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  1. Second Chance

    Tricare Select vs. Prime for traveling fulltimers

    Sorry - just now seeing this... In addition to being retired military and a full-timer, I'm also retired from the health care field. So, here's my take: The biggest difference between Tricare Prime (requires paying premiums) and Tricare Select (no premiums) is that with Prime, you must select your PCP from a list (ours were not on the list for our area - we would have been assigned a PCP at the local VA) and your PCP acts as a gate-keeper. Pre-approval of referrals to specialists and ancillary providers is required with Prime. Because of the PCP/gatekeeper situation, it is more difficult to get non-emergent/routine care while on the road and not in your home-base area. With Tricare Select (formerly Tricare Standard), you can choose your PCP and pre-approval of referrals is not required. (My wife just saw a vein specialist in Baltimore - we are "based" in Augusta, GA - in December. She "referred" herself and everything was covered.) When you turn 65 and go on Medicare, Tricare requires that you opt into Part B (and pay the monthly premiums for that) and you are enrolled in Tricare For Life. Medicare is the primary payer and TFL becomes the secondary, picking up anything Medicare doesn't pay. I went on Medicare/TFL early last year (my colonoscopy didn't cost me anything out of pocket two weeks ago); my wife is still "young" and on Tricare Select. We were both very ill last spring out in New Mexico (she was hospitalized for five days) and there were no issues whatsoever with Tricare Select. Rob
  2. Second Chance

    Verizon Unlimited Data Plan for Jetpacks

    I changed the password in ours and haven't noticed any issues. Hmmm... walked into a Verizon store week before last and bought one off the shelf. The salesperson replaced our old JetPack (which was having power issues) with the 8800 on our prepaid plan in about three minutes - same $50/month with discounts. Rob
  3. My wife likes "her" OEM theater seats, so we left them in the rig. I hated the sofa-bed, so it's in storage and my Ekornes Stressless recliner is in that space. The mattress was replaced with a good "residential" foam mattress early on. Rob
  4. Second Chance


    I read a news story before Christmas where some nut married a hologram. Maybe they counted him but not the hologram... Rob
  5. Second Chance

    Ant carrying a french fry

    Those box trailers weigh about 15,000 lbs. empty. If he's hauling anything other than Styrofoam, that's got to be heavy! Rob
  6. We've used Efficient Password Manager for years, now. There are free and pay versions and it will generate random, secure passwords for you, as well. It has backup and restore functions which some of the other free ones don't. Rob
  7. Second Chance

    What About Jury Duty?

    It's not an odd question - happens all the time to full-timers. I don't know about your county in Florida, but Polk County, TX, is used to dealing with this situation. In fact, the notices don't typically reach us until after the jury selection date because of mail-forwarding delays. I have simply called the number on the notice (court clerk), explained to them that we are full-time RVers and out of state at the time, and they take us off that list. Doesn't mean we won't come up on another list again, though. Rob
  8. Second Chance

    Samsung S6 to either S8 or S9

    Bill - I had two Motorolas (Droid Minis) brick on me in short order. I had always had high regards for Motorola equipment, but that shook my confidence. We now have an S6 (wife's) and S7 (mine) and are quite happy with them. Rob
  9. Second Chance

    Southern New Mexico

    That's up to you - I'd just pick another route and wouldn't tow on that road if it were me. A day trip up to Cloudcroft in the car would be my choice. Everyone has different criteria and tolerances... Rob
  10. Second Chance

    Southern New Mexico

    82 is not all about the grades - it's very curvy with a number of places your rig would be over the center line on a tight curve. I would not do it towing - I would take US 62 through El Paso or 380/70 through Ruidoso. I'm a native New Mexican from Las Cruces. Grandparents lived in Ruidoso and Lovington, so I've driven all three routes more times than I could count. We just drove the truck from Cruces to White Sands/Alamogordo, Cloudcroft and Carlsbad earlier this year. On 82 heading east to Cloudcroft I said to myself several times, "I'm glad I'm not towing on this." We returned to Cruces from the Caverns via US 62 just to get back to Cruces more quickly. On the must-see list, of course, Carlsbad Caverns while you're at The Ranch. Cloudcroft is a bit more quaint than Ruidoso, but both are interesting and, in my opinion, pretty. White Sands National Monument is a must, too. In Las Cruces, La Mesilla (and La Posta restaurant) are favorites of ours. There are more great places to eat Mexican Food in Las Cruces than Carter has little liver pills, but La Posta has history and good food. If you stay a few days in Cruces, there are several recreation areas in the Organ Mountains that offer great hikes and views, too. Rob
  11. Second Chance

    2013 Honda CRV EX-L AWD

    The person who posted this joined last February for the sole purpose of selling this vehicle. They made this post and one other - both related to selling the vehicle. I doubt seriously if they have visited the forum since. Rob
  12. Second Chance

    Verizon Unlimited Data Plan for Jetpacks

    I just logged on to my on-line account and I was off by $11, so I stand corrected - sorry about that. It's $105 for the two smartphones (3GB/month each) and the MiFi (unliminted data). All three lines are on the same prepaid plan with auto-pay, multi-line, and military discounts. Rob
  13. Second Chance

    Verizon Unlimited Data Plan for Jetpacks

    That's odd... our two phones and jetpack are all on the same prepaid account... Rob
  14. Second Chance

    Umbrella policy for full timers

    I don't know about "vacation liability," but we are insured with USAA (for going on 40 years now). All three vehicles - car, truck, fifth wheel. Auto, a renters' policy (covers contents of fifth wheel when parked plus the stuff we left in storage) and an umbrella policy. USAA requires that all your other insurance be with them in order to write the umbrella policy. USAA knows we are full-timers domiciled in Texas and there is a letter in our USAA file attesting to that fact. Rob
  15. Second Chance

    MS Streets

    If you have other programs that are on optical media, it might be worth buying a portable optical drive to use just for that. I have quite a large software library and have copied all of it to a portable hard drive for future/re-installation. You could use your old computer to do that before you get rid of it. Rob