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  1. adept99

    Need Craft Help

    Moose Drool is an amber beer very much to my liking. Was trying not to say "willing to buy" to avoid any interstate issues with the folks from the ATF bureau. And so now I'll just shut up .
  2. adept99

    Need Craft Help

    If any adults live or are traveling thru the area West of the Mississippi River, I'd like to invest in some adult style specialty brew that is apparently made out of unobtanium East of the Big Muddy. Please contact me at Five 0 two - eight 3 Six - Zero 958 if you think you could help out. Thanks, Paul & Paula
  3. adept99

    New to the fold!

    Looking forward to it Denver.
  4. adept99

    New to the fold!

    Hey Ron and Julie, Part of the deal is that we all take turns watching ol' Denver. He wanders off sometimes. Welcome to the Dark Side, and if you really want to wear that silly a$$ hat, by all means, go ahead. Paul & Paula on Site 333
  5. adept99

    Passed written

    FYI Not sure what your truck school or state requires, but one little quirk cost me $600 bucks. I (foolishly) assumed that like the rest of the testing, that it would be on the basis of the Test Administrator asking questions and I would answer appropriately. When we got out to the truck, he told me to get in and do the in-cab checks and the air brake test. OK, got that. We got out and he says, "OK, show me the front left inspection for this truck" Right away, when he didn't offer any questions for me to answer and I'm just standing there scratching my rump and winding my watch, I knew I was in the death spiral. Seems that the "correct" method was to get out of the truck, open the hood, and explain (in order) what I was looking at and why it was important, using near verbatim words from the manual. Any deviation from that was points off. I didn't know that until he failed me and explained it to me. And then I got to pay another $600 for the truck & driver for a return test. Be sure you understand how to take the practical test. And good luck
  6. Breaks you of biting your fingernails too...
  7. Walmart used to be pretty decent about staying overnight. Naturally, some genius decided to cut corners, be rude. take up way too much space, etc, etc. and lo and behold, the local campgrounds got the local laws updated to outlaw "Overnight Walmart Camping", or any parking lot or on street camping for that matter. Several years ago I made a trip to Kansas City with expectation of staying in a Walmart parking lot overnight. When I arrived at the Walmart, some folks in a class C motorhome had taken over a corner, complete with BBQ Grill, coolers, lawn chairs, and a relocated trash can. I decided to, as the saying goes, Drive On.
  8. adept99

    First Build

    You need to slow down...us ol' farts are having trouble keeping up with progress. Maybe some pictures would help - whoops just rude teasing. That's a lot of work and so far, it looks great. Count us in the "singled mid" mob. We can get in most places while towing a 44' 5'er.
  9. Hey Phil; Are ya'll done blowin' & burnin' stuff up yet? Were those fires in Deer Park or in Channelview? What Refinery/Plant? News said there was 1 fatality in the 2nd fire. Hope that was all and that no one else got hurt. Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread.
  10. beat on it with something...yeah, that's the ticket. Plenty of folks will be willing to help.
  11. adept99

    Vietnam Vets Day

    Why would this be the last year? (Tempted to add many smart ass remarks and other wise cracks for the benefit of folks who weren't there and don't care) Freedom isn't Free
  12. adept99

    Smart tires

    Thanks Hot Rod - had wondered about that
  13. adept99

    Vietnam Vets Day

    Made 2 cruises on the Coral Sea, CVA-43, 67-69. Worked on the flight deck as a plane captain and hydraulics troubleshooter for VA-153, flying A-4E's, the world famous "Blue Tail Flies". Lost several flight deck guys, and 5 or 6 pilots didn't come back.
  14. adept99

    Fuel issues

    Just my two cents, but since I started putting a can of Sea Foam split between two tanks, all those fuel issues went away. Yeah, I ruined a couple of filters when I first did that, but no issues since. Cheap fix.
  15. adept99

    Smart tires

    Now you pipe up. I've already got the High Zoot grill mount mostly fabricated. 12" Ductile Iron pipe top & bottom, 1" plate stretchers, winch (Wench??) mount, and, just to keep that homey look, patio cushions for that no mar effect on the hood paint.
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