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  1. Highbread - bread with extra yeast....
  2. Jaydrvr

    Honda eu7000 with 50 amp hookup

    Overkill? In my experience, there is no such thing as too much power, whether its a genset or a tow vehicle. Often one finds themselves with not enough power, but I can't ever remember complaining about too much power. Re: noise levels.. The Honda EU line is the worldwide class leader in noise levels and reliability, with the 7000 specifically at 53 (eco) and 58 (full) db.
  3. Jaydrvr

    Volvo tilt wheel cable

    I've done this 3 times. It doesn't get easier, but the most important thing to remember is to connect a guide wire or string on the inside end before you pull it out. That alone can save a real annoying hour. Jay
  4. Jaydrvr

    EZ-Pass or I-Pass Information

    I hate making phone calls too, especially to drill through a menu and then sit on hold forever. Jay
  5. Jaydrvr

    EZ-Pass or I-Pass Information

    Typically, you just register your tow vehicle as is. If you're towing something, the software will automatically bill you for that. Jay
  6. Jaydrvr

    Gen use at truck stop

    Thanks, Ben. My take is that your typical retired RVer is generally more considerate than most, but that may be partly because they have the time to, and partly because they're in a "foreign" land. I think being considerate of others goes a long way in life, whether at a truck stop or a stop sign. I personally enjoy seeing RVs at a truck stop, because I see myself doing that very soon, but hopefully I won't be spending near as much time at a truck stop.. Jay
  7. Jaydrvr

    Gen use at truck stop

    Trust me, from the perspective of a driver, no-one's gonna care if you run your generator in a truck stop. With everything else going on, no-one's gonna be able to hear it! The slides only matter if they're blocking the last parking spot. Jay
  8. Jaydrvr

    Beware - Bridge Tolls

    These are the bridges across the Ohio river near Louisville, KY, including I65, etc.
  9. Jaydrvr

    Beware - Bridge Tolls

    Those bridges toll both ways. You may consider getting E-ZPass, as many toll roads are going all electronic. You can save a bit on the fee and save a LOT of time and aggravation. Plus, E-ZPass currently works in 17 states. I would imagine others will be part of the network in the future. MUCH easier to auto pay online than to watch the mail for a notice. Jay
  10. Jaydrvr

    Northstar AGM batteries

    ^^^^ Exactly... What he said.
  11. Jaydrvr

    Okay, who wrote this blog??

    Completely okay. Thanks for contributing.
  12. Well put, RV_.. Thanks for your insight. A wise man once said, (and I apologize for butchering it) do something you love to do, find a way to get paid for it and you'll never work a day in your life. Another one... No-one ever said on their deathbed, I wish I'd spent more time in the office.... I may not be financially wealthy, but my wealth of memories are immeasurable. We too had amazing adventures as a family, just perhaps not on your scale. Our most unique was working our way to a small mining town called Lynne Lake, Manitoba for NASA on the longest day of the year. When you get to the last chapters of life, you really can't change the choices you made earlier. It's important to make the best choices up front to minimize regret later. But most of all, it's vital to not lose sight of what's really important in life as you chase the almighty dollar. Jay
  13. Jaydrvr

    Okay, who wrote this blog??

    Al F, thank you for your continued safety concerns. Those points are all extremely valuable. I didn't mean to insinuate that they weren't. Let me explain... In the last few million miles, I've been down virtually every major grade between the Atlantic and the Pacific, while grossing up to 80,000 lbs. I've never had a chargeable accident nor have I hurt anyone. I would personally never consider towing a fifth wheel bigger than a toy with anything but my daily driver, which is a 1999 Volvo. My "friend" is my new girlfriend, who is completely new to this camping thing and doesn't understand the forces involved. As we shop for our new part time traveling home (most likely a fifth wheel), I want her to understand why I'm stressing the need for enough truck. I doubt she'll ever drive the tow vehicle, but I need her to understand the life and death importance of using the proper equipment. The blog I remember left an indelible impression on me and I'm sure it would on her, too... If I could just find it.. Thanks again.
  14. Jaydrvr

    Okay, who wrote this blog??

    Thanks! I had forgotten that method. I'll give it a try.
  15. Jaydrvr

    Okay, who wrote this blog??

    Okay guys, all the random unrelated commentary is interesting, but I'm really just looking for an answer to my question. Not trying to reignite the flame war here.