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  1. Today was the day. Class B driver test at Bryan DPS office. Left parking lot got on Hwy 6 south, took next exit, over 6 then entered 6 north. 3 exits later, exit cross over 6 west to an industrial area. A couple of left and right turns, stopped on empty street, backed 50 feet. Back out to 6 then exit at DPS office. Text complete.
  2. I took my written last week in Columbus Tx for my class B. Passed. Talked with the examiner and she said they would not be doing Exempt skills testing at that location for a while. At home, with my paperwork in hand, I scheduled the skills test on May 9 in Bryan TX.
  3. Went to the DL office in Columbus TX this morning to take written test for my Exempt B to drive my motorhome. Was told I had completed the wrong forms (oh well I thought I had downloaded the correct ones), was then told written test would be over chapters 12, 13 & 14. Then to top it off, they were closing the office early due to Good Friday, so I have to go back Monday.
  4. Anyone using the Hum? It appears to be much the same as the ATT Mobley.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Will let you know. Motorhome in shop for an engine repair. Waiting until we get it back to proceed.
  6. Needing to get Class B license to drive my motorhome. I know I take Sec. 14 test, but do I also have to take Sec. 6 Towables for my Class B license?
  7. Join FMCA. They have a policy you can buy for the time you will be out of US.
  8. Love mine also. Have used on RV and out in pasture on tractor
  9. TexasPSDX

    B61 Mack and camper

    Put a lot of miles on a B61 pulling a 42' single deck cattle trailer years ago. 15 speed tri-plex transmission had 2 gear shift levers you had to work with. It was a real work horse.
  10. When my son was in Scouts, spent a number of nights on board. Love the after hours guided tours they give the boys. We had a guide on one tour that had actually served on the Lex in WW2
  11. Good videos of floods in Houston http://www.livestormsmedia.com/
  12. We have GS Roadside Ass't. Have called them twice and both times had good samaritan stop and give assistance. Called back and cancelled both times. We continue to sign up with GS because we have the GS credit card. We pay for the Roadside Assist with points earned by using the CC.
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