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  1. Hi everyone. DW and I recently saw a dentist in Algodones, Mexico and were happy with the results. Problem is, we don't care for the Yuma Arizona area. Since we will be spending winters in the Tucson area, we are looking for input on dentists you may have used in Nogales, Mexico. Thanks in advance for any help. Bill
  2. UPDATE First of all I want to thank everyone for your input and attempts to help a fellow Full Timer. Escapees are the best! I talked with a supervisor at Fidelity this morning and armed with the Patriot act information, was able to get them to accept the nephew's address. They want a copy of his utility bill to prove it is a good address and they want copies of our ID's and this should satisfy their requirements. However, I see this as a temporary fix because this ties us to the state of Georgia and we want either Florida or Texas as our domicile and we have no family there. I had the supervisor check the Rainbow Drive address and he said it should work since that is listed as an RV park. I would think Sumter Oaks would be the same so I will contact them today and explore the possibility of getting an address there. (Is there any compelling reason to select Texas over Florida?) If the Escapees addresses don't work with Fidelity, then its time to look for another Financial institution that has different requirements. Bill
  3. Thanks Dan. I will talk with Fidelity again tomorrow armed with the information you provided. I appreciate it. Bill
  4. Tried to open a new account with Fidelity today and I'm running into their bureaucracy around the Patriot act. I am currently using a mail service in FL and they don't like that address. I have my retirement accounts there that have been fine for the past several months but this new account threw up red flags. I Tried to use my nephew's address and they now want a utility bill in my name. Looks like I'm stuck looking for an investment house that does not have the same requirements. I'm assuming the Rainbow Drive address in Texas would have a similar issue? What are some alternatives? Please help! Bill
  5. Domicile Help!

    Wow! Thanks to everyone for all of the response. The link Cathie Carr posted was exactly the kind of guidance I was looking for. Thank you Cathy! Kirk, as always, you are thefirst to jump in and try to help and I want to thank you for that. Teresa, your kind offer of personal assistance is going above and beyond expectations and I appreciate that. Since Cathy's link gave me what I need, i won't bother you with a phone call unless I get "stuck". You have all confirmed why I joined Escapees in the first place! Now I have to dig in and figure out the best move for us. So much to consider with RV insurance, health insurance,( we are both under Medicare age), state taxes, registration cost - it goes on and on but we will get there! Thanks again everyone. Hope you all have a great day! Bill
  6. Hey everyone. It is getting time to select our domicile state and I'm not getting any help from Escapees. My original intent was to select Livingston, TX but after checking insurance rates on the MH and toad, it is a thousand dollars cheaper to register in Bushnell, Fl. I called the main Escapees number to get some info on how to set up mail service, register vehicles, get drivers license, etc., and they referred me to Sumter Oaks. I called Sumter Oaks, and was told all of that is handled through Livingston. Called Livingston and she referred me to the Escapees website to get forms for mail service but could not offer any help on the other issues besides an attorney number! I joined Escapees because I thought the group helped make this easier. Any suggestions or advice? What am I missing here? This is frustrating! Bill
  7. Class of 2015

    Well we moved a few steps closer to the next chapter in our life. We accepted an offer on our house and met with some folks about doing an estate sale to get rid of most of our stuff. We will be looking for a place to rent for a few months until we upgrade our motorhome. Retirement planned for April and May 2015. Wish us luck!
  8. Class of 2015

    Thanks for the welcome! We have a lot to do getting ready and that is only complicated by the WORK thing so the next 13 months will fly by!
  9. Class of 2015

    Hi everyone. We are Bill and Diane. We just left the 2017 class and moved to this one with an April 2015 full time date! Recently found that financially we can move things up a bit so why not? We have the house listed for sale and have started selling some of our "stuff". We own a 2003 Winnie Brave and hope to upgrade to a DP for full time. Recently traded the Murano on a Honda CRV and getting it rigged for towing so things are coming together slowly. We are currently located in middle Georgia for another 13 months then its on the road! Bill
  10. Class of 2017

    Change in plans. Diane and I will be moving things up a bit more. We are on track to go full time in April 2015 so I'm gonna move to that group. Come join me! Bill
  11. Class of 2017

    Hey everyone. We are Bill and Diane. We just recently started RVing in our 2003 Winnie Brave. After a few months of talking to full timers and reading about the life style, a lightbulb turned on that we could financially handle a 2017 retirement by full-timing. We had planned on selling the house and moving, but the FT life allows us to do if 4 years sooner. So seeing this graduating class fits right in with our plans for April 1, 2017. Looking forward to learning from and with this group! Bill