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    Sending my guns back to myself

    I voted with my feet and left The People’s Democratic Solicalist Republic of California when I went full time and headed east several years ago.
  2. Twotoes

    Service Dogs?

    I am disabled and have a service dog. You can not tell from my appearance that I am handicapped. The Americans With a Disabilaty Act was changed a few years ago. The law as I understand it says that the animal MUST be a dog. No monkeys, birds, horses etc. Also the disabled person must have a physical handicap. I am a partial amputee, no toes on my right foot. No therapy dogs or emotional support dogs. There is NO cirtificate issued or required. Don’t ask me to show you one. If some one has a certificate it is only a diploma from the school that trained the dog. As far as buying a vest for the dog, I could not find one for sale at PetSmart or PetCo and had to go online to purchase one.
  3. Twotoes

    Taxation w/o representation

    If someone is paying to park their 5th wheel in an RV Park they do not own the property. They are paying to park. The RV Park owns the property. I have several rental properties and my tenant does not pay the property tax. As the owner of the property I pay the property tax. If I rent a lot or a house as a renter I do not pay a tax.
  4. Twotoes

    Taxation w/o representation

    I bought a Harley Davidson in CA, paid the sales tax and registration fees for several years. When I went full time I gave it to my son who lives in Omaha NE. He registered it in NE and paid the registration fees for several years. A couple of years ago he gave it back to me after removing the NE plates. It has been sitting In a friends garage in ID for 3 years. It does not go on the road and is just parked there. It has never been registered in ID and should not have to since it is not driven, only stored. Why should someone who owns a 5th wheel that is just parked, never driven on the road, have to pay registration tax on it?
  5. Twotoes

    Aqua Hot using up fluid

    I have a 2015 Class A with an Aqua Hot 450D. I have filled the resovior twice now in a week and again it is empty. I do not see any fluid leaking or on the ground. Don’t see any smoke comming out of the exhaust. Where is the fluid going?
  6. Twotoes

    Taxation w/o representation

    If his fifth wheel is parked and not moved at all he is not using any services, not using the roads etc and shouldn’t have to registered it at all anywhere. If I own a farm and only drive my tractor on my farm land and never on the highway should I have to registered it?
  7. Twotoes

    What is a reasonable price to pay for setting up a towed?

    I sold my 5th wheel Ford P/U and purchased a Class A and Jeep. The base plate for the Jeep was about $450 to $500. I got a Blue Ox tow bar, about $950, it comes with two breakaway cables. You will also need a supplemental breaking system. I got the SMI Air Force One, about $1,250, it comes with the air hose. You will also need to wire the break lights to the base plate, about $100 for the wire. In addition you will need an electrical cord between the RV and tow vehicle, about $65. Additional cost for I stalition will vary, or you can do it yourself and save money. There are less expensive tow bars but I liked the Blue Ox. There are many less expensive break systems but I wanted one that was permentally mounted and proportional. Figure somewhere just below $2,000 as a minimum and just under $4,000 as a maximum.
  8. Not sure but last time I checked you can not legally own land in Mexico unless you are a Mexican citizen. You can only lease for 99 years if you are a US citizen. But I could be wrong.
  9. Twotoes

    Wyoming State Park Pass

    No experience with WY but most state parks charge an entrance fee They will sell you a daily or an annual pass. The pass waives the entrance fee but usually you still have to pay the camping fee. Not sure about WY. Most National Parks also have an entrance fee. If you buy an annual pass you usually get half off the camping fee. National Parks also have a Lifetime Pass, I think only for seniors but not sure.
  10. Twotoes

    OH NO!!

