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  1. Dbl0svn

    Purchasing Fuel

    I have a Pilot RV card through Good Sam. It let's me fill up to $3,000.00 a day and gives me a 9 cent a gallon discount, which means that I pay at Pilot what I would pay somewhere else since Pilot usually has prices that are 9 cents higher than everyone else I swipe thier card at the pump and just fill up with any combination of diesel and /or DEF and go.
  2. I do. I wrap a Terry towel around the wash mit on my wash pole ( I secure it with safety pins). I stand on a 12 foot ladder and apply a thin coat of polymer wax. Once it dries, I replace the Terry towel with a fresh one and wipe it off. I replace the towel once more and spray an instant detailer on the roof and wipe it down to get rid of any haze.
  3. I live In MD. The weigh stations are posted that ALL vehicles over 5 ton must enter the weigh station. I have spoken to DOT officers and they agree that they do not expect RV's to pass through the scale and they would not chase one down either. If the rv did enter the scale, then they would bypass them. With that being said, MD registers vehicles by VIN, so a VIN'd class F tractor is exactly that. Mine is registered to me as a private owner. I dont have a hauler bed, so my truck looks like a fancy commercial truck. The appearance when I drive past the scale bobtail is that I just avoided the scale. Realistically, I am not subject to logs or DOT inspection. However, when I am bobtail, I will pass through the scale for appearance sake. I can tell you that I have always been bypassed (bobtail) in every state that I have been through except for Florida where they have me sit on the scale until they run my tag and find out it's a private vehicle, then I am green lighted without issue. These DOT officers have a job to do and they are not interested in you, but a little respect goes a long way to ensuring our ability to use the luxury conveyance that we chose. When I have my rv 5th wheel connected, I never stop at the scales
  4. Sorry for the delay Gentlemen. Yes the hitch is still available. You can reach out to me on my cell: 202-345-9794. If I don't answer, just leave me a message and I will get back to you. Thanks.
  5. I'm interested in the ET hitch you have for sale.  Where is it located?

  6. Creekfire opened at the end of October 2017. Beautiful place .
  7. ....and don't get pulled over in MD and let the officer see that you don't have a Class A...
  8. I installed a transfer flow 98 gallon aux fuel tank in the bed of my 2014 Ram 3500 dually. One of the best options that I had. The only down side was that it took away payload capacity which resulted in my trailer pin weight overloading my dually. The transfer flow tank was awesome and provided great range .
  9. I've heard that the weekend warrior toy haulers were junk. I never owned a toy hauler. The Luxe trailers are nice. Of course, I cant speak to the RV Factory, since ours was built when Augusta owned them. Still not having any issues with mine.
  10. It weighs about 21,200 lbs. I weighed it at a CAT scale.
  11. I have a 2017 Augusta Luxe LF39FB. So far my wife and I love it. We use it for vacation purposes and do not live in it full time, so we have not had any issue with it meeting our needs. We have about 10,000 miles on it so far and have not had any issues other than the MCD power shades losing their memory. I did replace the 2 12volt batteries with 2 6volt golf cart batteries, but that's about it. We just came back from Savannah, Georgia in the 100 degree heat and the Luxe was completely cool inside. It's a black and grey coach. No issues.
  12. Dbl0svn

    Air Horns

    If you really want to be heard with a train horn, then you should look at the real train horn. The NATHAN AIRCHIME K5LA TRAIN HORN. This horn is illegal for road use and has a 5 mile range. You feel this horn when it blows.
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