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  1. Dish TV question

    This happened to me a couple years ago as my dome would just grind away searching and searching when I went to reactivate in the spring. When I called King Controls they asked for my serial number. When he looked it up, he said that my dish would no longer work due to the changes Dish had made. I could either swap out a board for $500 or replace the dome. I chose to replace the dome and I'm very happy with the upgrade in performance. The new dish is much faster and more reliable. Granted, I was REALLY annoyed at the time.. YMMV, Jay
  2. Digitizing documents and photographs

    I think that's the likely route I'll take in spite of the time involved. I can do high resolution scans at low cost, plus I can correct them as needed to my taste, which sounds like a win/win to me. Jay
  3. Digitizing documents and photographs

    I see Costco is only scanning slides at 600 dpi.. That's really low.
  4. Digitizing documents and photographs

    Thanks, this gives me more to go on. Had NO idea Costco did this!
  5. Digitizing documents and photographs

    Excellent suggestion.. Thank you. I'll begin research..
  6. Digitizing documents and photographs

    To clarify, I'm not unwilling to turn the project over to someone who can guarantee they're doing the work on-site, if I can properly vet them and look them in the eyes when I hand over the first batch. I'm willing to risk natural disasters, etc., if I'm dealing with a reputable firm, but not FedEx, et. al. Just trying to minimize risk.
  7. Digitizing documents and photographs

    Interesting thread, but I don't see any suggestions that address the eight hundred lb. gorilla on my bucket list. I have about 25,000 negatives that need to be digitized and archived for my family. I'm not comfortable letting physically go of them to another person/location/country, not only because of the cost, but because they are, by their nature, irreplaceable. Is there any reasonable solution other than a very expensive film scanner and the next ten years or so of my life? Jay
  8. Retirement / Barndominiums / Texas / Taxes

    I happen to LOVE western outback Texas. No, it's not conventional coastal touristy scenic, but there's an undeniable and unique charm, not the least of which is the isolation from teeming hordes of so-called civilization. Tastes are as individual as fingerprints. YMMV Regards, Jay
  9. Truck Fuel Stops On US45

    There are fuel stops all along this route, generally at or near major towns and intersections with major roads. The blue truck stop guide available at any truck stop will show most of them, or the Trucker Path app also works well. Jay
  10. Solitary Socialite

    Thank you, Linda. It's always seemed to be used in reference to a lady, but then I've never researched it... Haven't really heard it used in contemporary speech. Jay
  11. Solitary Socialite

    Sooo.... what does that make the male equivalent?? I can certainly relate.. Jay
  12. Connecting Samsung smart TV to park wifi

    The Mobley device itself been available on and off recently, but has little useful value with the elimination of the prized unlimited Connected Car Plan which went away months ago. If you get one now, your options are limited to the Shared Data plans and whatever the new and recent updates do to that.
  13. 1995 international 4700

    I must say, as I continue to read about the need to fly up grades at high speed, I'm beginning to think I'm from a different planet. I'm MUCH more concerned about economy and reliability than the occasional drag race up a 5% grade. The few minutes it takes to get to the top makes virtually no difference in my day's enjoyment. I guess I just don't care that much, but I DO understand there are those who do. :-) YMMV.. Jay
  14. Gas tank for generator

    I've had a gas powered generator on my truck for many years and I have a marine grade fuel tank mounted between the legs of my headache rack to power it. Works really well.
  15. 2010 New Horizons Majestic 37 RLTSS

    Price and pics, please? jbeachy at gmail dot com..