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  1. Howdy All, I am now attending another bike rally in Ceder Vale, Kansas, on the way to this rally I drove past Joplin Missouri, so I just HAD to stop at the big chrome shop there and pick up some more bling for the Pete, I just installed these head light trims this morning. This is the old trim, you can see where the plating has started to peel it was like this on both side of the truck. This is the new trims in place, with LED lights. I have NOT hooked up the lights, I am NOT in any way qualified to mess with anything electrical, if someone who is knowledgeable of such things would guide me through doing this while at the National Rally, I would be most grateful for any help offered. I think the hooded visors and the lights really set off the front of the truck. Pimping the Pete, is my new pass-time. Dave
  2. mr. cob

    Monitoring your rig on a tablet

    Howdy All, I am just a Luddite, who likes real gauges. ] Dave
  3. mr. cob

    A tale of Chicken Trucks, NARROW roads and CB antennas.

    Howdy Jon, If it works, that's what counts. I used to get a kick out the ads some folks put up when trying to sell something, they would post a photo of a Jeep for example, tons of chrome parts, jacked up so high the U-joints couldn't possibly last more then a few miles claim some ridiculous number of horse power, have 44 inch tires and say at the bottom of the ad, "NEVER BEEN OFF ROAD". Looking good if it isn't functional is a waste of money in my book. Dave
  4. mr. cob

    A tale of Chicken Trucks, NARROW roads and CB antennas.

    Howdy lockmup68, While at the chrome shop in Joplin MO, today I picked up a couple antenna springs along with more lights and chrome for the Pete. Dave
  5. mr. cob

    2018 National HDT Rally, who is going to be there?

    Howdy Cory, I will follow Moms advice and say nothing.😀 Dave
  6. mr. cob

    2018 National HDT Rally, who is going to be there?

    Howdy Cory, I was just this afternoon at the chrome shop just outside of Joplin MO, had to pick up some more chrome and lights for the Peterbilt, folks do your self a favor DON’T stop at that shop they even have chrome for Volvo’s. Dave
  7. mr. cob

    A tale of Chicken Trucks, NARROW roads and CB antennas.

    Howdy Dennis, What you described is why I have stayed away from the springs, they do cause some problems if they get loose and rust gets into the threads this really messes up your CB's performance. I agree the whips are a good solution, but as I often times seem to go into campgrounds that have low branches in my case I think the springs would be a better all around fix. I have found that using dialectic grease on all my CB connections seems to keep the rust out, still when using springs a person just has to keep a close watch on things to make sure all the connections stay tight. Dave
  8. mr. cob

    A tale of Chicken Trucks, NARROW roads and CB antennas.

    Howdy Parrformance, Lets just say I have stained underwear from that experience also. I really enjoyed my time there but riding there alone and just learning how to drive this new critter I unknowingly got in a bit over my head a couple of times, its a darn good thing I had decades of Jeep piloting to fall back on. Dave
  9. mr. cob

    A tale of Chicken Trucks, NARROW roads and CB antennas.

    Howdy lockmup68, The next time I am at a truck stop that has CB supplies I'll be picking up springs for my antnna's, this make the second one that I have lost due to tree branches. Dave
  10. Howdy All, I have been in Arkansas, for the last week attending bike rallies and playing with my Rock Crawler. Now I have driven on some narrow roads, some twisty roads and some hilly roads but I am here to tell you that there were places on the way to Byrds Adventure Camp, where I was certain that I could see the tail lights and the top of the trailer in my truck mirrors, up and down, round and round but all was well. Until I drove on State Hwy #80 as I was traveling to a rally held just outside the little town of Mena Arkansas. If it would have been safe to do so I would have stopped the truck on the road and taken a photo of it just to show how NARROW that road is, no shoulders and the edge of the old concrete pavement was at times anywhere from a few inches to a foot or more above the ground on either side of the road. I can tell you this as I was following a truck towing a dump trailer the drives side edge of the trailer was maybe an inch or two on his side of the yellow line going down the center of the road while the outside dual tire on the passenger side of the trailer was within a inch or two of edge of the pavement and at times while going around corners that outside tire was not on pavement. OK, now that I have set the stage, lets get on with the story. The speed limit on this road other then in the corners was 55mph, some of the corners were marked 15mph, most were at 30mph. I am doing 45max in the straight stretches of which there were few and about half the suggested speed in the corners as I was doing everything I could to stay on my side of the line and keep the trailer from falling off the edge. AND THEN, as I am creeping around a 30mph left hand corner a Chicken Truck, yes remember this is Arkansas and a truck towing a trailer loaded with chickens come careening around the corner at least a foot on MY side of the yellow line. I am doing 20mph max, I swear this other truck had to be doing 40 in a curve with a suggested speed of 30mph. In order to keep from slapping mirrors or worse I didn't have any choice in the matter I had to put the passenger side of the truck off the pavement luckily at this point the ground on the side of the pavement was only an inch or two below the pavement. I didn't brake I just let off the throttle and allowed the truck to slow on Jake alone while steering to keep the truck as close to the pavement edge as possible until I slowed enough to steer back onto the pavement without damaging the side of the tire or loosing control. Long story short, no damage other then the stain in my underwear AND a broken brand new CB antenna that I had just installed on the passenger side only two days before this incident, the antenna had hit the trees that were that close to the edge of the road at that point in the curve. So be warned, if you ever travel down Hwy #80 in Arkansas, keep an eye out for Chicken Trucks, corners and untrimmed trees. That's my story and I am stickin to it. Tomorrow, I head up to Ceder Vale Kansas for another bike rally, then I have to find something to do for a while until the National HDT Rally, takes place before I start to wander back toward home via the southwest. Dave
  11. mr. cob

    Finally Complete

    Howdy QT, I like it where did you get the tape do you have a link to it? Dave
  12. I was in Iowa but at this point in the trip I am headed mostly south and west maybe next year. Dave
  13. Howdy Quickthrotl, Is Winterset in Iowa ( IA ) or Louisiana ( LA ) ? If its in Iowa, I won't be going north anymore on this trip, if its in Louisiana, there is a possibility I could swing by. Thanks for the invitation. Dave
  14. Howdy jenandjon, If I had known sooner I could have stopped by, when I left from Gene and Kat's home in North Dakota, I headed for Arkansas where I am now, I'll be here for a few more days at a bike rally then heading to the southeast corner of Kansas for another bike rally. I won't be going north anymore on the trip, after the National HDT Rally I'll be working my way back home to Washington, via the southwestern States. Thanks for the invitation, maybe the next time I pass through. Dave
  15. mr. cob

    Feeling a little "low" what happened now................

    Howdy David mine was an easy fix once I figured out what the problem was the leveling rod, both ends and the valve is all exposed and easy to work on. Good luck on your repair. Dave