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  1. Netflix has quite a few programs and movies that can be downloaded. Jay
  2. The issue with phone navigation is the requirement to be online. As soon as you have no internet connection, you have essentially no navigation, other than the cache data stored in the phone for that trip. That is why I use both phone navigation AND free standing, self contained nav units. I almost always have satellite signal, but often lose the internet connection. Redundancy gives me continuous guidance. Jay
  3. Commercial vs private truck would be comparing apples and oranges. Commercial trucks have no tractor length restrictions, therefore you'll see mammoth size tractors pulling 53' trailers. If you're not plated and operating commercially, you're subject to the individual state RV length laws. Jay
  4. Your driver's license has nothing to do with state by state length laws. Bring qualified to drive a private and/or commercial vehicle doesn't change the way each state chooses to write and enforce their length laws. Length laws are written about vehicles, not drivers.
  5. I had the same thing happen at home when we changed internet providers. I finally solved it by connecting directly to the new router, instead of using our original router. Sorry I can't help more with a solution, but... Maybe something to do with your ISP??? Maybe it's your browser? Have you tried it on Wi-Fi, or someone else's Wi-Fi? Good luck, Jay
  6. Jaydrvr


    Our Fisher Paykel was an unexpected bonus in our used Newmar, but we're very happy with it and enjoy using it. Jay
  7. Jaydrvr


    I prefer the Bawer stainless steel boxes from 4statetrucks. They look nice for a long time without any effort. Jay
  8. I just bought mine directly from Tuson. (See what I did there? ) https://tusonrvbrakes.com/collections/direclink-brake-controller
  9. I can't speak to the 98's, but for me, it was truly plug and play. Easy peasy. No communication with the seller, just wired it up and turned it on. Jay
  10. I'm using the Tuson DirectLink on my 1999 Volvo with the Cummins N14 engine, and it's working perfectly for me. Very happy with it. Jay
  11. My Volvo shop told me that my '99 does not require any programming for a dash cluster replacement. It's just a drop in swap. I'd send it to one of the eBay guys and have it fixed. They seem to have a decent reputation. Jay
  12. Jaydrvr

    Alternator Problems

    If you look up the model number at Delco, it'll give you the details for connecting it. Jay
  13. Jaydrvr

    Alternator Problems

    The original alternator may well have not had the sense terminal. Mine didn't until a replacement about ten years ago. If you can share the info about the alternator, I imagine we'll be able to find out which terminal is which. Hard to say without knowing specifics. You don't want to run voltage that high for long, or you'll fry the batteries. Jay
  14. Jaydrvr

    Alternator Problems

    Sounds like the new one has a battery sense terminal that needs connected. If it isn't connected to the battery to read its condition, it'll typically run wide open. Check the literature that came with the new alternator. If that's the case, you can run a dedicated line to the batteries, which is optimal, or you can just run a jumper to the positive terminal. Either way, there should be a fuse in the line. Jay
  15. https://ibb.co/sKPd5Vs https://ibb.co/hVjZr2S https://ibb.co/LSyVPfH https://ibb.co/ZMm1Tkk http://www.rdsaluminum.com/auto-auxiliary.html Hope this helps a bit. Jay
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