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  1. JRP I was specifically told by Shields in Rapid City ( this was about 3 years ago) that they could not complicate my purchase of a Henry rifle because the local ATF had told them not to sell to anyone with a PMB. Their legal department was advised that they would be shut down if they ignored the order of the local ATF as per the salesman. I went to Cabellas and was told the exact same thing. I know others who use America’s Mail Box and were also denied. So it is the local ATF who is depriving us of a Constitional right. It may not be a ATF policy but it is a local ATF policy. The local ATF is violating their own general requirements and definitions to buy a weapon. And I was not buying a handgun, I was buying a rifle, which in most States you don’t need to be a resident, only a handgun purchase requires that.
  2. Thanks Shawn for staying on top of this. I don’t know what you can do about the ATFE not allowing us to purchase a gun with a PMB but the County Tax Asseor should accept the PMB if they are going to let us registure our vehicles, and take our money and registure to vote using a PMB. As far as ATFE, if the State of SD recognizes a PMB and we pass the Federal Bacground Check then we should be allowed to purchase. The ATFE is violating our Constitional right by forcing the merchants to deny us our rights.
  3. Because I don’t have WiFi most of the time. Im not as high tech as you docj.
  4. Yes Kirk, in the future I will just go to Wells Fargo and get a Cashiers Check payable to Pennington County and mail it into them. By the way after several calls to Escapees I have not had anyone call me back. I think Escapees is dropping the ball on this one. I know it is a minor point that can be corrected with a Cashiers Check but the issue regarding buying a weapon needs to be resolved. The only alternative is to avoid Schields, Cabellas and Runnings and purchase from a Mom and Pop store.
  5. Reminds me of an old Jonny Cash song “One piece at a time”.
  6. Agree with Kirk. Start your motor, maybe even drive a few miles and let the house batteries charge. Then try again. Or if you can hook up somewhere, that may also be another option.
  7. What an idiot. Not to mention the danger he/she placed those dogs in how about all the exhaust fumes! That person should be arrested for animal cruelty and the dogs taken away from him.
  8. Neither Dish nor DirecTv will install a rooftop dish on your RV. You can find an independent distributor who will. The most popular rooftop dish is the Traveler by Weinguard. There are two versions, one for Dish and one for Direct. They are both around $1,500. If you get the DirecTv version and later decide to switch to Dish there is a conversion kit for about $300. If you get the Dish model it can not be converted to Direct. You can also get a dish on a tripod but it will not automatically lock onto the satellites as the Travler will. Dish also has a few portabale automatic models, the Tailgator and the Pathway X2. As far as I know Direct does not have any portable automatic models. Both have about the same programming packages for about the same price. The main difference is the customer service and ease of changing locations for your local channels. Dish is better in both customer service and change of location. I believe Dish has a dedicated RV Department. Direct was just reciently merged with AT&T. They went from not so good to poor customer service and it takes a little effort to get a change of location from them.
  9. Yes, as soon as I am level I shut the motor off, hook up my electric, go inside and put the slides out, start my A/C, and go back outside to hook up water and sewer. I am a solo so I have to do everything myself.
  10. My source is what I see with my own eyes. I don’t know anyone in an RV with a Tom Tom or Magellan nor do I see many posts on RV forums about either. Maybe people use these in a car but the OP asked on a RV Forum what RVers use.
  11. I don’t have a choice. I have to let my motor run until I have my jacks down and I’m level. Can’t operate the jacks without the motor running. As soon as I am level I shut off the motor.
  12. Most popular manufacturers are Garmin and Rand McNaly. Garmin leads the pack.
  13. Shutting off the generator while checking in is ok (and the A/C) but I have been told that it is bad for a Diesel engine to shut off and turn back on right away also that you should let it idle before shutting off to allow it to cooll down. I don’t shut my Diesel off until I am parked and the jacks are down and I’m level. Then I plug into shore power, put the slides out,turn on the A/C and go back out and hook up the water and sewer.
  14. Since I don’t garage my vehicles how can my garaged location be my domicle. You can choose any State to domicle. Where you domicle is where you get your drivers liscense, and usually registure your vehicles, unless your vehicle is in another State and does not enter your Domicle State. Where your vehicle is registured is where you insure it. It’s where it is registered that determines what location you insure it, not what your domicle is.
