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  1. Bonk

    And I thought it was a thread about Batman and Robin in an epic fight with say, The Riddler or The Penguin. Shucks. Holy typographic error....
  2. Help Me Spend My Money

    I am just wondering how he is going to keep the "wraps" on it from Missouri to Kansas. I know they used to cover the new cars so the public had to go to the dealership to see them in person. The suspense is getting to me....
  3. New Mack Video

    This video shows the truck, not the inside of a recording studio. Just like the "new" Cascadia and the "new" Volvo 860, all are just logical updates of designs that have been around for 10-20 or more years. None use any new sheet metal and depend upon a new snout and instrument panel to try to sell the idea that it is a redesign, which it is not. The Mack Vision, then Pinnacle, now Anthem is an ancient design, which if you take a quick look on Truckpaper.com you will see is not selling, with many 2016 and 2017 leftovers available, with FET fully decked out(by their standards) for $125k. What do they always say? Sell the sizzle, not the steak.
  4. Air Dryer

    In the real world I like to change the spin on cartridge once a year, usually in the fall. About 80-110k miles between changes. Might be a little overkill, but avoiding freezing up is worth it. A lot of guys do what Dolly Trolley suggested. A reman unit is not that expensive, and if you were paying for labor it is cheaper to replace the entire unit than have someone disassemble and change the cartridge. Which as he pointed out doesn't get the unit clean or service all the components. In the RV service here, since freezing operations are a rarity it is not near the priority it is elsewhere. It is nice to try to keep the goo out of the air system no matter what.
  5. Crossfire equalization system

    The other item that would seem to be a great idea that doesn't work in the real world are self contained inflation systems, maintaining air pressure in the tires from the air brake system. They work ok when brand new, like the Crossfires, but don't seem to hold up. Worse, in both systems you are relying on the internals to work properly, very difficult to open up either system to confirm they are accurate. Same goes for automated lubrication systems. You find out that fitting over there wasn't getting any grease when you have to replace the parts....
  6. Crossfire equalization system

    I gave up on Crossfires when after being on the truck for about 4 years, I needed several of the parts due to corrosion and general usage. I contacted them and was told that they do not expect the unit do be in service for more than 5 years after the date code stamped on the unit. To do so in their opinion they would not be safe. I was advised to purchase all new units. I bought a white with red tip valve cap remover for $10 and use my $25 air gauge. Net savings approx $300.
  7. Towing with commercial hitch

    I too have to date 11,000 miles on towing with a commercial hitch with no issues, a choice i have to make because of the dual use nature of the truck. What is more interesting is the number of class 8 trucks I see leased to carriers who deliver bigger and heavier 5th wheel RV's originating In the Elkhart IN area and who then backhaul conventional commercial trailers. Clearly the manufacturers do not share the inevitable destruction of their brand new trailers, nor do the dealers apparently object. Carefully used, paying particular attention to uneven operational circumstances I think any damage can be avoided. Cheaper less robust 5th wheel RV's are going to have problems no matter what you haul them with.
  8. Just a friendly reminder

    The density of combination(tractor trailers) on todays highway is well beyond safe capacity. The number of tractor trailers has increased by 350% since 1960, while lane miles, including all the interstate highways constructed since then has increased by 9%. And of course the other distracted vehicles has increased an equivalent amount. It is not your imagination. There really are a lot more vehicles on the road than when you or I took our driving test ( me in 1970). It is a full time job to drive any vehicle, but particularly a large one. There is simply no room for error.
  9. Weigh Station video

    As the technology advances, license plate readers, infra red detectors looking a wheel ends for too much or not enough heat( brake effectiveness), scales embedded in the travel lanes, reading the chip in your scalp to see if you are paying attention( just kidding). I fully expect more and more cameras and other equipment to detect other driving behaviors deemed inferior, for all vehicles, not just trucks or maybe other large vehicles. All getting ready for Otto the robot to take over. Florida pulled me in one time with a 40' container mounted generator and determined that I was 6" short of the mandatory 41' kingpin to back axle minimum( bridge law). Sliding the 5th wheel solved the problem. Picky
  10. You are the lucky one. Good to hear...
  11. Replacing Tractor Parking Valve

    I just replaced my brake light switch. You are right, it slips into the manifold with one of those "chinese handcuff" type of push on connectors that is part of the manifold. I do not want to change my manifold, but I fear it is in my future. Those push on connectors are great for the manufacturer in assembly but eventually fail with enough vibration.
  12. Canada Border Crossing Did Not Go Well

    There are 2 functions in play when you cross the border. One is Immigration, the other is Customs. For reasons unknown you were dealing with both. . I cross the border 6-10 times per year, and have had dealings with both occasionally beyond the routine. Once in a while immigration wants to toss the tractor, it has happened to me maybe twice in 20+ years. Once customs didn't like the brokers dealing with the load I had, so I had to unload it so they could verify. My only advice is when you stop at the first booth, shut off the truck, don't put on the parking brake, have passports ready. Here is the important part. Look the agent right in the eye, like a laser and answer the questions. It is impossible to predict what any border personnel will do or why, I think their unpredictability is part of the regimen to keep those crossing off balance. And, like the IRS, they are betting stories like you have shared will "magnify" their effectiveness. I think the intimidation is entirely intentional.
  13. Replacing Tractor Parking Valve

    Your instrument panel is the same as mine. I am on my 3rd set of valves. In order to get to them easily you need to take all 8 panels covering all of the wiring, dash, everything. On our wonderfully designed trucks that means starting at the right side of the instrument panel, and in this order: 1.remove "air bag " cover held in place with 4 hidden spring loaded clips 2. remove the fuse cover 3. remove the passenger side knee panel 4. remove the valence panel around the radio and Heater AC controls(exposes other fasteners 5. remove the 10"x2" corner cover panel, one screw at bottom, spring clip at top 6. remove all screws holding the top cover in place. Remove all screws holding the front passenger side cover panel 7. You should be able to lift off the top cover and the front passenger side cover exposing everything. Because Freightliner went out of their way to hide fasteners and use hidden clips, which in turn break the plastic panels, they are referred to as "throw away trucks" . Removing and Replacing the valves are straight forward, although because they didn't give you even 1/4" more air line than needed, it requires small hands and lots of patience. Take a look at the other air connections in the neighborhood. If you see oil trails that means they are leaking also. Good time to see if the various air operated linkages for the heating system are not leaking, they fail frequently. I rebuilt my entire instrument panel with about $1500 worth of parts about 5 years ago. The entire assembly starts to break because the AM/FM radios are installed improperly by the dealers, they just slide them in the DIN mount and don't install a bracket to hold the back of the radio, which bounces up and down and breaks everything. After i solved that problem, 5 years and 400,000 miles later, no breakage.
  14. If you hear hoofbeats, it could be a Zebra, but it is probably a horse. I would let DSO reset to the original parameters, you don't need the power in our application anyway, and hope that it starts and runs fine. Your problems started with their modification. If their program damaged something all bets are off.
  15. Waxing roof of truck

    Mine is not too difficult. I just tilt the cab 90 degrees and do everything from the ground.