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  1. One of several threads about the Mobley... http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/137767-mobley-died-now-what/?do=findComment&comment=1003275
  2. Jaydrvr

    Trailer Batteries

    Frankly, I was shocked the last time we went to the lake and it held up for the entire week. I can't believe I didn't check the date on the battery when it died. It did pretty much just live on the charger... After the kids were grown and gone, we only went to the lake (Dale Hollow) for a week every three years or so. So, twenty years is just my (kinda) educated guess. The boat just turned 30 years old, so.. Jay
  3. Jaydrvr

    Trailer Batteries

    I agree with pretty much everything here, as there's generally little to no savings going with group 31 vs deep cycles. However, in my experience a good 3 stage charger kept my boat starter battery going for almost 20 years, so... I'm happy with that. The battery died because the charger died in storage. Who knows how much longer I might've got out of that battery? Jay
  4. Jaydrvr

    Trailer Batteries

    I'm totally okay with your posting here, but that's just me. Of course, you can just use starting batteries, with the understanding they won't hold up under deep cycle usage. Starting batteries have much thinner plates to generate high amperage for starting use, while deep cycle batteries have thicker plates to withstand deeper cycling use. If your usage is only the top 10% or so, they might last a reasonable time. I'm thinking, for the price, why not try? Worth a shot.. Jay
  5. Thanks! I'm guessing it's not an uncommon response.
  6. It opens on my phone. Maybe try another browser or phone? Jay
  7. I was just thinking out loud, and you've just reaffirmed the purpose of the ignore function.. What was I thinking??!?
  8. They're all 5 volts, but more amperage is generally better and allows you to charge more devices faster. Many larger devices, like tablets, may take forever to charge on a small charger, if ever. Plus, there's a wide range of quality. It's helpful to stay with a known brand, like Anker. Jay
  9. I can assure you there is significant risk of a ticket accompanied by a hefty fine which, as explained to me in Phoenix, is calculated at $100.00 per gallon. I watched the ongoing process. Jay
  10. http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/113059-1000-fine-for-fueling-at-the-wrong-pump/
  11. You know, I've never yet used the ignore function, but I think the time has come. Wow!
  12. Jaydrvr

    Fun in the snow

    You can use most anything for a pin. I've used a Craftsman half inch ratchet, but it was an earlier version from my dad circa 1968. Didn't even leave a scratch! Jay
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