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  1. Macerators I’ve seen have a rotating blade to break up the waste and a rubber impeller to move the waste. I can see how buildup of hair, plastic or such around the blade could stop the macerator rotation. I don’t see how an upstream blockage of waste would stall it. If it were me, I’d try reversing the macerator power wires In an effort to run it backwards and see if that frees it. It’s a long shot for sure. Good luck.
  2. I’m with the retracted position to charge the spring. But I speak from no practical experience, only my theory. As Einstein was quoted, “In theory, practice and theory are the same. In practice, they’re not”.
  3. The air bags are bolted top and bottom. We had a leak in one of the fittings and replaced the plastic fittings with brass fittings. Could have used shorter nipples, but if we have another leak, I'll be able to replace fittings without removing air bags. Remove the top bolts first and pivot the hitch up and hold in place with a rod or similar. Remove bottom bolts to remove air bags and access air fittings. Fairly easy to accomplish.
  4. We’ll be pulling in Tuesday afternoon. Looking forward.
  5. While we were at 9,000 ft this summer, the Smart had a very noticeable struggle moving again when I stopped on the ramps to fold the mirror in. The turbo had to spin up quite a bit to overcome. Not good for the clutch. No performance issue as long as I don't stop on the ramps.
  6. The fan I used is Flex-A-Lite 394 S-Blade 14" . You have to remove both fenders and the front panel. There are YouTube videos describing how to remove them. It was pretty easy but helps if you have someone assist because panels are a bit long to single hand. See this post for some additional details:
  7. Jim & Wilma


    Good luck and stay safe!
  8. Maybe the attached will be of some help
  9. We have the 8800L and it’s worked well for us.
  10. When we lived in Florida and let the truck sit for more than a week, it was common for one or more brake shoes hanging up. Chalked it up to high humidity rusting/bonding metallic shoes to drum. Always broke loose when I’d put it in 1st.
  11. Have you driven through any mud holes? I’ve had a small amount of mud on the inside of the wheel cause a very noticeable vibration.
  12. Carl, we have Kodak 250 calipers that were installed at MorRyde. I’m not familiar with a recall notice. Did a quick Google search and nothing obvious popped up. Can you share the recall details.
  13. Wilma and I look forward to seeing you and Sheri at Hutch.
  14. Question for those of you that know the insurance business. With plan F discontinuing new enrollees soon, should we expect the premiums to accelerate faster than G as the F plan enrolled population ages.
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