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  1. Pardon me for arriving late to the party, but... When we had that same problem, after several disgusting episodes, I go a really good look at the valve in question and realized that the cable had a kink which made me think that the issue was the valve because of the resistance in trying to open or close the valve. The valve is a sandwich valve. Has a flange face on the pipe side, and a flat face on the valve blade side. I bought a new cable and a new set of guts for the valve. Loosen but don't remove the valve body screws (should be 4). With a little wiggling, you should be able to pull the blade out. Minor clean up, replace the cable, install the new blade, tighten flange screws & give 'er a little test. Not exactly right, but you get the idea. This valve is a bit different than what I suggested, but it should get you aimed in the right direction. https://www.etrailer.com/RV-Sewer/LaSalle-Bristol/34466N11AB36GM.html
  2. adept99


    AAAAAAAMMMMMMMEEEEEENNNNNNN I said now AAAAAAAMMMMMMMEEEEEENNNNNNN Old time gospel...Lemme get one from the choir. Hmm - Maybe a little too much communion wine after the pie course, but happy turkey day anyway. Paul & Paula
  3. Yeah, seems to me there is even a Law about that...
  4. If you feel the need to have a cutoff switch, check out West Marine (I know, trucks don't float). They have a pretty decent selection of switches and most of that is high quality. Just pay attention to your wire/cable sizes and you should be fine.
  5. Seems to be a lot of that going around these days...
  6. Hey Dave; Have you tried sleeping in/on a slightly elevated head of the bed (adjustable bed). I pretty much lived in a recliner for a month after my knee, and then went to an elevated head section on the bed. Not much inclination but it works. Hang in - It gets better
  7. Hey Roger; Didja think far enough ahead to install a "kneel" function on your tractor? Got everything else. Kneel down, mount up, no problem... 8 years & counting.
  8. adept99

    $100,000 part

    Back in the day, medical pricing was based on billed amount. The more you billed for a given procedure (price, not volume) the more the billing allowable went up for the following year. What a great system...
  9. Plug me into the Knee club. Had the Right one replaced about 8 yrs ago. Pain meds worked, PT sucked but worked, and no issues since.
  10. I thought those Tesla things were supposed to go from 0 to haulin' a$$ in 8'. Sumpthin (So's you could just jump it off the bed) wrong with yours??
  11. adept99

    Minor Off Topic

    Please excuse a small take over. Due to some unexpected health issues (not gonna kick off, just prone to falling down) DW & I have decided to sell the bikes. We have another plan. Harley is 2013 12,500 miles, nice bike. Hers is Spyder RTS SM5 (I think). PM me with a phone# if you want to know more. Paul
  12. adept99


    Just happen to have a truck wash 2 miles from the house. Even after falling off the iron while erecting a building, sometimes I still have to talk myself into skipping the "do it yourself" version of washing the roof of the truck and trailer. Building fall = two shattered wrists/hands and concussion. Truck wash = $100 No Contest
  13. adept99


    I call BS...Dave wouldn't have a cheap ol' freightliner pole. Probably more like a Snap-On Cane pole complete with red & white bobber, mason's twine for line, and a couple of 3/8" washers for weights.
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