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  1. Diesel Fuel & U

    We have used it when it was the only thing available. We have used it in both our 2012 F350 and now our 2015 Sportchassis with a Cummins SL9 and noticed no difference.
  2. Mobile Hotspots

    The hot spot is included in my unlimited Verizon plan at no additional cost with no GB limit on the hot spot. As a side note when my wife was an exec for Sprint she had free cell phone. We were so unhappy with the coverage I got a Verizon phone and when she retired she do too.
  3. Mobile Hotspots

    If you are with Verizon and have a I Phone phone you don't need a Jet Pac. Just turn on the Personal Hot Spot and log on. We have used it for years and it is great.
  4. Arizona truck fuel tax

    I fuel my Sportchassis Freightliner here in Arizona all the time with no trouble.
  5. Storage space on a MDT ?

    Grassy, They are completely sealed and everything remains dry. The "saddle" storage along the side of the bed is very handy. Dick
  6. Storage space on a MDT ?

    Have you looked at the ones designed for your rig and offered by Sportchassis? We have them on our 2015 and we have a ton of storage. There is one on each side of the bed and a massive one on the rear of the cab. http://www.sportchassis.com/options/exterior/saddle-bag-storage-unit http://www.sportchassis.com/options/exterior/bolt-on-storage-unit-treadplate
  7. US 24 from Vail to Colorado Springs

    Thanks for the advice. I love the back roads so we will definitely take 24 to Colorado Springs..
  8. US 24 from Vail to Colorado Springs

    We are starting to think about our summer travels and will be spending time in Rifle Colorado and then go on to Colorado Springs. I like to stay off the interstate as much as possible and am considering US 24 from west of Vail two Colorado Springs. The Mountain Guide talks about 4 climbs but doesn't mention any thing too scary. Have any of you driven 24 from Vail through Leadville to Colorado Springs and what do you think? We will be towing a 40' 5th with a Sportchassis. Thanks in advance, Dick
  9. Hensley Hitch Jaw Problem Follow-Up

    I dont know where you are located and who gave you the quote, but I just got an estimate for FEDEX ground for $121 from Needles, Ca to Hensley. You might check further. Dick
  10. SportChassis owners

    Got it ours looks ok. Plenty of movement. Dick
  11. SportChassis owners

    Roberto, I checked my line and to me it appears to be ok. I goes into a protective sheath with several other lines and disappears below the engine. The bunch is held together by tie raps. The entire bundle moves up and down and side to side easily. Where does the purple line terminate on the top of the engine? Thanks Dick
  12. SportChassis owners

    Thanks Pug, I'll check in in the morning.
  13. Hensley Hitch Jaw Problem Follow-Up

    As I stated in the earlier thread, ours came with a warning not to use the thick teflon disc because the jaws might not lock. I ordered the thin one from Hensley and have had no problem
  14. DIRECTVNOW on the road

    When we are on the road and want to watch a local channel for a special occasion like say the Indy 500 we just use the air antenna. We do have the fairly new Winegard Rayzar which finds local channels with the push of a button.
  15. Fifth Wheel Rebuild

    Suitcase, we had Big Foot on our Hitch Hiker and the mount is welded on and the unit bolted to the mount. The thing I liked most about Big Foot is that it is a self contained unit. Pump, reservoir all at each ram. Only 12v run to each pump not a lot of hydraulic lines, If you have a problem with a particular ram you don't have to trouble shoot an entire system of lines and pump.