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    Motorcycles of all types, travel where ever and when ever I can, trucks, Jeeps. living my life as well as I can in honor of those many Brothers in Arms lost a long time ago in a far off land.

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  1. Howdy All, Thought I would post up another photo of the Pete, Gary took this yesterday he just showed it to me today. Dave
  2. Howdy Roger Thanks for putting out the word on truck Dave
  3. Howdy Chad One of these days I may arrange to visit with you again perhaps we could do some motorcycle riding next time Dave
  4. Howdy Chad One of these days I may arrange to visit with you again perhaps we could do some motorcycle riding next time Dave
  5. Howdy Rocky Sometimes things just work out the way things are going so far I am thinking feeling this is one of those things Dave
  6. Howdy Chad Donna will still be working but I have missed the last two WCR and have been kicking my own butt for doing so There is a very good chance I will make this years WCR Dave
  7. Pulled the triger

    Howdy forxlr8n Sharp lookin truck please post lots of photos as you rework your new ride Dave
  8. Howdy All It was snowing off and on today doing the test drive was shall we say interesting not a lot of traction bobtail could be scary on the way home I will pick the truck up on Friday if weather allows I will take photos then can’t believe how dirty it got on a 30 mile test drive Dave
  9. Howdy All Well I am now the owner-driver of a 2001 Peterbilt 379 I bought a microwave tomorrow I will buy the portapotty so I can overnight all the paperwork to Washington with luck I will have plates tabs registration by Friday Saturday at the latest I bought the hitch from Rick have an appointment with Dana to start working on the installation next Monday If goes well I should make it home for Christmas Dave
  10. Ello dare noteven yasure youbetcha I got varm jacket for surya Well I made it through the molestation at the airport now waiting for the flight should be lifting off in around 90 minuets Looking at the weather report for the Twin Cities I have been rudely reminded WHY I am FROM the land of ice snow and misqitoes known as Minesootaa forsure Dave
  11. Howdy Rocky Thanks I have my fingers crossed Dave
  12. Howdy Hutch I am trying to sleep but so wound up I can’t getting on the plane tomorrow to go to Minnesota to look at and hopefully buy the truck on Wednesday Going to be a wild ride the next week or so if this deal goes down Dave
  13. Howdy Scrap, Thanks, I don't know about others but I am learning a lot from this thread. As the Hucks are a one time use item and I am "assuming" the ones with the hex on them can't be tightened once installed, are they stronger-better then a bolted together assembly or just quicker to build on a production line? Dave
  14. Howdy Scrap, This thread is where I asked for hitch mounting advice measurements and photos. I understand what you have said about wheel base and now hitch height. What I need to understand now is the comment you made about the front axle being steerable, I am "assuming" that means it cuts at a sharper angle but I don't know. As to "optioned for all Hucks" again I am not aware of what that means? If you could clear those things up for me I sure would appreciate it. Thanks. Dave
  15. Howdy All, I guess I get so detailed in my posts as I think it's not only me that may be learning but many others who are or may at some time be contemplating the same issues as I am dealing with now. I look on this forum and its members as great resource of knowledge and information, I have been a member here for four years now and have benefited immensely from the knowledge of others I can only hope that in that time I have shared what I have learned over many years as a machinist, welder, fabricator, in a meaningful with others. One of the reason I take and post so many photos is as the old saying goes, "A picture is worth 10,000 words." When I built the straight down pin box I posted a lot of photos, quite a few folks have commented to me that those photos were of great help to them when they built or were looking to buy a straight down pin box. As I work on this next truck, I'll be taking photos every step of the way, they will be available to ANYONE for their own personal use, it's my way of giving back for all the help others have given me. Dave