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  1. 🤣 My understanding is California requires a commercial class A plus doubles endorsement for non residents also.With that said I am a California resident and in 13 years of double towing have never been pulled over or given a second look.
  2. Thank you Kirk! That's the problem Al, knowing which ones are worthless.
  3. Reccommendations of reputable agencies that people have used. Ones to stay away from. Any other thoughts or knowledge they would like to share.
  4. I am retired but my girlfriend still needs to work for a while longer to meet her financial goals. She has been in nursing and nurse management for decades. She is exploring the idea of travel nursing so we can start traveling sooner rather then later. If you wouldn't mind sharing thoughts and ideas please post up. Thank you Joe
  5. I was on the loyalty plan for $60 a month with 2 gb of data but no hot spot. I did some research and found an app for my phone call FoxFi it allowed me to hot spot my phone without Verizon knowing. I have switched to the new unlimited data and using the app and my smart TV I have used about 100 GB of data so far and haven't noticed any throttling, getting around 25/30 Mbps. Beats my internet that I pay $60 mo for and only get 7/9 Mbps. I'm in a rural area with limited internet choices.
  6. A post on Face Book says the gentleman passed away. :-(
  7. Your welcome Jack, thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge. My original plan was to use a mini split system but I couldn't sell the girlfriend on it. I figured since I was moving her from a nice tract home near the beach. Into a metal building in the desert, I could make a couple concessions on my ideas. LOL
  8. Here is my complete build thread from another site. http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/shop-tools/910020-40x60-shop-build.html
  9. My shop and living quarters both have 4" insulation in the walls and ceiling. As mentioned. I have an 8" air gap then 1/2" OSB, 2x4, then 4" insulation and 5/8" drywall. I'll let you know in a couple months when I'm done building how well it works. LOL In the work shop area I just have 2x4 with plywood on the inside painted white.
  10. I'm in the high desert, in the unincorporated part of Apple Valley.
  11. Its never big enough. 14'x12' minimum door size 18' tall for the 14' tall door. I would do a 50'x ??? depends on how many toys you have. I will be limited to a 36' max length if I want to be able to walk around the front of a rig. You loose at least 8" for the wall girts if your going metal. I built a 40x60 and was going to build a 2 story living quarters on one end.We decided we aren't getting any younger so we opted to expand the building and add a single level living quarters in the 40x40 add on.
  12. It's going to be tough to keep it under 20K unless you go really small.I just added 40x40 to my 40x60 and the add on was 32K for the building, the permit, the concrete and putting it up. As suggested go as big as you can, you never have enough room. 14' tall door is a must, 12' wide makes getting things in and out a lot easier. I would definitely add electrical and concrete floors. I would go with a good pitch on the roof and standing seam for future solar. The standard 1 in 12 only gives you a 5* slant for panels. I would insulate as well or you will be in an oven during the summer and an icebox in the winter in the desert. The lowest I have seen inside my building is 40* in the high desert of California.I have 4" of insulation in the roof and walls with insulated sectional doors. I wouldn't install roll up doors they make a lot of noise in the wind.
  13. My concern would be the animals locked in an RV during the summer heat. What happens if the power goes out or the AC system stops working? What do full timers that travel with pets do to protect them when out sight seeing all day?
  14. I bought a rental property in the desert for this purpose. The house gives me an income and allowed me to build a shop that the 5th wheel fits inside. I'm in the process of extending the shop and building living quarters inside the expansion. We will use it as a home base when we aren't travelling.
  15. Only threads are the hose that connects to the check valve. The hose is like you use for a sink with the rubber seal inside so no pipe compound needed. The vent and fill hose use clamps. I'm glad they don't come apart because I was feeling really stupid. I am at my shop with a good array of tools, I spent over an hour trying to dissect it after I ordered the new one. It's still together by the way. LOL
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