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  1. https://chambersburg.craigslist.org/rvs/d/et-senoir-rv-5th-wheel-hitch/6543531187.html
  2. Webasto cab heater

    Hi Al. I have the cab heater and use it whenever it's cold out and I'm going to spend time without idling. It does an awesome job. I don't use it once a month and it's not even a year old, so I have not changed the fuel filter yet either.
  3. Sneak Peek

    Steve, She's a beauty. Excellent work.
  4. Of Community Interest....

    I'm glad that Gregg is taking time to be with his family and I wish him the best. I never met Gregg, but I always looked forward to his excellent videos and found his expertise to be a valuable resource. I always planned that one day I would have him build me a sweet bed for my HDT. At least RVHLifestyles will still be around. Good luck Gregg.
  5. My new hitch plate...

  6. My new hitch plate...

    It's a 2017 Augusta Luxe.
  7. My new hitch plate...

    Thanks Steve. I've had this 5ver for two years and never had a probem. Its sitting level.
  8. My new hitch plate...

    Thanks Jack.
  9. My new hitch plate...

  10. My new hitch plate...

    I was able to get out for a ride today. The verdict is that everything works perfectly. I put about 60 miles of combined residential, highway and tight turn shuttle work and there were no clearance issues or any other issues. I found that the combination tracks as smooth and true as a commercial truck. No more trailer sway and the ride is smooth and stable. The trailer no longer bobs around poorly, but instead has a very controlled movement. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. lo
  11. My new hitch plate...

    Oldride, Thank you. I actually ordered the truck as a single rear axle. The truck has a 215" wheelbase and actually has a very comfortable ride to it. It does have front and rear air ride though. I will be sure to get pics of the full unit when I can. Actually, nothing on the truck is modified from the factory truck, except for adding the Jackalopee, the rear fenders and lighted mudflap hangers. My new hitch plate required no modifications to the truck at all. My design allows the truck's components to move through it and it just bolts on where the factory hitch did.
  12. My new hitch plate...

    I'll post more pics of the whole unit when I have a chance to get it out and take it for a drive.
  13. My new hitch plate...

    I'll find out when I have time to take it out for a drive. It won't be a problem. I have plenty of room to move the fenders down if needed. If I remember correctly, It's short enough for the low hanging section to turn inside of the fenders.
  14. My new hitch plate...

    Steve, I cut the plate using a CNC plasma cutter and then I beveled the edges. I used a 300 amp welder that runs a flux cored wire.
  15. My new hitch plate...

    Rickeieio, I think that we are in agreement, you just brought a box of soap with you for some reason 😉. I agree that the commercial pin and locking jaw have a certain degree of movement. They would have to in order to let the assembly function without binding and since commercial vehicles are designed to couple with any compatible commercial trailer. Its common to hear the trailer slap down on the 5th wheel when its going over a large bump. However, the hitch itself is fixed in the lateral direction.