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  1. DJohns


    I had a MDT 2005 M2 with a c 7 cat and a 10 speed ultra shift. Not a whole more power than my 2000 Ford 7.3 PSD and about the same fuel mileage. Now 2014 Volvo 630 WAY quieter, smoother ride and better mileage. Not even close and less money than some of these M-2's.
  2. rvroof.com You can have a real roof put on for that money.
  3. DJohns

    Kodiak Brakes

    Loctite site says red not intended to be used if the bolt is ever to be removed. If the bolt needs to be remover heat is required. I will be watching as I am having moryde update my 7000 pound axles to greaseable bearings which requires going to kodiak from dexter.
  4. check out girard slide toppers. Pricey but roller is attached to side of rv not putting weight on slide out.
  5. You need to find a competent accountant TODAY. My accountant has always told me you can file an extension but the IRS wants taxes due for last year by April 15 or you get a penalty. You can do the paper work later but they want there money now.
  6. On the # 2 question I wish I would of had the builder install a 2" pvc pipe from the roof to the basement for future access of wires to the roof. I would of brought through the area where all my tv and electrical controls are with a tee there for access. #6 On NH mounting the gen behind the axle is nice BUT get a propane model. Add a 25 or so gallon propane tank and delete the 2 40 # propane tanks out front for a bigger basement.
  7. I think a&e was merged with dometic. Retail RV: 800-544-4881 Hope this helps otherwise go to a rv dealer as a&e have been around forever.
  8. DJohns

    RV water softeners

    Doc Good read here Understanding True Water Softener Capacity - Aquatell This explains how the capacity number is really not what is actual. If you over salt and do several close recharges you will get you softener back to close to original capacity. To all REMEMBER to take the softener inside in the winter away from freezing. Hope this helps!
  9. DJohns

    RV water softeners

    I was in the water treatment business 25 years so I know a LITTLE. Simple math. 16000 grains divided by 10 grain hard water = 1600 gallons of soft water. 16000 divided by 20 grain hard =800 gallons soft. There are some other minor considerations but this is the basics. Remember not to completely use all of the soft water or the 16000 number will start going down. I own the # 1 unit of the review. Easier to fill with the large top.
  10. Someone should jump on this honda. My 2004 ONLY has 248000 miles on it and going strong. On the older Honda's make sure you keep the valves adjusted or you will buy a head.
  11. Rob It would help you sell if you would some basic information like miles, location, price etc.
  12. Stick with your toyota!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  13. Never had employer health insurance. Three years ago $2800 per 1/4 $5000 deductible. 2018 $4600 per 1/4 year with $12000 deductible. I am with Blue Cross. I am now on medicare but wife still pays $2700 per 1/4 for one more year. A lot of people don't know how much insurance has gone up over the last few years. Getting insurance is doable with plenty of money. Good luck with your search.
  14. I know this is against the grain of most people but DO NOT finance ( pay interest) on a depreciating asset. you will sleep way better at night.
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