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  1. PepsiCo Orders 100 Tesla Electric Trucks

    I don't know how they are going to handle the electrics, just like at the moment they are giving a total pass for state and federal fuel taxes on vehicles running LNG(liquefied natural gas) or CNG(compressed) The assumption being they are "fostering" this new fuel to get it into the mainstream and then they will tax them them. Same with the whole ethanol thing. I have a sneaking suspicion it really isn't going to be an issue. There are more and more locations you pass under cameras at bridges, toll roads and "Lexus Lanes"(people who will pay for a separate fast lane) and are billed via license plate recognition technology, with no transponder required. The Massachusetts Turnpike is one example. It would take nothing to extend the practice to all vehicles all the time at all locations. Pay for what you use. I didn't say I liked it.
  2. Semi-Trailer RV vs. 5th Wheel

    Jack is correct. A semi trailer can be built in any configuration. In the last 15 years I have hauled specialty vans from 22' to 57' long purpose built with drop decks, double drops, flat floors, suspension systems that take up almost no floor space, almost anything you can imagine. Nascar hospitality suites, medical labs, military aircraft simulators the list is absolutely endless. All with a pin designed to be hauled by a typical truck tractor and with multi million dollar equipment inside with special gauges indicating what g forces in any direction the trailer was exposed to. It all comes down to price. And certainly Spacecraft is as good as anyone addressing this market.
  3. Toy Hauler Ramp

    I am with Star Dreamer on this. A couple of well placed jack stands, if you can figure out how the door is framed internally, and place them there. I have thought about installing some folding legs to the door itself, when it is lowered they could be deployed if you want the porch, left attached to the door if you don't. That way you aren't hunting jack stands, one more thing to pack. And the legs could be adjustable in length for uneven terrain.
  4. D - Ring location

    It is the standard tie down system for all new car haulers for the last 5-10 years or longer. They wanted to get away from attaching directly to the chassis and loading the suspension. If you have a chance to see one in action the hook and the size of the hole prevents the tip from taking the weight. And some of these car haulers will put the last car on the last basket and tip them to almost a 45 deg angle with straps on 4 wheels like I describe. I have never heard of one moving or falling off. This is one of the more popular trucking forums on the interweb. Just drivers posting whatever so take that into consideration when reading the posts. But a little insight into what those guys are concerned with. https://www.thetruckersreport.com/truckingindustryforum/forums/car-hauler-and-auto-carrier-trucking-forum.393/
  5. Anheuser Busch preorders 40 Tesla Semi's.

    My big question is why companies like Daimler, Paccar, Siemens, or one of the big Japanese electric firms aren't jumping all over the idea? GE would be a good candidate to exploit this technology if messrs Welsh and Immelt didn't run them directly into the ground. Is it because they are all backward thinking lack of innovation type of places, or they realize the significant hurdles and they are going to let Musk trip all over them. Then go in and pick up the pieces and make some real dough. The diesel/electric idea would seem to have some merit except for the weight penalty. And in this day and age you aren't going to get any investment backing unless it is totally "green". And for the moment everyone seems to have lost their collective mind thinking that electric vehicles don't pollute. Or the enormous shift in infrastructure this sort of change is going to require.
  6. D - Ring location

    Take a moment out of your busy day and search up a good sized truck stop in your area. Wander over to a newer car hauler with a Cottrell setup, a stinger with 3-4 cars on the tractor and a trailer with 4-5 cars. Take a look at how almost all manufacturers are now requiring their cars shipped new from the plant using what Cottrell calls a "soft-tie" system. Very simple. There are holes in the deck ramps that a simple hook goes into in line with the tire. The strap goes over the tire to a hole on the other side. No need to weld anything permanently, a few strategically place holes does the trick. Want to change your mind later? Just add a few more holes. Deck not that strong? Put a little reinforcement material under. This is the page from the web site Carl mentioned above. http://www.uscargocontrol.com/Towing-Auto-Hauling/Wheel-Straps-for-Auto-Hauling/Car-Carrier-Strap-w-Swivel-Hooks-Adj-Rubber-Blocks-Ratchet
  7. Anheuser Busch preorders 40 Tesla Semi's.

    History is littered with big egos who thought they could teach the automotive world a thing or two. One of the best examples is Henry J Kaiser, who at least teamed up with a real automotive guy Joseph Frazer to try right after WWII, and formed Kaiser-Frazer Automobile Company. And that company had everything going for it, a sellers market place, plenty of cash, significant successes in various big industrial businesses and defense contracts, in other words a great track record. But Henry J Kaiser was his own worst enemy. After just a few years Joe Frazer left the partnership and in less than 7 years the Kaiser-Frazer Company stopped making cars and had to settle with a small acquisition called Willys-Overland, making the Jeep, a very small specialty vehicle manufacturer in Toledo OH. Their dreams of becoming one of the big 3 were completely dashed. The marketplace is ruthless with promises broken and delays. This NY Times article(not my favorite new source) enumerates some of Tesla's problems, which are being glossed over by most main stream media and certainly an over exuberant stock market. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/01/business/tesla-elon-musk.htm If you want to read the best book on Kaiser-Frazer, it is "The Last Onslaught on Detroit" by Richard Langworth. Published in the 1970's when the author, a friend of mine was able to interview the players in the story before they passed away. https://www.amazon.com/Kaiser-Frazer-Last-Onslaught-Detroit-Automobile/dp/0915038048/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1512711466&sr=8-15&keywords=richard+langworth
  8. Thinking outside the box

