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  1. Here is a link to many more interior pictures of the Volvo. I'll be posting more details on the rig. Thanks. https://goo.gl/photos/S5s6tbtrwx4Qk6WVA Some details on the Volvo: New Injectors and Overhead 730k miles. 6/4/2012 Transmission Oil Change 730k miles. 7/2/2012 New Steer Tires 734k miles. New air filter 734k miles. Replaces 1st and 2nd air tanks. 7/14/2015 Oil and Filter change. 744k miles. Replaced outer P/S gearbox seals. 747k miles. 4/15/2016
  2. We are selling our full time RV package. It is a 2006 Newmar, and a 1998 Volvo VNL610. It's a great package, but we need more room and we are moving into a larger home. Here is a link to the craigslist ad: https://twinfalls.craigslist.org/rvs/6194085574.html We are still living in it and prepping to move in the next few weeks. Just wanted to get it out there. $33,250 Thanks, Greg
  3. I will do that. I'll PM you directly if that is ok.
  4. We will be listing our 98 Volvo VNL610 + 2006 Newmar Cypress SKCL in a week or so. I'll have more details soon. Price abt $33k for the pair.
  5. Thanks for your answers. So assuming the hour charge, is that normally to read it, change it and be done? Of course, get the printout.
  6. We're the proud new owners of this HDT, and we just added to it a Newmar Cypress 37ft. New chapter in our lives for sure. Truck runs well, but I am trying to find out how to read the settings in the ECM. It has a Detroit Series 60 11.1L engine. Is there a way that I can read and/or change any of the Data in the ECM? With a laptop and software, and the proper cable? Thanks, Greg
  7. Still have the truck? Would love some pics! PM me, Text or Call 208 ++ 421 ++ 7402
  8. WE HAVE FOUND A RIG. Thanks! My Wife and I have sold our home and are considering a 5th wheel and Truck if we can find a package all setup. We want a model that will endure full time living. 35-40ft, slides, double pane windows, four season, aluminum frame. And a truck that is setup to pull it. Older is fine. Solid built and functional is more important than looks. We can deal with inperfections, and minor needed repairs. One ton diesel truck. Place for stack washer, rear kitchen preferred. My wife is a gourmet cook and needs all the kitchen she can get. 25k or thereabouts for a package. Truck could be a volvo (dreaming here ) PM me here or call or text: 2 oh 8 ++++ 4 two 1 ++++ 7402 Thanks Greg Southern Idaho
  9. I'm dazed and confused with the thoughts of living in, and pulling this 'Home' around. It would be the 'Lucy Travel Trailer Show' all over again!
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