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  1. Perhaps you could just change the heading to add the word (SOLD)...
  2. Utah I-215?

    Absolutely true. My post should have read "no through trucks"'. The point being, there are stretches of interstate with truck prohibitions. For example, I71/I75 NB into Cincinnati is being considered as a truck restricted route, last I heard.
  3. Utah I-215?

    Atlanta is well known, no trucks within the beltway. Segments in L.A as well... I'm sure there are others.
  4. Tesla Semi live reveal in 11 minutes (8PM PST 11/16)

    Here, let me Google that for you.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NIMBY
  5. Tire Question

    Okay, I'm showing my age here, but... Back in the day I had an F350 with a 48' trailer, also on Ford rims. Ford rims at that time did not have enough offset to run 235/245 tires. They would touch at the widest part of the tire and rub. The practical limit was 215's. Surely they've fixed that by now, but one might want to check before they spend..
  6. Cast iron cookware - Repairable?

    True, but the best stove top cookware has exceptional heat distribution, which is where cast iron excels. Hard to beat lots of slow heating, slow cooling metal... Think Green Egg.. The VERY worst, in my experience, is glass.. Completely impossible to fry a decent egg in one. Maybe that's why they're no longer on the market..
  7. Check Printing Charges

    I've always ordered my checks through Sam's Club at a fraction of the prices charged by banks. At my current rate I think I'll run out of my supply in about 36 years.. My bank is too exceptional to leave because of check printing charges.
  8. Tow vehicle concern

    Sooo.... Somehow magically it eliminates the oxygen OUTSIDE the tire, hence eliminating tire fires?? Where do I sign up?!
  9. Overheating issue

    If the usual suspects check out, i.e. radiator, thermostat and fan clutch, I would encourage you to test the air to air intercooler. It's often overlooked in this scenario and I've personally experienced how much it can impact the ability to climb hills.
  10. Pilot & Flying J

    The price difference "over the border" has nothing to do with quality. A major chain will use the same fuel from the same refinery from state to state, subject to regional blending requirements. The price difference is due to the state fuel tax variance, or IFTA, and of course, local market pressures.
  11. Good Deal on a starter kit

    It certainly seems reasonable to me, based on the asking price.
  12. 2012 Mobile Suites, DRV

    Did I miss the location of this unit?
  13. Crossfire equalization system

    Perhaps it's somewhat brand specific. I've been using Cat's Eye brand crossovers in my commercial operation for well over five years all around my rig and just ordered some replacement parts to upgrade and repair. No known leaking issues, very pleased with overall performance. They DO recommend replacing the seals every third time. And parts are available. Jay
  14. $11,000.00 plus installation.. Per email from the seller.