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  1. Howdy All, Thought I would update this thread, we left from Arizona a couple of days ago and arrived back home in Washington today. First I want to THANK all the folks who made this trip so enjoyable, Chad who did our solar install it worked GREAT Donna loved having power all the time whenever we needed it with out being plugged in, next Jim, Aaron and John, our main slide was not working but with the help of our above camping friends we muscled that darn slide in and out when needed. We had a wonderful time some days just doing nothing but soaking up the sun and the warmth, other days disturbing the environment with the SxS, others working on my truck or trailer, helping my campmates when I could. However all good things must come to an end and so it was that after nearly three months away from the gloom of the NorWet it came time to return to the land of WET, gloom and now this Coronavirus crude. The trip home was an adventure first driving through torrential rain, sleet and then SNOW, this was to happen in Utah, Idaho and while crossing the Blue Mountains in Oregon, some misty rain in Washington and very light snow when crossing Snoqulmie Pass our last high mountain pass just a 100 miles from home. Oh, I almost forgot the rear passenger side rearmost spring mount on the trailer broke allowing the rear axle on the trailer to move forward about 4 inches. Luckily this happened 8 miles from a small rural welding shop, I used a bunji cord to hold a piece of 4x4 on top of the spring and then used a large ratchet strap to pull the axle back into position, this allowed me to drive slowly to the shop where a good repair job was done to not only the side that broke but also the other side which upon inspection was cracked, both sides were reinforced. Small shop run by good people total cost 125 bucks a darn good deal that I was happy to pay. And so we are home, it’s cold, gloomy and wet, sometimes a person just has to do things they would rather not, it’s called life. Dave, Donna, Newt and Willy
  2. mr. cob

    Becoming Hermits

    Howdy All, We left from Quartzsite around 11:AM, now going to spend the night at a rest stop at mile marker 44 off of I-15 north in southwestern Utah. It’s 39 degrees and getting COLDER you can see SNOW in the mountains about 500-700 feet above the rest stop. It’s going to get worse the closer we get to home. I am NOT a happy camper. Dave, Donna, Newt and Willy
  3. mr. cob

    Becoming Hermits

    Howdy All, We have been boondocking a few miles south of Quartzsite for the last two months, really enjoying it as we now have a great solar system on the trailer so we have been living like we are plugged into shore power. ( Thank you Chad ) However due to family commitments, Donna's Mom who is now living in an assisted living village needs to be moved to a place that will accept medi-care so we don't have a lot of choice we have to go back home to Washington were this crude is rampant and get started on making that move happen. Fortunately we live in a small community 25 miles from the nearest real city, Everett, and 50 miles from seattle so with luck we will be OK. We don't socialize much anyway so staying at home is normal for us so not much will change for us so long as we can get groceries and regular supplies we will be alright. That said we are looking forward to the West Coast Rally, hoping things will have calmed down by then. Dave, Donna, Newt and Willy
  4. Howdy Trimster, I agree with Phil, NO signage all it does is confuse folks. Two years ago I flew to Minnesota in the dead of winter to buy my Pete, which was in commercial service at the time. BEFORE I left from home I had ALL the paperwork needed from my local DMV to verify that I had fulfilled the Washington State requirements to convert the truck to a "motor home". After I bought the truck, I went to Walmart bought a micro wave and a portapotty, micro wave and portapotty were still in the box but IN THE TRUCK and could be used if needed as the truck had an inverter already in it. I overnighted the paper work to include the receipts for the micro wave and portapotty back to my local DMV, they then overnighted to me my registration as a MOTOR HOME, my license plates and tabs. Because it was winter and I had many miles of snow and ice covered road to include many mountain passes to cover to get home, I left the commercial hitch attached to the truck frame but only held in place by TWO bolts this was to put a little bit of weight over the rear axles to help with traction. So if your State is as easy as mine to make the conversion, just get what you need to make it legal and drive that puppy home, I have NEVER stopped at a scale in the 7 years I have been doing this and NEVER will. Dave
  5. Howdy Chad, Sir, you have outdone yourself as a rally master AND that is darn hard to do. I think I can speak for all the attendees when I say THANKS for all the work you put into making the WCR the success that it is. Dave
  6. Howdy Chad, I just made our reservation for the WCR, really looking forward to another great rally. If there are a couple of spots open, Donna and I would like to do the painting thing again, ONE T-Shirt in XL, and ONE in DXL please. Thanks. Dave, Donna, Newt and Willy
  7. Howdy Gary We just got back after doing a recon of the Imperial Dam LTVA, drove the Smart Car down sure glad we didn’t hitchup and drag the trailer. We didn’t like the area to me it looks like a giant mud pile with varying elevations and the wind was blowing hard The camping areas are scattered over a large area of sometimes very different elevations I am sure there are some great campsites but I would never drive the truck and trailer into some of those areas without first reconing them in the car Maybe it’s just us but neither of us liked the area, it’s commifornia so you can’t drive your SxS unless you are wearing a helmet We drove back to our campsite just south of Quartzsite we like it there That said DONT take my word on this other folks might be very happy to be there Dave
  8. Howdy Gary We are still in the LTVA a few miles south of Quartzsite have a great spot and super Neighbors who are HDT folks we plan to take the Smart Car down and check out the dam and wash area before hitching up and dragging the trailer down there if we move I will post what we find and if we like it Dave
  9. Howdy Ricke, Thanks for the information we aren’t Escapee members, but might be someday. Dave
  10. Howdy usbusin, Thanks for your reply and the information. We have decided to drive the Smart Car down there and check out the area if we like what we see we will haul the trailer down and do some camping. Dave
  11. Howdy All, We are now camped in the La Posa South LTVA campground just a few miles south of Quartszite. We are camped with friends who will soon be moving on to different locations and are considering where to go or if we should just stay put as we have a very nice spot. I would like to hook up with others who have a SxS to ride with, I don't like going into unknown territory alone in case of problems that may be encountered on the trail, its just not a wise thing to do. We have considered going to the LTVA located a bit north of Yuma on the california side of the river, I think its called Imperial Dam, we have never been there and I have not been able to find much information about SxS riding in that area. So if anyone can share information about good places to ride or is camped in an area that has good riding and would like to hook up, please contact me. Thanks. Dave
  12. If any one has his phone number and can call him please let him know that I would like to talk to him and to call me at 3 six 0 - three 3 3 - two 8 eight 8 Thanks Dave
  13. Howdy Rick, That would work, it’s kinda like what I have in mind only more complex then what I’d like, that looks like a costly piece of kit. Thanks for the information. Dave
  14. Howdy Al, Well if it makes you feel any better it’s 70 degrees and bright sunshine here today, supposed to rain a couple days from now and then get nice again. I’ll post photos and information when I can. Dave
  15. Howdy rpsinc, Thanks for the suggestions on parts and where to get them. Dave
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