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  1. Thank you all for the great replies! Thanks for the offer Dollytrolley, but I think it will be what it is. I'm used to a sliding fifth wheel like semi tractors have, where you can adjust your weight transfer. I remember we used to slide them all the way back; after going over state scales; for a better ride. But of course that put the center somewhere between the drive axles, so not really comparable to a single axle rig. I will try and dust off some math to see if I can figure out theoretical weight distribution. I'm guessing the sweet spot is just ahead of the drive axle. We are having the Curt rails installed with the no drill brackets, which should be 4" ahead of the axle according to the spec. We shall see.
  2. Dear Barbara, I just read your message re modifying truck or trailer to adjust height. Please disregard my comments on this. The trailer will be the same distance vertical distance from the truck loaded or not. That is set by the fifth wheel hitch, air ride or not. The hitches come in different heights. To figure out how tall your hitch need to be, you will need the height of the trailer pin when the trailer is level and the height of the truck bed. No one could tell me what my pin height was, but I did not ask the factory. I used a laser level to measure mine. This will give you a rough idea how tall the hitch will need to be. Then you will need to put a number on how many inches lower the truck will ride when loaded. That will increase the height the hitch will need to be to keep the trailer level. Then of course measure from the trailer pin to the floor above it. Now you can figure out what your truck bed clearance will be and how tall you hitch needs to be. I'm not sure that's what you wanted to know, but I hope so. I'm in the middle of figuring this out for our new trailer. I can't say for sure about the different heights of the 4x4 vs the 4x2 trucks. But I would agree it sure seems like it. Good luck, it sounds like you have the major decisions sorted out and are working on the details. I wholeheartedly agree the diesel TV is a very good call, in spite of the increased maintenance costs. I have a diesel and would not go back to gas. Now I going to start a thread on the stuff I absolutely need in/on my trailer that is not supplied by the factory.
  3. Thanks guys! I know I will not regret my purchase, but it still hurts right now.
  4. re truck bed height and FW pin height. A good mechanic will be able to adjust either. One of the reasons some trucks sit so high is because there are spacer blocks between the truck axle and the springs. Some could be removed/reduced in height to lower the truck, thereby increasing bed to trailer clearance. This also changes the driveline angle, that's where a good mechanic comes in. Another adjustment is with the pin box. There come in different heights. Don't pass on that "perfect" trailer because of one component that can be easily changed. Yes, I'm looking for the perfect trailer too. I'm going to buy them all until I find it! One thing I would not recommend at all is raising the height of the trailer to then level the trailer, this raises the center of gravity. re the hitch itself. We bought a Trailsaver air ride hitch; even though it left quite a hole in my wallet; because I wanted the smoother ride that comes with that.
  5. Dear RV, I'm sorry if I came across as religious or a Linux fanboy. I also apologize, I do not want to come across as hijacking your thread. You obviously have much experience in the computer OS area. Please know I am trying to give back myself from my experiences, and do appreciate guidance on what is appropriate! Happy Camping!
  6. Lifehacker has a good article with links on how to dejunk your new PC. http://lifehacker.com/the-complete-guide-to-avoiding-and-removing-windows-c-1630577558 Lifehacker can be considered a trusted source of information. The other option is to reprogram your new computer using Linux as the OS. Warning, that can be complicated and may not be for the faint of heart. Fortunately most Linux installers will ask you whether you want to keep Windows and dual boot or wipe out Windows.
  7. Good Morning All, So my question is specifically for the Ford driver/owners out there. Where; in relation to the rear axle; did you set up the center of the fifth wheel hitch? ie Directly over the axle, 1.5", 3" ahead of the axle, etc and why. How do you think it affects the ride? I've settled on a Trailersaver TS3, with a Simpleslide for our 2007 F250; pulling a 2014 Palomino Sabre 36QS2B7; and would like to know how others have set up theirs and how it worked out. We are going with in the bed rails. Once that is set up we wil be going on a shakedown cruise and; among other things; deciding whether to install airbags or Timbrens. Thanks in advance!
