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  1. We were selling it ourselves about 7 months ago and the price was listed at $199K. On the first consignment lot the price was listed at $189K. We we parked it at AmericaChoiceRV in Ocala, they listed it on RVTrader at $266K, way too high. It would have gotten no looks at that price. Like I said at the time we made this deal they ran an NADA wholesale and got $178850. I would not even have started talking to them if I had known the crap they were going to pull. I am 64 years old and have purchased many vehicles and over a dozen homes and have never been treated like that. The salesman was actually walking us to the finance dept. to sign papers when the deal was halted.
  2. I was forced because we had to sell the coach and they took advantage of that. The main problem was they offered a deal which I accepted, then as we are going into the finance office to sign the papers they pulled the deal. That's why I say bad dealer and bad business practice! Yes we could have left, and hoped our coach was protected on their consignment lot, but after almost a year and a half we felt we had no choice. Again though that is a terrible business practice and very underhanded dealing and I want everyone to know just how bad they really are.
  3. I had a poor experience with AmericaChoiceRV that I thought all readers of this forum might want to know about. First some background. My wife and I had a 2006 Country Coach Magna Rembrandt 45 foot coach that we had been trying to sell. After being unsuccessful for quite some time, including a 6 month stint at one consignment lot, we checked with AmericaChoiceRV and they said they would like to sell our coach. After parking the coach on the AmericaChoiceRV lot for a couple of weeks we noticed a 2012 Class B Airstream Mercedes Interstate Sprinter coach that we liked the look of and offered a trade. We spent a couple of hours at AmericaChoiceRV speaking with the internet manager, and then a salesman he took us to. The salesman interacted with the sales manager on our behalf. Initially we were offered $180,000 for our coach (The wholesale value they looked up was $178,850). We then negotiated a price on the Airstream. The final offer, which we accepted was $180,000 for our trade and $98,500 for the Airstream. The sales manager verbally agreed to this offer as presented. We signed the offer sheet as accepted and shook hands on the deal. The salesman took the offer sheet to the business office. The Finance Manager contacted 3 banks on our behalf and we were approved for a loan with all 3. We were taken into the finance office to sign paperwork, when suddenly the GM of AmericaChoiceRV put a stop to the deal. He said the coach was a soft sell and he could not get the wholesale value out of it. He then offered an auction price which was $30,000 less than their original offer. Our mistake was not asking the sales manager to sign the offer form as well. We expected them to honor a verbal commitment with a shake of the hands. Bottom line is we were forced to accept a deal far less than the original offer they gave us. They knew we wanted out and did not honor their original offer for our coach. Now understand, I did not state a price for our coach. They came up with the figures. The sales manager and GM both apologized for the mistake, but would not honor the original offer. I cannot recommend this dealership at all. They acted like the proverbial dishonest used car salesman! If you do go there be sure you get their signature as well as your signature on the offer sheet. We were both so shocked at our treatment we just left that day. We have never had a dealership pull something this outrageous in all the years we have been buying or selling vehicles or houses. They do not honor their offers. The method they employed was very underhanded. Visit this dealership at your own risk!
  4. Come on guys, it was a typo. I have corrected the price. It actually started at $215000, but had been reduced to $209900 when I put it here. Has been reduced for the final time to the current price.
  5. We have decide to reduce our coach to $194,999. We will be taking the coach to a consignment lot in Nov. and I suspect they will be asking more at that time. Now is the time to acquire this great coach.
  6. This lot is totally finished. 10 x 14 shed on a concrete pad. Electric finished in shed (separate 50 a breaker in pedestal) with 3 - 120v circuits and 1 - 240 v circuit with dryer plug. 120 v around paver patio, 12 v lighting around paver patio. Outdoor kitchen with water and drain in shed and behind shed. 4 inch sewer available under shed floor. Cable TV in shed. Landscaping done all around 20 x 60 concrete pad and around patio. Beautiful flower beds around shed. Hard top 12 x 12 octagon gazebo with double hung removable windows. Electric and cable TV in gazebo as well. All pictures are linked in the first post. This is one of the most private lots in the Preserve and is located in the area with the highest priced lots. It cannot be missed!
  7. Lot still available. This is one of the premier central Florida resorts. The winter season is almost here. Don't miss this one!
  8. Turning it off is different from uninstalling it. By turning it off, you can very easily turn it back on if/when you decide you wish it back.
  9. IE 11 most likely cannot be removed from Win 10. It, along with Edge, is built into the OS. This allows those that do not like Edge to easily switch back to IE 11. I actually use both as Edge does not yet support add-ons. Yes, when WU are pushed to you, IE 11 will also update. Generally these updates are security updates for IE 11. Just keep them and move forward. I have not had FF or Chrome installed for several years, and do not miss either. There are certain sites that seem to work better on Edge, and certain sites that work better on IE 11. If you find a site that does not seem to play well on Edge, simply use the _ _ _ section in the upper right and choose Open in Internet Explorer.
  10. Yes, WU is available in settings, but NOT on the Win 10 Start Menu. I have used Partition Wizard for years from within Windows and never had a problem I did not create myself.
  11. WU is not available with the Win 10 Start Menu as it is pushed automatically. To actually see WU as a selectable option you can add a Start Menu replacement app, such as Classic Shell or Start8. I have these set up so that the Windows Key opens the Win 10 Start Menu. I prefer the CP as a Menu Option using the replacement Start Menu. I do have the CP pinned to the Taskbar viewed as small icons, but just do not like that as much. The biggest issue I have with Edge is the lack of add-0n support. My Lastpass has to be opened in a separate window, signed in, then searched for the necessary PW to copy/paste to the Log In section of the web page. This is a problem in my mind. Work around is to allow Edge to store PWs, but certain PWs are not stored. Edge does not offer to save PWs for banking and credit card sites.
