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  1. Thanks for the responses.
  2. So it is that time of year when I am prepping the truck for the season. Due to still working what seems all the time I do most of my driving at night. I seriously need to upgrade the headlights. Unlike the Volvo’s headlights I have not seen many options for the 7” round headlights on my KW T2000. I see lots of LED headlights that look like I could make fit but am unsure. If anyone has ideas that would be great.
  3. tyates007


    Hope yours works better than mine if you go insurance route. When we moved to Pacific NW I wanted to make sure I had water covereage if we had a leak. I paid extra for that. To bad there was a leakage and seapage clause. Basically it was no good unless hit by a tidal wave
  4. Thank you. I have been thinking about doing this. Appreciate the pictures
  5. tyates007


    Yes it is but pretty cool concept at the same time.
  6. Thanks for doing this again Chad. Girls are in school a week longer this year so we will not be able to make it. If there is anything I can do to help with planning or supporting from afar though I would be happy too. This is a great event. Tom
  7. I left the backer strip on. There was no harm with it being left on. I ran it hot enough that it was mostly consumed. Everyone has their own way. This worked well for me. I am not a professional welder but can hold my own with tig and stick. Never been a huge fan or great with mig but most of my mig experience has been short arc in high production welding which is what I did through college working for Icon.
  8. Glen the 7018 was easier to fill and cap the weld. I ran split pass on the cap as it was over an inch wide with double bevel and gap. Just came down to convenience. Besides my little dry torch would have got a serious workout running that much weld continuous for the 2 frame rails.
  9. I added 7’. Here is a photo of my cut and fitted up. Mine were also beveled. I ran a tig root just because it was quick and clean and the used 7018 for the weld. Click For Full-Size Image.
  10. Just purchased a 2014 Ram with OEM towing option and this hitch will no longer work for me. I will be replacing with another B&W Companion. Asking $799 OBO. Located in Snohomish, WA https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/pts/d/bw-companion-5th-wheel-hitch/6719960749.html
  11. This came off a 2001 Chevy Silverado 3500 but will fit many trucks with an 8' bed. Inside bed dimensions are 63 5/8” by 96 5/8”. Had always been stored in shop when truck was not being driven. Asking $150 OBO. Located in Snohomish, WA
  12. Thanks Chad. I meant to look at yours before we left the WCR and I spaced it. Building a box is probably a better idea for support. I checked again tonight and 4” is max I can raise without modifying the deck. I think I will raise that much and then see how it sits. It will be very close when loading and unloading the sxs but I think it will clear.
  13. Thanks Jim. That is my plan. Do you think if I just uses 3x3 1/4” wall tube, 1 on each side that I would be fine structurally?
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