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  1. We rarely use this method, but we have a credit union account and the debit card from them also. This card has the option of using any credit union ATM within the system they are part of, which is most national and local credit unions, and any banking function, including getting cash, can be done at any credit union ATM, with no charge. I also will get cash back when at a grocery store when using the debit card, which extends the time between visits to a bank.
  2. 57becky

    Hot water tank leak?Travel Supreme

    I replaced our 12 gallon Suburban a couple years ago, and used silicone caulk everywhere the original caulk was, and the original was silicone. Our tank leaked at a weld where the chamber for the gas burner is mounted to the main tank. It appears to be a poor weld along with stress from vibration. I was able to do the job in a little over two hours.
  3. I had to chat with Dish yesterday to get our locals changed to our new location. Once that was done, the rep asked if there was anything else, so I asked why I can't make the change on the App. She came back in a little bit and said that even though we are Full time RVers and otherwise meet all the criteria, we are not on a Pay ahead type account?, but they are working to eventually get all of us in the system to be able to use the App to make the changes. She said she does not know how long that will take.
  4. We are fulltime, and have been for almost six years, and have had DISH for almost the entire time. We got the email from DISH a little over a month ago, and I installed the app on the phone. We have been traveling all that time, and the app has yet to work for changing our local channels. I go through the sequence in the app, and the moment I click on the 'Manage Locals' button, the app crashes. Half the time, even the chat feature online fails to work also, so I have to make the call to get the locals changed. I hope that eventually they get the feature working, as it would make life much easier.
  5. On our rig, we had a severe break in the frame, and after having a mobile RV repair guy, who is also a welder, come out to the park we were at, he had to lower the Filon panel to access the front of the frame to weld there also. He suggested that while the Filon was down, he should also check the area of the frame where the pin box is attached. He discovered a number of cracks, so made repairs there also. It was not that difficult to lower the Filon, but we did not remove it all the way, as that would have required pulling the front compartment door/frame assemblies. In the photo, the Filon is just to his right at an angle, and we used our barbeque to support it so it wouldn't break.
  6. 57becky

    Nose high?

    The best option would be to raise the trailer by adding to the bottom of the frame and re-attaching the suspension. Some sill say this will make the trailer unstable, but the little that needs to be added has to be better than towing the rig with that much angle and also having the back end that close to the pavement.
  7. 57becky

    Retrofitting air ride on fifth wheel axles

    This system was in a Trailer Life magazine article years ago, and looked like a very good option compared to the MorRyde product. Don't know if it is as good as the MorRyde, but it may be easier to self install. https://www.autoflexsuspensions.com/trailer-flex?recid=14
  8. I just went on my Dish app, and I get the same screen as the first post. It also shows up as an Outdoors account, and we only have Dish in our rig. We had the 211k boxes until they were fried, and now have the Wally's. This is something we also have been wanting for a long time. We will know in a little over a week if this works, when we hit the road again.
  9. 57becky

    Map of US for Signature

    This is the one we use, and it is pretty easy to work with. http://visitedstatesmap.com/
  10. 57becky

    NJ Turnpike

    Unless you are going to be there a long time and definitely need to have the rig there, don't bring the rig there. We had to go out on Long Island several years ago, and decided to park the rig at an RV park in Pennsylvania, and drove the pickup out on the island and stayed at a hotel for a couple of nights. It was a whole lot less stressful, and we didn't have to risk damage to the rig from all the crazies.
  11. 57becky

    Vendor for slide gaskets

    I recently purchased replacement slide seals for our rig from http://www.trekwood.com This is the online parts dept for Tiara RV in Elkhart, IN, and the seals that I bought were by the foot, and considering how difficult it would have been chasing around trying to find the right parts, the price wasn't really too bad, and they were quick shipping to me.
  12. 57becky

    Too hot in Yuma too cold in Idaho

    That is a great display!!
  13. 57becky

    Too hot in Yuma too cold in Idaho

    There is always Las Vegas. The temps there have been pretty nice. We are in Sun City, and it hit almost 100 today, but it's a dry heat. There are a number of parks to stay at, but our number one favorite is the Oasis, but in a pinch, The Hitchin' Post also works for us.
  14. 57becky

    Escapees mapping

    I find the Good Sam mapping feature works pretty good, and use it quite a bit.
  15. 57becky

    Gas Prop on Bed Base

    Remove one of them and take it to your auto supply store to see if they can match it up with what they have in stock. You may find you have only one of them stuck. If you have to, use a stick to hold up the bed, and if you can't get new gas struts, take them both out and you should be able to find them online.