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  1. Howdy Rocky, I am counting on being pretty able by the time we go south, today was another encouraging day not much pain and able to flex and move better. If only the va would get it together when it comes to my PT I could concentrate on my health rather then fighting to get them to take care of the bills. I don’t know how long the people doing the PT will do it while fighting with the va to pay them. Dave
  2. Howdy Lawrence, About the time the left knee could handle a Ural ride it will be time to do the right one, so it’s going to be a while before that happens. My main concern is being able to work the clutch in the Pete, so we can go south in January. The right knee hurt more then the left one but I had the clutch knee done first so it would have longer to heal before we attempt our second escape from the NorWet gloom. Dave
  3. Howdy All, I am going to lay part of the blame for my over doing the PT on the first PT person I worked with and take the rest of the blame myself as I was trying to do what I thought she wanted. The first person never touched me she explained the excerise and encouraged me to push through the pain, so I did to the best of my pain threshold what I thought was right. Yesterday the man I worked with had a completely different way of doing the job. First he applied heat to my knee explaining how the heat loosens the joint. Then held my leg, lifted it and slowly manipulated the joint all the while talking to me and explaining what he was doing, the entire session was like this. I left from the PT feeling much better and asked that I could continue to work with this man as much as possible while I am getting the PT. when someone tells me to do something that is supposed to be good for me I tend to do it. I guess I also need a person who will take the time to talk to me and explain what is being done and to not just turn me loose and hope for the best. Today when I do the work it will be done in a different way so as not to hurt myself. Dave
  4. Howdy Henry, I have heard such stories from others and to be honest will be having a talk with my PT folks and asking them for their own safety to knock my arse OUT if such things have to be done. I am not trying to be an Internet badass, I am simply stating a fact if that happens to me I am seriously afraid that my reaction to that kind of care would be to perform acts of physical violence upon the PT person should I be able to. I have to be on guard in many situations where how I my react is not in the publics best interest but is in response to what I perceive as a direct threat to my wellbeing. Unfortunately I have had such things to deal with in the past. Dave
  5. Howdy Henry, Sir, you have got to be Supermans good looking younger brother, how you had both knees replaced pretty much at the same time is a testament to just how darn tough an old goat you are. Seriouly I have always considered myself to be one of the orneriest critters God ever made the mistake of turning loose on this planet ONE knee at a time is enough for me to deal with. Most of the time I really don’t have much if any pain UNTIL I move to get out of bed into or out of a chair getting onto and off the pot is enough to make me light headed. The PT is kicking my butt, I think I overdid it last night as I had a hard time sleeping because of the pain. Just kinda taking it easy today I see the PT folks tomorrow so I will talk to them and ask if I am stretching to hard. One of the problems I have is our home is so small I can’t really do any worthwhile walking, we have gravel walkways so being able to move around is difficult I think this is why I am not loosing up as I should. Dave PS. I don’t have access to my computer so I am responding using my phone, I always try to reply to each individual but doing this by phone is hard for me so please don’t take it personal if I don’t reply to each post as I normally do. Thanks to everyone who has posted and for your well wishes they are most appreciated.
  6. Howdy Rocky, I hear you loud and clear when it comes to the drugs. Thanks I the blessing I will take all the help I can get. Dave
  7. Howdy Jim, I will listen to these folks they know a heck of a lot more about this then I do. Dave
  8. Howdy Brad, I should be on the way home in a couple of hours dealing with the va to get the walker and cane, shower bench etc. The va will mail to me what I need but that could take up to a couple of weeks. So I don’t know if the hospital will send me home with this gear or not. Dave
  9. Howdy Rocky, I am not to proud to take the meds I want to take as few as possible but I will take them. Dave
  10. Howdy Lawrence, Thanks for the well wishes. Dave
  11. Howdy Chad, So far it’s going well thanks for your well wishes. Thanks so much for taking on my trailer I know it’s going to make Donna very happy. Dave
  12. Howdy Roger, I am so glad I finally got around to having this done. The only bad thing I have found when it comes to retirement is I wonder now how I ever had time to work. All the best wishes to you for your upcoming inframe rebuild Dave.
  13. Howdy Sculptor, Thanks for the early morning laugh that was great. Dave
  14. Howdy Roger, Will do. In a few minutes they are going to strap me into the knee bending machine, my head nurse told me that the spinal anisteahsia (sp) would be wearing off this morning and to be prepared for the pain to start but so far it has been better then what I expected. Last night before going to bed for the night I walked a couple hundred yards and can honestly say that the old OEM knee hurt more then the new one. Dave
  15. Howdy All, Just thought I would let you folks know that I am still alive and doing very well after having my left knee replaced this morning about 10:am August 12th. I know from taking to and reading other people’s stories that tomorrow the 13th will probably be a hard day as will the following few days but right now I am not in much pain and have made a couple of short walks. Right now I am sitting pretty much upright in bed with my left leg strapped in to a machine that moves my leg from being straight to bending the knee to a 90 degree angle. This causes very little pain doing that movement under my own power really hurts. If all continues to go well Donna will pick up tomorrow around 11: am / 2:pm and take me home. THANK YOU Henry for telling us about the Conformis joint, from what I have learned through research and talking to my Doctor it’s the “Peterbilt” of replacement knee joints. Dave
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