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  1. Jaydrvr

    Alternator Problems

    If you look up the model number at Delco, it'll give you the details for connecting it. Jay
  2. Jaydrvr

    Alternator Problems

    The original alternator may well have not had the sense terminal. Mine didn't until a replacement about ten years ago. If you can share the info about the alternator, I imagine we'll be able to find out which terminal is which. Hard to say without knowing specifics. You don't want to run voltage that high for long, or you'll fry the batteries. Jay
  3. Jaydrvr

    Alternator Problems

    Sounds like the new one has a battery sense terminal that needs connected. If it isn't connected to the battery to read its condition, it'll typically run wide open. Check the literature that came with the new alternator. If that's the case, you can run a dedicated line to the batteries, which is optimal, or you can just run a jumper to the positive terminal. Either way, there should be a fuse in the line. Jay
  4. https://ibb.co/sKPd5Vs https://ibb.co/hVjZr2S https://ibb.co/LSyVPfH https://ibb.co/ZMm1Tkk http://www.rdsaluminum.com/auto-auxiliary.html Hope this helps a bit. Jay
  5. If that's your only concern, I think the only thing to worry about is proper air flow for cooling the unit while it's running. Also, you might consider a permanent mount marine tank. I have an 18 permanent aluminum tank for my genset.
  6. The Predator 3500 is already a fairly quiet generator. If it's for occasional use only, I'm not sure it needs much in the way of sound deadening. It's rated at 57 db, which is Honda territory. Mine is pretty quiet, but I think 57 db is a little optimistic. We can't hear it from inside the coach, but I imagine the neighbors will hear it just fine. Jay
  7. Not everyone enjoys sleeping in strange places where countless others have slept in the bed before you, with completely unknown cleaning standards. Given the choice, I strongly prefer my own bed and home. That, to me, is the beauty of this way of life. Jay
  8. Thanks for your input John, but actually I'm mostly looking for a collaborator for the actual physical part of climbing the roof and nailing down the panels. I'm not a spring chicken myself, anymore. Not looking forward to that. I may just take Jack's advice and sub that part out. We'll see. I have a good idea of how I'm doing this, so I'm good there. Just need a couple panels with an oversized line down to a future proof MPPT controller, then I'm good. Thanks, Jay
  9. Thanks, John. I was thinking another Rally would just be the ticket for my install, but really, I just need help installing the panels and running the wiring down. If you're willing to help, I'd gladly welcome that. I'll check back with you in Jan. or Feb. Thanks again, Jay
  10. "Solar Install Rally, Jan 19 – 25, 2015, in Mayo, FL" Is there any possibility that there will be a repeat performance of this rally? I imagine we're probably not the only ones who might benefit from such an event. Thanks in advance. Jay
  11. Comdata is actually considered something like "super cash" and not only qualifies for cash price, but often comes with the negotiated fleet price. Jay
  12. My opinion - worth exactly what it costs - is that the o.p. is still trying to justify to himself that $1000.00 per square foot is a perfectly reasonable price for a rapidly depreciating toy. No-one I know is that extravagant. Jay
  13. And by reading many of your responses over the last few months, I know you're one of the rational and considerate ones, and you think about the sensitivities of others. Unfortunately, that attitude seems to be quite rare nowadays. I was at a rest area in CO recently. The dog walk and restrictions were clearly marked, yet 3 of the 4 dog owners I saw while there walked their dogs all around the rest of the grassy area, without any consideration to the other visitors. They did, however, generally pick up behind their dogs, so at least there was that. Jay
  14. We saw what was possibly such a case just last night in a nice restaurant. As we were leaving, we noticed a small dog with a family in the entry, in a purse or bag. My wife said, "Oh, a dog", and the dad was quick to say, "he's a service dog". Maybe a so-called emotional dog.... But, not knowing the situation, it didn't seem plausible to us. It just seems to be an expanding thing, where disrespectful and dishonest people claim service dogs to take them anywhere. I think hardware stores are okay, but certainly not most other retail establishments. What the owners may not understand is, you may open your doors to dogs and other pets, but in doing so, you'll lose my business. It's their choice. I think it's great that people enjoy dogs and pets, but by the same token, I should have the freedom to not like those same pets. I just strongly prefer to not have them in my personal space. It's called freedom. Respect and consideration for others is still a good thing, in my opinion. As FL-JOE said, "I just don't want it to get to the point that every time I go to a restaurant half the people in there have their dogs sitting with them. If I wanted that sort of a dinning experience I would move to a third world country." Long before it gets to that point, I'll just quit going out. There's always Amazon, etc. Jay
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