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  1. Nothing will stop the determined thief. Someone took a chisel and hammer to my locked cap to get in and remove my fuel. Apparently, no-one noticed or cared. Still, I imagine the locked cap turns away the casual opportunist, since that's only happened once since I've had locked caps. Jay
  2. I get mine from the dealer.
  3. No, you've seen duallys PULL a forty foot fifth wheel. Just because they're doing it doesn't make it EASY.. Or even SMART.. Safety is actually important to many of us. Saying that a forty foot fifth wheel with Mack attached can't pull into a park isn't at all true either. They can pull into any place the owner desires to. Just talk to some of them instead of making unfounded accusations. Jay
  4. The substantial over engineering and ample tire/wheel/axle capacity is what attracted us to the Newmar fiver. Jay
  5. Lol... Yeah, little difference there!!
  6. Also, for best results, it's important to know exactly what your SOC is at all times. Otherwise, you're just guessing. Cheapies are available for as little as $20-30 on Amazon, up to a couple hundred for higher quality ones. Jay
  7. I would strongly prefer the solar. A hundred amp panel would probably be plenty, as it could be always on, but be sure to use a quality charge controller to protect your battery. Solar is certainly quieter than any generator. Jay
  8. Sure, the very smallest of generators will put out much more than the 2 amps your charger needs. How long it takes depends on your battery capacity and the depth of discharge, plus if you're trying to bring it back to 100% SOC, topping it off after bulk charging will take a couple more hours. Figure 5 hours minimum for a 10 amp charger to bring a group 31 battery up from half to near full. All depends on your setup. Jay
  9. http://hhrvresource.com/node/45
  10. Connecting to your router's 5ghz band has absolutely nothing to do with fifth generation cell service. Fifth generation cell service is pretty much non-existent anywhere in the USA.
  11. Have you looked into renter's insurance? That might work.
  12. I suspect you're referring to sidewall to sidewall spacing, in which case there's nothing to worry about. The Sailuns are beefier tires and as long as you have a little space, they'll be fine. Jay
  13. Jaydrvr

    No starting

    My relay is on the front of the firewall, under the hood, near the steering column. Jay
  14. Jaydrvr

    knee replacement

    I do think it's a different experience for each individual. My wife had full replacements and was up and running, so to speak, within a month after each surgery. YMMV Jay
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