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  1. Insurance Info

    Been insured by Foremost Insurance Co. on both first and current coach for 22 years and have enjoyed prompt no hassle claim service and no increase in premium. Based on my experience with Foremost I highly recommend them. Good luck with your choice of an insurer and safe travels.....
  2. Water Filtration

    Our 2000 coach came with the Nature Pure system which has worked well for us over the years. Here's a link if interested: http://www.motorcaravanning.co.uk/shopuk/water_filters.htm Good luck with your choice and safe travels....
  3. Solar installer wanted - Arizona

    I rechecked that site and see what you mean, guess I wasn't paying attention when I first checked it.. Sorry about that. They installed our solar system back in 2005 and didn't know they went out of business. Best Regards
  4. Solar installer wanted - Arizona

    You may want to check on AJL Solar located in Lake Havasu City, AZ at https://www.superpages.com/bp/lake-havasu-city-az/ajl-solar-electric-L2165414131.htm Good luck with your search and safe travels...
  5. We bought our 2000 Residency at the October 1999 Pomona RV show. We took possession of our new coach Jan 21,2000 from the RV Peddler dealership in Yuma, AZ. Good luck with your search for a new RV and Safe Travels
  6. Tires

    When it comes to buying tires for an RV, just remember, tires are the weakest link between your RV and the pavement. I would rather spend more $$$ on a known high quality tire than take a chance on a bargain brand tire. I realize we all want to save a few $$$ when we can, but when it comes to tires I'm willing to spend the extra $$$. Over the past 17 years we've been running Bridgestone tires on our coach with zero issues. Good luck withn your choice of tires and safe travels......
  7. 4WD or AWD Toad Suggestions?

    We've been towing an 03 Suzuki XL7 4wd for the past 13 years without any issues it weighs a bit over 3,000 lbs don't even know it's behind our coach. Also it doesn't record mileage while being towed. Good luck with your choice and safe travels....
  8. Time to change A/Cs. What is the best?

    We have the Dometic Brisk Air AC units on our 17 year old coach. Over the years they've performed flawlessly, however this year had to replace a failed control module on the rear unit and a start capacitor on the front unit. Based on our experience over t he years I would consider them to be very reliable units. Good luck with your choice and safe travels...
  9. Dometic 15K Air Conditioner

    We have the Dometic Brisk Air AC units on our coach. The front one wasn't blowing cold air. Had a tech check it out and it had a blown start capacitor which he replaced and it cured the problem. Our back unit wouldn't run at all and he found the control module was shot. Ours had the 4 buton T-stat and they no longer made control modules for the 4 button T-stat, so had to replace both front and rear control modules and replace the 4button T-stat with a new 10 button. Both units work great now. Good luck getting yours fixed and Safe Travels...
  10. Thanks for the update, Just had my parking brake adjusted today as well. Safe Travels...
  11. If his Allegro is only a 32' I suspect it's on a gas chassis with parking brake on transmission tail shaft. I did the same thing with our coach, and no problem driving it. However as Kirk advised chock the wheels when parked. Best of luck and safe travels...
  12. I-40 Kingman, AZ... 16% grade... really?

    Went to this site:https://www.mountaindirectory.com/sample/arizona.html and found the following information: I-40 (near Ash Fork, AZ) About 10 miles east of Ash Fork there is a brake check area for westbound traffic (near milepost 155½ and some warning signs—"Trucks—vehicles pulling trailers check brakes and equipment—use lower gear" and "6% grade next 6 miles." The first two miles are 6% followed by about 1½ miles of 4-5%, then 1½ miles of 6% grade. We've traveled I-40 in the past and never encountered any 16% grades. Good luck and have a safe trip...
  13. Double Coin Tires

    Insofar as tires are the weakest link between your coach and the pavement, I'm more concerned about quality rather than cost. We've had Bridgestone tires on our coach now for 16 years with zero issues, no blow-outs. We replace our tires every 7 years. Good luck with your choice and Safe travels.....
  14. Horrible, just horrible forum change

    My thoughts, If it works OK, leave it alone, if it's broke, fix it.
  15. RV explosion in Yuma!

    I logged on the RV Forum Community website and checked out more pics of the destroyed coach, nothing short of a miracle that anyone survived.