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  1. Check Cruse America and El Monte RV Rentals. I see both of them on the road a lot. Not sure what make and models they rent but it would be worth checking both of the out.
  2. First you have to look at the carriers. I have been full time for almost 6 years now and travel around a lot. I have Verizon and most of the time can get a signal. Friends who have AT&T get a signal almost all the time too. I think Verizon is a little better but not enough to argue about. Kind of like Ford or Chevy. T Mobil, Sprint and the others are great within a city but when you get out in the country, National Parks etc they often are no good and have a very week on no signal at all. I would stick with Verizon or AT&T. As far as equipment, a jet pack still runs on a cellular signal so all the above applies. You have to have a good strong signal for it to provide a hotspot. You can get a cell booster, average cost about $500, but you still need a signal to boost. A jet pack just send a signal to your cell phone, laptop, or computer. I just use the data on my iPad, with out a jet pack or booster but sometimes have a poor week slow signal. I am presently looking into a jet pack and booster on Verizon to improve my data. Forget about 5g. It will be awhile before it is available nationwide and when it is available it will only be in the city. Outside the city limits you will still be on 4g.
  3. My son used to work for Cox and now works for Comcast. He said that in 5 to 10 years Cable and Satilite television Service will no longer exist. All service will be streamed via the Internet. Not just AT&T but Dish and all cable companies too, it’s the future. He said that we may be able to have satilite Internet by then but is not sure what will happen to RV Service because we move around all the time and there are not enough RV customers for the industry to care about us. My brother lives in a remote area of ID and has Hugh’s Net internet and no cable. His sat dish on the roof is very small and must be spot on to receive a signal. The trees bloomed and the leaves blocked the signal and the tech had to come back out and re-set the dish on the roof. It’s that sensitive. We in RVs move a lot. Hope they figure it out before they turn off all our roof dishes.
  4. My son lives in Omaha and I am planning on being there sometime in April or May. The Omaha KOA in Gretna is uphill and dry. They will open as scheduled April 1sr. The town of Ashland is flooded but Pine Grove RV Park in Ashland, between Omaha and Lincoln is not flooded and should open soon
  5. Riding a motorcycle for over20 years I am more concerned about the other driver than my RV. Regarding seat belts, why do moving companies strap down all your furniture? To keep it from moving. So why not protect yourself as your moving company protects your furniture?
  6. Wow nice place. Like the fact that there is a shooting range.
  7. Average cost of an average RV Park around the country is about $35 to $45 a night. Less per night if you pay by the week or month. Some in popular areas, like almost all of Calif will be $75 to $100 a night. Many areas will be lower, maybe $25 a night. If you go to Escapees parks or Co-Ops the average is about $20 to $25 a night. If you are a member of the Elks many have RV parking for around $25 to $30 a night. Most Elks are electric only. You can join Pasport America and get 50% off but PA has many conditions such as no weekends or holidays, limit 3 day stay etc but not all PA Parks enforce the rules. The time of year and location also dictate the cost. FL, TX and AZ can be more expensive in the winter, but AZ does have a lot of free boondocking in the desert.
  8. Yes how much and what is the monthly HOA. Very professional looking video but WAY too long. I have heard of an Arizona Room or a Casita but never a Couch House. Didn’t see a kitchen, only a wet bar, didn’t see a bedroom in the video either or a laundry room? What amenities does Retama have?
