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  1. Kimberly

    Trouble shooting toy hauler gas tank fuel nozzle.

    Is there fuel in the tank? Mine shuts off when its empty. Other than that, checked the breakers?
  2. Kimberly

    Heartland 4100 King bent axle.

    Atlanta highways are just as bad as Little Rock. Triple axles are bad for that. I hope you get it fixed soon.
  3. Kimberly

    Rv financing as full timers

    Here's my update : while I couldn't get anything done myself, the dealer I was working with was determined to get me financed, and did! With Alliant credit union too! And this was after I tried twice with them and got turned down. The catch was that I had to deposit the equivalent of the insurance policy with them which was an interest bearing account. All good! Thank you everyone for the tips. Kimberly Flores
  4. Kimberly

    Rv financing as full timers

    I have an application in play already and I did check the "own" box. I've done this about 6 months ago and the loan guy basically said I need a permanent address and talked me out of the app. Hindsight says he lost the sale by that. Thanks everyone.
  5. Kimberly

    Rv financing as full timers

    Very true. But I understand most lenders are aware that Rainbow Dr is just used for mail. They are looking for a place to repo the RV if the need arises. Just curious how others have done it.
  6. I am wanting to get a new camper but how does anyone answer the finance application question of "own or rent your primary home" when you have a Rainbow Drive address?
  7. Kimberly

    New 5er - New Hitch - New Tires?

    One thing you can do is get a tire monitor system which is cheaper than the set of tires. On the hitch, my F350 truck came with a Reese 18k. Then a friend of mine gave me a Reese 5th Airborne pinbox. Great working pair.
  8. Kimberly

    russ buchanan

    When I got my 5er in late 2013 I bought a pair of Honda 2000 at $2k each thinking I wouldn't have to worry about them and easy to carry. They have been in the elements and aside from a little fading and being a bit banged up, they still power my ac and start up perfectly. It all depends on how you are going to use yours. As for your hitching I have a mirror on the front of my trailer front cap that I can see through the rear view. I took out the middle headrest from my trucks back seat to be able to see. I also look back through the side mirror to line up with the trailer with my duallys fenders. You just need to find a mark to line up to if your truck is standard, like a piece of tape on the trailer. I usually get out and look 2—3 times as I back under the pin to make sure I am high enough as well.
  9. Kimberly

    Senate Bill 1588

    Oh well. Thanks.
  10. Kimberly

    Senate Bill 1588

    Shawn, anything since this?
  11. Kimberly

    Flying Js and other truck stops

    When we travel I look for PFJ that have a restaurant and the RV amenities, and have gone 50 +/- miles extra just to get there as we did on this cross country trip. What I am finding 80% of the time is there are bobtails and cars in the dedicated RV spots. See picture I took. I found this to be at 4 of the 5 we stopped at. Really ticks me off because I'm not thinking of me but my 92 year old husband needs to be within walking distance to get a bite to eat and a reasonably quiet place to snooze. If they are going to have rv spots, then I would pay a small fee to reserve it. They do have "Truck" spots that are reservable but they are rarely used. I've seen many RVs circle around with no where to park. Im sure pfj is loosing sales. I always buy something. I pulled into one to get fuel and saw a bobtail in a clearly marked rv spot. I asked the driver how long he was going to be. He got a bit upset I even said anything, saying he always parks there, but told him my husband wanted to go inside and obliged and moved. Somehow they think it's OK. So, I don't know what to make of it. I know they need breaks, but so do we. I'm usually beat from driving and just need a spot.
  12. Kimberly


    Might want to check Progressive. I pay $980 for yearly full time coverage. Another thought.... Your deductible can be changed for a lower premium.
  13. Kimberly

    Where to put our Kayak

    Here is my setup. 13' kayak. http://lovethervlife.com/how-to-haul-a-kayak-and-a-fifth-wheel-my-setup/
  14. Kimberly

    Best Truck To Tow 38' Trailer?

    You are limiting yourself. #2 cannot be done. You will have a truck too small for the job. We live in our 13000# 35' towed by a f350 four door dually 4x4 standard bed diesle which is our daily driver. I hand wash it, Go to restaurants and shopping all the time. I prefer to park away from the crowd. Need to walk more anyway. We are always going off road in the back country... with the trailer. I refuse to compromise the ability to get where we are going without sweating the grades. This truck can handle a much larger trailer up to 20000#. In the chance I get a bigger trailer I have enough truck. Might want to rethink your priorities for a truck. I'd hate to see you unhappy with what you get.
  15. Kimberly

    Swivelwheel trailer