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    Motorcycles of all types, travel where ever and when ever I can, trucks, Jeeps. living my life as well as I can in honor of those many Brothers in Arms lost a long time ago in a far off land.

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  1. mr. cob


    Howdy Randy, Get well soon, best of luck to you with the surgery. Dave
  2. Howdy All, Well, the va finally got around to authorizing the cat scan on my knees, that happened two days ago so now I'll be waiting for my new knees to be built. Left knee is scheduled to be done on August 12th, right knee is to be done on October 7th, of course this all depends on the va getting the paper work done and sent to the proper folks in time for this all to happen as planned. As I drive a Peterbilt, its only fitting that have Conformisbilt knees. Dave
  3. Howdy Jim, When its just me and the dogs, we can travel for hours before having to stop, when Donna is with us we have to take regular potty breaks. Its common for me to drive 5-700 miles a day stopping only a couple of times, when Donna is with us we stop about every 100 miles or so. When behind the wheel I just get in a groove, crank up the toon's and watch the world slide by, passing other trucks going up the hill is just icing on the cake. Someday I suppose I'll have to grow up, if I am lucky I won't be around that long. Dave
  4. Howdy All, I thought I posted this yesterday but for some reason it didn’t get through. I wanted to thank Jim, for stopping to check on me when I was parked on the side of the road a couple of miles from the rally, I was waiting for Donna to catch up as she had to get gas for her car before heading for home. Jim it kinda surprised me when we caught up to you Donna got hung up at the Flying J, she said it was a real zoo, I must have sat waiting for her for close to a half hour after you had stopped. One of these days that big yeller kitty under the Hood is going to get me in trouble. Dave
  5. Howdy Dan, I always stop at that rest stop to empty the RV fluid tanks and then fill the truck fuel tanks at the truck stop on the west side of I-5 at the Arlington exit number 208 if I remember correctly that way I am ready for the next trip. Dave
  6. Howdy All, I just wanted to thank everyone who came to the rally it was a pleasure to meet old friends and make new ones I always enjoy looking at and taking about our trucks. Thanks Tom, for helping me add more chrome to the Peterbilt. I especially want to thank Chad, for setting up and ramrodding this annual shindig the knowledge gained by attending is priceless well actually it’s not as I’ll now be spending more money but if I didn’t spend it on my RV or having FUN I might do something responsible with it and I am to darn old to be come responsible. We should be rolling out the gate before 10:am Monday morning so if we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye and safe travels in person please know it is in our hearts for everyone, with luck we will see you next year. Dave, Donna, Newt and Willy
  7. Howdy All, Good morning everyone, does anyone at the WCR have a sewing machine? little Willy my young service dog in training is growing and I need to adjust his vest, we sewed the extra adjustment strap length to the side of his vest, I need to cut those stitches make the strap longer and then sew the extra length of the strap to the vest again. This would be about a two minute job if someone has a sewing machine and could help me with this I sure would appreciate it. Thanks Dave, Donna, Newt and Willy
  8. Howdy All, Donna drove from home to the Walmart in Caldwell where we met up, doing basic shopping we will be arriving at the Rally site soon. Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Newt who has been my service dog for the last 11 years will be with us and Willy who is being trained to be Newt’s eventual replacement is also with us, Willy is learning he is still catching on so he may at times be a bit rambunctious he is a little over a year old but he is coming along very well. Dave, Donna, Newt and Willy
  9. Howdy Dan, Thanks for your post, I do NOT do drugs, I hate taking the ones that I have to blood pressure, cholesterol, etc and those aren't habit forming. That is for me other then the pain of recovery the thing I am not looking forward to the darn drugs. I know I will have to take them but I'll probably hurt more then nessisary as I don't want to take the darn things. Dave
  10. Howdy Lawrence, I sure hope I sqeld your name corectly. Truth be told, years of kick starting XLCH Sportsters, 370 Bultoco's and Honda CR500 MX'ers to life and other such critters did NOT contribute to long lasting knees. Of course many years of standing on concrete floors while running machine tools didn't help any either and not to be left out the many crashes I have survived. Looking back its a wonder they lasted as long as they did, the original Engineer must have done a pretty good job on the OEM equipment. Dave
  11. Howdy Henry, When I told the doctor after he asked me how I heard about the Conformis, joint I told him an Engineer on a HDT forum talked about them and posted photos to the list. I then told him I watched a youtube video of the operation being done with a Conformis, joint he found that interesting and wanted to know why, I told him as a life long machinist, welder, fabricator, I had in interest in knowing how things work and go together. He also told me that the success rate with the Conformis, joint when it comes to complications is much lower and the recovery rate is much easier then with off the shelf joints. So again THANK YOU for joining this discussion and talking about the Conformis, joint. I am now hoping to get the CAT scan done on the 29th, this all depends on TriWest, the Veterans Choice provider agreeing to the payment in time for that to happen, if they don't approve payment before the 29th it will have to be done sometime after I return for the WCR. Dave
  12. Howdy All, I met with the doctor who will be installing the Conformis joints in my knees a couple of days ago. If all goes according to plan the left knee will be done on July 24th the right one will be done 6 weeks later. I am having the left one done first as I need to be able to work the clutch in the Peterbilt, so I want that one healed up so I can travel this fall and winter. Dave
  13. mr. cob

    Remember Today

    Howdy All, I join all who call for remembering and honoring those who have fallen whilst serving our nation, sadly for many its just another day off with pay and a chance to save a few bucks buying products that are on sale. Dave
  14. Howdy All, Jacks photos show the way my car looks when its strapped down, EASY and secure. As with any method of tying down a vehicle of any sort its best to check the straps, chains, cables whatever was used after a few miles as they WILL need to be tightened up a bit. Every time I stop for a rest or fuel I do a quick walk around and the tie down straps are CHECKED. The only thing I fear using this method or any other method while using canvas straps is some jerk just being an a$$hole and cutting the straps. People are that way, I padlock my hitch release handle as have had it pulled into the release position twice before padlocking it, once while spending the night at a truck stop another time while spending the night in a rest stop. I still even now that I am locking it check the hitch release handle every time I go to move the truck after it has been parked. Dave
  15. Howdy All, I use Jacks, chocks and through the wheel straps, EASY and secure. Dave
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