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  1. Obviously, there's a difference between being paranoid about one's health and just being aware of changes that need to be addressed. To listen to some (many??) of our peers discuss medical procedures ad nauseum, one would think there's nothing else going on in their lives. My wife and I are quite aware of our health status, but don't spend much time focusing or obsessing about it. Certainly not fearful. We won't live forever. Jay
  2. Very strongly agree with this philosophy. Living in fear is not a way of life I would enjoy... Jay
  3. I had an absolutely brutal time cancelling Sirius autopay, but that was a long time ago, before the merger. The people were just horrible. Cured me pretty much of all autopay. Jay
  4. Jaydrvr

    Toll Roads in FL

    What you have been told is certainly true. I load in Orlando regularly and I've pretty much given up on the congested non-toll roads. A Sun Pass is essential, particularly as many gates are unmanned and the toll by plate charges are higher. Jay
  5. These tend to come and go. You have to be ready when they're available and pounce. The Mobley we use was not easy to get even during the time it was available, because it was so unexpectedly popular. Jay
  6. Perhaps I wasn't precise enough in my response, Joel. My point was that our viewing habits have changed to no longer include much network TV, so we don't have a subscription to say, YouTube TV OR Dish Network. Our tastes run more to Netflix, YouTube, Prime, etc. In general, we're not interested in scheduled shows or sports, but rather in programming on demand. Yes, all our viewing is streaming and that serves us well for our way of watching. For every viewer, there's a different perspective on what works best. Jay
  7. If you have the "old style" satellite dish, it probably won't work with today's systems. I had a King Controls in motion dish and it became obsolete several years ago, so I had to upgrade to a newer one. Although I lost the in motion ability, the new antenna was much faster to acquire satellites and was a worthwhile upgrade. If you need 24/7 TV access, that's probably the best way to go. Dish Network is more RV friendly than DirecTV, with no contract plans from $40 up. We've moved to streaming though, as we don't need a lot of TV. Jay
  8. Jaydrvr

    cold and diesel

    The fuel will be fine after temps rise, but the question is, where did you buy the fuel? If you bought it north of the Mason Dixon line, it's already blended for winter use. No worries. If you bought it in FL, you may want to treat it, or add some northern fuel. Jay
  9. Jaydrvr

    block heater

    Sure, that's the whole point. But, just like any heater, it's not inexpensive. Jay
  10. And again, not true. My wife and I have a Medicare Advantage PPO which works nationwide, with thousands of in-network providers. Mine is from Ohio, but 95% of my medical procedures and Dr's have been in FL, or some other state. Very happy with their service.
  11. Okay, that does it! I'm eating at your place!
  12. Thanks, Joel. That sounds really easy and delicious.... And a good reason to buy one of those gadgets. Hopefully I'll have time soon to try it out. Jay
  13. That sounds great! Is there a way to do a rub with that process to get a nice "bark" on the ribs? I've made delicious ribs on the grill, but they're so time consuming that's it's almost not worth it. Thanks, Jay
  14. Netflix has quite a few programs and movies that can be downloaded. Jay
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