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  1. Howdy All, Now more then ever with so many rampaging in the streets wishing to burn and tear our country down, it is imperative that we remember what the true meaning of the 4th of July is, FREEDOM. May each and everyone of you and those you love enjoy not only the holiday but the rest of your lives in a land that people risk death to get in to rather then death to get out of. Dave
  2. Howdy Chad, Most of us know how difficult it is or was to suffer under that burden, as "Dollytrolly", would say, drive on we are all pulling for you. Dave
  3. Howdy Chad, As this is a family rated web site, please be careful when using four letter words, the "work" in particular is most offensive. Dave
  4. Howdy dennisvr, We were camping on BLM land an actual off road riding area, you can camp there two weeks for FREE. There are many large parking-camping area no water no power no garbage bins there are some tolits. google, Hemingway, off road area it’s about 20 miles south of Napa Idaho, just a few miles off of Hwy 45. Dave
  5. Howdy All, Click this link to be taken to the photos I took during this years WCR, there are photos of the Elks Club dinner, the pot luck dinner, our trucks and a few of our boondocking SxS camping on BLM land. Feel free to use these photos for personal use, please NO commercial use, thank you. https://mr-cob.smugmug.com/2020-West-Coast-Heavy-Duty-Truck-Rally/ Dave
  6. Howdy All, We got home yesterday, June 27th, some of us spent a few days after the rally playing with our SxS's in a near by BLM campground off road riding area. Thanks Chad, for another fine rally we all appreciate the work you put into making this an annual event that does the HDT community proud. I have attended 5 National HDT Rallies, they are great events I am NOT putting the National down in any way but the WCR is a lot more FUN, because it's smaller but growing every year it's easier to meet and spend time with others, we have events like the wine tour, painting classes, and the day at the gun range that make this a more interesting event which allows us to participate and share knowledge in things other then HDT's which makes this event so much more personal in nature. I fell down on the job of picture taking this year but I did take some of the Elks dinner, the social hour and pot luck, and of course I got a photo of everyone's rig that I could find. I'll post a link to the photos when I have them up on my photo web page, anyone is welcome to use these photos for personal use please don't use them for commercial purposes. Dave
  7. Howdy Steve Thanks for your reply and information it all makes sense now I thought you were dragging the typical RV trailer Dave
  8. Howdy Steve, Your trailer being “28” from our back of the cab”, doesn’t that greatly affect your ability to maneuver in tight places? As most of our trailers are 102 wide we need to have a a bare minimum 51” between the trailer and the back of the cab in order to get the trailer 90 degrees to the back of the cab. 51” gives NO margin for error of any kind. Real world number to allow for uneven ground or flex of any source or kind puts the distance needed from the trailer to the back of cab to anywhere from 53” to 56” depending on one’s personal preference for not causing any damage when maneuvering into or out of tight situations. I would appreciate knowing if the 28” distance from back of the cab to the trailer has caused you any maneuvering problems, thanks for any information you can share. Dave
  9. Howdy Hutch, Got it thanks. Dave
  10. Howdy Hutch, we were going to stop and visit but I misplaced your phone number so couldn’t call. When you get the time please PM it to me, thanks. Dave
  11. Howdy Rick, Looking at the photo on the web site, that looks like the place we stopped before going to last years WCR but they were closed. Thanks for the link Now I'll be able to find them. Sure going to miss visiting with you and your bride, hopefully our trails will cross again soon. Dave
  12. Howdy All, Just got finished loading the SxS, cloths, food, all packed, only thing left to load up is the pellet smoker grill, I am more then READY to leave from this awful weather. The first couple of weeks in early April when we came home from Arizona the weather here at home was wonderful, 60 degrees and SUNSHINE for a couple of weeks unheard of that time of year for this area, then it went back to RAIN and GLOOM ever since, 52 degrees and RAIN today. We will leave tomorrow morning, fuel up, put some fresh water in the tank and then just take our time probably spending Sunday night at a rest stop a few miles east of La Grand Oregon, pull into the rally Monday morning sometime. Chad, I need to get my truck and trailer washed, its filthy now and will get worse on the way to the rally when you go to the local truck wash could you get the address and pass it on, thanks. Dave, Donna, Newt and Willy
  13. Howdy Cory, So glad to hear you may have found a decent shop that will treat you and your truck right. Running the rack, can be a simple valve clearance check or it may also include checking and setting all the Jake brake settings, fuel injector settings. Having this done as needed sure makes a difference on how your truck will run and how effective your Jake brake will be. Keep us in the loop as to what you need and get done. Dave
  14. mr. cob

    Big 5er

    Howdy Phil, As they say down under, "Good on ya mate." Glad to hear your doing well. Dave
  15. mr. cob

    To get a newer truck?

    Howdy All, When it comes to trucks, like all other things in life there are "WANTS" and "NEEDS". We can chase wants forever or enjoy that which fulfills our needs. I am as guilty of this sickness as the rest of you, I sold a darn good Freightliner, that fulfilled 95% of my needs but was sorely lacking when it came to my wants. I started a thread on this very thing about three years ago when I was discussing this very subject, laid out what I wanted verses what I needed and ended up selling the Freightliner, and building the Peterbilt, I now pilot. The Pete, does everything I could ask of it, it fills my needs and more as I can't get the smile off my face when that big yeller kitty walks up the hill. That said I always want more chrome, chicken lights and a real train horn. Honk Honk. NOT making any payments is just icing on the cake, having a paid for truck and trailer means that you can spend your money enjoying life rather then making payments. There will come a time when I'll have to put some money in the old Pete, that's a given but I can afford to keep it running no matter what happens and still be money ahead of making payments on a newer truck that can cost many thousands just to keep the emissions crap working. Dave
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