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  1. Dish TV question

    Thanks for the replies. I'll pass it on, looks like he needs a new dome. Thanks again, Dick
  2. Dish TV question

    He isn't sure what brand is on the roof, but but is a dome that must be stationary to receive.
  3. Dish TV question

    The folks parked next to us are having trouble with their new to them 2012 motorhome. When he couldn't get the Dish to work he called Winegard and was told that Dish changed their protocol and his Dish antenna will no longer receive the new signal and he must replace it. Have any of you heard of such a thing? It would seem to me if his 5 year old antenna won't work so should all the others out there and I have never heard a word about this. Advice would be appreciated.
  4. Fuel mileage

    We have a 2015 and I tow at 60 and get about 8.5 on a long level run. Throw in some hills and it drops into the 7's. Never checked it bobtail The trailer comes in at 21k.
  5. MDT Registered as RV in CA (possibly AZ)

    The cost of registration and insurance is based on the cost of the truck, so my info on a 2015 Sportchassis would not be useful for comparison to your truck. Like most states now Arizona does require proof of residency to get a license, not just a mailing address.
  6. MDT Registered as RV in CA (possibly AZ)

    When I registered m y MDT in our home state of Arizona, even though I wasn't trying to register is as an RV they inspected the truck. It is registered as a flat bed truck. I asked the lady doing the registration what is required for an RV registration. It is a ton of stuff, like an actual bed, refer, if a microwave is used to meet the cooking device a generator must be attached to the truck, an rv hitch etc. She said they are getting very strict not because of the RV'rs but because of commercial folk trying to pull a fast one. It would be much less expensive for you to register the truck in Arizona, but you must provide an Arizona drivers license, to get that you that must have some form of Id like a birth cert or passport. Additionally you must show proof of residency like a power bill.
  7. Tripod mounting a Winegard Trav'ler

    Roman, The traveler must remain absolute solid when it is in the up or receive position or it will not close down. I say this because one time I left the dish up in a 50 mph wind that was hitting the dish head on. When I tried to close the dish it went into the safe position and pointed the LNB straight up. When I called Winegard they explained that if a strong wind moves the dish 1 degree any direction, up down or side to side, the dish looses it position and goes into the safe position. They walked me through the steps to close it and sent me an e mail for future use. My point is that unless your mount is rock solid you will probably have a lot of trouble.
  8. A good tire deal

    The Goodyear drivers on our Sportchassis were down to 5/32 in 22,000 miles. Not being happy with the Goodyears I decided to switch to Bridgestone, a brand I have always had good luck with. I priced 6 R250ED 255/70 22.5 at two stores here in Mohave Valley. Wow, $4800 plus tax for 6 mounted with bags in all tires. Went on line and found a commercial Bridgestone dealer in Las Vegas. The company GCR, a nation wide dealer, sold me the tires for $3290 out the door. Found out they are owned by Bridgestone and can offer special deals to retail customers to "introduce" them to Bridgestone. Thought I would pass the info on for those looking for tires.
  9. GM to bring back MDT’s

    We have our first Cummins an ISL 9. The thing I was most surprised is that by following the Cummins manual it is about 1/3 the cost to maintain than our 7.3.
  10. Mail forwarding for Half-Time RV'ers

    We travel about like you. We have our mail forwarded to a local business, Postal Connections. It is about $80 for a six month box. I call about once a month and they over night our mail to the park where we are staying at the time. Costs about 8 bucks for the package of mail. We have used them for about 6 years with no problems.
  11. All 4 slides inop

    If you have a multi meter, have some one hold it across one of the batteries and see if they have a significant drop when you hit the slide button.. If they drop far enough I don't think you will hear any thing from the motors.
  12. All 4 slides inop

    Just a dumb comment, but aren't batteries considered fully charged at 12.6v and float around 13.5 when on a charger?
  13. Winegard antenna power switch

    A friend of mine had the same trouble and for some reason it was mounted in a corner of a closet. We went nuts looking for it. Who knows why other than it was almost directly under the antenna. It will look like a solid switch plate with a small green light and black button. Most also have 12v cigarette type lighter plug.
  14. Insuring a MDT

    We too are with National General, and are very happy with their service. They have our Sportchassis, trailer, car and pickup and home.
  15. SportChassis ISL 9 Owners

    Pug, like I said it has been serviced at Cummings 3 times and one warranty claim and no problem. I don't mean to disagree but if the work was done at Cummings I don't see how it can be a problem. Also perhaps you missed one of my questions but was you work done at Cummings? Dick