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  1. mr. cob

    Passed written

    Howdy Cory, I have gotten pretty darn good at backing, doing it for a living many years ago helped but the trick is go slow and USE "GOAL" Get Out And Look. You may look like a rookie but take my word for it the two trucks your trying to park between the drivers of those trucks would MUCH rather you take your time and make your park successfully then take the front end off one of the trucks or crash into the side of the other trailer on your blind side. Mike also gave a very good tip when he talked about drawing a line and using that as a guide. To get into my parking spot at home I have to back up a slight grade make a gradual turn to the left, straighten out and then back 150 feet down my driveway which is lined with big trees on both side, the width of the drive way is about 12 feet, oh and there is about a 8 foot drop off on the part of the driveway where I have to start to make the turn right at the top of the slight grade. The first couple of times I did this I seriously struggled as the combination of the grade, the turn and the trees left very little clearance or things to guide on. My drive way is crushed rock and dirt, I went down to the hardware store and bought a can of white spray paint, I used the paint to draw a line on the ground about two feet away from the edge of the drop and the trees on what is the drivers side of the driveway when I am backing it. This made it simple, using the mirrors ( thank God for power mirrors ) all I had to do to successfully back into my parking spot was keep the trailer close to and inside that line, doing so I didn't have to be concerned about the other side of the trailer as so long as I stayed close to and inside that line there was plenty of clearance for the other side of the trailer. Like all things a person can read, watch videos, whatever but HANDS ON actually doing a task over and over again is the only way to really learn how to do it well. Dave
  2. mr. cob

    Passed written

    I see a million hit YouTube video
  3. Howdy Darryl, Can't say that I have personally witnessed such a sight but have no doubt that it happens. What bothers me is the idiots trying to take the photo-video of the Dachshund looking out of the Wiener Window, as they trundle alongside and narrowly miss sideswiping me in the process. Dave
  4. Howdy Darryl, Please excuse my ignorance, I willing admit to NOT being the sharpest knife in the drawer. Could you expound on your post so that someone as dimwitted as "I" have a clue as to what the heck your going on about? Thanks. Dave
  5. Howdy Cotreker, As the photo I took of your truck was, "in the public interest" I gave permission to use the photos I took during the rally to any who wanted them so long as they were not used for commercial purposes, I would assume such a photo could be taken without incurring a fee. However if such is not the case, you can take a photo of my truck for FREE and that should make us even, however if you feel that payment of the photo fee is warranted, please have your people get in contact with my people. Dave
  6. Howdy Cotreker, Two buck photo charge, darn why didn't I think of that. As many folks who have asked me if they could take a photo the fee would have put at least a small dent in the fuel bill. Dave
  7. mr. cob

    hat's off 2U

    Howdy rm.w/aview, I am also on a fixed income, limited mechanically and more every year physically, I don't know for sure how this is all going to work when I get my knees fixed, but its a dream I had for many years and not getting any younger there came a time when if I was going to do I had to do it. I did it and have been a happy camper ever since, my advice if you can swing it financially and are physically able to drive you can always find someone to do the heavy lifting if something mechanical goes bad. If you do your home work and are lucky enough to get a good truck chances are you won't have any insurmountable mechanical problems. Bottom line, "LIVE THE DREAM." Dave
  8. Howdy Darryl, I know, some times the "Cob" ( Crabby old bastard ) side of my personality slips its chain and runs amuck, I try my best to rein it in but sometimes it manages to get loose. It's not raining today maybe I'll go shine some chrome on the Pete, to get my mind right. Dave
  9. Howdy Mark, I am all for freedom of choice, it would be a pretty darn boring world if we were all the same or liked the same stuff, but their is a big difference between discussing ones choice and brow beating others because of their choice. Perhaps this guy just needs attention and we fill that need by responding to him or he's on a mission to save the planet 18mpg at a time, or could be he's just a pest, to bad they don't sell cyber bug spray. Dave
  10. Howdy Roadtrek1, I politely hinted in my first reply to your posts in this thread that perhaps you were posting YOUR observations in the WRONG thread, WRONG sub forum, apparently this went over your head. So I'll put it bluntly, I would wager that 99.9% of the people in THIS thread and THIS sub forum could care less what YOUR opinion of what OUR choice of RV is. I don't hang out in the van dweller forums, I seriously doubt any other regular participant in the HDT forum does either, and if we did I again would wager that we wouldn't castigate the van dwellers for their choice of RV. Some folks have to get hit and run over with a Mack truck before they get the point or so it would seem. Dave
  11. Howdy NDBirdman, It would do as much good as shutting down our economy and carbon taxing us all into the poor house as energy would be to expensive to maintain a life style we have all worked hard to achieve. So shine that shield and hold it high. 👍 Dave
  12. Howdy All, Climate change, well if what they say is true the earth is four BILLION years old and the climate has been changing during that entire time sometimes hot, sometimes cold, sometimes in between, but always CHANGING. I am not saying that mankind may not in some way be impacting the time frame within the time this change will come but to seriously think that we can do anything realistic to stop, reverse or in anyway substantially change the climate is, I think a bit naive. The next time a meteor smacks into the planet and causes world wide extinction of 95% of the life forms on it do you honestly think that we as a species can do anything about it? Dave
  13. Howdy All, I have used Walmart's for an over night stay for many years, and I can't say that staying there is free as I have always needed something. What I have seen over the last three years especially is more and more either homeless or mobile homeless have started to spend a lot of time in and around Walmart parking lots, I can't count the number of old ratty looking RV's of all description I have seen parked in Walmart lots, some of them with flat tires, in one case the two front tires and wheels were gone it was held up off the ground with chunks of wood, some with huge puddles of oil under them like the engine or the transmission blew and its been sitting ever since. I am not heartless but the ever increasing number of folks who have no where to go or no way to fix their broken down RV are making it harder for those of us who only want to spend the night before continuing on our sojourn wherever it may take us. I never put my slides out, always park on the extreme edge of the lot whenever possible and pick up the mess that is always on the ground anywhere near where I park for the night. The other thing I do is always stay at Super Centers that are open 24 hours, many store post the signs saying yu can't stay over night but they do so because they are forced to by local laws. If its a 24 hour store and I pull in at 9:PM who is to say that I can't or won't get up at 3:AM to go shopping. The only Walmart I have ever been run out of was in Nevada, it was located next to a casino and was built on NA property so the tribal police made the rounds of the parking lot and asked folks to leave if they weren't shopping or soon going to be and to leave when they were done. Needless to say that Walmart is NOT waypointed on my GPS. Dave
  14. Howdy Mike, Seriously, it would be a weekend very well spend, even if you did nothing but walk around the campground and look at how the other rigs are setup, doing this would a great education and in the end save you big money as you could see what others have done and not have to reinvent the wheel. Dave
  15. Howdy Mike, I probably pass through your area at least a couple of times a year, on my way to events I attend. I would encourage you to attend the WCR (West Coast Rally) its held not to far from you just outside of Caldwell Idaho, there is an ongoing thread concerning it in this forum. Attending one of the HDT rallies is the BEST way to get ideas and see what other folks have done, doing so could save you a ton of money as well as introduce you to some of the best and most helpful people you will ever meet. Dave
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