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  1. Second Chance

    Proper Driver's License delima

    Yes - since Feb 2015 (second time). We're in North Carolina and will pull out tomorrow for Richmond, VA (wife's mother). After that, it's Baltimore/APG to wait for another grandbaby to be born. Rob
  2. Second Chance

    Tricare for Life and Medicare

    As far as I know, your daughter would be eligible for Tricare Select, as well - until she ages out. You might have to wait until open season in October to make the change. It may not be worth it for the short time between then and February, though. I'm Medicare/TFL now, but my wife is under 65 and has Tricare Select. It works well for us on the road - and no premiums. Rob
  3. Second Chance

    Diesel locations

    A trucker's atlas (there's probably an app version now) or any of the RV GPSs. My Garmin RV760 has a category for truck stops and you can search either nearby or along your set route. I use it all the time for that purpose. Rob
  4. Second Chance

    Tricare for Life and Medicare

    Thanks - I should have worded it that way. Rob
  5. Second Chance

    RV repair Livingston TX

    RVServiceReviews.com for Livingston West has 17 reviews with an "Excellent" rating. Rob
  6. Second Chance

    Proper Driver's License delima

    'Fraid so. Rob
  7. I'll come down on Linda's side of the fence. We're in a fiver rather than a Class A, but we are full-timers and have W/D prep and opted to do without. In three years on the road we have not regretted the choice. We like being able to put three or four large loads in commercial machines (including blankets, comforters, parkas, etc.) and be done with everything in less than two hours. We do this about every 10 days. We carry three sets of linens and towels and have enough of each season's clothing to last about two weeks. We also have more closet space without the W/D in there. Rob
  8. Second Chance

    Proper Driver's License delima

    Big5er is correct on all points. I will just add that, when I moved up to a 1-ton DRW truck that put me over the weight limits (same 14K fifth wheel), I drove the rig from Las Cruces, NM, to the Texas DMV testing location on the east side of El Paso for the test. I was never asked how I got the rig there - they just proceeded to administer the driving test and issue my license. Rob
  9. Second Chance

    Tricare for Life and Medicare

    Part B comes from Medicare - anything else is a "supplemental" policy and is a waste of money for those of us with TFL. TFL also continues your Part D (outpatient prescription drug) coverage, so you don't need to find one of those on the market, either. My Part B enrollment paperwork came in the mail about 2 months before I turned 65. It was set up to go into effect (and the premiums deducted from by Social Security payments) UNLESS I did something to stop it. The ID card section will take care of DEERS and Tricare when you go in to get your new "senior" military ID. I've had one major illness since turning 65 and haven't had to pay anything out of pocket. Don't go spending money you don't need to. Rob Edit/PS: we all have some decisions to make come this next January. The dental coverage options are changing and Tricare will also start offering vision coverage. It would be best to go to the Tricare web site and read up on it so we can make some informed decisions when the time comes. There are also some good materials on the Tricare web site to help you understand the Medicare/TFL thing.
  10. Second Chance


    Place mats when we eat at the table... but that's not very often. Since they're rarely out, we don't have to deal with them on moving days. When the grandkids are with us a large tarp wouldn't be enough! We feed them outside. Rob
  11. Second Chance

    truck purchase out of state TX

    We've done this twice in the last 18 months (1 truck, 1 car). As Barb says, the Polk County Tax Assessor-Collector does this all the time and is very helpful. Our Escapees mail service forwarded the plates too us as soon as they arrived in our mail basket. Rob
  12. Second Chance

    Route 66 Historic Trail Designation

    They'd better act quickly. Route 66 and its small towns are disappearing as quickly as civility in our modern world. Rob
  13. Second Chance

    Owners forums

    I belong to, and am active on, four forums: 1) Escapees, 2) Good Sam's, 3) RV-Dreams.com, and 4) the Grand Design Owners Forum. I find the Escapees and Grand Design forms to be the most useful. Many issues/questions regarding RVs and the RV lifestyle are pretty generic (utilities and appliances, for example). Other situations can be more brand specific - especially when it comes to dealing with a particular company's customer service and warranty departments. Although the GD owners forum is not associated with or run by GD (it's owned and operated by a private citizen who happens to be a GD owner), GD has a customer service representative who monitors and participates in a couple of the sub-forums on the site. In addition, there is a great group of people who are members on the site - some with lots of experience in RVing or related fields such as automotive engineering, big rig maintenance and repair, etc. There are even a couple of RVIA certified technicians who are members and willing to help out the less experienced with good advice. The main thing, though, that separates the GD forum from the rest is the community atmosphere. Often - especially on the Good Sam's forum - things will get downright nasty, including name-calling and personal attacks. The members on the GD forum pride themselves in maintaining a positive atmosphere where people feel safe asking any question they might have. This said, several of us on the GD forum still refer folks to the Escapees and RV-Dreams forums and web sites - especially when people are asking questions about full-timing and related topics. I've lost track of the number of times I've pasted the link to the Escapees FAQ thread on Texas Class A Exempt licenses into a thread on the GD forums. Rob
  14. Second Chance

    Personal Property Insurance

    I just told them that we were selling the house and going full-time in the RV. I wouldn't dream of trying to insure our equipment and ourselves without the insurer knowing everything. That would only open us up for denied claims down the road if anything were to happen. After the representative finished the conversation about the vehicles and the RV, they went on to discuss liability and our personal property (both in the RV and the things we were leaving in storage). The best approach to this turned out to be a renter's policy with some VPP (valuable personal property) addenda for musical instruments, firearms, etc. Our legal domicile is provided by the Escapees mail service and USAA understood that we would be registering the vehicles in Polk County, TX, and getting Texas drivers' licenses. Everything was set up with our Escapees Livingston address. Rob
  15. Second Chance

    Garmin RV770LMTS vs. Garmin dezl770LMTHD

    No - it has a receiver built in to the power cable. No phone connection necessary. Rob