  12. Because these coaches are high end and very customizable I would suspect they can make whatever changes a perspective owner would want. I am unsure what the driver's side awning would be used for in most instances, but that is interesting as well.
  13. We took these pictures last night at our lot. They were stunning! What a sunset!
  14. For those interested in how Country Coach is doing, they just rolled out the new 2016 Allure. They started with the Allure because of a somewhat lower price point. They are close to starting production from what I read on their newsletter. Take a look.
  15. For those interested the new 2016 Country Coach Allure was just rolled our in Junction City, Oregon. See the pictures here on my One Drive Cloud Account..
  16. Stayed in place on DW's PC when I upgraded it. I screwed mine up so I need to reinstall S&T.
  17. The bald eagles have returned. We have a pair of adult bald eagles that visit on a regular basis about 150 feet from our lot. The pictures of our lot link in the first post show 3 pictures of one of the eagles. Click on the pictures and look closely near the top of the tree.
  18. At this price we are also including the Roadmaster Stowmaster and Brakemaster. The Stowmaster would need a baseplate on your vehicle and a wiring harness. The rest of the system is a included. The Brakemaster would need to be installed on your vehicle. That's several thousand dollars of equipment included with the coach.
  19. On both Win 7 and Win 8/8.1 you can turn off automatic updates. Starting with Win 10 this is not an option. I believe eventually this might change, but I believe the decision was made to attempt to cut down the number of support calls from the masses that do NOT know much about PCs and do NOT read PC columns, and do NOT know anything about PC security. Generally all the people that post in computer forums are not included in these masses of people. I believe in the OPs case, allowing automatic updates in WU allowed Win 10 to attempt to install. Something untoward happened during the attempt that caused the update to fail. I believe that generally the people posting here about problems or their experiences with the Win 10 updates are those that do know more about what they are doing with their PCs. These are the people that question why MS does things the way they do. Unfortunately, from MS's point of view, they must develop S/W for the masses, not specifically for those of us that know a little about PCs. It seems that Win 10 does perform well with a large group of different PCs and a large number of different apps. We are not seeing nearly the outcry as when Win 8 first came out, mainly because there is a Start Menu of sorts. I did however install a separate Start Menu app on all 3 PCs I updated because we all seem to like the looks and feel of the apps. On my DW and my PC I installed Start8 and as has been mentioned I installed Classic Shell on my sister's PC. They are all set up to allow the Win 10 Start Menu to appear with a simple click of the Windows Key.
  20. There have been a lot of updates to Win 10 since the ISO file was released. During my installation there were over 1.3 GB updates, with many since then. As problems crop up MS seems to be fixing and adding features, fixing bugs, etc. For example Edge originally would not save my stored PWs through a reboot. Now it stores the entered PWs fine. As with any new OS, there are some problems. There is no way MS could test the OS for all PCs with all the different configurations and all the different apps people use. That is one reason why MS has opened the beta testing to everyone because the FB from various non-PC professionals helps MS to fix some of the problems prior to RTM. So far, on our 2 PCs, Win 10 has worked fine. Some of the Win 10 apps. that were working well, seem to be less polished with the Win 10 versions. For example my MS Solitaire collection has fewer options available yet, and are listed as Coming Soon. I just loaded Win 10 on my sister's PC. My wife and I use Win 10 home (they both came with Win 8.1 Home when we bought them), but when I started the upgrade from my Flash Drive on her PC I discovered she had Win 8.1 Pro installed. The installation asked for a key. I suspect because of the wrong edition the installation was looking for. I then downloaded the Win 10 Pro ISO file and used the MS Media Creator to burn the ISO file to one of her Flash Drives. Win 10 installed correctly. I reinstalled Classic Shell for her and she could not tell the difference. All 3 installs took a while, but the OS worked properly right out of the box so to speak. All 3 PCs have a separate data partition for all data, which was unaffected by the upgrade. In each case the Win 10 installation chose the appropriate data folders on the second partition and just worked. I used to ALWAYS advocate and use the Clean Install routine, but moving from Win 7 to Win 8 and Win 8.1, and then to Win 10 I used the upgrade routine and everything worked as expected.
  21. I would love the Surface Pro, but cannot justify the cost at this time. Plus the form factor is considerably smaller than our Asus TP500 convertibles. The other thing that is irritating is that the ext. keyboard adds quite a bit to the cost. I realize MS would prefer us all to go strictly tablet mode, but I am not ready to do that yet. I'm getting older and my eyes are not quite what they used to be. Plus my fingers do not play as well with the virtual keyboards as they do with the real keyboards. Even on our touchscreen convertibles I generally use it in laptop mode with the keyboard. Every once in a while while playing a game for example I will convert to tablet mode and use the touchscreen, but it just feels foreign to me. Oh well. old and set in my ways, exactly what I used to try to convince others not to be, LOL!
  22. I am still in the Android world when it comes to phones. We are in a contract for our 2 phones and have at least a year to go. I very well may look at Windows phones once we are in a position to upgrade. In a couple of months we should be in the new house. At that point we will have high speed internet through Century Link. At that point I will drop our Jetpack and look at plans for just the phones. I will no longer need the 20 GB plan we presently have for the 2 phones and Jetpack. Perhaps at that time Verizon will consider a change to pay as you go plans for us. We'll see. I do not believe, at least for now, that I will get a desktop PC. Our laptop convertibles do what we want and I am not nearly into playing with various apps as I used to be.
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