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  1. Anybody going to Tampa?

    Dave, full disclosure, first selfie I ever took, you should be honored. Sign of Florida wimp developing, at 58 hoodie came out of the closet, pool is useless in spite of sun and solar heat, it will take few days to get it back into 80s
  2. Anybody going to Tampa?

    Dave, Florida is 500 mile long but only the southern most 100 miles are considered to have "tropical climate" suitable for families like this. You are still too far north.
  3. Anybody going to Tampa?

    Full disclosure. Refrigeration is basically freezing everything, even bread. Food is bought in small quantities. Buy 10 lb of potatoes, half of them will sprout or rot before you eat all of them. Same thing with onions, garlic, bread on the counter, fruit. veggies, etc. Anything you buy in bulk you have to freeze. Next two days will suck 50s daily 30s in the morning, but by Sunday things will be normal, 70s, 80s.
  4. Anybody going to Tampa?

    1,000 people move to Florida "EVERY DAY". We gained Representatives in the Congress at the expense of New York State. Port St Lucie, where I live, had in 2001 population of 130,000, seventeen years later in 2018, population is 185,000 (including "happy" yours truly). Let me point out few OTHER THINGS. 1. Haven't seen or touched snow or snow shovel in five years. Same for ice on the windshield or windshield scraper. 2. 1,600 miles closer to the equator (from up north) daylights are longer by almost an hour. Evening commute is done still in the daylight throughout THE WINTER. 3. Winter months here are the most "productive", it's cooler. All the "outdoor project", gardening, maintenance, all projects, or just being plain lazy is "saved" for the "Winter Months", NOVEMBER through MARCH. No hunkering down, the native population "blossoms" in those months. Puts on additions, enlarges driveways, paints houses, drags out cars, bikes, boats, etc., to work on on those driveways (the driveways don't need to be shoveled). 4. The "snowbirds" who start arriving here in November go crazy and drive like crazy, always in the hurry. GET OUT OF MY WAY, HURRY, HURRY!!!! I ONLY HAVE 1,2,or 3 MONTHS BEFORE I GO UP AGAIN TO FREEZE MY ASS!!!!!!!! So after 5 years in Florida I have reached a moment of revelation and reflection on my misspent "youth". I gained 2 years (25 months) of useful, enjoyable and productive life (5 months per year). By the same token I look on the 50 plus years up north as being "robbed" of 20 years (250 months) of useful and productive life, shoveling snow, scraping ice, chopping wood, raking dead leaves, commuting for hours on end in snowstorms, etc., etc., activities which in my opinion have no intrinsic value in monetary sense, personal satisfaction sense, or personal growth sense. The only thing that I can think of to mollify this assessment is the fact that I was a pretty consistent "snowbird" in the preceding couple decades (spending upwards of 5 months per winter here) therefore the calculation of 250 wasted months is probably significantly less than that!
  5. Anybody going to Tampa?

    This week will be "brutal" for Florida, 50's during the day, 30's at night, next week should be back to "normal", 70's and 80's, planning a trip to Tampa maybe on the 17th.
  6. Jackalopee question, brake/turn signal off

    Did you look at the LEDs on the Jackalopee (without the trailer plugged in) and see if the LED respond to the input from the DOT socket properly? 1. Running lights LED light up with Lights switch in the cab on and off when switch is turned off. That LED should not light up with either Left, or Right, or Brakes being activated. 2. Left LED activated by turn stalk activated to Left 3.Right LED activated by turn stalk activated to Right 4. Both LEDs activated when brakes are pressed. This is the starting and basic operational mode, lets see if the truck and Jackalopee agree on this.
  7. Jackalopee question, brake/turn signal off

    Jackalopee shuttles the lights through instantaneously (no delay). Volvo uses LCM (lights control module) which is programmable and has bee a pain in the ...... at times (needed to be reprogrammed). I don't know how International handles and splits their wiring, between the truck and the DOT socket. Do you even have the DOT socket on your truck. If that socket has been cut off, I would start at that point, and establish and see if the cable (or wires) at that junction give you the proper DOT signals, Jackalopee manual tell you what to expect there. If there is no socket and you see "custom wiring" from that point on consider parking a trash barrel next to the truck where to deposit the "custom wiring". Call me anytime for "consultations", I can save you a ton of time.
  8. Jackalopee question, brake/turn signal off

