhere with your smartphone New! Verizon CDMA/3G technology provides superior nationwide coverage and faster response New! Active GPS mode uses 30% less power Module is plug-for-plug compatible with existing installations Compatible with current versions of the Directed Smarts tart GPS app (3.X and up)
  14. No - What I am saying is that the tone of this discussion has been more like a lynch mob with the avowed intent of putting Anderson out of business.
  15. And the system would charge and fine the perpetrators without all the self-styled vigilantes extracting their private revenge on those associated with the perpetrators. The system defines the severity of the crime and defines punishment. Vigilantes do not have the right to heap their punishments on top.