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  1. Howdy Ricke, Thanks for the information we aren’t Escapee members, but might be someday. Dave
  2. Howdy usbusin, Thanks for your reply and the information. We have decided to drive the Smart Car down there and check out the area if we like what we see we will haul the trailer down and do some camping. Dave
  3. Howdy All, We are now camped in the La Posa South LTVA campground just a few miles south of Quartszite. We are camped with friends who will soon be moving on to different locations and are considering where to go or if we should just stay put as we have a very nice spot. I would like to hook up with others who have a SxS to ride with, I don't like going into unknown territory alone in case of problems that may be encountered on the trail, its just not a wise thing to do. We have considered going to the LTVA located a bit north of Yuma on the california side of the river, I think its called Imperial Dam, we have never been there and I have not been able to find much information about SxS riding in that area. So if anyone can share information about good places to ride or is camped in an area that has good riding and would like to hook up, please contact me. Thanks. Dave
  4. If any one has his phone number and can call him please let him know that I would like to talk to him and to call me at 3 six 0 - three 3 3 - two 8 eight 8 Thanks Dave
  5. Howdy Rick, That would work, it’s kinda like what I have in mind only more complex then what I’d like, that looks like a costly piece of kit. Thanks for the information. Dave
  6. Howdy Al, Well if it makes you feel any better it’s 70 degrees and bright sunshine here today, supposed to rain a couple days from now and then get nice again. I’ll post photos and information when I can. Dave
  7. Howdy rpsinc, Thanks for the suggestions on parts and where to get them. Dave
  8. Howdy Alan, Where we are camped we have extremely slow service I can’t post photos can barely reply to or read the forum. Within a week or so we will be moving from Quartzsite to the Yuma area and I have been told the cell service is much better there. As soon as I am able I will try to post photos of the wiring Chad did and of how I mounted the winch. I still need to find some sort of roller I can mount on the passenger side of the bed to prevent the cable from rubbing on the side of the bed as the car is being winched up into place, I am thinking something off of a boat trailer might be just what I need. Dave
  9. Howdy ShortyO, I really like these seats so many adjustments and with the heat they are in my honest opinion a great deal for the money. I contacted the folks who sell the seats and provided them with details of the work and modification I had to do to the supplied low seat mounts in order to actually mount the seats. I asked to be compensated for this work and the frustration of having to figure out how to accomplish the task, after some spirited email exchanges they gave me a refund of $500.00 so that was icing on the cake making the deal even better. I advised them to change the way the seat mounts are built before saying that the seats will bolt into a 379 Peterbilt without ANY modifications or they will run into the same problem with future 379 Peterbilt customers. Bottm line, I recommend these seats but be aware depending on what truck you install them in, you may have to be able to modify the mounts, IF YOU WANT TO USE THE LOW MOUNT, the standard mount and it’s use is not a problem. Dave
  10. Howdy Al, When you start your thread, I'll add commentary and photos of how I built the winch mounts and how Chad has done the wiring, there is definitely more then one way to skin a cat or mount and wire a winch, it's good to have options. Dave
  11. Howdy Darryl, I remember about a year ago when I first started talking about doing this and you suggested installing the winch on the car rather then the truck. Doing so makes sense if the only use for the winch is to load the car and I was seriously headed in that direction. However two things caused me to mount the winch on the truck, #1 mounting the winch on the car would mean a LOT of wiring on the car itself and depending on that tiny battery to power the winch, #2 I want to be able to use the winch for things other then loading the car, for example loading my motorcycles especially the ones with a sidecar on them, now that I'll be doing more boondocking having the winch and its controls mounted on the truck will make it easier to load fresh water bladders and other things that I may want to get up on to the deck of the truck. So after careful consideration of all things I wil and may want to use the winch for I opted to mount it on the truck. Thanks for your suggestion. Dave
  12. Howdy All, We arrived at Chad and Jen’s yesterday around 5:30PM. I was so tired after exchanging greetings I went into our trailer and went to sleep I needed the rest two fairly long days of driving had worn my new knees out. Today the sun is shining it will get up to around 50 degrees I can’t put into words what such a change in weather has done for my spirits. The plan for the day is to wire the winch on the truck deck this is to load the Smart Car, when and if it’s raining I have driven the car on to the deck when the ramps are wet and I don’t want to do it again. Dave
  13. Howdy All, We spent last night at the Travel Lodge in Grants Pass OR. We are about 40 minutes from where we will stop for lunch with luck we will arrive at Chad’s home between 4-6PM. 50 degrees and SUN SHINE at the rest stop about 50 south of Redmond CA. Seriously it’s been months since I have felt the sun and been this warm. Life at this point is really looking up, now if my darn new knees would just stop hurting it couldn’t much better. Dave, Donna, Newt and Willy
  14. Howdy Chief916, It has taken us close to 5 hours to get from our home 50 miles north of seattle to a truck stop a few miles south of Tacoma. Snow and rain all the way. However we are finally headed SOUTH. Dave
  15. Howdy Chad, We are leaving in a few minutes, I'll call you this evening and let you know our travel status, barring unforeseen circumstances we should arrive and spend the night in Grants Pass OR this evening. Dave
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