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  1. 57becky

    Snowbird Park in Phoenix or RGV with Woodshop

    Paradise RV Resort in Sun City has a great woodshop with mostly heavy duty equipment. https://rvonthego.com/arizona/paradise-rv-resort/
  2. 57becky

    New Rv battery source

    May be great batteries but would be pretty tough getting service or replacements all the way from Australia.
  3. 57becky

    Info on cleaning toilet ball valve

    This thread sounds like an advertisement for RV water softeners ­čśü
  4. If you don't plan to keep whatever RV you purchase, you would be better off just renting the rig. You definitely can't stay in motels for only $6,000 for two months, although you will still need to pay for RV parks if you are not boondocking. You will still need to purchase food, fuel and everything else you normally need. With a decent rental motorhome, you can tow a 4WD vehicle if you have one, but it will cut down your fuel mileage a bit. With a rental, you will not have to worry about breakdowns, as anything that fails should be covered by the rental agreement. It also doesn't sound like you will be inside much, with all the outdoor activities you have planned, so inside will be at night and having a good A/C and the normal amenities in an RV should be all that is needed. And, when you are all done, you turn the rig in and you are done with it, no hassle dealing with trying to sell a rig.
  5. 57becky

    Park pass for 4th graders and their families

    I see no one has responded to this thread. Possibly because the link does not work. I think this is the proper link for this subject. http://everykidinapark.org/
  6. If propane was unsafe, it would never be used in an RV where people live and sleep. All the rigs require a working propane detector as an additional safety measure. Diesel fuel used to heat a living space can be quite messy and you have to figure out how to avoid the odor of the diesel. All the propane furnaces burn the fuel using external air for combustion and exchange the heat to the inside air with a sealed system, so the burning of propane is strictly outside the living space.
  7. 57becky

    Saw a F450 puffing white smoke......

    Our Duramax, when it goes into regen of the DPF exhausts white smoke, especially when accelerating. This is perfectly normal and if it doesn't do this occasionally, your system isn't working right. It doesn't look right, but this is better than black smoke.
  8. 57becky

    Leveling trouble with high clearance 5th wheel

    I think a lot of these LCI leveling systems need to be above level in the front prior to activating the Auto level system. That is the way it is on our hydraulic LCI system and from what I've read, the Ground Control 3.0 is the same way. We can not get the hydraulic system to Auto level if it is too low in the front, but as our trailer rides a bit high in the front, we rarely experience any issues. Might be worth a try to manually raise the front end prior to trying the Auto level.
  9. 57becky

    Loosing memory sat receiver

    It is also possible you are not totally losing power but may be having a dip in voltage which will cause the receiver to lose memory. Years ago while still working, as a lineman with the electric utility, I had to check on a customer complaint that he was losing memory to his satellite receiver, and this was only happening when he would turn on one of his very large woodworking tools in his garage. His home was a couple lots away from one of our transformers and he wanted us to install an extra transformer right in front of his house so he could get more power. Needless to say, that never happened. Checking all the electrical connections in the RV panel would be a good first step to make sure there isn't a loose connection causing this problem.
  10. If you happen to accidentally be in California when you need windshield wiper fluid and you want anything besides blue water, you will not find low temp washer fluid. It will be 32 degree fluid. I make sure to get the good stuff in Nevada or anywhere else if I think I will need real low temp fluid for real winter use.
  11. 57becky

    wire nuts come loose?

    Wire nuts are not designed to carry current from one wire to the other. They are strictly intended to maintain pressure on the two or more wires so they stay fully in contact with each other. If the nut is loose, it was not properly installed. For 120 volts, the only wire nuts to use have the metal wire inside. The only place the all plastic nuts should be used is low voltage, such as thermostat wires or communication wires.
  12. 57becky

    portable propane grill

    After brushing the stainless steel burner tube, I use a gas welder tip cleaner to unplug the holes in the burner. You can get the tip cleaners at most hardware stores, which are just like a tiny round file that doesn't really enlarge the holes, but removes the crud.
  13. 57becky

    Odd Battery Condition

    The way I read the IOTA page, all you need to do is get the IQ charge controller, or in your case one for each of your chargers, and they plug into your existing Iota units. Might be best to call IOTA Engineering to ask. https://www.iotaengineering.com/IQ/#!/
  14. 57becky

    Checking Brake Fluid With A VOM Meter

    This is a discussion on brake fluid changes that hits some good points, and has a good compromise on replacement when there is little guidance from the manufacturers. https://www.cars.com/articles/2013/12/does-brake-fluid-need-to-be-changed/
  15. 57becky

    Odd Battery Condition

    Maybe you would be happier with the DLS-45/IQ4 model that has four stage charging. The one you have will only charge at either 13.6 or 14.2 volts DC, and does not have the smart charging system. Maybe that is why you are boiling those batteries. You may be able to add the IQ4 charge control module to your existing chargers. https://www.iotaengineering.com/IQ/#!/