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  1. Howdy Hutch, I am NOT familiar with the Tri Cities area, I have driven past it many times but never really had a reason to stop. That being the case, PM me your contact information, maybe you can suggest a truck stop or someplace close to the freeway that I can get and out of easily. When going to Moab I usually spend the first night at a truck stop about 30 miles east of Boise, then make Moab the next day. Dave
  2. Howdy Hutch, Do you have a place to park, if so I could stop and visit for a day. Let me know. Dave
  3. Howdy All, OK, time to finish this thread as the Jackalopee has been installed and today I just finished up installing the Hayes Brake Controller. The first unit that Hayes sent me didn't work properly, the red light was ON all the time. I contacted Hayes they sent me a new unit that I just finished putting in. It works. The red light is OFF when the brakes are not applied. The red light is ON when the brakes are applied. I reinstalled all the lower dash panels, man what a job hope I NEVER have to take them out or put them in again. So now for all practical purposes, the Pete, is ready to tow. YafrekinHoooooooooooooooooooooooo Dave
  4. Howdy runaway parents, Last year the smoke from the Canadian fires was awful, couldn't even see the mountain on this side of the hump. Here's hoping our trails will cross in the future. Dave
  5. Howdy Ron, I am at home, couple of miles north of the megatropolis of Granite Falls, Washington. My first big trip of the year is when I head to Moab, Utah in mid April. Dave
  6. Howdy noteven, Well, ifin you have time whilst your in the area I sure would like to give this a try. Dave
  7. Howdy All, I picked the truck up last night after having the windshields replaced, Kevin, the man who did the work told me that usually when replacing the windshields on a Pete, they have to come out in pieces because of the way they are glued in place. He said mine came out with very little effort, they didn't break or even crack, he showed me how there was nearly no sealant used on over half of the windshield and were it was sealed there wasn't nearly enough to do the job properly. So with luck my water leaks have been solved, little by little this truck is coming along. Dave
  8. Howdy runaway parents, I spend considerable time on the "dry side" have good friends who live there, to much snow and cold in the winter time for me, way to hot in the summer. I actually like where I live in the summer its the extended rainy season that gets to me. My wife is starting to talk about retiring from her teaching job at the end of this school year should that happen and I can convince her to be at least a part time snow bird all will be well. Dave
  9. Howdy Pete, I am going to give gluing the switches a try, I have nothing to lose at this point, thanks for the tip. Dave
  10. Starting another Project

    Howdy Quickthrotl, OK, just wondering as I am in the process of building-having a bed built and am very concerned about clearance between the tires and the deck. Dave
  11. Starting another Project

    Howdy Quickthrotl, Looking at your photos, when completed how much clearance will there between the top of your tires and the nearest underside part of the bed? Do you plan to cut a radius in the outside iron to provide tire clearance for removal and installation? Looks good, thanks for any info you can share. Dave
  12. Howdy Pete, I have considered trying to use JB-Weld on the switches, if you look at this photo, you will see a very small hole in the center of the switch, there is a small steel rod in the center of the switch handle, the plastic seems to have been molded around this steel rod. The steel rod sticks out about 0.090" of an inch so I may try to JB-Weld the broken handle back on, I have nothing to lose and with taxes close to 200 bucks to save buying parts not counting the hours of taking the dash apart, disconnecting and reconnecting air lines while fixing the subsequent air leaks that seem to always accompany such projects. Dave
  13. Howdy All, When I looked at the Pete, back in Minnesota, during the middle of December the interior of the cab was dry. However now that the truck has been in my yard for the last three months things have changed. I might add that where I live we get 89 inches of precipitation 98% of it RAIN per year. So it didn't take long before I noticed slowly at first but building over time the floor of the Pete getting damp, then wet. I went to the Peterbilt store and bought three cab door seals, one for each cab door and one to cut in half, each half would be used to replace the worn seals on the access doors on either side of the under bunk storage compartment. Some photos of the old seals. The storage door locks were also badly rusted and inoperitive. Replacing the door seals and the locks was an easy job ( no wires were involved ) so it went well. I am having my local truck mechanic do some work on the truck, I gave up trying to figure out how to replace the clutch return spring so while the spring is being replaced, oil and filters changed I am also having the windshields replaced. There was some water coming around the windshield, on a Peterbilt, you don't reseal the windshield you replace the windshield which has a new seal attached to it. I am finding out that "Class" has its costs, parts were cheaper for the Freightliner, it was in many cases way easier to work on, but darn I'd be lying if I said anything other then I really do love this Peterbilt, and I went into this with my eyes wide open knowing it would have its drawbacks. That said, it sure is cool. Dave
  14. Howdy Jeff, I have long been a advocate of function over form, yes I'll admit to the occasional chrome up grade on my Harley's but for the most part my race cars, bikes and off road Jeeps were built to perform if anything on them looked good it was not the prime function. As to putting lipstick on the pig that is a Ural, I love the Ural for what it is, a simple machine that does darn near anything well but nothing perfect. Dave
  15. Howdy dblr In truth I was the helper, Brian did all of the difficult under the truck work and figureing out what components to use. I helped when there was something I could do and spend considerable time staying out of the way. Dave