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  1. Howdy All, My new seats were delivered today, they sure look nice, I'll give a full report when I have them installed, pictures will be included in the ride report. Dave
  2. Howdy Tony, Like I mentioned in my first post to this thread, I am holding YOU partially responsible for this, our campsite was as quite as a desert ghost town until I needed power for something. Dave
  3. Howdy Chip, I am very happy with the job that Chad, has done it will suit my needs and probably exceed them. The system your describing sounds like it should work well for you. I know that there are air conditioning systems that can be solar powered but their cost is far beyond my paygrade and a system like what your describing along with the I am "assuming" lithium battery bank to support it would probably exceed the worth of my toy hauler. If I were much younger and could afford such a system, had an RV worthy of it, I would go the direction you are going. Have fun and ENJOY what you are building. 😀 Dave
  4. Howdy Chad, THANK YOU Chad, I could never have found the pieces to do this, that you took the time to set me up with the latest stuff rather then just throw something in that works speaks to your integrity and willingness to do the best by your customer. Looking at all the photos I honestly don't have a clue what many of the parts are or how they are all interconnected but how you did it is a pure work of ART. I am so looking forward to coming down to your home, getting schooled on how this all works and then getting a chance to put it to use this coming winter. As your explaining some of these things I think it best that I take video so that I have something to refer to later because I "will" forget. Dave
  5. Howdy Darryl, That big Cat, doesn't make any distracting or irritating noise, it makes MUSIC. I am thinking probably the easiest way to keep the broken bolt-insert from rattling around ( if it does ) is to get one of those super-duper thin magnets and JB-Weld it to the underside of the bottom floor. Dave
  6. Howdy Rick, I need to blame someone for this, so you and Tony, are being held responsible for this expenditure. 😀 If you guys hadn't been so quite I wouldn't have sounded so noisy. Seriously, this is something I had thought about but until staying with you, Tony and Chad, I had never camped for so long away from shore power and with you folks living the way you did, it corrupted me. And YES I am so looking forward to this years desert shenanigans. Dave
  7. Howdy All, Over the last three months when Chad, had the time to work on it he did an install of a Super Solar system on my toy hauler, 1,410 watts worth. Easy starts on the bed room and living room air conditioners, auto start on the generator if the solar won't provide the needed power. To top it off the detail that Chad paid to the install is without doubt the work of a true craftsman, it is an electrical work of ART. Click this link to be taken to a photo gallery detailing the installation, the photos speak for themselves. I have seen quite a few solar installs but NOTHING compares to the workmanship displayed here. https://mr-cob.smugmug.com/Solar-installation-on-my-Toy-Hauler-RV-trailer/i-3pTJQjL Donna, the Dogs and I will be traveling SOUTH again this winter, we will stop at Chad's home on the way and have him give me a class on how all this fancy stuff works. I hope this stuff comes with manuals as I can't depend on my memory to learn all of these different gauges and indicators. THANK YOU Chad, for doing this wonderful job for me, if-when you go into the business of doing this please know that I will be showcasing your work everywhere I go. Dave
  8. Howdy Glenn, The hole in the floor, is smaller then the threaded insert, so even if I could get a hold of it there is no way to pull it up through the hole in the floor. I suppose I could cut a hole in the floor and then weld that back in but the floor is aluminum, I am not setup to weld aluminum, this would also involve removing the carpet, this is simply way to much work for me and I won't pay to have it done. Dave
  9. Howdy All, The next chapter in the continuing saga of Cob's seat replacement. Dan, offered to loan me his air chisel, I drove to his home picked it up and after swapping lies for a bit figured that with luck this would be the ticket to getting the passenger seat removed. NOPE, didn't work, even after sharping the chisel it just didn't cut but rather beat the heck out of the bolt, looked to be a regular grade 5 hardware store bolt it sure wasn't hardened. So back to my original plan, took the die grinder and with a carbide burr ground the head of that darned bolt OFF. the seat is now OUT of the truck. Of course with the head of the bolt gone it and whatever it was screwed into fell down into the space between the two floors. So I suppose it will rattle and drive me nuts with noise but even if I had gotten the bolt out whatever it was threaded into would have dropped down into that space so it is what it is, there was no way to pull it from the top and the bottom is sealed so with out tearing half the truck apart there is no retrieving that threaded insert. However, now that the bolt-insert is out of the way it looks like it might be possible to install one of those nut-sert thingamabobs in the same hole. Tomorrow when the stores are open again I'll look into getting what is needed to make the thread repair and pick up all new bolts and some more Anti-Size, to slather on them when I install the new seats. At least it wasn't raining, light clouds, could actually see a bit of sunshine, 38 degrees, not a bad day for this time of year in the Great Nor-Wet. Dave
  10. Howdy Brian, Thanks for your reply, There is nothing like what you describe on my truck. The seats that I have ordered do NOT need an adapter plate, the seat base has many bolt patterns in it, as there are different bolt patters to choose from I have decided the easiest way to deal with this is just cut the spinning bolt off, leave it in place, probably put a tack weld on it to keep it from rattling and make use of the multiple bolt patterns to just install some kind of nutsert to secure the forth corner. The one extra thing I did order when buying these seats is the standard height seat base, that way in case I didn't like the low base or if at the time of future sale the perspective buyer didn't like the low base I would have the standard height base on hand. Dave Dave
  11. Howdy solo318, I don't want to do anything that will wreck the seat mount, there is some resale value as they are in good shape. Thanks for your suggestion. Dave
  12. mr. cob

    Brakes Frozen

    Howdy All, This not only happens to brakes but can also happen to your clutch if you have driven through deep water and then park the truck for an extended period of time. Back when I was heavy into Jeeps I bought cheap many old Jeeps that the owners thought need a new clutch as it would not disengage. I would buy the Jeep, start it in gear drive it with the clutch pedal pushed in, while hitting the gas pedal hard and then letting up completely usually with in 3-5 times doing this the clutch would break free from the flywheel and all was well. Dave
  13. Howdy porky69, Once I have the seat out of the way and have room to work installing a Nutsert, may be the easiet way to deal with this. Dave
  14. Howdy Jim, The bolt spins, so drilling it will be difficult if at all possible. Once I get the seat out of the way and room to work on it I'll figure something out. Dave
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