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  1. Like many others here my one computer that has Windows 10 failed to upgrade properly. After the aborted attempt, I had severe corruption of the system files. I ended up formatting the drive and doing a fresh install. This actually was no big deal because I did not have any other software installed and NO personal files. I feel for the average Joe who runs into these problems and does not have the technical skills to resolve them. I feel that Microsoft is really letting down their users but past actions show they only really care about corporate customers (where the money is). Safe Travels...
  2. Moving to FLorida

    Toni and I have been Florida residents since 1973 and have had a BCBS policy since 1978. After we retired we used MyRVMail for a couple of years without any issues with insurance. We now have a home base at an RV community in Bowling Green (about 45 miles SE of Tampa). Safe Travels...
  3. Moving to FLorida

    We have a Florida Blue (BCBS) PPO plan. In our travels this year I had some severe medical problems requiring treatment in North Carolina, Indiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. I had 10 doctor visits, 3 trips to the ER, and two week long stays as an inpatient and all of it was in network. The trick is to use the Florida Blue web site to verify who is in network wherever you need care. Safe Travels...
  4. Wifi security bug called "KRACK"

    Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and elementary OS All Patched Against WPA2 KRACK Bug Linux Mint, Arch Linux and Solus are also patched http://news.softpedia.com/news/ubuntu-debian-fedora-and-elementary-os-all-patched-against-wpa2-krack-bug-518075.shtml Safe Travels...
  5. As long as you have access to another computer with internet, you can download Windows directly from Microsoft: http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/windows_10.html Safe Travels...
  6. Router and Mobley

    PM on new forum is not working for me either. Email seems best. k4rs at yahoo dot com. Safe Travels...
  7. Router and Mobley

    There is a thread on Howard Forums covering this topic: http://howardforums.com/showthread.php/1894920-ZTE-Mobley-USB-Tethering-ASUS-Router-and-probably-others!/page1 I purchased an GL-MT-300N for $20 from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/GL-iNet-GL-MT300N-Pre-installed-Performance-Compatible/dp/B01AL7P1FU/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1506692446&sr=8-9&keywords=travel+router It plugs into the USB port on the side of the Mobley. It provides better signal and overcomes the 5 device limit using the stock firmware. I tried some other firmware listed in the thread, but found them less stable and went back to the factory version. Safe Travels...
  8. The eye passed directly over our place in Bowling Green (45 miles SE of Tampa). From the reports I have read, we had winds of 80 to 100 MPH. Our neighbors have said that our park only received minor damage. I am looking forward to a more detailed report in the next day or so. By moving inland, rather than up the coast, the storm lost strength faster than anticipated and lessened the storm surge. I am really glad that we decided to evacuate early. We left Florida in June and rode out the storm in Pennsylvania... Safe Travels...
  9. FED UP With MIcrosoft!

    RV Be careful. It does not take much to convert to the dark side...
  10. Canada Border Crossing Did Not Go Well

    Unfortunately, we have a similar experience as the original post EVERYTIME we enter Canada. The change of attitude usually occurs shortly after we hand over our passports. I believe I must be flagged in a database as a retired law enforcement officer and / or concealed weapons license holder. As much as we like Canada, we will likely not visit there again. Safe Travels...
  11. HAM "shack" setup for your RV

    Our garage was 11 feet long. In the front, next to the dividing wall, we had a washing machine and chest freezer. Along the driver side wall was my desk and a food pantry. We also had several storage boxes that got moved around. It was very crowded with the motorcycles loaded but quite roomy with them unloaded. Our motorcycles never "marked their territory", so really not a problem with mess. When I first got the Hustler I ground mounted it. I moved it to the RV when a campground manager worried about someone tripping over the radials. After that nobody ever complained. Last year we downsized to a 27 foot conventional trailer that we use to travel in the summer (4 to 5 months) and do not have room for HF. We currently have a 2 Meter / 70 CM System Fusion (C4FM), a DV dongle for D-Star, and Echolink while we are traveling. 73 es Safe Travels...
  12. HAM "shack" setup for your RV

    There are lots of hams here, but as you noticed, not very active on the forum. Face to face gatherings such as Escapade and Quartzfest are much different. Back to the original question, we also had a toy hauler. I put a desk in the garage for computers and radio gear. My best antenna setup was a Hustler 6-BTV on a homemade tilt over. It was easy up - easy down and performed well on our aluminum 5th wheel. As previously mentioned, fiberglass is more of a challenge. 73 es Safe Travels...
  13. Personal Protection

    In 13 years of full time RV'ing, and many other years of part time RV'ing. the only time I came close to using a firearm was in a road rage incident on an Interstate highway. During a traffic jam with slow stop and go, an idiot passed me on the right shoulder and then tried to pull into my lane when there was no room. I locked up the brakes and hit the horn. The idiot came to a stop diagonally in my lane and I almost T-boned him. He became enraged and exited his vehicle swinging a tire iron. As he approached the front of my truck I opened the door and stepped onto the running board. I told him "That's close enough". I doubt he ever saw the .45 auto in my hand behind the door but he did sense my resolve and paused long enough to come to his senses. After a few moments, he spit on my hood and then returned to his vehicle. Safe Travels...
  14. The vast majority of our streaming is via DirecTV Now. I was VERY happy to discover that DirecTV Now data usage does not count toward the 22 GB threshold for deprioritization on our new Mobley hotspot. Safe Travels...
  15. Another Mobley Question

    While I have not tested this router for remote access, it does work well with the Mobley and is very reasonably priced: https://www.amazon.com/GL-MT300N-Converter-Pre-installed-Performance-Compatible/dp/B01AL7P1FU I was planning to test the Mobley with my Cradlepoint, but dang if I can find it. I know it is in storage somewhere. Safe Travels...