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  1. Shocks alone won't fix a rough ride on a towable RV. The gentleness of a ride is more a function of the stiffness of the springs and limited travel of the suspension system/wheels. This is especially true of traditional solid axle/leaf spring setups found on 95% of towables. Some higher-end fifth wheel manufacturers offer the MOR/ryde independent suspension systems from the factory. These are fully independent systems that use rubber shear springs, have much more travel and also have shocks. The difference in the ride the rig experiences is night and day - but not directly a function of the shock absorbers. Rob
  2. That's incredibly scary, Jim. We moved from a 3/4-ton to a 1-ton DRW with a 337RLS because we didn't feel we had enough truck - not to mention that our pin weight is 3,100 lbs. Imagine that on any 1/2-ton truck! Rob
  3. For any of you familiar with New England - and specifically Maine: we are currently near Plymouth, MA, and have until the end of September to make it up to Burlington, VT, where we have some reservations. My wife would like to poke around in Maine for a while. If we were to head up toward Augusta, how suitable would the following routes be to head back toward/through the White Mountain National Forest and meander toward Burlington, VT: 202/219 (Hartford); 219/26 (Bethel); and US-2/US-3 to I-93 and I-91 or... Augusta back down to Portland and then US-302 through the forest back up to the final destination? We're in a 36' fifth wheel with an F350 DRW 6.7 and my wife follows in a Toyota on travel days. We have about a 350 mile fuel range in mountains, so road suitability for the rig, fueling up, places to stay, etc., would all be of interest. Thanks in advance. Rob
  4. We towed our first 12K miles with an Andersen Ultimate and loved it. Search this and other RV forums using both the correct spelling (Andersen with an "e") and the incorrect spelling (with an "o") and you will find dozens if not hundreds of posts. Now using a PullRite OE series to fit the Ford puck system, I can tell you that the Andersen is both quieter and lower maintenance. The PullRite, though, is easier to hitch up. Rob
  5. I found this searching for information this weekend: AutoBodyNews article The legislation appears to have died - at least for this time around - with the end of the regular session. Rob
  6. Enlisted - at least at first (and certainly not voluntarily!). Rob
  7. I wasn't thinking of "dissolving," Dave, but thanks - and thank YOU for your service! Rob
  8. Dennis, Military service differs from person to person. I didn't enlist - I was a direct commission. There was some time between taking the oath of office, receiving orders, and actually reporting for active duty. 43 years later, I can't tell you those exact dates from memory. I served 27 years total, but was in an active reserve status when my retirement orders were published. It wasn't about years, months and days to me, but rather what I was doing and whether or not it was useful to the corps. I found a scanned copy of my retirement orders and my most recent DD-214 this afternoon - but the date (which was the same on both) would not work with Lowe's verification system. The Lowe's web site says that I can complete the application in person at a store using my ID care. I guess that's what I'll have to do. Rob
  9. In the past 12 months we have had 62 stays, but only 57 unique locations. We have places we return to when visiting family in various states/locations. Rob
  10. In my case, I'm a military retiree and my wife and I both have Army IDs. Last week when I was in a Lowe's, I was told about the new program and handed a slip of paper with the web site information. I went on and created an account. When I went to register as a veteran (retiree was not an option), the system wanted my date of separation. I can tell you the year I retired - and come pretty close to the month - both I don't know the exact date. With an ID card, I have no reason to carry around a copy of my retirement orders or DD-214. So, I guess when they finally implement this, as a valid ID card holder, I'm up the proverbial waters of pollution without adequate means of propulsion. Thanks, Lowe's... Home Depot is looking better at this point. Rob
  11. The TireMinder TPMS we use for both truck and trailer reports on both inside tires on the back of the truck (10 tires total with truck and trailer). Perhaps those sensors are being relayed through the "booster" unit mounted in the front compartment of the fifth wheel. Rob
  12. I don't know, Kirk. When we moved from SRW to DRW, we certainly benefited from stability and the added safety of having a backup tire on each side, but the main reason we did it was to move from a rear axle rating of 6,200 lbs. to 9,000 lbs. Now I don't have to tell my wife, "No - we can't put anything else in the basement!" Rob
  13. X2 (although we only have 1 CPAP in the family... and it's not mine...). Rob
  14. We've been running the Sailun ST load range Gs (16") for going on two years, now. No issues whatsoever and I'm very happy with them. Rob
  15. The lightest current Reflection fifth wheels have a GVWR of 10,995. There are several folks over on the Grand Design forums towing those small ones with F150s with the larger EcoBoost engine with Max Tow and Max Payload packages. Properly equipped, the new F150 has the capacity for these smaller fifth wheels - and the trailer brakes are for stopping the trailer. Rob