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  1. Helipilot

    RV Batteries

    Good post Al. Thanks for the information and I will study it in detail. That is one reason I carry the Honda 3000 generator in case we need to charge or top off the batteries. We are usually in a park with 50 amp power available but wanted some ability to keep going in the event of some short term situation such as a major traffic jam or road closure that would prevent us from having shore power. The solar wiring will be sized by the solar installer when we are ready to install the panels and other related electrical equipment. They are here in Little Rock and have a good reputation for quality work having installed solar systems for several cities in the area and businesses as well. If we need to replace the existing wire in the unit we will
  2. Helipilot

    RV Batteries

    I just replaced the 12v factory battery with two 6 v T-105 Trojans with a Magnum 2000 watt pure sine inverter and installed a Samsung RF18 residential french door refrigerator (a lot more room in the freezer and the box as well). The new batteries and inverter will run the refer 24 hours without issue. Planning to add solar this winter after I save up some coins for the conversion. Our DRV is already pre-wired for the solar conversion.
  3. Thanks for that...I recently changed my disc brakes on my DRV with the Kodiak brakes. I bought the ceramic pads through e-trailer and thought the service and price was good. It was about a two banana job but took all day because I had the grandson "helping".
  4. I had a torque multiplier (about $400) I used with a torque wrench when we had a Bluebird. It was very handy and did a good job. Now I use a torque wrench and 36" cheater bar on our DRV. As a professional pilot and licensed A&P aircraft technician I use a torque wrench and the proper torque on all fasteners. Failure to follow good maintenance practices will eventually bite you and leave you stranded with a large repair bill in usually the worst place possible. I also carry a good tool box, hot dog style air compressor, small nail gun and staple gun, plumbing repair stuff, electrical repair stuff, grease gun, Fluke digital electrical meter, Roll of 4" roof tape, tube of sealant and some other odds and ends including a 20' -3/8" chain in the truck tool box with flares and flash lights and a Honda 3000 generator. And it seems I never have the right thing!!! Go figure.
  5. We have the Camp Chef Mountain series and it does work for us. We have the griddle we throw on the burners for grilling and I can cook up a great breakfast, lunch or dinner with it.. We also have a small charcoal grill (12" in diameter) we use sometimes. Good luck!
  6. Update...since my original post we have not had any air loss on any tire. Thanks for the comments folks, we are now back at our home base safe and sound. We are planning to purchase a tire pressure monitoring system before our next trip. Will keep you posted on our purchase.
  7. I believe the original installer (Goodyear Truck shop) didn't properly tighten the nuts on the stems when the tires were installed and balanced. The new tires were installed last summer and have about 5,000 miles of travel on them. These are the 17.5 wheels and really tow well. No other problems. Next project is to install new disc brake pads and new Monroe shocks. The Mobile Suite only has about 25,000 miles on it since new. The previous owner documented about 20,000 miles and we have documented about 6,000 since we purchased it. Great unit and we are snug and warm in a cold rain/sleet mix that has moved in while we are in Illinois for the Thanksgiving holidays. Exactly why I moved to the South as soon as I could, DW was already a born and bred southern lady when we married 48 years ago.
  8. After we bought our fifth wheel we installed the Goodyear G114 Light Truck Tires (as recommended on this forum and others) to prevent the "China Bombs" from tearing up the wheel wells when they failed. The Goodyear G114's are great but the valve stems are the metal type held in tension with a nut at the base. This nut, if it is loose or backs off, allows for a slow leak to develop at the valve stem base. Ours had a slow leak dropping from 125 PSI to 65 PSI overnight. Being the idiot I am I removed the tire and took it in to a tire shop to be repaired. They did the soapy water trick and discovered the leak at the valve stem. A simple deep reach socket tightened the nut and the leak was cured. The tire guy said "no charge" but I gave him a $10 bill for the education. Back at our RV I immediately checked the other three wheels valve stems and all were loose but had not started leaking. Passing this on to you folks at "No Charge"
  9. I agree with your assessment on the new units but the units a couple of years old (before Thor) are still high quality. We are taking our 2011 36RSSB3 with Vanity Slide over to Slade for an upgrade to the Samsung RF18 residential refrigerator. Slade does a lot of these upgrades and the factory is now offering the residential units as standard/optional equipment. He charges about $4,000 for the complete upgrade including the Magnum Inverter. Since we plan to keep this unit until we are through RVing we felt the upgrade was warranted. Reports by other RVers give the upgrade a two thumbs up. With the inverter and dual T-105 batteries they can get about three days of use before needing to recharge. We bought a Honda 3000 watt generator for $800 to recharge if we do any long term boondocking. Good Luck in your search and decision.
  10. We have the DRV Mobile Suites and love it. It is considered a high end unit and we recommend the following: Rolling Retreats Elk City Ok. 73644 580-799-3740 www.rollingretreats.com Slade and Alicia are great folks and currently have new and used units in stock. Worth a look.
  11. Might I suggest a DRV Mobile Suites. We love ours and they are high end at a reasonable price. Contact Rolling Retreats in Elk City, OK Slade and Alica are super people and have some very good deals on new and used units.
  12. Along this same subject, what is the opinion of the King Jack antenna vs the new amplified Wineguard bat wing head available at CW? DW loves to watch tv since she retired. We have Directv satellite but doesn't work in tree covered sites.
  13. Thanks for the info. The last thief we had, after we had our Kubota tractor stolen, made the mistake of bringing a knife to a gunfight.
  14. Good thread, thanks for starting this. We have the large plastic lockable box with the following: 10# Fire Extinguisher Leveling blocks 20' chain Various tie down stuff 1 Quart of; oil, distilled water, hydraulic fluid for 5ver leveling system, WD-40, 303, Lowes 150 PSI twin tank hot dog compressor (Fairly small) 8'x10' tarp Tool Kit and Tire Changing kit with torque wrench, and volt/ohm meter and spare electrical connectors Roll of Eternabond tape plus duct tape, electrical tape Fire wood and stuff if in an area where fires are permitted, Triangle stand for cast iron cooking pot 50' heavy duty extension cord and work light Other stuff for specific trips. Commercial set of warning triangles and flares if broke down on side of road. In truck cab: Most of the stuff Dartmouth01 posted
  15. What N TX Dave said. GMC 3500 Duramax and towing a DRV 5th wheel. The first couple of times I took it to the dealer and bought a case of their DEF for about $35.00. From then on I just refilled the empty jugs at the truck stop for about $2.50-2.75/gl. I haven't tracked it real closely but I have 22,000 miles on the truck and have used 11 gallons with most of the miles towing the 36' RSSB3 and that is mostly in hilly country. 22k/11= 2,000 miles/gal.
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