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  1. 57becky

    Odd Battery Condition

    Maybe you would be happier with the DLS-45/IQ4 model that has four stage charging. The one you have will only charge at either 13.6 or 14.2 volts DC, and does not have the smart charging system. Maybe that is why you are boiling those batteries. You may be able to add the IQ4 charge control module to your existing chargers. https://www.iotaengineering.com/IQ/#!/
  2. 57becky

    Class A Non commercial drivers lisense

    We purchased our fifth wheel in California, ignored the license requirement for the few months we were still there. Left California when we finally went full time, went to South Dakota and re-registered the vehicles and got our new drivers license, which in SD is good for any RV, and I'm sure there may be an exception, but have not heard of any.
  3. 57becky

    CA hwy 46 from 101 to the 5

    We've traveled that route with our Montana several times in the past and it is a good route, no clearance issues at all.
  4. 57becky

    water softener for 5ther

    If someone needed to winterize their rig, it's probable that they will be living in a house or some other permanent structure, and in that case, removing the softener and bringing it into the warm home would be the best option. I'd plug the inlet and outlet while in storage just to maintain a sanitary condition.
  5. We just had an issue with a software update that DISH automatically performed on our Wally boxes, and even though our dish was properly aimed and could see all three satellites, the Wally's weren't working. I finally called Dish tech support and found they screwed up with the software update, and he worked with me for about an hour to force the boxes to update again to the newer version of software. Could this be the problem? This upgrade error happened over a month ago.
  6. 57becky

    water softener for 5ther

    We've been using a Watts RV Pro 10,000 softener for the last five years and it's been great. We only recharge every two to three months, depending on how hard the water is wherever me may be. I have the unit inside the pass through and have the filter outside near the hose bib, but after the pressure regulator. It's amazing how nice the water is filtered and softened.
  7. 57becky

    Winegard Traveler 1000

    😁 They aren't really that heavy, just a bit awkward. I had removed the LNB arm from the old unit so only had to lower the turret by itself. The new turret came with the LNB arm attached so just rigged the rope so it wouldn't stress the LNB arm. It would have be better if it had been a little cooler while I was doing this, pushing upper 80's today in Sun City, AZ.
  8. 57becky

    Winegard Traveler 1000

    Got the new Trav'ler and installed it this morning. It really wasn't too hard to do, and a neighbor came over and assisted with a tag rope while I pulled up the new unit to the roof. Nine screws, plug in the comm/electric cable and the two coax cables, and bolt on the dish, and it was ready to work. No idea what a tech would have charged.
  9. 57becky

    Winegard Traveler 1000

    Our almost 6 year old Travler 1000 has failed, will still find and lock onto the three satellites, but will not get signal to the Dish boxes. I contacted Winegard tech support and they had me do some things to narrow down the problem, which turns out to be internal to the turret. The options I had was, remove the turret and ship it to Winegard for an out of warranty rebuild that costs $350 and gives you a 90 day warranty. The other option of course is just replace it which I am in the process of doing. Have one showing up Friday from Amazon and it doesn't look too bad to replace, especially replacing like parts. I figured 6 years full time was a reasonable life for this thing.
  10. I had the same problem several years ago, and installed an inline check valve on the tank side of the pump. Solved the problem....but, I replaced the pump some time back, and just recently I developed a water leak. Turns out, the old pump did not have a screen on the tank side, but the new one does. I guess after a while, the fitting on the screen started leaking from the new pump's failed internal check valve and the screen device's fitting could not handle the pressure and the check valve was holding water from returning to the tank. The fix was to cut out the previously installed check valve on the tank side of the pump and install a new one on the pressure side of the pump. I haven't had a leak since. All this to say, install the check valve on the pressure side of the pump to avoid problems. In the photo, the check valve is the brass thing in the blue line. The two white couplings in the line to the left and behind the brass check valve is where the original check valve was installed.
  11. 57becky

    Toilet Problem-Too Small

    Isn't that what the sprayer is for??😂
  12. 57becky

    50 Amp Service Question

    We have stayed in the Park Sierra with our rig, and have the Progressive 50 amp hard wired EMS, and it works just fine. It does not look at the leg to leg voltage, just the leg to neutral for both legs, so it is happy with either 240V or 208V, because it can't see them.
  13. 57becky

    50 Amp Service Question

    The Escapees Park Sierra south of Coarsegold, CA is one of these parks that feed their pedestals off of three phase, 208Y/120 volt transformers. Many residential appliances can be run on 208 or 240 volts, but rarely are homes served with 208 volts. Our 2012 Montana has the sticker next to the shore cable connector that says either 240 volts or 208 volts is acceptable.
  14. 57becky

    50amp Tesla Service

    The only way to tell is with a voltmeter. If this is exactly like an RV 50 amp outlet, the round hole in the outlet is the ground, and the flat terminal across from the ground terminal is the neutral. The other two terminals are the hotlegs, and probably measure 240 volts across the two hots, and 120 volts from either hot terminal to the neutral or the ground, either one will give you the 120 volt measurement. If all this checks out, a dogbone with male 50 amp 4 terminal plug on one end and a female 30 amp outlet on the other will enable you to power your RV. Just be aware that you will not have a 30 amp breaker in your home electric panel to trip if you have a fault in your cable or RV, but the 30 amp breaker in your RV will still trip if you exceed 30 amps.
  15. 57becky

    Toilet Problem-Too Small

    Yes, the 18" one. We do not have the sprayer, but a sprayer could always be cut into the water line ahead of the toilet along with a valve for the sprayer and if desired, another valve could be installed ahead of everything if you are worried about it. Just a few parts cut into the water line can make all this work.