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  1. Cedar Creek vs Montana 5th wheel

    I believe Keystone did not purchase Redwood, but in fact it was Thor Industries, who also owns Keystone, who purchased Redwood, so Redwood will probably remain different from the Montana line.
  2. Using Dielectric Grease

    I retired from an electric utility as a lineman, and we used a lot of dielectric grease on high voltage connectors, so at 12,000 volts or higher, if the grease got between conductor parts, it would not matter. We also had a grease that contained a high quantity of silver that was used on the blades of overhead high voltage switches, due to arcing issues when these were operated dry, but that stuff was like gold, very expensive. Years ago, my Dad was having issues with the bulbs in his boat trailer corroding due to water, so I brought him a handful of little tubes of the silicone dielectric grease to use on his bulbs. He greased them up, and found that none of them would work, as the grease was really a dielectric insulator. I ended up finding him an electric conductive grease designed to keep low voltage connections from corroding due to moisture. All that to say, be careful what substance you apply to your connections. Most automotive dielectric greases are OK to use, just use sparingly.
  3. Today, both of our iPhones began crashing for no obvious reason, DW's phone worse than mine. We even went to the phone store and they knew about the new iOS 11.2 update, but weren't sure if that would fix the problem. Turns out, this problem started early today, Dec 2nd, so it's date related. The fix, if your phone is crashing, is to go into Settings, then Notifications, and disable notifications in every App that has the switch turned on, and then when that is done, go into General, and you have to be connected through a wifi connection, and then activate the update. We just completed updating both our phones, and they are now working without crashing. During the process of turning off notifications, you may have to restart the phone several times if it crashes to complete switching off the notification, but once they are all off, you can do the update without any other crashes. On restarting my phone, I discovered the Notification settings were restored to their previous settings.
  4. What's this sealant?

    I think Great Stuff is intended for inside applications, out of the weather, as it will crumble and break down after a while if exposed outside. The landscaping foam is intended for exposure to the elements, which is probably why that picture shows the dark gray or black foam.
  5. What's this sealant?

    It's probably this or another brand. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Touch-n-Foam-4001141212-Landscape-Exterior-Filler-Adhesive/968703291?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=916&adid=22222222227065543400&wmlspartner=wmtlabs&wl0=&wl1=s&wl2=c&wl3=169630655929&wl4=pla-305396002684&wl5=1014226&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=113134359&wl11=online&wl12=968703291&wl13=&veh=sem
  6. Dogbone versus flat adapter

    We have had times where we were plugged into a relative's 15 amp outlet while in their driveway in the winter, and were able to use all our 12 volt systems. We turned the fridge and water heater to gas only, did not use the microwave or any other high load 120 volt circuits. We were able to use our 120 volt TV, and never had a problem with maintaining our batteries with the converter. Just make sure any adapters you use are in excellent condition, check occasionally that they are not getting hot, and you will be OK.
  7. We stayed at the Anaheim RV park a couple years ago, and it was perfect for us. We were visiting Disneyland with family and there was a shuttle stop at the park. Not sure, but I would think it would also go to the Convention Center. I would recommend making a reservation as soon as possible, as there isn't as many RV spots as there used to be. Disneyland bought up an RV park down the road and turned it into or are turning it into a parking lot, the last I heard. http://www.anaheimrvpark.com/
  8. question about adjusting slideout

    This is the manual for the Lippert hydraulic slide system, not sure whats on the Teton. Whatever you do, make very small adjustments at a time, and if not sure, maybe it's best to leave it for an experienced tech. https://www.lci1.com/assets/content/support/manuals/Slideouts/Hydraulic_Through_Frame_Slide_out_Service_Manual_.pdf
  9. Buying a cover

    I would go to an RV dealership and ask them what they cover the rigs with that they have for sale. I have never seen any covered, and I have never covered our rig, and have had upwards of 1 1/2 ft of snow on it. I do not get on top, but lean a ladder and use a plastic snow shovel to carefully remove as much snow as I can reach.
  10. Maiden of the Winnie Mini Micro

    You will probably get bored after fishing every day after a couple of months When you are full time, you get to do anything you want all the time, unless the other half decides differently.
  11. Water Valve Help

    I guess my drawing does look a bit like an electrical schematic. I guess being a retired electric lineman will do that to you. The photo here is what the plumbing looks like behind the wall of that convenience center, and last year had the check valve fail in the water pump, so when I added a check valve to the line to the water pump, I decided to diagram what was there.
  12. Water Valve Help

    I have attached a diagram of what the plumbing does in our rig, and it looks identical to the plumbing in your rig. Hope this helps. Oh, and the single valve for the water heater bypass works because it is the cold water line to the water heater, and along with a check valve at the hot outlet of the water heater, stops water from entering the water heater. The drawing is the view from the rear of the convenience center. The blue lines in each of the valves indicate their normal position. When the valve is turned, that moves the line toward the hot water circuit for the bypass valve, toward the winterize inlet for the winterize valve, and toward the fresh water tank for the water tank fill valve.
  13. Fulltime vs Recreational 5th Wheels

    When we bought our 5th wheel, it was noted in the warranty that it was not to be used as a fulltime trailer. We were fulltime from the beginning, and just ignored that issue, and had no problem getting warranty work done, the couple times we needed it. Since our purchase, the new ones are said to be rated for fulltime use, and this with no obvious difference in construction. I think mostly, the manufacturer realized saying they were fulltime rated was a better selling point than sticking to the more restricted warranty. Once the 12 month warranty was up, who cares, it's on me now, and in truth, now the bugs are pretty much worked out and I do most of the repairs myself.
  14. Rv financing as full timers

    Here are a few possibilities for fulltimer loans: http://www.alliantcreditunion.org/borrow/recreational-vehicle-loans/ https://www.essexcredit.com/home/ https://www.goodsamrvloans.com/learn/rv-financing-faq/
  15. Dometic 320

    Just make sure the 320 will fit the space, as it's the elongated version and takes up a bit more space. If it doesn't fit, the 310 may be a better fit.