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  1. I second Hercules tires. I have been running them on all 3 axles for the past 5 years and have been very happy with them, including the price.
  2. We will miss you for sure Rick. Jodi was pretty sad that you and your bride will not be here. (I was sad too). We rolled in Saturday and it was raining like crazy. We stopped by the truck wash you mentioned but no go until Monday. Guess we will try again then. Take care of yourself and hopefully we will cross trails soon.
  3. We will miss you Rick. Was really looking forward to seeing y’all again.
  4. Dave your truck looks great.
  5. tyates007

    Bed build

    Run the flat bar on the outside of stake pockets for sure. That is how I did mine and I can not tell you how nice it is to be able to hook a strap anywhere on the side and have it right where I need it.
  6. Looking forward to this Chad. Submitted the dates for time off last week. We will be there towards the end of the week for sure. Now just need the girls school schedule to cooperate. Thanks for keeping this going.
  7. Your B&W hitch will have a hole in the center towards the front of the hitch. This is to allow you to open the lever and drop the pin in it. This allows the jaws to release as the pin comes away from the front of the jaws. My B&W was the smoothest hitching and unhitch that I have ever had once I figured it out.
  8. Isn’t that the truth about SEATTLE? Go there almost every day
  9. Those look great. Nice job. Our first trick did not have windows. Our KW does and the little girls like it much more. Of course now that they are growing and into their mobile devices the windows don’t seem to get used as much when we travel.
  10. Dave I put Bostrom in my Kenworth. The shop in Tulalip was having a good sale but did not have a ton in stock. He sent me to the International dealer just up the road in Mount Vernon. They had a good selection on the floor. We sat in all of them. Glad we did cause what I thought I wanted we did not like. They had all of them on bases with air to try. That was a couple years ago but might be worth a trip as it’s not far from you.
  11. tyates007


    Hope all turns out well Glenn
  12. I will post photos after I load utv.
  13. It getting close to rainy season here in western Washington. I have some projects going on in the shop so need the space. Parking is prime real at my house so I decided to dual utilize some space with the truck. Here is where my utv will reside for the winter months when not in use. Click For Full-Size Image. Click For Full-Size Image.
  14. Pulled into Spokane last night at North Spokane RV Park and were neighbors with Dave Scott, his lovely bride and his big red Volvo. It was nice for the old blue KW to have some company.
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