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  1. I had someone pull the arm an unlock my fifth wheel once. I pulled out straight, trailer slide off fifth wheel. By a stroke of good luck, I happened to be looking back in mirrors and saw it happening and stopped short keeping the trailer on the truck frame. It was a bear cranking landing gear down and raising the trailer enough to get back under it. Never again did I leave anyplace I stopped without checking for locked fifth wheel. Even when towing our 35' fiver, I checked.
  2. There is a fee for using the TSD / EFS card. It is 10% of your savings. Look at your settlement statement when they deduct funds from your account.
  3. I use these extensions https://www.raneystruckparts.com/6-straight-valve-extensions/ use stabilizers to prevent stem movement https://www.arconic.com/alcoawheels/north-america/en/accessories-heavy-valve-stem-extension-stabilizer-kits.asp
  4. You might have better luck posting in the items wanted instead of here in MDT. MDT would not use a pickup bed cover.
  5. You need to be at or above weight. Rent a dump trailer that will get you above. Shorter trailer and easier to maneuver.
  6. The first thing I would do is install valve stem stabilizers. Mine did not have them and I wore a hole through the extension. These are the ones I installed. https://www.raneystruckparts.com/valve-stem-stabilizer/
  7. I just updated a few minutes ago. Newer version Google Chrome is up to date Version 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  8. When I tested to get my Exempt Class B earlier this year, I did not provide any docs other than my old license. My new Texas DL came with the Gold Star.
  9. TexasPSDX

    5 Can Soup

    Can of Rotel Tomatoes Can of Chicken breasts Can of Cream Corn Can of Ranch Style Beans Large can of Chicken & Rice soup (haven't found a large can so we use 2 regular cans) Combine and heat .
  10. Sorry, did not realize you needed the password. What Trainer said above is correct. The best discount I have experienced is price show was $2.88 and I paid $2.32. I also met with the folks at TSD in Texarkana. Very helpful and friendly.
  11. I signed up with TSD Logistics and got their EFS fuel card. It allows me to buy fuel at truck pumps at fleet prices. This link shows prices at various truck stops across country, but retail and fleet price. https://www.tsdlogistics.com/daily-rates/ Info on their program is here https://www.tsdlogistics.com/services/fuel-program/
  12. Good deal for someone. I bought one for a lot more in July. My luck this one is a little late for me.
  13. Completed Hold Mail form before our last trip and received confirmation from USPS via email. Returned home and all our mail was crammed, packed in out small mail box. 2 weeks worth.
  14. Today was the day. Class B driver test at Bryan DPS office. Left parking lot got on Hwy 6 south, took next exit, over 6 then entered 6 north. 3 exits later, exit cross over 6 west to an industrial area. A couple of left and right turns, stopped on empty street, backed 50 feet. Back out to 6 then exit at DPS office. Text complete.
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