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  1. phoenix2013

    Which hitch

    I'm still around and kicking and happy to talk to you guys. For those who would like a comprehensive engineering "white paper" on hitches and why you need one in your HDT send me an email. Young's Welding who build the ETs now are doing a fantastic job and as Jack said incorporated all of the improvements I have been working on. Jack, whose company is 30 miles away from Young's, knows all the tricks and "secrets" of ETs.
  2. phoenix2013

    Brakes Frozen

    If you are wintering down my way again, the weather has been horrible the last two weeks. got all the way down to 68 degrees. I had to abandon the shorts for the full length pants. Also I had to turn off the air conditioning and the ceiling fan. It was bothering the dog, who had to sleep with us under the covers, instead of on top of the covers. But they are predicting low 80's again in a week or so.
  3. "THE FIX" starting with the next batch of the Jackalopee boards, should eliminate the "confusion".
  4. Jackalopee has been "dressed up a bit. Any one who has attended HDT Rallies knows Springfields and the hard working (and helping) Springfield kids. It turns out they have also other talents. Emalee Springfield is an artist, she designed the logo you see above.
  5. You get a different post op care when you do two at the same time AND THE INSURANCE PAYS FOR IT! I probably should have mentioned it to you guys and "encouraged it". The day after my second one they transported me to a full fledged 24-7 in-patient PT facility. We are talking single patient hospital rooms, 24-7 three shift nursing staff, 24-7 pain management, or as much as you need it, pain management physician on the staff, PT physician (not just techs), three hours per day of PT spread throughout the day, one hour of PT, hour of occupational (dressing, toilet, etc.) and hour of mental (group), believe me, some people were real basket cases in the group, but the info was good. Insurance paid for 10 days of it and on the last day the PT guy just came into the room in the morning to "observe" if I could function independently (with a walker), get up, go to toilet, wash, brush teeth, take a shower, dress up, etc. Once he saw I could do this, he discharged me. This was after those 10 days of in-patient. What followed was 4-6 (I don't remember) weeks of out-patient therapy which is probably what you guys get. I was told that up front that if I did both I would go to the inpatient place and if I did one at a time it would be outpatient only. I didn't know any better at the time but I was in such a bad shape and I had it with those knees I said we will do both.
  6. All that Jackalopee does is to take what the truck light are doing, rearranges their pathway and puts these into the right wires into the trailer. The few "burnups" that occurred and the Jackalopee was smoked was actually shorts in wiring in the trailer circuitry. You should fuse the line from the truck batteries to the trailer batteries (+12V SWITCHED circuit) with a thermal resetable fuse (30 Amps or so) I spend more time and hours explaining this, therefore, everyone pay attention to these two pictures. This is how the the 12V charging circuit and the brake controller should be wired. The black wire from the batteries should go to the +12V SWITCHED and the blue wire from the brake controller should go the third tab below it, right above where it says +12V AUX. There is a ton of confusion and it's my fault, because I didn't anticipate it and did not bitch out the board layout guy when he marked things. I'm going to have the board redone just for that. See the marking BRK CNTRL right above a tab, that marking actually belongs to the tab to its right, not the tab below. But people see the BRK CNTRL marking above the tab and guess what, it also says BLU right next to it, " I got it, that's where the brake controller goes". Next thing that happens, I get a call. "Brakes on the trailer are all screwed up". I ask, "where is the blue wire from the truck going"? "I plugged it into the tab that says +12V AUX below it". I suggest, "Swap the two blues, see what happen"? "Wow, everything works, thanks so much". I politely terminate the conversation and curse out the board layout guy, AGAIN!!!!!!!!! The board change will take the BRK CNTRL marking and move it to the right of that tab it belongs to and while at it I will also move the +12V DIRECT to the right of that tab. Note also the thin etch going up from the brake controller tab to the LED. The LED "looks" at what is coming in from the controller in the truck and depending on the current and voltage level and will glow dimly or brightly. The marking BRAKE LEVEL belongs to the LED The GND tab next to it is a spare ground, some controllers required it in the past. Also wanted to share with the group the "new look" of the Jackalopees in the future.
  7. The airbags are very robust and don't age or crack in the typical fashion since they are not exposed directly to sun. The top and bottom mounting plates are aluminum and the mounting holes are threaded aluminum. The bolts are 3/8-16 into that aluminum, therefore the tightening spec is only 20 inch-lb of torque (palm size ratchet, wrist force only), should you remove the top or top and the airbag for "look and see". Never seen a bad airbag, even in 10 years old ETs. Most likely it's the fitting or tubing connecting the fittings. Brass DOT fittings as shown above are superior and should be used on older repairs where tubing is dirty and stiff and will not seal well in push-in fittings.
  8. Roger made an appearance, sporting and walking his two new knees. I actually witnessed the Old Goat give him a man hug.
  9. All wired and working, I expect you guys will be flicking switches and playing with it at the Rally Got an "education" in flashers, the fancy one for LED lights did not like to talk to relays and go through them. The one that said for LED and incandescent worked just fine.
  10. Next year we should HAVE a sub-Rally, known as a Conformis Rally, we could present a seminar. I think in this age group there are many "candidates". We could advertise it as, "all actual and prospective gimps - WELCOME"
  11. phoenix2013

    brake light switch

    Ah pardon. Never worked with Tucson (I'm an air over hydraulics disciple), does Tucson require a brake light input to sort of "wake up the electronics", "get going, this is for real, send the current to the trailer" deal?
  12. phoenix2013

    brake light switch

    The brake light output on all controllers is to tell people behind you and your trailer that you are activating the brakes utilizing the manual override (not using the brake pedal). If you have a Jackalopee run that wire into the Jackalopee and crimp it together with brake light push on for the truck brakes. This way the truck brakes activate the brake lights and the controller activates the brake lights. The brake lights don't care who is doing this. Lot easier that tearing apart dashboards and splicing into things that require "education".
  13. There is a fifth one in there, look closer in the shadow, upper right corner.
  14. Project # 2 just "needs some wiring".
  15. No, no, none of that, this is truck height. Last time I traveled to Kansas with 6,500 pounds in the Grand Caravan, the Caravan "introduced me" to a transmission shop in Kansas. It was a "transmission divorce", it cost me $4,500 to get a new bride and get my butt back to Florida.
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