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  1. You must be on a mighty fine tower, there, Dutch! Rob
  2. We are on this plan. There have been months where we've used WAY more than 20GB (streaming HD video) and there has never been any throttling. Rob
  3. Were you in the driver's seat for the weights? Just askin'... Rob
  4. If you plan to sell the trailer with the land in five years, I wouldn't worry about mobility. In my youth I lived in a couple of better-quality mobile homes and what Randy says is true - much more livable. They're better insulated against the heat and cold and are much more spacious. Rob
  5. We have four bars right now (Las Cruces, NM). It's been as low as two out in the boonies and as high as five when there was a good tower nearby. Rob
  6. Second Chance

    The Ranch

    We had large, wet slowflakes falling pretty heavily this morning in Las Cruces, too - though none of it stuck in town (3,900 - 4,000 ft. depending on where you are in town). The Organ Mountains are white... when the clouds lift enough for the mountains to be seen. Rob
  7. Second Chance

    The Ranch

    As Linda said, it would be nice to hear from someone at The Ranch, but The Ranch is 41 miles SSW of Hagerman as the crow flies, so a tornado in Hagerman would not have affected The Ranch. There were, however, winds exceeding 50 MPH which can do lots of damage, too. (We're currently in Las Cruces and enjoyed those winds for two days...) Rob
  8. No. It is what it is - and we are living well below our income so I have no need to spend the time on that. Rob
  9. The charts for the 2012 PowerStroke stock show peak torque (666.29 ft. lbs.) at 2,000 RPM. At 1,750, the torque is down to about 630 - 640 ft. lbs. In 2013 - and almost every year after - Ford changed the tuning and the torque ratings increased significantly. Rob
  10. At 65 MPH pulling 14,000 lbs., our DRW F350 PowerStroke with a six-speed tranny and 3.73 rear end turns about 1,750 RPM. Coast-to-coast and gulf-to-northern border fuel economy averages 10.5 MPG. Rob
  11. Friz, What make and year is your truck? Both my 2012 Ford and previous 2013 GMC can/could handle the larger truck nozzles without a problem. Rob
  12. I drive no more than 65 MPH or observe the speed limits if they are less than that (such as the state-wide 55 MPH in California while towing). On the interstate highways, if I drive less than 65 MPH it can cause traffic problems with other drivers doing dangerous things to get around us - especially in the east. We just finished pulling from Georgia to New Mexico via I-20/I-10. In most of west Texas the speed limit is 75 (80 on some stretches). I still stick to 65 for economy and safety reasons. Being retired with no deadlines, what's the hurry? Rob
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