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  1. adept99

    Terrible grinding noise in smart cooling fan

    And jus where were all you shade tree mechanics when our fan gave up? Yeah, so we got the $800 version just like Brad & Jacolyn's first attempt. BTW - We're gonna be in TX for a couple of months after the 1st of the year, Galveston and San Antonio. Starting to stockpile DR Pepper now in hopes of having enough to kinda slip through Baytown without too much ugliness.
  2. adept99

    OT: Table Saws

    If you can't (or don't want to) repair your current saw, I'd be heavily in favor of a refurb Delta or Grizzly . I have a Delta Uni-Saw and for the prices I've seen lately, I think you could do pretty well in that market. (<$1K)
  3. adept99

    Volvo "Console" Ideas please

    I got to this discussion late. What does your bride think of riding backwards as was suggested earlier in the discourse?
  4. adept99

    Upper console door repair/replacement

    The pricing for the doors for the 2001 versions are breath taking. Junk Yard run.
  5. adept99

    Turn Signal Cover

    Hair dryer or heat gun will help...(Gently)
  6. adept99

    double towing

    With Ram Air Induction, you know that's gotta be a humdinger. Also proves that redneck engineering is alive and well, regardless of geographic source...
  7. adept99

    East Coast Rally Registration

    Was just at the CG for a week with some friends, mostly trying to keep warm. All signed up for the Rally.
  8. adept99

    New Coolant Reservoir

  9. adept99

    East Coast Rally mentors

    Carl, I could help. Thinking of "How to wash & wax a big rig. We could use the Draggin for practice sessions. Been at Deer Run for the past week and the rain/cold/snow has created a wonderful test subject, complete with limestone dust concrete. Seriously, I'll give you a call next week to discuss subjects if you're interested in a practical discussion. Paul
  10. adept99

    East Coast Rally Rumor

    UNCLE...I give - I'm out - really did not need that mental image....
  11. adept99

    East Coast Rally Rumor

    Ever peek under Hybrid's ever-so-elegant Tu-Tu??? WoW...
  12. adept99

    Totally Off Topic - Just Need Some Smart Ideas

    Georgia Hybrid & Elegant. Byhahahahahahahahahaha ??? Huh, oh, whoops, didn't mean to do that out loud...
  13. adept99

    Changing out the STD 5th wheel ????

    Huh? Whut? Sounds like the only articulating bein' done here is somebody's jawbone...
  14. adept99

    Frame tensile strength

    Come on Dave, Let 'em get unloaded before you start picking at 'em.