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  1. Just probably not from Harbor Freight... Jay
  2. That's a really good question and something I've never before encountered. One thing I know for sure, the State WILL get their $$$$, so I have to assume it's calculated into the net price TSD is charging their cardholders, using their own fleet numbers. Jay
  3. The commercial price for diesel at the pump does not include the state fuel tax. That is paid by the trucking operation directly to Oregon. If you're not commercial, then they'll charge you the retail price, including taxes. Jay
  4. Jaydrvr

    4 door with sleeper

    Based exclusively on the maximum axle ratings nationally, a two axle truck is limited to 32,000# on those two axles. A three axle truck is limited to 46,000# on those three axles. You only get to higher totals such as 80,000# on a combination vehicle. If you add a two axle trailer to a two axle tractor, you get to 66,000#. If you add a two axle trailer to a three axle tractor, you get to 80,000#. My truck is an old Watkins/FedEx two axle truck and was set up to tow doubles up to the 80,000# max. Jay https://www.fullbay.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/202002_Infographic_TruckClassifications_v3.png
  5. Clearly, there are some around who never have had to just "make do" with what they already have. Of course, to avoid a couple drops of diesel fuel on your expensive duds, a large truckload of cash will buy you a larger fill tube on your fuel tank, attached to a brand new truck. Problem solved! Jay
  6. Dustin was, in fact, my motivation for posting the link. His kind of exceptional service is a breath of fresh air. Jay
  7. Might be a useful addition to the HHRV resource guide?
  8. http://www.truckpartstores.com/ I recently rediscovered this website, from a dealer physically located in Steubenville, OH. I had completely and unfortunately forgotten about this place, as I've done quite a few upgrades in the last year. Oh well, I got it right this time... They are really nice people and they have genuine Volvo parts at a significant discount, with very inexpensive shipping rates. Their website is pretty basic and probably hasn't changed in years, but I'm okay with that. The quality of the parts and the personal service are all I need. Certainly beats arguing with my local dealer for a few extra percentage points off, plus I don't have to drive an hour away for parts. Jay
  9. Driving a truck with a manual transmission is not directly comparable to driving a car with a manual transmission. In a car, you generally put it in top gear and just drive until you get to mountains. On a class 8 truck, there's significantly more shifting just to adapt to changing traffic conditions. I personally prefer a manual transmission in my truck, mostly because to avoid the added expense and complexity of the automated transmissions. Plus, my truck is really easy to drive and shift. Don't mind doing it at all. Jay
  10. "Run the rack" means to adjust the valves. On my Cummins, that's due about every 300k, and runs about $300-400.. If my memory's right. Sounds like you found a decent shop. That's great! Jay
  11. Jaydrvr

    m2 106 air leaks

    That's awesome! Glad it worked out.
  12. Jaydrvr

    m2 106 air leaks

    That's different than I've seen and my N14 isn't like that. Hmm, learn something new every day. I replace my fan clutch and/or solenoid pretty much as soon as they quit, because the noise and reduced fuel economy drive me nuts. Jay
  13. Jaydrvr

    m2 106 air leaks

    The fan clutch only uses air to disconnect. Default without air is always on, but that's based on the Class 8 trucks I'm familiar with. I'm not familiar with your truck, but I can't imagine it's much different. Jay
  14. Jaydrvr

    m2 106 air leaks

    Okay, just my personal experience here. My Volvo has 1.9 m. miles on it. It has the original u-joints. The compressor had 1.8 m. miles when I replaced it and it was still working okay. The engine won't stop cooling without air, the fan clutch just won't disengage. Air bags rot from uv rays before they're at risk of failure. I'm this week replacing my second set because they're getting too rotten for my taste. I've certainly driven 80 miles or more with air issues to get to a shop, or home to fix it myself. But, everyone has to live within their own comfort level. I'm definitely less paranoid about things than I was thirty years ago. So, to answer the question, in a private truck I would probably consider going camping. Jay
  15. Jaydrvr

    m2 106 air leaks

    Without brakes in the equation, I'm not seeing the problem?? There's no longer a critical safety issue at risk, or at least the possibility of the service air going low enough to activate the spring brakes. So, the question is, what exactly does the air compressor need to operate and are they critical systems? Jay
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