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  1. I thought those Tesla things were supposed to go from 0 to haulin' a$$ in 8'. Sumpthin (So's you could just jump it off the bed) wrong with yours??
  2. adept99

    Minor Off Topic

    Please excuse a small take over. Due to some unexpected health issues (not gonna kick off, just prone to falling down) DW & I have decided to sell the bikes. We have another plan. Harley is 2013 12,500 miles, nice bike. Hers is Spyder RTS SM5 (I think). PM me with a phone# if you want to know more. Paul
  3. adept99


    Just happen to have a truck wash 2 miles from the house. Even after falling off the iron while erecting a building, sometimes I still have to talk myself into skipping the "do it yourself" version of washing the roof of the truck and trailer. Building fall = two shattered wrists/hands and concussion. Truck wash = $100 No Contest
  4. adept99


    I call BS...Dave wouldn't have a cheap ol' freightliner pole. Probably more like a Snap-On Cane pole complete with red & white bobber, mason's twine for line, and a couple of 3/8" washers for weights.
  5. I'm just a ol' heater & a banger ironworker, but seems to me that a small alligator clip with a bit of tape for insulation and an appropriate length of stranded ignition wire ought to get you out from under your rig. And yes, you can buy "store bought" leads.
  6. adept99

    Smart car help?

    You folks are looking at this getting out thing the wrong way. Just open the door, one leg out, roll out of the car on to the ground, then crawl away in the most dignified way you can manage. Only really bad when sleeting...
  7. Yeah, that length thing will be self explanatory if you try to drag it thru the Smoky's at what must be a million inches long. I used a bastardized "Weight & Balance" spreadsheet when I relocated one of the axles on our 44' toy hauler. I combined elements of the Dolly Trolly and the Noteven spreadsheets. Worked quite well, and increased the pin weight by the predicted amount and eliminated the wild sway I had had been experiencing up to that time. I like the idea of pencil and paper first. You already have a few limiting dimensions. Legal length limit, usually 65', but can stretch that a bit. Center to center on axles, front to rear. Dimensions of the expected load. Etc, etc Go ahead and start your design. There's plenty of folks here who will be thrilled to help you spend your money to get your rig just perfect...
  8. The struts just "pop" off and on. Kind of a ball & socket arrangement. Pop em off with a screwdriver. Pull one, extend it, measure center of ball to center of ball and head on down to your local NAPA or Total Truck Parts store, buy a pair & head home for a simple install.
  9. BTW - "shmeg" is a technical term usually accompanied by a colorful array of descriptive terms having to do with the lineage of the mechanical device being examined. Can apply to automotive, steam, aeronautical, and toe-jam.
  10. adept99

    Applying Decals

    Wet and cool, warm water, and add a little "slickum" to the water, and remove the wax off the area of application.
  11. $20K leak detector??? With the amount of gas released at a typical gathering??? It would fit right in like it was a Volvo sensor component, Burned out sensing element after the first rally.
  12. Advance Auto parts carries them, but they have a weird combination of plastic parts to attach them. Took me and the counter guy about 1/2 hour to get the first one mounted, and I'm not sure that was anything more than dumb luck...
  13. adept99


    This will be a good time to re-index all of those "how to" VHS ship-in-a-bottle tapes, maybe alphabetize the Myron Floren (sic) / accordion 8 track tapes (and aone and atwo). I can't see how you would get bored with all that in front of you. Let Paula & I know if you need help with anything. Paul.
  14. adept99

    Purchasing Fuel

    When we are traveling, I avoid the big 3 fuel stations like the plague. A few cents difference wouldn't bother me, but the $0.25 to $0.40 cent difference just screams "pay off the fines" money to me. So we stick to smaller dealers, DW hotfoots it into the fuel desk, gives them a deposit on whatever card we're using, I fill'er up, DW goes & closes out the fuel ticket, and off we go like a herd 'o turtles. With a built in discount.
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