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  1. Howdy Rocky, Thank you, a blessing sure won’t do any harm and just might make this situation better. I have spent time in Baja and didn’t have any problem’s but I wasn’t surrounded by mobs of people all clamoring and pushing themselves on me. I don’t have all the required paperwork to bring Newt with me so I just need to put my mind in the right place before we go, it would be so much better if I could have Newt with me. Dave
  2. Howdy LindaH, I have some experience with the vendors you speak of, my first time in Mexico was accompanying Donna and her Mom at a time share condo in Mazatlian. One of the worst times of my life, surrounded by masses of people I didn’t understand armed troops by the truck load everywhere, beggars, shacks made from cardboard and scrap sheet metal, naked kids trying to sell you anything from a watch to their virgin sister, talk about flashbacks and to top it off some kind of festival with fire crackers going off day and night the full time we were there. I retreated to the condo just to escape the sensory overload. My wife and mother-in-law had no idea what was going on with me I was also wondering what the heck is happening as it took me by surprise but when I had time to digest the ordeal it all became clear in my mind I wasn’t in Mexico I was back in Vietnam. So I am a bit amprehencive of being in that situation again but if I feel it coming on at least this time I will know what is happening and be better able to deal with it. Dave
  3. Howdy Joe, Thanks it kinda depends on how long this will take if it’s only a couple of days we may just boondock if it will take longer we will probably get an RV site. Dave
  4. Howdy rm.w/aview, Thanks those were informative. Dave
  5. Howdy LindaH, Thanks for your reply, yours and all the other replies are a wealth of information that will be of great service to us and I am sure others who have the same questions. Dave
  6. Howdy FULLTIMEWANABE, Thanks you so much for your very informative post it is most helpful to folks like us who are newbes at this sort of thing. I am not good in situations where I don’t know anyone can’t speak the language or read signage in truth for me it is down right tramatic but with the help of you and others who have replied to my thread we will get through this. Dave
  7. Howdy foliver, Thanks for your reply and the information Donna has some reading to do. Dave
  8. Howdy Twotoes, Thanks for your reply and Dr recommendation. Dave
  9. Howdy usbusin, At this time we won’t be boondocking but thanks for the information we may put it to good use during a future trip. Dave
  10. Howdy Bob, Thanks for your reply I am sure you have made our quest much easier. I will have Donna check out the dentist you recommended and pick up the newspaper you suggested. Dave
  11. Howdy Dan, Thanks for your reply. I don’t know for sure but I think Donna is looking at getting a partial lower plate done I am encouraging her to do some online research but to be honest we really don’t know what to look for. We are looking to stay for a few days in a park I don’t want to deal with boondocking at this time. Dave
  12. Howdy All, We are enjoying our first ever winter camping staying at the Quail Run RV Park in Quartzsite we’ll be leaving here March 2nd. Donna wants to get some dental work done, we have heard that across the border from Yuma a person can get quality work done at reasonable prices. So if any one can offer suggestions of a big rig friendly RV Park in the Yuma area and a dental service that is trustworthy we sure would appreciate it, thanks. Dave, Donna and Newt PS. We are having a GREAT time ripping up the desert with the Sidexside, we have become friends with others in the campground that have this type of toy, life is truly pretty darn good.
  13. mr. cob

    Rock-Crushing at Last Chance Peak Dolly Horse Kamp

    Howdy Brad, Well the one I have now has an 18 foot long garage but I sure could use more maybe it’s time to start thinking about converting a commercial box trailer into a toy hauler. Of course that would have to be approved by SWMBO and I doubt that would happen, it’s a rough life I lead but I suffer through it. Dave
  14. mr. cob

    Rock-Crushing at Last Chance Peak Dolly Horse Kamp

    Howdy Mike, Thanks for inviting us to share your home and life, myself Donna and Newt enjoyed our visit. I hate work, after all it is a four letter word but if it has to be done doing the needed maintenance on the trailer where it is warm and dry sure beats doing it in a Nor-Wet where is niether at this time of year. We are now settled in at the Quail Run RV Park, many days of tearing around in the rock rocket as you call it are to be had before heading back to the gloom in early March. Thanks again for your most generous hospitality. Dave, Donna and Newt
  15. mr. cob

    Service Dogs?

    Howdy All, I won’t dwell on it but believe me, PTSD is a whole lot more then anxiety even in its attack form. A dog trained to sense and respond to it’s partners PTSD reactions is dealing with more then anxiety. PTSD has emotional and physical manifestations, sometimes one brings on the other it depends on the situation and the setting. A good service dog can dramatically reduce the severity of the reaction felt by its partner. I always refer to my dog as a partner, I do not own him I share my life with him. Dave