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  1. GM to bring back MDT’s

    I just read some of the Work Truck show in Indianapolis and reports confirm GM is indeed producing a line of MDT’s. Lots of nice features but the big one for me and a deal killer is that they are detrating the DuraMax to 350/700. Back to the drawing board for me. Maybe a Big Boy Truck in my future.
  2. GM to bring back MDT’s

    I really don’t care what 10 year old trucks did or how they performed. I am talking about a possible new truck that none of us know anything about until later this week. I don’t want a little car on a big truck to unload. You didn’t want a 5500, great, now we are even. Let’s wait until the specs are out.
  3. GM to bring back MDT’s

    Glenn, the class 4 &5 trucks from Ford and Ram are derated also. They derate for the commercial application. I don’t like that and have tried to get around it and that is a non starter with the manufacturer. By the way the class 4 & 5 truck market is growing according to the commercial sales figures. Maybe that is why GM wants back in. If GM provides the consumer motor in Class 4 or 5 and it rides acceptably, or can be made to ride well like the Kelderman suspension it is a viable choice for heavy RV’s. You don’t have to agree but please be respectful of others opinions. Not everyone wants an HDT like you have.
  4. GM to bring back MDT’s

    I’m glad you are happy with your HDT’s. I have a few friends I camp with that have them and they are impressive. If I didn’t live in California I would consider one. I still think this is great news for the RV community. It gives other options to Ram and Ford.
  5. GM to bring back MDT’s

    Why is it a shame? My last two duramax engines were more than enough power and durability. As an RV’er I want the horsepower and torque the new motor produces. I am just looking for more reserve weight carrying capacity. My current dually is the perfect truck for me. It rides great empty or loaded, great mileage, super reliable and the interior amenities are fantastic. Just would like more GVW in a pickup configuration.
  6. GM to bring back MDT’s

    I may be behind the curve on this info but this is really exciting for me. I have been a GM guy since drag racing in the 70’s. 3 days befor the unveiling. If they don’t derate the engine too much this is probably the way I will go. http://gmauthority.com/blog/gm/chevrolet/silverado/2019-chevrolet-silverado/2019-chevrolet-silverado-medium-duty-trucks/2019-chevrolet-silverado-4500/
  7. 2016 Western Star HDT price reduced

    Got the photos and build sheet, Thanks
  8. 2016 Western Star HDT price reduced

    Neither of the links work for me. What color is the truck?
  9. SOLD - Magnum 2812 inverter and accessories

    My 2812 in a 2015 DRV manufactured in late 2014 works perfectly with my PT100. The only change required was the ARC-50 needed to be installed. Possibly your friends 2812 was sitting on a shelf for a long time.
  10. 2017 West Coast Rally - Caldwell Idaho

    Chad, i am glad you are OK. Nice thing you did for the lady, I am sure she will remember your kindness. Be safe
  11. Personal Protection

    I'm sorry but if someone breaks into my RV when I am in it asleep or at night I will not be aiming to disable the intruder. If you decide to use a gun to defend yourself you have already decided you are in great bodily danger. My family is more important than the person putting us in peril.
  12. The Geo Method

    Probably a dumb question but how do you not put paper in the black tank?
  13. New truck!

    I might have missed it, but why are you ordering a new truck when you just bought the 2016? What about the 2016 do you not like? Just asking to gain some knowledge about what not to do.
  14. Best Truck To Tow 38' Trailer?

    You do not need an HDT or MDT. The trailer has a dry weight of 12,000 lb and gross weight of 14,730 lbs according to the trailers I looked up. Hopefully you do not overload the trailer, if you do then all bets are off. If those figures I looked up are incorrect then my comment have no value. I congratulate you for choosing the dually, you will love it and be perfectly safe assuming you are a safety conscience driver. Don't buy a 50 gal aux fuel tank for the truck. Don't carry 500 lbs of crap in the bed. Don't carry a family of 6 in the cab. This is not a heavy trailer. Get it weighed and drive with common sense. If you can weigh the pin do so before you purchase to confirm you don't overload the rear axle.
  15. Fueling up

    We use the big truck lanes all the time. It sure fills fast?