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  1. Jaydrvr

    Need help on coolant loss

    Green is generally indicative of the original type coolant, which requires more maintenance and more changes, if you want your engine parts to last. The purple, red or whatever other colors are generally long life coolants, requiring less maintenance and lasting up to about 250,000 miles. Either one will work. UMMV... Jay
  2. Jaydrvr

    Newmar fifth wheel tire and wheel dilemma

    Wow, thanks! Figures that Scrap would know.. Now I can go ahead and order those high pressure Sailuns.. Thanks, again!! Jay
  3. Jaydrvr

    Newmar fifth wheel tire and wheel dilemma

    I agree heavier duty tires are always better. The current tires are new but cheap trailer type tires. I don't think they're very safe at 80 psi, or at any level. I'm planning to use them for short trips in state, but likely get beefier ones for long distance travel.
  4. Jaydrvr

    Newmar fifth wheel tire and wheel dilemma

    I DO need a spare, but my primary goal is to get these junk tires off and get good tires before we go on a long trip. Need to know psi rating of the wheels.
  5. Jaydrvr

    Newmar fifth wheel tire and wheel dilemma

    Thanks, guys. Specifically looking for psi rating, plus in my experience dually rims are often the same as used by say, Ford or Chevy. I had a 48' flatbed and the rims were actually Ford rims. I'm quite aware of the weight of the unit and the capacity of the generic 16" trailer tire, I just really am much more comfortable with a LOT of reserve capacity. Not running them near their limits, just for my piece of mind. Thanks, Jay.
  6. Jaydrvr

    Newmar fifth wheel tire and wheel dilemma

    Thanks, I've had the brochure. Nice pretty pictures, but not much detail. The tires are new, but junk. I want high psi Sailuns, or equivalent. Haven't been to iRV2.com in a long time. I'll try that too. Thanks!
  7. We have a new to us 2011 Kountry Aire fiver and I can't get an answer from Newmar re the wheels. Yes, I could take them off and look, but I don't currently have a location where that can be done. They're 16" dualies, but that's as far as I can get. Does anyone know the specs on these? Ford, Chevy, Dodge? I'd like to know if I can put higher pressure tires on them. TIA, Jay
  8. Jaydrvr

    Dash circuit board replacement on volvo 1998, 610

    Which guy did you use? Inquiring minds...
  9. Jaydrvr

    Medicare Advantage Plan Recommendations?

    Not necessarily true. You just need to filter for PPOs. I have a PPO with Anthem and it works well for me.
  10. Jaydrvr

    Bicycle covers

    All good reasons, which leads me to consider a hard shell case. I AM, admittedly, a LITTLE finicky about my bike.
  11. Jaydrvr

    Removing Volvo Cab Visor

    Make SURE that's what you want to do. There are only a handful of fasteners bolting the visor to the cab and if you spin one loose, you're stuck with disassembling the inside ceiling to get to the backside to fix it. When my visor developed unrelated problems, I ended up patching it in place, rather than taking the risk. Don't see how you could have any appreciable leaks through those few tiny fasteners. Jay
  12. Highbread - bread with extra yeast....
  13. Jaydrvr

    Honda eu7000 with 50 amp hookup

    Overkill? In my experience, there is no such thing as too much power, whether its a genset or a tow vehicle. Often one finds themselves with not enough power, but I can't ever remember complaining about too much power. Re: noise levels.. The Honda EU line is the worldwide class leader in noise levels and reliability, with the 7000 specifically at 53 (eco) and 58 (full) db.
  14. Jaydrvr

    Volvo tilt wheel cable

    I've done this 3 times. It doesn't get easier, but the most important thing to remember is to connect a guide wire or string on the inside end before you pull it out. That alone can save a real annoying hour. Jay
  15. Jaydrvr

    EZ-Pass or I-Pass Information

    I hate making phone calls too, especially to drill through a menu and then sit on hold forever. Jay