    That’s why I always put my dog in the boat first.
  11. I saw online a product called Snap Pads that attach to your leveling jacks to make a larger footprint. I also saw another product called outrigger pads which are made for commercial equipment and RVs. Both look helpful for leveling a Class A or any RV for that matter. Has anyone had any experience with either of these products pro or con?
  12. docj is correct Tax Court rulings do not set precedent, they follow precedent. Appeals Courts can affirm or overrule a Tax Courts ruling. The Supreme Court can affirm or overrule an Appeals Courts ruling. For tax law you can also ask for a private ruling given by the IRS and not a Court that is just applicable to an individual case and is not precedent.
  13. Twotoes

    Thousand Trails Membership

    Are their any parks near Omaha NE or Green Bay WI?
  14. Twotoes

    Escapade 2019 Photo Contest

    I was joking. I know it’s not the Southwest.
  15. Twotoes

    Escapade 2019 Photo Contest

    It is the southwest. It’s a picture of Flagstaff AZ. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, lol lol lol
  16. Twotoes


    There is a RV parts and furniture discount store near Bosie ID. I don’t remember the name but I’m sure it will show up if you Google it.
  17. Twotoes

    Road Service

    Escapees contracts with a provider for their roadside service. FMCA I believe also contracts with the same provider for $69 a year. Not sure but it would be worth checking out. My RV/Auto Insurance and my Extended Service Contract both provide me roadside service so I have never looked into the Escapees or FMCA plans. Just see their advertisements for the price.
  18. Twotoes

    Loosing memory sat receiver

    As Clay said leave the power on. I had a Pathway X2 and the 211K when I had my 5er. I never turned the power off to the receiver. Never had any problems.
  19. Twotoes

    West Coast Rally, have dates been set, location?

    Your pic looks like Ambassador RV Park outside of Bosie ID. Is this where the rally will be held? I may be there in Aug, when is the rally?
  20. Twotoes

    Toll road privacy

    My only experience with an EZ Pass was when I get t a bill in the mail for a toll on a White VW driving on a road in Maryland. I have never been to Maryland and I drive a black Jeep Wrangler. One call to the toll free number and I was given credit. Not sure why they sent to the bill to my So Dakota registered black Jeep.
  21. Sounds nice but all the State and National Parks I have volunteered at the last 5 summers only require 24 to 32 hours a week. 40 hours is a full time job.
  22. Twotoes

    Sending my guns back to myself

    My brother was shipping from Calif to Canada so it had to be done in parts Even when buying via mail order the shipment needs to go thru an FFL.
  23. Twotoes

    Sending my guns back to myself

    Many many years ago my brother worked in a gun store and had several customers who wanted their gun purchase shipped to their home. He just disassembled the gun into its parts, shipped the parts in separate boxes, and labeled the boxes machined parts. Not sure if you can still do this today.
  24. Do they have RV sites available for the volunteers and if so are they full hook up.
  25. Twotoes

    Satellite TV greenhorn

    You must look at both sides of the coin, one side is programming and the other side is equipment. Both Dish and DirecTv have almost the same programs and packages available at close to the same price. Both have sports and movie packages. Dish has more equipment that will give you HD as opposed to DirecTv but you can get HD on DirecTv with the correct equipment. You can change your local channels (service address) with both but now that AT&T has taken over DirecTv there have been reports that they are making it more difficult to change. Pay as You Go is only with Dish and is good if you are not full time. When you are home you can suspend your service and when you go back on the road you can reactivate it. Or you can just take your receiver from home and put it in the RV when you are not home with either Dish or DirecTv There are two types of dishes, roof mounted or portable. Also there are manual and automatic dishes. The Traveler is the most popular roof mounted dish. It is specific to Dish or DirecTv. It you get the DirecTv model it can be converted to Dish at a later date but the Dish Traveler can not be converted to Direct. It will automatically lock onto the satellite. There are also roof mounted dome but I have no k owledge regarding them. The Pathway X2 and the Tailgater are popular portable models but can only receive Dish. Both are automatic. Another option is a tripod mounted dish, but you must aim it manually. As far as receivers, Dish has the Hopper and Joeys, DirecTv has the Genni. Both have multiple viewing and recording options. If you use a portable like the Pathway X2 you will be limited to the 211K or 211Z receivers using an external hard drive for your DVR and will be limited to recording only one program at a time.