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  1. FB, HDT did I miss something

    Social media has been a great "equalizer" as a lot more people can join in the conversation. So you have those who speak from learned ideas and those who can back up their statements by actual life experiences, being joined in the "conversation" by the opinionated and also by the truly ignorant. Isn't anonymity great ?! Certain amount of anonymity exists on this forum but dumb opinions, or statements are immediately confronted by those who speak from experience, so it's harder to sow misinformation here and "opinionated" are quickly exposed here. With a tongue in cheek, I liken the behavior on social media to our political system and democracy, everybody has a right to be "represented". Looking at our Congress I see a substantial contingent, particularly among reps who gamely represent the ignorant.
  2. Hmm (2)

    No, for the "whole story" check the post I did on the "TSLB2H Hitch maintenance" thread. I'll probably copy it to this thread.
  3. TSLB2H hitch maintenance

    IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the talent on this forum. I've "resurrected" old things beat up, not working, etc., and appreciate the effort that it takes. The zerk idea is grand, I'm assuming there is a grease galley sideways into the wear area, that was the more difficult concept I was considering, the other approach I thought about was to drill access holes in the top of the head and put zerks in top of the supports with grease galley down to the swivel shafts. Shaft retainer plates are given, nicely done, you'll see the same thing below in the "alternative". THE ALTERNATIVE. 1. The base would be all new, It's cheaper to build a new one than to screw around trying to salvage the old one and there would be "improvements". The shaft support flanges are much more massive and have high tech non grease-able bearings. also the main shaft tube would have those bearings, currently there are none. 2. The head is a new version of the Super Binkley, it's slightly smaller and the same overall size as the old round Binkley for a better fit in TS. If time permits there might one of these at the ECR. Shafts are removable, see the mounting similarity. Jaws and the block from the old Binkley (these are indestructible) could be moved to the new head to keep the cost of refurb down. The two jaws and the block are by far the most expensive items in the head.
  4. Hmm (2)

    Progress report, base # 1
  5. Hmm (2)

    Will do.
  6. FB, HDT did I miss something

    Iche I checked again the picture posting link that Jack posted at the top, it works great, I use it now instead of the one on my computer.
  7. FB, HDT did I miss something

    Another source of information, I joined out of curiosity and occasionally contribute, when specific question pop-up from "newbies". This forum is quite a bit more "mature" and organized and resources, gathered over years of members experience which you can retrieve, are invaluable. I wouldn't say lots of members "went over", they did what I did, joined out of curiosity and met same old friends we've known on this forum. Facebook, by it's nature, it's more of a "gabby" platform and because of that maybe "less intimidating". Lots of things pop up on it but they also seem to quickly sink into oblivion and die "natural death" except when Zuckerberg's boys decide otherwise. I don't think this forum has anything to fear
  8. Hmm (1)

    Shawn, since all the ETs are anti-chucking designs, Super Senior anti-chucker, Senior anti-chucker and the smaller Junior anti-chucker I was thinking about the new "smallest addition" as a SON OF CHUCKY might go along with the older sibling's name the JACKALOPEE What do you think, what everybody thinks?
  9. Hmm (2)

    Thank's guys, that means I would have to have two style of bases to go with my heads, but the beauty is I can swap them easy.
  10. Hmm (2)

    Come on guys, I need confirmation to go on. Is the pivot on the left a Traile Saver pivot, or are they both, just from different vintage. There was a thread earlier on the subject by guys who took them apart.
  11. Hmm (1)

    Probably more than 90% of action on any hitch is pulling, the rest stopping. So on an ET most of the time the dogbones are "stretched" (pulling) vs. "compressed" (braking). Dogbones go up when pulled upon and go down when they are squeezed (that's the anti chucking behavior). That's pretty evident in this video Theoretically it should work in a reverse, but I have (for a pet) this engineering gargoyle that sits on my shoulder and whenever he starts whacking me on the back of the head I have to seriously re-examine my thought and he just whacked me. Also having an up-angle from the head to the pivots is a critical design component and that goes for all "pivoted" hitches, I actually would like to have even more. So lowering the pivots is a non-starter. It hasn't escaped my eyeball that the latest entry into the HDT hitch world has the hitch head sit way above the pivot. The above video is pretty long, but in several sections you see the truck taking off, note the pulling and anti-chucking action, particularly at the start and the first few gears. Every time the tranny shifts and there is a break in power input (and a chuck is introduced) note how the ET absorb that chuck and redirects it downward into the air bags instead of into the truck. Also note how the trailer stays smooth while the ET absorbs all the road "stuff" that the truck sees and does not dampen out.
  12. Hmm (2)

  13. Hmm (2)

    The pin material in Binkleys is harder than the saddle material, so the saddle (the inner part that you can't get to and grease) wears out before the pins do. When you see this it means the saddle has worn to the point where it's ready to say "good bye" to the pin. That head was super loose and has seen lots of impact. The Binkleys that I used on older ETs don't show anywhere near this kind of wear because the hitch has a lot of excursion (5 inches) and the forward and back chucking (impact) is reduced significantly by the anti-chucking parallelogram system. The above head is beyond salvage or repair.
  14. Hmm (1)

    Keep in mind that overall length is 39 inches, couldn't make it any shorter without a "pucker factor", could be a problem on "some trucks", or the one you are interested in.
  15. Hmm (2)

    Yes, yes, there is always a "gotcha", which in this instance to permanently cure this. But the question I have is real. Which of the bases is from Trailer Saver (or both). I save heads but not carcasses and don't remember where these two came from. I'm guessing the left one is it and the pins on the bottom had leveling springs on them to keep the head straight.