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  1. smart car ramps

    Carl, thanks for the copying the hinge failure posting. Interesting. Some observations/speculation: The ramps with the failed hinge appear to be the 12" model. Per Discount, ramp weights: 12" = 56 lb and 19" = 54 lb (12" hook version is 59 lb) Wonder if the 12" and 19" use same hinge material specs, possibly giving 19" some advantage. And most important, Phil, you're still famous.
  2. smart car ramps

    These ramps are 19" wide and what I call "sissy ramps" . . . that's what I bought. The 12"wide ramps are also popular and some have reported they bend less than the 19" ramps. I've not heard of problems with either.
  3. Difference between Torque and Clamp

    Interesting and informative, thanks for posting.
  4. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Good luck Darryl with your repairs!
  5. Thank You National Rally Hosts, Presenters, Sponsors, etc.

    BIG Dittos. Thanks Gail, Steve and team for another great Rally!
  6. The only issue we have is the time it takes to search. Sometimes it'll look like it's fine tuning and then off it goes on a new scan. All been very tolerable and currently not an issue at all in Alaska . . . we just don't get any TV, satelite or terrestrial.
  7. Thanks Zulu for checking on that for me. I was afraid it was 120 and that load would be unsustainable for us when we're dry camping. At this years Tampa show, Winegard rep said they were working on a software mod to allow the Hopper 3, I assume with hybrid LNB. So we'll wait and see if that materializes and in meantime we'll continue to tolerate the Crazy Ivan.
  8. Zulu, we dry camp a lot. Do you know how much power the DPH42 switch uses?
  9. Trying to figure why?

    X2 Thare's a quote that I found applicable in my career on those occasions when I was "enlightened" and changed my position; "Never let your position get so close to your ego that when your position goes, your ego goes with it."
  10. Who's in Grande Prairie?

    Too funny and agree, 40 gets you ready . . . Alaska Highway has nothing on 40. We enjoyed the adventure!
  11. Who's in Grande Prairie?

    We took 40 and it was "a bit rough". I'd go a few miles out of my way if there was a better road. Darryl, is there an alternate route from 16 to GP that you might recommend?
  12. Who's in Grande Prairie?

    Rotary Park looks great Darryl. Right now it looks like we'd be there next Thursday but plans are a bit on the soft side.
  13. Who's in Grande Prairie?

    That'd be the Kahanamoku's, Haagma's and the Walker's all in HDTs along with the Pryor's in an LDT. We're leaving Glacier NP tomorrow and will be slowly working our way up the Icefields Parkway then over to GP. Behind us by a few more days will be the Church's in their HDT. We plan to boondock most of the way and that looks feasible from what we've read. Any recommendations as we come up through Grande Prairie?
  14. Tragic Loss

    We're so sorry to hear about the loss of Kevin. Our lasting memory will be his smile and wit. Prayers and thoughts go out to family and friends.