  9. Same as Keith & Brenda and Linda. I only voted in the general election and not in the local.
  10. I believe you said no electric hook up available. Too bad. I have an all electric coach and need electric hookup.
  11. I don’t have a crank up TV antenna and I can’t reach the top of the ladder. The bottom half of the ladder is missing
  12. Don’t know why so many people have so many problems and I hope I am not jinxing myself by responding but, when I first started fulltiming in a 5th wheel I had Dish with a portable Pathway X2 and a 211K receiver and a external hard drive. I had a local Dish Authorized Retailer in San Diego, my home at the time, sell me the Pathway and hard drive, signed a 2year contract and Dish gave the 211K. I changed my locals all the time by calling Dish Customer Service and giving my current zip code. It was seamless. I kept the same billing address, Escapees Mail Forwarding Service. After 5 years I traded in my 5er for a Class A that came with a Travler on the roof set up for DirecTv. Called Weingard and was told I could purchase parts for $300 to convert it to Dish, however the Dish Authorized Retailer in Tucson, where I was spending the winter, wanted another $200 for labor. The local retailer also was with DirecTV so I canceled Dish, returned the 211K, sold the Pathway X2, had the local retailer install a Geni and another receiver for the bedroom, and signing a 2 year contract it was all free, equipment and install. Now when I change location I call DirecTV Customer Service, give them my zip code and have my local channels in minutes. Have never used DNS. So simple even a caveman can do it.
  13. I have been looking at getting one but I understand that you have to manually extend and retract the antenna which is on the roof or attached to the top of the ladder. I am handicapped and can not climb the latter or get on the roof. Can the exterior antenna be mounted anywhere besides the roof or ladder and still get good reception?
  14. Exactly as Dutch said. You need both. Collision will pay for the damage to your trailer and liability will pay for the damages to the other party’s personal property and bodily injury. Your truck policy only applies when hitched up to the truck.
  15. Because the person who hits you while you are parked or in storage may not have any insurance. You can’t have uninsured/underinsured without your own collision coverage. And hopefully everyone here has UIM coverage too, but that would be another thread. As a lawyer before I retired I handled numerous cases filing a UIM claim on my own clients UIM coverage on their own policy.
  16. Twotoes


    X2. I don’t know how I got everything done while I was working!
  17. There are usually two types of coverage. Comprehensive covers theft and fire. Collision covers . . . well . . . collisions. A trailer is usually covered by the motor vehicle policy that is towing it. My fifth wheel was covered on my F-350 policy. Some insurance companies will write a separate policy for the trailer/5th wheel. A combo policy only covers the trailer while being towed, not parked in a campground or while in storage so it is sound to have a separate policy.
  18. Sorry about the delay in getting back on the fix. Turned out that the hose from the outside holding tank into the inside of the AguaHot had a crack where it attached inside. The fluid was dropping onto the burner and burning off so no evidence on the ground. Replaced new hose, performed annual maintenance, cleaned the burner and all working fine now.
  19. As a full timer in a 43 foot DP a tow vehicle is almost a necessity. I usually stay at campgrounds on a monthly basis and can’t even think of trying to go shopping for grocery in such a large rig. If I didn’t have an RV and lived in a house I would have a vehicle. I have friends who always rent a vehicle whenever they stay for an extended period of time. I chose a Jeep 🚙 Wrangler as my tow vehicle because it can take me to places a taxi, Uber or rental can not. It is not just for convenience but also for having fun off roading.
  20. Regular RV insurance covers your liability if you are in an accident. Fulltimers RV Insurance covers your liability when you are parked if someone slips and falls inside your RV, or getting in or out of it as well as covers your personal effects contained inside. Your homeowners may or may not cover you especially since you are renting your home to your child.
  21. I got GEICO for my 2015 DP and have fulltimers coverage. I have high limits ($500,000 liability and $20,000 personal effects) so that I can have a $1,000,000 umbrella policy too, which only costs $197 per year. I have a SO Dakota domicile and a $1,000 deductible and pay $1,150 every 6 months including my tow vehicle a 2017 Jeep Wrangler. It also includes roadside assistance.
  22. Sorry Kirk. I never lived in TX so didn't know they have no income tax. just picked a State other than Idaho.
  23. You will owe state income tax in whatever state you earn it in. Of course you will owe Federal Income tax on all your income. If you earn wages in TX you will pay TX State tax on the income earned in TX but no tax due in ID on the income earned in TX. You really need to talk to a Tax Lawyer or CPA in ID. Ask your parents who they use.
  24. I use the Garmin 770 RV. I like the additional features it gives you like locations of fuel, rest stops, restaurants, campgrounds etc, as well as the ability to program the stats of your RV, height, length, weight etc, to avoid roads with low underpasses etc.
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