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  1. When we lived in Florida and let the truck sit for more than a week, it was common for one or more brake shoes hanging up. Chalked it up to high humidity rusting/bonding metallic shoes to drum. Always broke loose when I’d put it in 1st.
  2. Have you driven through any mud holes? I’ve had a small amount of mud on the inside of the wheel cause a very noticeable vibration.
  3. Carl, we have Kodak 250 calipers that were installed at MorRyde. I’m not familiar with a recall notice. Did a quick Google search and nothing obvious popped up. Can you share the recall details.
  4. Wilma and I look forward to seeing you and Sheri at Hutch.
  5. Question for those of you that know the insurance business. With plan F discontinuing new enrollees soon, should we expect the premiums to accelerate faster than G as the F plan enrolled population ages.
  6. Jim, you'll also need a Dish DPH-42 and associated power inserter for the standard LNBs to work with the Hopper 3. See Tom Hughes' (Zulu on the forum) diagram for connection details.
  7. Travel Supreme built a very solid fifth wheel and Mark has maintained their TS exceptionally well, including repainting it a few years ago.
  8. Our thanks also to Chad and Jen for all the planning and preparation that made this a most enjoyable rally. As newbies to WCR we certainly felt welcomed by all and we leave with the fondest memories. Safe travels to everyone.
  9. Wilma and I should be arriving early afternoon. Looking forward to the rally.
  10. Yep, got it, just mixed up terms. Thx Dutch.
  11. Mark, can we just change our Local Address to get these CONUS locals?
  12. Jim & Wilma

    DRV accident

    Also interested. With great difficulty have resisted offering my “wisdom”. Look forward to seeing the hitch photos and the sequence of events leading to loss of the fifth wheel.
  13. Vote for the 8800. When the 7730 battery went bad AGAIN, we opted to replace it with the 8800. Huge improvement in download speed in places we frequent. Only caution is there have been reported problems with the unit resetting, though we haven’t seen the problem.
  14. Intermittent connections can be frustrating. As a connection heats and cools, there's good potential for microscopic movement which can change the connection characteristics, especially if some oxidation has set in. It's likely you've not seen the last of this and I'm with Mark on replacing the F connectors.
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