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  1. rhubler

    Where to Buy

    Check out Texas Custom Coachworks for HDT conversions.
  2. rhubler

    Best place to search

    Try Trans West Truck Trailer RV. Sometimes they have some nice trucks.
  3. I'm interested in the truck if it's still available? I would like to see pictures please.
  4. rhubler

    Insuring a MDT

    I have my truck and trailer with National General. There’s only a handful of companies that will insure them.
  5. rhubler

    Freightliner M2

    Hello, I pull my 2014 39' New Horizons Majestic with a 2007 M2 106, and I'm very happy with the set up. The one ton pickups pull well but stopping in a hurry can be scary, and the ride when towing is not even close to the M2. As far as 5th wheel quality, your absolutely right there's a lot of poorly constructed 5th wheels out there. Don't do like I did and go through several pieces of junk before biting the bullet and buying a well built one. I'm curious as to why your thinking about changing to a 5th wheel? What brand/type motorhome do you have?
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