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  1. tktoth

    Dog License

    Thanks for all the responses! We will plan to properly vaccinate, document, and tag the dog since any trip to Polk County is a couple of days at the most.
  2. We are full time using our Escapees mail address as our permanent address, but mainly stay in Houston for the winter, and Ohio for the summer. We are going to be getting a dog and wonder what others with similar situations do about licensing their dog, or just don’t don’t?
  3. 2015 was our big year which included retiring, changing states (Texas in the end), selling house and buying RV. We chose to use a CPA due to the State tax question during our transition to Texas. Message me if you are interested in the CPA we are using in Stafford, Tx (Houston).
  4. FYI, some Houston area offices are not doing this driving test anymore. I was one of the last ones to take the driving test in Alvin. Oh, and I did pass, but I must say I was nervous. Agree with above that it was just drive normal, and use that turn signal, even when pulling away from the curb on a side street.
  5. Being I am new to RV's, and my current experience with mfg. warranty is expensive, but on their dime. My concern is being I have not owned rv's for an extended length of time, and my experience so far is more warranty issues than I expected, should I expect major issues, in general? Especially since labor rates are $100/hour and up. But, the (yes 6 year extended warranty) is $2200, should I expect that much in repairs? I assume not since they priced it as $2200. They do make a profit based on statistically claims are much less than that. But, where am I statistically? I am not impressed with my luck so far (I have one claim so far which cost the mfg. over $6000 so far). But, do they settle down after one year? I can afford $2200 in repairs, but concerned if over the term it is $10000.
  6. We have a new fifth wheel, and are considering whether Extended Warranties are worth the cost all in all. If we have a problem which they cover, they are, but if we don't, then not. So, those who have purchased one, are you glad you did? Or, were any issues you had not a covered item? We are considering a 7 year one for about $2200 (Wholesale Warranties). Any thoughts are appreciated.
  7. Well, we are all plated up Texas style! We leave Rainbow's End today for Pearland, Tx and will get our non-commercial Class A drivers license there since the driving portion appointments are weeks out. FYI, the person at the county tax office said if we would have waited on getting rid of the Mi. Plate until later, it would have more involved being the truck would have already been plated there. Thanks again for all your input!
  8. Thanks Sue. Your house in Az. looks great. Good luck to both of you!
  9. We are actually going to be in Livingston Mon. & Tues. (staying at Rainbow's End) to get vehicle (and trailer) registered/ licensed, truck insurance, and drivers license. Also, voter registration. We researched this a lot, and the trailer was the last thing we were on the fence about. Thanks for all the comments.
  10. All of you answered my question, Texas will not allow a resident to have a trailer with out of state plates. Again, it was a question, not trying to cheat the system. BTW, we are full timers and will spend roughly half the year in Texas (near our son), and half in Ohio/ Michigan (near our daughter). We have to decide where to have residency, so we are setting up ties in Texas.
  11. Really not trying to be cheap. The way Michigan is setup, they register trailers all the time to people with Ohio addresses, and I did call their SOS which did acknowledge it is legitimate and I can change to a Texas address with them. I did say in my post that my insurance company (thru Miller Insurance in Oregon) said it is no issue. I know a lot of states don't allow this and do ticket. So, sounds like I should not try it in Texas, in the end, that is ok.
  12. We purchased our trailer earlier this year as Michigan residents, and Michigan issues permanent license plates for trailers. We are establishing Texas as our residency (all set with Escapee mail forwarding) by getting drivers license and truck license plate in Texas. Has anyone done this and just kept their permanent Michigan trailer plate? Did Texas ever hassle you if you did? Michigan says it is OK, and so does our insurance company. But, wonder about getting stopped in Texas and them seeing our Drivers License and Tuck plates our Texas, but the trailer is Michigan?
  13. We just ordered our drv to start our fulltime life starting in May. We did opt out of the factory Flair furniture and went with Lambright. We went to their showroom in Topeka, Ind. to check them out an walked out buying 2 recliners and a couch. The quality and comfort can't be beat. You will pay more, but we want comfort for full timing.
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