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    Motorcycles of all types, travel where ever and when ever I can, trucks, Jeeps. living my life as well as I can in honor of those many Brothers in Arms lost a long time ago in a far off land.

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  1. mr. cob

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Howdy All, We left from Branson, at 8:15am, pulled into my friend Ken’s place a few miles south of down town Amarilo, at 7:05pm, 619 miles today. Plugged into to shore power at Ken’s home turned on the trailer air conditioner’s went out for blackened catfish dinner, gonna hit the hay I am tired, the Peterbilt has been running GREAT have I ever mentioned how much I love this truck.................... Dave, Donna and Newt
  2. Howdy dblr, We'll be at the Wyndham World Mark, I called them and talked to them, sent a photo of the truck and trailer, they said they could accommodate us. I looked at their parking area in google earth, I don't foresee a problem but until we are there its only a guess. Parking the rig here at the Branson, condo was a job, backing down a hill around curves and in-between other RV's but I stuffed it in there. I'll post up how it goes. Dave
  3. Howdy dblr, Thanks for the warning to beware young fellers who may be helpful, if we should meet your Son I am sure it will be a pleasant and welcome experience. I am not much of a fisherman but tips on good places to eat are always greeted with appreciation. Dave
  4. mr. cob

    headed to Oregon

    Howdy Cory, Have a safe trip, reading your posts you give the impression your a good guy, now that I know you love Dogs you have to be a person worth meeting. Dave
  5. Howdy rickeieio, When I was there is was about the beginning of the 3rd week in May, we had camped nearby, woke up to 36 degrees with the bike and tent covered in heavy frost, by noon it was HOT. If I remember correctly its about 6,500 feet of elevation at Angel Fire. I think seeing this Monument will give Donna, a better understanding of what us Troops who served in Vietnam survived only to treated like crap by many of our countrymen upon our return. Sorry for getting political but it is something I will NEVER forget or forgive many in our nation for. Dave
  6. Howdy Cory, We have enjoyed our visit here in Branson, but the traffic is CRAZY, stop lights every other block and traffic backed up to where it takes at least three light changes to make it through the light. That said we have had a good time taking in some shows and visiting friends from Arkansas. We never made it to old town, I am not much of a tourist and avoid malls and such unless I need something really bad. Tomorrow get all loaded up for the next leg of the journey, hopefully get away from the humidity, dry heat is still HEAT but the humidity is really getting to us Nor-Wetters. Dave
  7. Howdy rickeieio, I was at the Angel Fire Monument, many years ago when I rode across the country to DC, with "Rolling Thunder" back in 1998 it was a very impressive place. If the weather isn't to darn HOT we'll take the Beemer sidecar rig out, if its to hot we'll use the Smart Car to do a ride like you suggested. Dave
  8. Howdy Kevin, Well, I won't dispute that. Dave
  9. Howdy Kevin, That's a good photo, but I like the slight snarl of the Wolf I have been using for the last 20 years, being a "Cob", I really relate to that wolf. Dave
  10. Howdy dblr, We spent yesterday with some friends who live in Arkansas wandering around Eureka Springs, I havn't checked the news so I had no idea something happened, I'll take a look. We have taken in a couple of shows, had a lot of fun just kinda wandering around with no particular destination, we will be leaving from Branson in the wee hours this coming Sunday and headed for Amarillo Texas, to visit with a couple of friends who live there. Next real stop is another condo in Taos New Mexico, be there for a week then make a hard drive home in three days. With luck some folks from North Dakota will be flying out to take a look at my Freightliner, so I have to get home quick to meet with them. Thanks for your well wishes, safe travels to you folks, have FUN. Dave
  11. Howdy Rocky, If DW ever found out I got a knob polished, I'd be needing a new head, I don't even think about such things, now wheels, heck yeah. Dave
  12. Howdy porky69, That's my plan, when I get into the southwest, I'll find someone to do it up right. Dave
  13. mr. cob

    10 Speed Autoshift ain't so Auto any more

    Howdy adept 99 That is what I do now. I think it’s a combination of a very strong clutch and how the clutch linkage goes through the floor add to this that when you push on the clutch you on load the air cushioned seat which affects the pressure you are applying to the clutch and things get to bouncing. It’s getting better but something I have to learn about this truck. Dave
  14. Howdy Curt, No money has changed hands yet as I am on the road and won't be home until the first week of August, but I have what I think is a firm commitment to buy the truck if it meets the perspective buyers approval when they come to look at it when I get home. However until its sold its still for sale so if you know someone who may be interested please let me know. Thank you. Dave