    Stan has the answer. To add a bit of "clarification", think in terms that when nothing is happening all the relays are in normally open position as shown touching 87a. When they see a light signal on any coil (+12V) they get pulled over to 87. Just follow that "logic" to see where signal goes trough and where at the same time it pulls the relay to 87 creating another pathway. I would add that this kind of "relay logic" goes back to the beginning of electronics (20s-30s) and really exploded in the 60s (wow, I'm dating myself) with the advent of PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and before ICs and eventually microprocessors were developed. PLC are still a backbone of the control industry, but they are now much more sophisticated combining relays and computers. The reason I use this "ancient technology" is because it works very well and is designed to carry 30-40 Amps of power without a sweat and for about $20 bucks worth of parts in that circuit. To do it "right" in solid state (transistors, etc) and carry 40 Amps you'd have to spend lot more than $20 bucks. That's why "high power Hoppy's" are limited to 5 Amps and still burn up (no proper heat sinking).
  9. Jackalopee question, brake/turn signal off

    As you can see in my explanation above the four relays simply shuttle and redirect what comes in. Two solid lights (brakes) are interrupted (on that side) when either left or right comes in, the other side stays solid. with one blinking, pushing brakes will add solid light to the non-blinking side.
  10. Jackalopee question, brake/turn signal off

    Stan, Jackalopee does not use the three relay system, it uses the four relay system. This was a conscious design decision, I did not want to muck with supplying the power to lights from my board, on my board, wired on my board, good opportunity for mis-wires and burnups. The Jackalopee is totally inert when it comes to power and does nor require any, the four relays act only as a logic circuit re-routing the the signals from lights. The running lights signal has a totally separate run (etch) from one side of the PCB to the other, it cannot short on the board. That does not mean that it's not possible with "creative" wiring outside of the Jackalopee. In the last ten years I collected a "rogue's gallery" of Jackalopees that came back from the field. Needless to say these were not replaced "under Warranty"
  11. Jackalopee question, brake/turn signal off

    Shannon, first split the problem between truck and trailer. Disconnect the trailer. Look at the Jackalopee troubleshooting lights and see if they are performing correctly (the running light not blinking together with the brakes or either of the turn signals). Incidentally the running lights on the Jackalopee is a completely separate circuit on the Printed Circuit Board and have nothing to do with left, right or brakes, a short someplace is the only way to cause this behavior. If the Jackalopee light show proper action then truck wiring is OK and something is backfed from the trailer wiring from the Jackalopee onward. Whenever I had to find it, two places were good place to look 1. Wiring of the RV socket, it's pure crap and it's easy for few strands to "escape" and short to another terminal 2. The "Amish" wiring box in the trailer where the trailer umbilical end up and "distributes" to the lights, brakes, power etc. I have seen some real crap in those with splices, twist-ons, insulation "pierce-rs", electrical tape, all cramped into junction box half the size it should be. I had to chase the same problem you have on my rig after few years on the road, it was in that junction box. If it's on the truck side, you might have to dig deeper. When I look at your truck, its construction and wiring, I don't see truck conversion, I see David by Michelangelo, I see Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vince, it's a PIECE OF ART.
  12. Jackalopee news

    Did you chase all the "Gremlins" in the "unique" wiring of your truck?
  13. 1991 375 Peterbilt

    Had a nice long talk with Patrick about his "classic". Offered to post a picture for him.
  14. Jackalopee news

    The thought has been "entertained", except you guys like to wire these whole bunch of different ways.
  15. Jackalopee news

    To all you "happy" Jackalopee wirers, you can order your Jackalopee with all the other parts you need. 25 feet of WT702 7 wire cable, crimps (16 and 10 gauge), DOT truck plug (metal with spring relief), RV socket and RV socket mounting bracket. All of these can be shipped together in the next size larger USPS priority box for second day delivery. If only certain items are needed we can "discuss it".