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  1. Second Chance

    Garmin RV770LMTS vs. Garmin dezl770LMTHD

    No - it has a receiver built in to the power cable. No phone connection necessary. Rob
  2. Second Chance


    I agree, Linda. Rob
  3. Second Chance


    That would be "were." Go back and check your history... World War II was waged because of fascist aggression in Europe and imperial expansion by Japan. The main communist country in the conflict (the Soviet Union) which was, at the time, socialist - not communist - were our allies! Rob
  4. Second Chance


    I think maybe you are (in the wrong club). My wife would very much like us to go on that HOP. As a "Missionary Kid" and former missionary (Latin America and Spain), she is interested in the culture and the people - not the government. As a retired Army officer, I agree with her and would have no problem personally going on the HOP with her. It sounds like you have a very narrow-minded view of the world (a "one-song musician"). Have you ever tried seeing things from other peoples' points of view? Rob
  5. Second Chance

    Black Tank Chemicals - Liquid or Dry?

    Neither. I add nothing that might inhibit the natural break-down of human waste in the black tank. Every few months, we use the "Geo Method" to clean all the tanks (put a little dish detergent and some borax crystals in each tank and fill about 1/4 full with fresh water before hitting the road). BTW - the ice thing doesn't work. Most of the time, it all melts before it could do any good. Rob
  6. Second Chance

    Personal Property Insurance

    USAA no longer underwrites policies for motorhomes - they'll shunt you to Progressive for that. They do still insure towables and that's who our policies are with. All three vehicles (fifth wheel, truck, "chase car") are covered as well as a renters type policy to cover personal effects and liability when not rolling. We have an add-on VPP (valuable personal property) "rider" that covers musical instruments, firearms, electronics, etc., as well. The great part is that the policies cover everything back in our climate-controlled storage unit, too. Rob
  7. Do you have a Dish "Outdoor" account or a regular residential account and take equipment with you on the road. Only the "Outdoor" accounts qualify for this feature. Rob
  8. Second Chance

    Map of US for Signature

    There are several: amcharts maploco Rob
  9. They are called "groups" on Facebook. The GD Owner's Forum is located at: GD Owners Forum You'll have to create an account as a registered guest in order to post. There's a lot of traffic and views on the GD Owners Forum and people post from time to time that they are looking for particular GD RVs. There is a specific sub-forum for posting rigs for sale. Rob
  10. Dan, Have you listed this in the appropriate section over on the Grand Design Owners Forum? Rob
  11. Second Chance

    Registering Your Vehicles and 5th Wheel

    Yes - as stated above, you must show up in person to get your driver's license. Rob
  12. Second Chance

    Registering Your Vehicles and 5th Wheel

    Fay, I believe not even gas engines are emissions tested with the inspections except in places like Dallas, Houston, etc. Ours are not in Livingston. Rob
  13. Second Chance

    Question about joining Excapees club.

    There are a few commercial/private (read "snooty") parks that have age and/or size limits on RVs. Those are places many of us don't stay, anyway. Back in the mid-'70s I ordered a full-size Chevy van (I guess that's redundant since they weren't making "mini" vans back then) with just the front seats and spent several months making a Class B out of it. You should have seen my wife's face when I drew rectangles on the sides and pulled out a skill saw with a metal blade to install the RV windows. You wouldn't believe the number of #8 screws and drill bits I broke on that hard steel installing the interior paneling and furniture, too! Rob
  14. Second Chance

    Retirement / Barndominiums / Texas / Taxes

    Rainbow's End is the Escapees' "home base" in Livingston on US 59 between Lufkin and Houston in east central Texas. As a community, it wouldn't be first on the list for my wife and me, but the Escapees organization has some great services and support to offer there. You might have to visit Livingston to get a feel for it. I'll echo the other opinions on Lubbock and Abilene. Almost any place you choose will have pros and cons. We look at culture (my wife really likes college towns), access to specialty health care as we age, at least a regional (if not international) airport within an hour, taxes, the costs of owning vehicles, seasonal weather issues (including "tornado alley" - i.e. Lubbock - flooding, tropical storms, winter storms, etc.). We hope to be good for at least another 10 years on the road and things can change in that time, but right now the mountains in the upstate Carolinas and east Tennessee are looking good to us. The Kiplinger retirement resources on their web site are a good place to start for the finance and tax parts of the equation. Rob
  15. Second Chance

    Connecting Samsung smart TV to park wifi

    Some do. We've stayed at several where there was no mention of streaming and the bandwidth was great. We enjoyed many good films on Amazon Prime that way. Rob