  15. Maybe its just a matter of the wording, but saying the Treasurer will not accept my check because it has a PMB address; is 180% different than saying the Treasurer is changing existing law by defining a PMB address as out of state. The Treasurer would not accept my check with a PMB address because they consider a PMB as an out of state address, it is not 180% different, it is the same.
  16. JRP, what if you are a fulltimer and your car in never garaged anywhere? I am a fulltimer and domicled in SD. All my vehicles are registured and insured in SD. I am almost never in SD. My insurance company knows this because they wrote me a fulltimers policy. I have stayed in AZ for 5/6 months in the winter. This year I will be in FL for 5/6 months. My vehicles travel with me, and I am a visitor everywhere I go.
  17. The extra $25 was a service fee for using a credit card. It was not DMV it was the County Tax Office. They were not refusing to registure my vehicles with a PMB address, they were refusing to accept my check with a PMB address saying they consider a PMB to be an out of state address and they do not accept out of state checks. It doesn’t matter if I use PMB, Apt or #, they know the address of 315 Villa Dr as an Escapees address. I have a message in to Escapees legal and am waiting for a call back. I was not aware, nor was I advised by the clerk that I could renew online using SD Cars and avoid the credit card service fee. I will go that route next time.
  18. The person at the tax office said that no PMB is considered a In State address, not just the Escapees address. I have heard that many in FL are having problems with mail forwarding address too.
  19. Not sure about SD but in ID if you have a CCW you do not need to have a black ground check when buying a weapon. You still fill out the paperwork for the stores records but they do not run it. And there is no waiting period, cash and carry.
  20. Georgianne I have left a message for Shawn but he has not called me back yet. Thanks for looking into this. It is not Escapees fault, just another hurdle that us full timers have to deal with. I have been seeing posts on here also discussing buying a gun using the PMB address and applying for a concealed weapon permit using the PMB address and being denied even tho you pass the background check. Seems like SD is willing to take our money to registure our vehicles but doesn’t want to give us resident status using a PMB.
  21. The bank is Wells Fargo. The branch is in Rapid City a couple of blocks down the street from the tax office. They specifically told me that the PMB address is considered an out of state address and that was why they would not accept my check.
  22. I am full time and use the Escapees SD address. I got my renewal notice for my RV, Jeep and Harley. I mailed in a check for the renewal, to avoid paying a credit card fee. I just got a call from the Pennington County Treasurer Office notifying me that they got my check but that they would not accept my check because they do not take out of state checks. I advised them that it is an instate check at the address that I am registured at, a SD address, where I am also registered to vote. They advised me that they do not recognize a PMB as an in state address. They said they could only accept a cashiers check or credit card but if using a credit card there was an additional fee. It cost me an additional $25 to use my credit card. So now the Escapees SD mailing address is not considered a SD address.
  23. There was a major internet outage over last weekend affecting many sites and ISPs. It affected the NorthEast Coast, TX and parts of the West Coast. This may be the reason Escapees Forum was down. I was not able to sign in all weekend either.
  24. I have a FL and Utah non resident CCW but Utah required that I have a CCW from my domicle State, SO Dakota. SD has 2 types of CCWs. One is enhanced, which gives you reciprocity. The other is just a SD permit, no class required. At the time I was volunteering in a SD State Park and the local County Sherrif signed off on my application. I get reciprocity with my FL and Utah permits. Not sure what will happen at renewal time? I still have a SD domicle using the Escapees address but am not volunteering in that State Park. This is something that Escapees needs to get started looking into, especially the ability to purchase weapons. I had no problem with Runnings, just Shields and Cabellas but that was about 4 years ago.
  25. Where did you attempt to purchase your firearm? A few years ago I was told by Shields and Cabellas in Rapid City that the local ATF told them they could not sell a firearm to a person with a PMB address. They were mostly targeting those that had an America’s Mail Box address but from your post it looks like the Escapees address is now also an issue. I was able to go to a local gun store and make my purchase. The State of SD recognizes a PMB as a legal address for your drivers license, registration, insurance (including Medicare Supplement) and voting. As long as you pass the Federal background check you have the right to purchase a weapon. It’s the local ATF that is the problem. The number of people with a PMB buying from Mom and Pop gun stores is so little that they don’t bother them.
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