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  1. Howdy Sculptor, I like the cut of your jib, perhaps you could take charge of getting such discussions on the new rally agenda. Dave
  2. Howdy Henry, Thanks again for letting us know about the Conformis Knees, I wish I had been there to share in the man hugging. What is the world coming to, bunch of old gezzers going around hugging each other. 👍 Dave
  3. Howdy Roger, So glad you got a chance to visit even if it was for only a short time. As to Henry, that old goat is made out of steel and sure has my respect. Yup everyone loves Newt, thanks for passing on our regards and thanks to everyone for their well wishes. Dave
  4. Howdy Steve, Thanks for sharing this years photo, sure me and the Pete, had been in it. Dave
  5. Howdy Roger, Good morning to you. I am doing ok but the right knee is giving me more pain and swelling all Black and blue much more then the left knee. I may be wrong but I think this type of surgery takes a lot out of a person and our body is just wore out from the first surgery so it hits us harder the second time around, which makes me respect Iron Men like Henry all the more for having both done at the same time. If you get to the rally please enjoy it as much as possible and say “Howdy” to many of our mutual friends. Looking at the weather forecast it’s a whole lot nicer there then it is here the NorWet is living up to it’s reputation it’s getting colder wet and nasty. We will get through this, I look forward to our next meeting. Dave
  6. Howdy Roger, Hope your doing well, I am getting better. I read that you "might" be driving by car over to the National HDT Rally, if you do, please give my best regards to all those in attendance, THANKS. Dave
  7. Howdy Henry, I think we should have a prospective gimp, gimps and ex-gimps only seminar at all future rallies where we can compare scars, talk about our choice of aftermarket replacement parts, and enjoy having survived our shared misery. Dave
  8. Howdy Brad, I would post up a photo of the C15, powered walker but it wouldn’t show up, I broke into a government stealth data base and used that technology to make the swap from leg power to CAT. Dave
  9. Howdy Joe, Yes I am feeling much better today. I had the surgeries done at the University of Washington North West hospital it’s about 50 miles from my house but the traffic is horrible. Dave
  10. Howdy ricky, I have said it before, getting old is NOT for sissies. Dave
  11. Howdy Roger, I am still waiting for Donna to get here the 2 hour ride home is a real bitch but there is nothing I do but grit my teeth and geterdone. I sure am looking forward to the adjustable bed, getting on and off the toilet is NOT my favorite thing to do. Dave
  12. Howdy Al, Thanks for your encouragement every little bit helps. I just got the OK from the PT folks here at the hospital, they are sending me home. Now it’s sit around and wait for Donna to get here then the 2 hour torture riding home in the car. Sure will be great to sit on my own pot and sleep in my own bed, betcha those dogs will be glad to see me and jump on the right leg, just like they did on the left one 6 weeks ago. Dave
  13. Howdy Roger, They kept me overnight yesterday my knee hurt so bad I couldn’t move, later on in the afternoon they had me so dopped up I could tolerate the pain and was able walk do stairs get into and out of the chair. If all goes well with the PT today they will send me home early afternoon. So far this knee is more painful then the first one but it is getting better. Oh, I just had C15 Cat installed in my walker 🤗 Honk Honk Dave
  14. Howdy Roger, they just took me off the knee flexer machine, I am doing 10 mg of oxycodone every 4 hours, pain is tolerable but there. Going to order a good breakfast in a few minutes. Do you want to race walkers? Dave
  15. Howdy Brad, please pass on my best wishes to everyone. Dave
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