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  1. adept99

    Road Conditions

    Rick; Sorry buddy, had a gov't shutdown & didn't get paid. But you could go ahead and order some DGA that would get paid for as soon as the shutdowns are over...
  2. adept99

    Ground hog lied

    Hey Rick; Only 20' deep?? Shoot, John Deere is supposed to be bringing out a Wet Kit for tractors and combines. Comes with a special tank rack for extra air tanks, a 50' floating snorkel, and a special high zoot ECM for damp enviroments. Careful of the currents and high tides.
  3. adept99

    DW been on Chromeworld website

    Wasn't there a lyric in a song something like "and her favorite color is Chrome" ?? By Trace Adkins and the name of the song is "Chrome"
  4. adept99

    Volvo Radiator Drain Hose

    Suite - You got "interesting" pictures of him or something???
  5. adept99

    Totally off topic - What a great month!

    What's the duration cut-off for "impromptu" - Oh, wait, this is that silly short month. That should work.
  6. adept99

    HDT Insurance

  7. adept99

    Road Conditions

    I'll have the boys put some gravel down
  8. adept99

    Road Conditions

    Jim, it's pretty much that way from where 12 west ties into 10 west all the way to the Texas line. Yes you can nit-pick, but really, the road just plain sucks. And I got to see the Purty Truck shown above. Only thing I didn't see was the "Go Fuel Me" can setting on the fender...
  9. adept99

    Road Conditions

    Heads up for those of you heading out to the warm embrace of the Southland. This trip was over the course of 2 days, Jan 4th / 5th 2019. I-55 From Memphis to I-12 is a WONDERFUL highway. I considered driving it twice on the same trip. No major lumps, bumps, or potholes. Very little traffic. Just set the Cruz-O-Matic and ooze on down the road. I-12 Is a close second for about 70% of the drive. Mostly flat and smooth. Unfortunately, it's interspersed with really nasty stutter bumps in a number of places. No fun. Broke much stuff loose in the camper. I-10 was the killer. I-12 merges with I-10 and things go downhill fast from there. Asphalt is peeling up in strips leaving 2" deep ruts with near vertical sides. The roadbed is collapsing and is merely a series of abrupt bumps followed by a short smooth stretch of smooth, then more holes and lumps. Broke a cabinet door in half, several items stored in the overhead broke loose and were headed for a nasty crash and were only saved by the fact that the 5er was closed up. Quite a few things fell over, fell out, fell down. and generally made a mess. Be Careful on I-10 Paul
  10. adept99

    Coolant Sensor

    Do you folks realize how close to baling wire and chewing gum we are...
  11. adept99

    Transmission ECU

    Suite, How big is this core you're trying to get out? I mean, is it stuck in a 1" hole or a 1/4" hole? What's on the other side? Water, oil, ??? Can you get a dremel tool or a small right angle drill on it? ON EDIT: I should probably read the entire post before I open my big mouth. With Charlie & Dave, tools appear to be a non problem. Glenn has the "how to" pretty well covered. (Fitters can do anything, just ask 'em) Seriously, how about a slide hammer using a modified lag bolt as an anchor. No big whams, just a lot of small taps??
  12. adept99

    Terrible grinding noise in smart cooling fan

    And jus where were all you shade tree mechanics when our fan gave up? Yeah, so we got the $800 version just like Brad & Jacolyn's first attempt. BTW - We're gonna be in TX for a couple of months after the 1st of the year, Galveston and San Antonio. Starting to stockpile DR Pepper now in hopes of having enough to kinda slip through Baytown without too much ugliness.
  13. adept99

    OT: Table Saws

    If you can't (or don't want to) repair your current saw, I'd be heavily in favor of a refurb Delta or Grizzly . I have a Delta Uni-Saw and for the prices I've seen lately, I think you could do pretty well in that market. (<$1K)
  14. adept99

    Volvo "Console" Ideas please

    I got to this discussion late. What does your bride think of riding backwards as was suggested earlier in the discourse?
  15. adept99

    Upper console door repair/replacement

    The pricing for the doors for the 2001 versions are breath taking. Junk Yard run.