  8. First the disclaimer, we do not yet fulltime. I can highly recommend Palomino Sabre trailers. We have a 2009 30BHDS TT that is currently for sale and just bought a 2014 36QS2B7 FW. For us it represents a good compromise on features but still very well built and sturdy and affordable for us. We would love to own a DRV, but it's just not happening, well maybe someday a used one. The Sabre has most all the things we like that are not easy to add, and I can easily add the things I feel I need. Like electrical power management/surge arrestors, upgrading the water system w/an expansion tank, hydraulic/air leveling system, and on and on. Of course YMMV, good luck!
  9. 2009 Palomino Sabre 30BHDS For Sale SE Mi, Winter Special $19'995.00 We are selling our Sabre travel trailer because we just bought a new to us fifth wheel Sabre from the same dealer we have bought all our trailers from. Now we have one too many. We are the second owners and have receipts for all work done. We are having Westland Camping Center sell it for us. They are at 1475 S. Newburgh Rd. Westland, MI 48186 734-326-7700 e-mail: sales@westlandcamping.com The Sabre is constructed with a sturdy six-sided aluminum superstructure. The front fiberglass cap includes recessed docking lights angled to illuminate the hitch area and truck bed. The Sabre interior has all the home-like amenities you’ve grown accustomed to. Like a deep double bowl kitchen sink with residential strainers, high rise faucet and hand sprayer; seven cubic foot refrigerator; large range with oven; and deep cabinets and drawers for storage. The windows have day/night shades. The air bed sleeper sofa turns into a comfortable bed, and has a replacement Coleman Durarest Plus queen airbed. It even includes a hidden drawer for storage. The living quarters are created with dual slide-outs that feature a full six feet of headroom. The residential neo-angle shower with glass enclosure is standard. Fantastic fan in master bath. Rear pull out utility rack f/cargo. 10 gallon gas/electric DSI water heater. Flat screen TV's in living room and both bedrooms. It comes with a weight distributing hitch and 1200lb Curt bars. This unit has a front master bedroom w/queen innerspring mattress, front master bathroom, center living/dining room, rear bedroom w/jackknife sofa, and rear 1/2 bath. It has two large slideouts, one on each side. Unit covered during winter storage w/Adco Designer Series Tyvek #32846 cover. All roof vents covered by Camco Aero-flo roof vent cover. Alignment done fall of 2012 by Harolds Frame Shop Novi. Five; yes the spare too; new Carlisle Radial Trail RH load range E tires fall of 2012 by Tire One. 30 to 50amp upgrade done fall of 2012 by Westland Camping Ctr consisting of Progressive Dynamics PD4560 240V, 50 Amp AC/DC Distribution Panel with built-in Charge Wizard, Progressive Industries EMS-HW50C RV Power Protection with Surge Portable Electrical Management Systems (EMS), 50amp shore power inlet, Park Power Part # 124ARV-25 ADAPTER RV 30AP/50AC 25 25' 50-30amp pigtail adapter, and new Interstate 550 CCA/690MCA deep cycle battery. New Barker VIP 3500 power jack spring 2014 by Westland Camping Ctr. New Dometic power awning motor summer of 2014 by Westland Camping Ctr. Annual cleaning done just before putting into storage using Collonite cleaner, and wax, 303® Aerospace Protectant. Wipe on, wipe off. We have receipts for all work done. Specs: Hitch Weight 1,066 Axle Weight 7,058 Dry Ship Weight 8,124 GVWR 11,226 CCC (Cargo Cap.) 2,618 Ext. Length 34'4" Fresh Water Cap. (gal.) 42 Black Water Cap. (gal.) 42 1⁄2 Bath Cap. (gal.) 42 Grey Water Cap. (gal.) 84 Tire Size (in.) 15" Awning Size (ft.) 16' Winter Special $19'995.00
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