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  1. A 24 inch motorhome? I've never seen one that small! Rob
  2. Help Not sure how to proceed

    Hmmm... interesting observation, Kirk. Thank you! Rob
  3. Help Not sure how to proceed

    ... unless you fall in certain groups such as retired military, etc. Rob
  4. Domicile/Tax Question

    X2^^. We got our Escapees mail service and address 4 - 5 months before hitting the road and started moving all our business to that address at that time (everything except local utilities for the house - which became a moot point upon selling the house). This allowed for a few billing and/or statement cycles so we had the requisite documentation (bank statements, Verizon phone bills, etc.) with our Livingston address before showing up in Livingston to register the vehicles and get our drivers' licenses (which took us all of one morning with everything else done!). As SWharton advised, I had made a spreadsheet with all the entities that needed an address change using everything from my contacts list in email to BillPay in my on-line banking account. I think the only one I missed on the first pass was a (very small) oil and gas lease from my late wife's estate that hadn't paid out anything in the previous year. Rob
  5. Bike over truck bed, with 5ver

    Different seller but this cover: Bike cover on eBay It encloses all the way around - even around the receiver and tube. The bikes stay very clean. Rob
  6. Connecting Samsung smart TV to park wifi

    Thanks, Joel. Much as I suspected. I'm not that insistent on using the TV apps, so we'll continue to use the Fire Stick here and be happy! Rob
  7. We just replaced our TV with a new 40" Samsung smart TV. It's a great TV and I can easily get it on our hot spot (Verizon 4G). Of course, we don't have enough data on our phone plan to stream video and we like to use park wifi for that (using an Amazon Fire Stick) to do that when park wifi is available and up to the task. The problem is that the wifi in the park where we are staying while my wife does PT after surgery requires log on via a pop-up browser window. The Amazon Fire Stick and the PCs accommodate this easily, but the Samsung TV does not pop up a window like the Fire Stick does. I had a very frustrating on-line chat with Samsung technical support (no help at all). Does anyone have any ideas or should we just be satisfied with the Fire Stick in these situations and use the smart TV functions when we stay places with "normal" wifi security?
  8. Bike over truck bed, with 5ver

    We have an RV-certified bike rack on the back of the fiver and move the bikes to a receiver hitch on a vehicle for day trips. We have a good, heavy-duty cover on them in the back and they don't collect bugs, etc. Rob
  9. Any Traveling Nurses?

    I have not done the travelling thing but retired from nursing after 42 years (about half in the military at the bedside or head nurse and half civilian in administration). We used agency nurses when we had to during shortages but tried to avoid it for financial reasons. I don't remember any cases where agency personnel were used in management or administrative positions - they were all clinical assignments. Credentialling was critical for any specialty area. The agencies assisted their personnel in acquiring licensure in the state where the job was. Rob
  10. Best Heated Water Hose

    Ours is the Camco brand (don't remember how long) and has been used regularly the past three winters. It has done its job and has never frozen with nighttime lows down to the single digits with highs in the 20s. I'm careful to insulate and protect the park's water standpipe and valve if they have not done so - a heated hose won't do any good if the supply to it is frozen. Rob
  11. To Bank or Not to Bank in Domicile State?

    I didn't mean to imply that it did, Kirk - I was talking about retiring and going to work locally. Rob
  12. To Bank or Not to Bank in Domicile State?

    In the military, the term is "Home of Record" and it is your legal domicile unless you change it. You are allowed to drive on an expired driver's license for a certain period of time or until you return to your home of record to get it renewed. Income taxes are deducted from your pay based on your home of record. Defense installations (Army forts, Navy bases, Air Force bases, etc.) are considered "Federal islands" and, as such, active duty personnel are not subject to the income taxes of the state in which the installation is located. In addition, licensed professionals (physicians, nurses, and others) are only required to maintain current licensure and credentials in the state of their home of record. The minute you retire, though, get a job locally or on the same installation, purchase or rent a home there, etc., you become a resident of that state and are required to get a driver's license and professional license for that state, register your vehicles there, and pay that state's income taxes (if they have any). Rob
  13. Progressive bait and switch.

    As my youngest grandson would say, "That's just weird!" USAA didn't hesitate to insure our fiver and contents - and they know we're full-timing. Rob
  14. Progressive bait and switch.

    Are you eligible for USAA? They shunt motorhomes to Progressive, now, but still insure towables. Rob