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  1. Love the idea of painting the cabinets. I'm not sure I'd go as far as white though, but everyone has their own preferences. My father has a B-Class motorhome and he painted all the cabinets light gray, which turned out very nice without being so ... white ...
  2. The more I read, the more wintering in an RV sounds like a real pain... Maybe we should rent a house for this phase of our journey...
  3. How cold of an environment did you use it in, and how warm did it keep you? Additional question (not related to the quote above): So, is the real problem the lack of insulation in the RVs or is it really the poor heater designs? The blue flame ventless propane heaters look promising!
  4. So, in dollars, how much work does this unit need to be ready to roll and look nice? (I'm not a DIY guy for most of this - so, using professionals)... Sounds like a $20k project to me - just throwing a dart at the wall...
  5. Hmmm... Hadn't thought about the propane issue in the winter! Maybe if we're planning to be there a year, we'd be better off doing something entirely different. We want to own the 5er regardless, but we don't want to suffer, or spend a ridiculous amount on propane in the winter, in order to do it... Weren't the Teton's designed for full time use way up north -- oil field workers, etc. ???
  6. Hi everyone! We're trying to figure out which brands would qualify as full four seasons and are cost effective (under $50k for the 5er) . Our next few years possibly include a full year (including winter) in Denver and a year in Austin, so we need plenty of insulation, A/C, and heat. We'd love to just write a big check for a New Horizons for Forks, but that's just not in the budget, so what brand(s) would you all recommend? I'm thinking Teton, Newmar, Carriage, or an older New Horizons. Am I on the right track? Are the older New Horizons as well built as the new ones? The new ones sure look prettier on the surface, but have they always had great build quality? Same question for the others. What other brands would you recommend considering we really do need full 4 season capability? Thanks! P.S. Some of you may recognize my handle. We started looking at 5ers and HDTs about 2 years ago, but life happened and things got delayed. Well, we're starting to re-educate ourselves and will hopefully be able to pull the trigger this time around.
  7. If you decide to put this back on the market, please let us know. The timing is kind of wrong for us, which is why we haven't reached out, but your 5er was on our "watch" list..
  8. Anyone successfully keep a fish tank? We absolutely love our aquarium in our house and we're not entirely happy with the idea of giving that up entirely when we hit the road - but we may very well have to. I know - heavy, but we will have an HDT and a well built 4 season 5er, so I think the extra 500lbs for a 30 gallon setup wouldn't be a big deal -- that is if we can figure out how to keep them happy when we're moving the rig.
  9. Thanks for summarizing your findings so far -- not what I was hoping to hear, but kind of what I was starting to suspect after just a few hours of Internet research -- without even being there. We are still of working age and really want to use the Denver area to make money while also home-basing out of Denver for lots of long weekends. DW is a Nurse in the VA system, so what we really want is for her to work in a VA Hospital and work three 12 hour shifts. We could also choose another town that is big enough to have a VA Hospital (as opposed to a VA outpatient clinic since those don't offer three 12 hour shift work). I'm in technology doing contract work from home and we're hopeful that I can figure out how to work similarly to her. With creative scheduling of her three 12 hour shifts, we can get lots of time to play in the mountains. I am hopeful that I can figure out how to not have to work the standard M-F 8-5 shift. With that said, our second option is somewhat similar to yours... a small house and then an RV for long weekends. We need this: - To be close to a VA Hospital (Lakewood would be perfect). - To be in a neighborhood that allows RV parking and will tolerate my toys (RV, the tow vehicle, a Jeep, motorcycles, etc). -- That would take the form of a huge garage, or an outbuilding ideally. - A neighborhood that doesn't tell me what color to paint my mailbox. I do not get along with HOAs and Deed Restrictions. - Ideally Denver instead of another town since we want quick access to a big airport. - I'd love to have a couple of acres or more, but I don't know if that's doable in our budget. So, that's where we are -- just getting started on this research but we're anxious to move to the Denver area.
  10. Following! We're looking for the same thing. DW and I have decided to move to the Denver area and we think we might like to do it by RV at first while we get our bearings and then figure out where we'd like to buy a small home as well. We'd love to be exactly where you guys are looking - Highlands Ranch, west Lakewood, etc. I really don't want to be couped up in a campground if we can avoid it since we will be showing up with a 5th wheel, two cars, a motorcycle, and two small dogs. I am not sure how tolerant a campground would be of all of that "stuff" anyway. What about finding an individual with RV hookups on his private land that would rent you some space? Seems like a needle in a haystack, but it might be out there.
  11. Looking for Volvo 610 - PM me if you know of one for sale! Thanks!

  12. Deleting my post (for now). I guess Stanley thinks I may have violated TOS with what I originally wrote. I don't know - just being safe.
  13. Hmm. I'm already a Florida resident but when we go full time, I wonder if one of the counties with mail forwarding services in Florida knows their version of "what 77399 means". It might be worth looking into - or putting our permanent address with one of those mail forwarding services.
  14. One downside of Florida, while we're comparing domiciles, is that Florida uses driver licenses to pick jury pools. I don't know what I will do if I'm all the way across the country with no plans to return for several months and receive a jury summons. You can delay a jury summons but getting out of it entirely is altogether a different matter. I don't know what SD or TX use, but if it's a list you can avoid being listed on, it's a small check mark in favor of those states. If you have a FL DL there's no getting your name off the jury list.
  15. Been here. Done this. If you live in one state and work in another, you may owe state taxes to the state you work in depending on the state, on the amount of income you earn in that state, how long you work in that state, and to which state your employer reports your income. One company I worked for was out of Washington state, I lived in Florida, and I worked in several other states during my tenure there. My company could have reported my income to Washington, to Florida, or made things complicated and reported it to each and every state that I landed in. They kept it simple for me (and for them) and reported my income to Florida only. So, whether or not I was technically obligated to pay other states' income taxes, none of my income was reported there and therefore they really never knew I was working in their state. Interestingly, DC only charges income tax to its residents. If you work in DC and live in Virginia, for instance, you are exempt from DC taxes. You can probably thank our Congressmen for hosing DC residents and letting everyone else off the hook - after all, most of them live in VA and not DC. God forbid high ranking government officials would have to pay DC local taxes! I'm not sure if any of the states have this same rule, but you are definitely under purview of both state's laws. Hopefully your home state gives you a break on income earned in other states. Fortunately, I am a Florida resident and so I only had to worry about other state's taxes. If you live near a state border and you get a regular 9-5 job just on the other side of the border, I'd check the laws of both states to make sure that only one of those states gets your money, assuming you are in two adjacent states with income taxes. My situation was different than this. I was a remote employee flying wherever they asked me to go, and my official office was "work from home in Florida".
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