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  1. I pull a step deck and actually do haul mostly vehicles. Occasionally there are some cars, but mostly they're larger vehicles, like ambulances, school buses, utility trucks, etc. My trailer was custom built for the specialized loads I move. I still occasionally do pipe, insulation, Jacuzzis or other random freight, but vehicles are easier on my old worn-out body. Jay
  2. It's not really a plan, it's the story of my life for many years. Jay
  3. Randyretired, those are all great points, but I refer back to "it depends." Unfortunately, I live in the great state of Florida, where a recreational fifth wheel hitch is frowned upon. If I lived in a state like Colorado where it's much easier to do a private license plate of some kind, that would be great. So, it does depend on your location to some extent. I like making a little extra cash, plus paying for repairs, upgrades and fuel with pre-tax dollars makes me happy as well. Plus, I'm leased to a company that makes this easy to do. Jay
  4. I guess the same old saw applies here.. "it depends." That's exactly what I'm doing and have been for some years. If we weren't in this unusual circumstance, this would've been my last full season (spring through fall) and I had planned to transition to a few weeks in the spring and a few weeks in the fall. We'd spend the rest of the year enjoying retirement. I don't need more than a couple months a year to pay the overhead on my truck and trailer. Jay
  5. You could always upgrade the HDD to an SSD, which is what I did. I doubled capacity to a terabyte and I now have what feels like a new computer with startup times cut by about 90% and much faster page loading, etc. I'm MUCH happier with my computer and am no longer snooping around for new laptop deals. Jay
  6. I'm not of the opinion that the campground owner should absorb all the losses associated with this crisis. I imagine many of them are dealing with wholesale cancellations and struggling just to survive. After all, they're people too. I was happy to pay a fee to cancel a campground in all this and pleased to not owe the entire amount, which is actually their policy normally. Jay
  7. I can't see where that's in any way relevant. Whenever I show my driver's license it's just for identification and almost always out of state. The (usually) young employee checking it does no more than glance at it, and I can't imagine why they would bother to care.. As long as they get their paycheck. Jay
  8. Actually, when it's reached this point you need a fine abrasive to cut through it. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a very fine abrasive. Lubricate with a good window and glass cleaner and it'll cut through most films. I use it regularly to detail our cars. Generic erasers are just as good. Jay
  9. There is currently a MAJOR construction project in downtown Birmingham which may cause significant delays. Plan accordingly, but I can't think of any other reasonable way to go around. Jay
  10. Jaydrvr

    Driveline slop?

    Of course, every truck had different wear points, but often in my experience, the slop is caused by worn out springs in the clutch plate. They are designed to soften the clutch engagement and protect the driveline. If they're dead, the engagement is pretty harsh. Jay
  11. Jaydrvr

    Service episode in TN

    Suite, that's a reasonable and valid question. My recommendation is based on thirty years on the road, using shops from coast to coast. None are perfect, although a couple get close. My home Volvo shop messes up regularly and I get to pay for their mistakes. I call it the "incompetence tax". It just depends on who is behind the wrench. The difference is in management. They know me personally, treat me with respect and do their best to do a good job at a fair price. The kid who did an incomplete job on my brakes will likely grow into a better mechanic, with proper oversight and mentoring. Since there seems to be no such thing as a perfect shop, I prefer one with exceptional values and ethics, hence my recommendation. Jay
  12. Jaydrvr

    Service episode in TN

    It was pretty simple, the tech simply didn't torque the brake chamber nuts down properly. Very visible in the pictures. Just a sloppy tech. I thought about going to Volvo, but my experience with them is less than satisfactory and the chamber was leaking enough I didn't want to go that far. Jay
  13. Jaydrvr

    Service episode in TN

    Very happy with how it turned out. Thanks, guys.
  14. I think he was saying it took 1/4 mile past where he was in the ditch to get to a stop. That's pretty much a really close call. Jay.
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