    That is precisely what our company does. You call Trailer Transit and we have tractors that can handle 5th wheels, ball hitches, pintle hooks, whatever. You specify to the salesperson the characteristics of the trailer, length, weight, electric or air brakes and any special requests( very high dollar unit, special care etc. specific delivery times and locations etc) and they will tell you what they can do and the rate. We have handled the 5th wheel RV's for Ringling Bros and amusement companies, it isn't that unusual. Like we say " One Way, Your Way" More often than not the non semi trailers we handle frequently don't match electrically the standard pigtail on a tractor. Our drivers who handle those units can spend a little time with you hooking things up so everything will work, they have electric brake controllers if you specify that need on the order. https://www.trailertransit.com/ Here is their website. PM me for more info
  9. Bobtail mileage

    Let's throw this into the mix. Because I bobtail pushing 20,000 miles a year, I have seen variations that defy logic. For one thing, although I have a real time mpg readout on the instrument panel ,and mine is fairly accurate, the only way to get it right is to fill up and get the calculator out. Rarely does anyone here bobtail enough to get those quality numbers. The percentage of bio diesel in a given load of fuel seems to make a big difference. One load of fuel might have none, and the next has 20%, the resulting BTU decline has to make a difference. And of course there is no way of knowing what is going in. Even temperatures of the fuel coming out of the storage tanks between fills can wreck the numbers, so called "hot fuel". which Canadian pumps compensate for by law, but US pumps do not.
  10. Pulled over in TX by state patrol

    I would vote for the binder. One of the ways I have impressed enforcement officers many times is how organized my permit book is. Since I deal with this sort of thing on a regular basis because of my commercial status, spot checks on the side of the road, when pulled behind the weigh station, and full blown level 1-2-3 inspections, most officers appreciate getting their questions answered quickly. Since we haul all sorts of weird trailers under varying circumstances, documentation is key. If the paperwork is straight, many times they forgo further inspection beyond the visual once over.
  11. GPS When is it time to replace?

    I am a professional truck driver that has been using GPS's as long as they have been available, starting with a Lowrance high end model identical to the ones installed in the instrument panels in Kenworths/Peterbilts in the early part of this century. Although Lowrance still is in the marine and aviation markets, as is Garmin in a big way, Lowrance ditched the automotive market almost immediately because of competitive pressures( no money to be made) Maybe 1.5 million miles accumulated experience with these marvels. I currently run 2 GPS units simultaneously, a Garmin Dezl 570 and a Rand Mc Nally truck model that is about 4 years old. And I also run routes on tablet with Google maps. And of course I refer to the Rand Mc Nally Truckers Atlas frequently. Paranoid? Not really. Almost all of the units being talked about here, including the ones I use all use similar databases for routing information, which are all flawed. Example: The Garmin will absolutely not let me go down I-95 in Connecticut between New Haven and NY state line, citing a 13'5" bridge near Milford. The Rand McNally doesn't care. The bridge doesn't exist. I have made presentations at the HDT rally in Kansas about routing and tips for staying out of trouble. One of them is to never rely solely on the info provided by the GPS. Know your basic route before you start, take it a mouse bite at a time( doing a 1500 mile trip, break it into 300 mile segments), and look out the window. This is not IFR capable stuff. I replace them every few years even after updating them frequently because the internals( chip speeds, screen clarity etc) get better and better all the time. If you are going to rely even partially on a tool of this sort I think in the interest of safety the best you can have is prudent. I would pay 3-4 times for a unit if it had access to the superior databases that are used by the big carriers, but even those get those drivers into trouble. One of the best examples of a driver blindly following his GPS:
  12. Has this stunt happen to you ?

    Don't overthink this one Alan. Have you ever seen the Twilight Zone episode with William Shatner where he is the only one on the plane that witnesses a "Gremlin" ripping apart the wing and engine during flight? They take him off the plane in a straight jacket because no one believes his story. I think about a 40 medium should be your size....
  13. Has this stunt happen to you ?

    I have electric door locks, they have never locked themselves, but I lock myself out of my running truck at least once or twice a month. I have a key hidden under the hood, spent a little time making a hanger that was effective but handy. I never have trusted the magnetic "Hide A Key" things. When they were a good quality US made product they were ok, but not now.
  14. This would be a conversation piece around the campfire, or forest fire, or tornado aftermath behind your HDT. Your tax dollars at work. Has a lot to work with to make a dandy custom trailer if you don't mind some modifications, can put up with the austere interior and can do without slides. That wheelchair lift might come in handy to put the motorcycle up inside. Heavy duty doesn't do it justice. Bulletproof comes to mind....One way to get away from those cheap everyday RV's... Think outside the box, literally... https://www.crookmotors.com/inventory/?/listings/trailers/for-sale/20903149/2005-utility-vs2dc?dlr=1&pcid=2000664353&sfc=0&ssc=0 Crook is a legit dealer with an unfortunate name...We pickup and drop trailers in there frequently, he always has something interesting kicking around.
  15. Tesla Semi live reveal in 11 minutes (8PM PST 11/16)

    I live 6 months next to one of the busiest rail lines in the country, northern Indiana. Over 100 trains a day pass that point. And 40% are double stacked 53' domestic containers. They want to build a "bypass" so the trains don't have to get involved with the heavy rail traffic around Chicago. The NIMBYS are going nuts. So lots of stuff is already going intermodal. It still has to come off the rail somewhere, and that is where the congestion is getting out of control. Tesla battery trucks would do best in that congestion, but the devil is in the numbers. I don't even want to think about where the juice is got to come from since apparently the greens have ruled out nuclear. They don't even like wind farms. Interesting concepts to contemplate none the less.