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  1. Jaydrvr

    LiveWave Antenna

    That's the same exact scam peddled back in the 70's and 80's. I remember seeing the ads in the magazines of the day. If it REALLY worked, everyone would still be using them.
  2. Jaydrvr

    Looking for guidance...Registration/Insurance in NJ

  3. Jaydrvr

    Upgrading Battery Monitor Or...?

    DC 0-120V 0-100A Volt Amp Ah... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FXQUMIK?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share An inexpensive battery monitor from Amazon may not be as accurate and durable as a Victron, etc. but it's a great way to keep tabs on your system without dinging your wallet. EBay also has options. Jay
  4. Jaydrvr

    using a mysocialsecurity online account

    Not at all surprising, considering the responses. Online forums can be somewhat blunt on occasion, especially when dealing with an unknown. Jay
  5. Jaydrvr

    Service Dogs?

    Of course they're not in any way more hygienic. I'm just willing to tolerate that discomfort for someone who truly needs that kind of support. Not willing to tolerate people who have no respect for others. I recently stayed in a new and quite expensive hotel and was rudely awakened at 5:00 a.m. by barking dogs in the hallway. I rather doubt that person in the room directly across the hall was disabled and needed a support animal --- and I'll never stay there again.
  6. Jaydrvr

    Service Dogs?

    It seems to me that those of us non pet owners deserve some consideration as well. I'm all for legitimate service animals, but I'll be danged if I'll patronize a business who cares so little about me that they let all manner of animals in. I grew up on a large farm and never did we allow animals on the living quarters. They may not be actively defecting, urinating or attacking, but just their presence is unpleasant and uncomfortable to me and my family. I tolerate human germs, but we all know what dogs do with their tongues. Home Depot is one thing..but any place that serves or sells food is not a place I need to see live animals. That is truly gross and gives me the sense that all the food there is contaminated. End result - I go out less and less. There are no dogs at Amazon. Jay
  7. Jaydrvr


    Certainly okay to drive 18 miles.. Prolly not 500 miles.. If the injector is not working, you're not getting fuel to lubricate the upper cylinder. A few miles are fine, but hundreds can do damage.
  8. Jaydrvr

    Keystone Montana High Country 5ths

    The Montana 384 in question is listed at over 40'.
  9. Jaydrvr

    What is this thing?

    Containment cage for oil storage tank.
  10. Ditto on Last Pass. I paid for Premium until they included Android apps support in the basic version. Very happy with it for many years.
  11. Jaydrvr

    Saw a F450 puffing white smoke......

    Now c'mon, Cory.. You KNOW you're not allowed to call it a "semi" anymore.... Jay
  12. Where is a good place to tie in the brake switch connection without cutting into the wiring harness? I COULD just start taking the dash apart to look for a good place, but I'd rather not.. Thanks in advance, Jay
  13. Jaydrvr

    flip tire on the rim

    Which is why it makes sense to only rotate front to rear on the same side of vehicle, if you're into rotation. I think that was the new idea when radials became popular. Jay
  14. Jaydrvr

    Packing a minimum of clothing

    Linda, I don't think anyone is attempting to denigrate you or force you into an ill fitting box. They may just be stating their reality and observations, maybe occasionally somewhat inelegantly. I too have a lovely wife with a large walk in closet whose clothes also occupy most of my closet... But of course, that doesn't mean all gals are exactly like that. I am personally a minimalist, however those of us who subscribe to that lifestyle may be in the minority, whether we are guy or gal. Certainly, in today's culture, there is plenty of room for all persuasions. Have a peaceful and happy day. Jay
  15. Jaydrvr

    Help with identifying part

    Most likely Caig DeOxit.... Jay