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  1. RV Mattress Best Choices

    We were in Fresno, CA a couple years ago, and were desperately needing a new mattress, RV King with radius corners, and about 8 inches thick. We visited this store/factory and the owner suggested laying on their latex foam mattress in the store and we were hooked. He made it with a firm 4 inch core and 2 inch softer foam on both sides and with the radius corners, and it's able to be flipped, unlike most RV mattresses. He even delivered it to our RV park, removed the old mattress and installed it into our rig. It is much lighter than the inner spring RV mattress that our rig came with, and the bed stays up without the help of a broom handle like the old mattress needed. We have been very happy with it. He even said if anybody we knew needed a mattress made for their RV, they could call ahead so they had the materials on hand, and they could make a new one in less than a day and he has parking for an RV in the rear of the business. We have no interest in this business, except being happy customers. https://abetterbed.com/
  2. I suspect your pressure regulator has one of those cone shaped screen washers in the female end, and if so, that screen will put pressure on the little rod that sticks out of the backflow preventer. I had that problem and now use a short hose between the hose bib and the regulator.
  3. Domicile/Tax Question

    We changed our domicile to SD in 2012, changed our mailing address to all our financial institutions, brokerage firms, etc, and never had an issue. A few were cranky about using the address with the # sign for the box number, so APT or PMB also works, and that solved those issues. We still bank with Wells Fargo, B of A, and others including our credit union which is only in California, and our stock investment companies, and in all that time we have had zero problems with any address issues. We use Americas Mailbox, but I doubt you will have any problem with using any of the mail services.
  4. RV Parking near the strip in Las Vegas

    The Hitchin' Post RV Park on Las Vegas Blvd N is about $33 a night, maybe a little more, but is a good park with a gate. We like the Oasis, but during busy holidays, unless you made reservations a year in advance, almost impossible to get in. We were at the Hitchin' Post several weeks ago, and will be back there in less than a week for about a two week stay. I'm not sure if they have weekly rates, but they do have monthly rates, plus electric is extra, but overall very cheap compared to most of the area parks.
  5. Any Traveling Nurses?

    We had four traveling nurses around us while in California, and they all used an agency, don't know which, but they all signed up for 13 week stints, and then could renew if they wanted to and there was an opening. We were even parked next to a traveling doctor earlier last year and I guess he was also using an agency the same way. I guess this a great way to see the country and the plus is you don't get bored with any one location.
  6. Diesel Fuel & U

    We have a cousin who had an older Ford diesel truck, and I'm not sure what year, but he accidentally filled up with Bio diesel and it took him a couple weeks of rough running before he was able to get it used up. As soon as he was back to mostly conventional diesel, his truck finally began to run OK. Not sure whether it was the fuel pump or the injectors or what, but he said it didn't seem to cause any permanent damage. Our 2012 Chevy diesel runs just fine with the bio diesel. The manual says up to 20% biodiesel B20 is just fine, as long as it meets the same ASTM requirements of regular diesel fuel.
  7. Best Heated Water Hose

    I recently purchased a 100 foot Camco heated hose for the FIL, and when it came, it was the Pirit brand. I would bet that the Camco hose is just a rebranded Pirit hose. If you purchase one of these, regardless of how it's branded, Do not cut the tie-wraps holding the device against the hose, the orange thing with the black round thing against the RV end of the hose. That is the thermostat that turns on the heat element when the temp gets down to 45 degrees, and it must remain in contact with the surface of the hose. We have had a 25 foot Pirit for over four years now and it has been excellent, never froze no matter how cold it got. They are design tested to -40 degrees without any other cover.
  8. Thank you. I also need to replace some Eternabond tape on the top of a couple slides and have not had a lot of success with the tape alone. I think using the Eternacaulk around all the edges will secure the tape from peeling up when the slide is operated, especially when it is very hot outside.
  9. How long does it take for the EternaCaulk to set up hard, so it can be used on a slide roof and not deform when pulling in the slides?
  10. It looks like this is the lot described in the first post. http://www.westparkresort.com/available_lots/lot_49_58500lot_wgarage
  11. Cedar Creek vs Montana 5th wheel

    I believe Keystone did not purchase Redwood, but in fact it was Thor Industries, who also owns Keystone, who purchased Redwood, so Redwood will probably remain different from the Montana line.
  12. Using Dielectric Grease

    I retired from an electric utility as a lineman, and we used a lot of dielectric grease on high voltage connectors, so at 12,000 volts or higher, if the grease got between conductor parts, it would not matter. We also had a grease that contained a high quantity of silver that was used on the blades of overhead high voltage switches, due to arcing issues when these were operated dry, but that stuff was like gold, very expensive. Years ago, my Dad was having issues with the bulbs in his boat trailer corroding due to water, so I brought him a handful of little tubes of the silicone dielectric grease to use on his bulbs. He greased them up, and found that none of them would work, as the grease was really a dielectric insulator. I ended up finding him an electric conductive grease designed to keep low voltage connections from corroding due to moisture. All that to say, be careful what substance you apply to your connections. Most automotive dielectric greases are OK to use, just use sparingly.
  13. Today, both of our iPhones began crashing for no obvious reason, DW's phone worse than mine. We even went to the phone store and they knew about the new iOS 11.2 update, but weren't sure if that would fix the problem. Turns out, this problem started early today, Dec 2nd, so it's date related. The fix, if your phone is crashing, is to go into Settings, then Notifications, and disable notifications in every App that has the switch turned on, and then when that is done, go into General, and you have to be connected through a wifi connection, and then activate the update. We just completed updating both our phones, and they are now working without crashing. During the process of turning off notifications, you may have to restart the phone several times if it crashes to complete switching off the notification, but once they are all off, you can do the update without any other crashes. On restarting my phone, I discovered the Notification settings were restored to their previous settings.
  14. What's this sealant?

    I think Great Stuff is intended for inside applications, out of the weather, as it will crumble and break down after a while if exposed outside. The landscaping foam is intended for exposure to the elements, which is probably why that picture shows the dark gray or black foam.
  15. What's this sealant?

    It's probably this or another brand. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Touch-n-Foam-4001141212-Landscape-Exterior-Filler-Adhesive/968703291?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=916&adid=22222222227065543400&wmlspartner=wmtlabs&wl0=&wl1=s&wl2=c&wl3=169630655929&wl4=pla-305396002684&wl5=1014226&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=113134359&wl11=online&wl12=968703291&wl13=&veh=sem