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  1. Inquiring Minds need to know! Did Excel ever build a bunkhouse travel trailer? If so, approximately what years and what sizes? Thanks for any and all help! memtb
  2. Final Update (I hope)! We brought her home a couple of days ago. APR-RV did a really nice job on the repairs. Of course now I need (desperately) to buff ( remove oxidation) and polish the whole unit to make it look as nice as the repair area! Following-up on some of the suggestions, we purchased a Trailer Saver (used) hitch. The trip home was a much improved ride. Hopefully, our Teton will carry us to the end of our RV’ing days! Counting the round-trip mileage to “retrieve” our Teton....we’ve burned 9000 miles of diesel since Easter. We will likely, slow down a bit for the rest of the summer! Lot’s of work to catch-up on around the house! Thanks to all for the concerns and recommendations !
  3. Glenn, Not sure! I think it was a class 6 Pete. He spent lots of money on upgrades for extended boondocking, MotoSat System, Bigfoot leveling, Hydraulic Disc, etc.....pretty much first class ....all the way! I want to believe that he didn’t short-cut, on a quality hitch. But....stranger things have happened! I’ll try and post a few pictures with a description.....as best I can! memtb (Todd)
  4. Just an update: After some “disassembly” at the rv hospital, it’s ugly. The horizontal I beam ( 8”) , near the point that it joins the vertical I beam that goes down to the main chassis I beam....is split vertically. Not at a weld....the beam is split from lower flange, up thru the web, to the upper flange. The upper flange is still intact, but has doing a lot of flexing (bending). It will require “fishplating” the web area on both sides of the break. And, hopefully they can access the bottom flange for a weld and a “fishplate” added across the break! They will also do the same to the other side....as while it is still intact, it has been worked pretty hard. It was the only thing stopping a complete separation. Didn’t think that you could break a Teton frame....I guess that I could break an anvil!
  5. 57Becky: It’s at an RV Hospital 😠 right now...awaiting “Exploratory Surgery”, to determine, where and the extent of damage! rpsinc: Thanks for the generous offer! If we were at home, I might have tackled this myself. Probably would have had to....the closest reputable RV repair facility is over 150 miles. It probably would “not” have made the trip....the amount of movement is truly amazing, and scary! Glenn: This is our 4th Teton (since 1993), and we are shocked....never heard of this happening with a Teton! The original owner towed with a HDT for over 8 years. We don’t know what type of hitch (though I suspect it was quality) he had on his rig. We will follow-up on here with what we encounter, and repairs required! Thanks to all for your concerns and attempted help! memtb (Todd & Marianne)
  6. Thanks rpsinc, We were considering added another decorative, rubber trim molding, with SS self tapping screws, under the rubber. Cosmetically would look OK, while adding sufficient securing of the panel. But....all that for thinking for nothing. Some testing today.....hooking -up to truck showed that we have a broken frame, somewhere around the pin-box. So much for wishful thinking. This is going to get real ugly! It’s been an interesting vacation....this “topped it off”! Thanks for your suggestions and generous input. This project has just gone well above my “pay grade”!
  7. Thanks Glenn! It appears that all is well with frame/ pin-box ,etc. We just (easier said than done) need to get sheathing back to original position, replace and add screws. Also, found some pop-rivets missing from sheathing to frame members beneath bedroom. Will replace and add additional rivets....to reduce the flex in the bottom sheathing. It’s a lot of surface area, with little support Thanks again, Todd (memtb)
  8. Sorry.....can’t get the pictures. Have been trying!
  9. The sheathing was held up to the metal framing surrounding the pin-box, by some SS self- tapping screws. The screws where hidden beneath the rubber trim molding around the pin-box/sheathing junction. Most of the screws (about #10 or #12) where broken! I can’t detect any fiberglass damage on the sides of the bedroom area, or any joint separation ( nose piece to bedroom area). I’m thinking (HOPING) that, it was merely these screws breaking and allowing the fiberglass panel to drop an inch or so around the pin-box! In looking where front of the pin-box enters the sheathing.....it just doesn’t look right. It appears ( maybe an optical illusion) that the pin-box is tipped upwards into the sheathing. But, when observing from the side, the pin-box (pin plate area) appears to be parallel to ground or unit. From front Looking upward at back of pin-box Side-view Front view There were 10 or so SS self-tapping screws, inserted thru decorative trim, attaching the sheathing up, onto the metal framework around the pin-box.
  10. Would really appreciate any help from “anyone”! We have a 2004 Teton Freedom Grand, with the original Fabex pin box. The fiberglass panel around the pin box, has come loose and is hanging down. I do not think that there is any frame damage at/around the pin box....but things, just don’t look quite right. Could someone take a few pictures of their pin box/ bottom panel area around the pin box....particularly at the front, where the pin box enters the fiberglass beneath the bedroom area. Maybe, this will give me a better idea of exactly what I am looking at! Any and all help appreciated, and a “Big Thanks” in advance! memtb
  11. Although the idea of having a4x4 coach is desirable, the Winnebago 4x4 is not at all what we would consider. It looks like it would fit the lifestyle of someone who isn't out for weeks at a time like we camp during the fall months. We will be taking the 5th wheel when we go hunting in November as we'll probably be out for 2-3 weeks. We have the Teton set up with 6 solar panels and six batteries. The C Class is for short term camping or when we spend a few days visiting friends or family.
  12. doit2010 - in our research, we found that almost every class C were, as you described, available with exposed tanks and heat pads. The Bigfoot seemed to be the only one (with the possible exception of Triple E) where the tanks and valves were enclosed and heated. On the winter travel, we don't plan on intentionally seeking out ice and snow conditions for travel but will be prepared with the tire cables if the situation arises. We try not to let a little weather stand between us and RV use. A 4x4 MH would certainly be nice but the purchase of a NEW MH is out of the question. If we really want/need a 4x4, we believe a 4x4 conversion on our unit would be doable but very expensive. Sandsys - the class b toy hauler sounds interesting but sounds like the cargo bay would be quite small. Well have to look one up on the 'Net to see what it looks like. Thanks for all the info!
  13. Doit2010: concerning your Minnie Winnie, does it have enclosed tanks heated by the MH heater or exposed tanks with heat pads?
  14. We found a 2007 Bigfoot MH26Sl and purchased it in August. Our plans were to wait until after the first of the year BUT we got in a hurry. It had a little over 21,000 miles and appears to be in "near new" condition. We've made one overnight trip so far and have bought cables for winter driving. We're considering a grill guard as we live in Wyoming and there are a lot of animals on the highways...has anyone here installed a grill guard on their E450 class C MH?
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