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  1. I was a few years behind Smitty... my late wife and I bought a new Westphalia pop-top in 1974. We thought it was the cat's meow with a little frig, propane stove, two beds, etc. Looking back, it didn't have A/C (even when driving) nor the power to make it over a long 7% grade in fourth gear. Times have changed. Rob
  2. I agree. We've stayed at almost all the co-ops and are on the list at two of them. The median age at several of them seems to be about 84, so your observation rings true. I don't understand the disconnect between needing Escapees to buy in as people die or age out and being clique-ish or unwelcoming. I also agree with you about Sutherlin - nice bunch of folks there... just wish they took reservations! Rob
  3. oRV beat me to it (that's how he spelled his name on his Escapees name tag the last time we saw him - love it!). Looking at the Xscapers web site, they seem to connect on Facebook and other social media platforms. I know our kids do, too, and think I'm a dinosaur for participating in "old-fashioned" forums. The Xscapers also have their own gatherings, etc. On the other hand, I've seen the younger crown (that's anyone younger the us, I guess) welcomed by most Escapees anywhere we've been (there's at least one curmudgeon in every large group of any kind). Rob
  4. We haven't called or chatted since Dish gave us the ability to change locals with the phone app. It's great - and MUCH faster! Rob
  5. Google Maps for the first, general planning. Then the Mountain Directory (Eastern or Western) if we're going through places where grades and roads might be of concern. Then, using the information gathered above, set a course in our Garmin RV760 which makes sure we steer clear of low overpasses or bridges, restricted roads (have seen several of those in CA where we are at the moment), etc. This combo has kept us out of trouble for four years and 40K miles. Rob
  6. Derek, I appreciate how you follow the technology industry and post usable information for the rest of us. I'm posting this in support of what you have said above and to say that I have been using (only) Windows Defender for a couple of years now with excellent results and no incidents of infections or malware on our two laptops. One thing I never liked about products like Norton (besides the money-grabbing pricing schemes) was the amount of resources and overhead they demand. I found that they slowed down most processes - especially web browsing. Windows Defender seems to be more efficient and less "consumptive" than avast! which I used for a long time, too. (I was a systems and database manager for a large community hospital before retiring and all the techs recommended avast! for PCs.) So another vote for Windows Defender from a satisfied user. Rob
  7. I've tried a number of different brands and styles of water hoses... some are too stiff to work with when the temps are below 90 deg. F, others kink if you look at them the wrong way, and still others can't hold up to being pressurized all the time. Does anyone know of a brand/series of fresh water hose that they've been happy with? We have a heated hose for use in the winter - I'm looking for just a regular, non-heated hose that's safe for the fresh water system. Thanks! Rob
  8. I was answering his specific question about going to a "heavier" tire. I have no argument with what you are saying. Rob
  9. None - and it would be a good move (going to the Sailuns) in my opinion. Rob
  10. I have found several excellent techs using this: rvservicereviews.com You can read reviews by customers before you decide who to contact. Rob
  11. We use a TireMinder A1A system and have been happy with it. I run10 sensors - 6 on the truck and 4 on the fifth wheel. The system has capacity for 21 sensors, I believe... some people put a sensor on the spare, too. TireMinder A1A You can source them many places, including Amazon, Walmart.com, your local RV dealer, etc. Rob
  12. Three years, four months and 24,000+ miles on our Sailuns without any issues. They are wearing well and perform very well. I will go Sailun again when replacement time comes. Rob
  13. If you're asking about the Escapees club phone number, it is (936) 327-8873. If you're asking what an SKP number is, it's the number you are assigned when you actually joint the Escapees RV Club (paid membership). Rob
  14. As previously stated, forget the dry weight of the trailer. Use the GVWR of the trailer (and 10 - 12% of the trailer's GVWR for tongue weight). Look at the door sticker on the Tahoe for payload ("Maximum weight of passengers and cargo not to exceed...), and go from there. Nobody ever hits the road with an empty trailer. Rob
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